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Okay, that name has to be made up.

Hong Kong 1999

The scruffy looking man across from Clark looks over,"Huh?"

Clark looked him over," Bruce Wayne, is that you?"

The man shook his head, "The name's Malone."

Clark eased back, "Ah, I'm Clark, nice to meet you."

The man nodded to him and went to finish his meal.


After Clark finished his meal Malone came out and saw him scratching his head over a street map, "Where you trying to get to Clark."

He looked back, "Some place to ship this."

He held up a package, Malone sighed, "I'll show you where the FedEx depot is."


As they left Malone looked over, "So you're all set..."

Malone was interrupted by a Chinese man who stopped in front of them gasping after his run, "Matches, thank god. I'm in trouble."

Clark looked over, "Your name is Matches Malone, really?"

He glared a bit then looked back, " What's the problem, Liu?

Liu straightened himself, "14K."

Clark looked confused so Malone cleared up, "Triads."

He then looked over Liu's shoulder, "Clark it was nice to meet you, but we need to go."

Clark watched as the two ran down the street, he then saw several men run after. He sighed then sped off after them.


Malone and Liu had taken a wrong turn and got themselves cornered in an alley by many men with guns. As the two tried to spot a way out they felt a rumbling and then heard the sound of a metal grate dropping behind them. Hands reached out and yanked them in the building behind them. Out side the men with guns all jumped away as walls on both sides of the alley began to crumble down.

Liu and Malone looked up from the floor and saw Clark standing above them. Malone stared incredulously, "How did you...."

Clark shushed him, "Questions later, we need to keep moving."

The two men nodded in agreement and pulled themselves to their feet and joined Clark in rushing out of the building. Several of their pursuers stood outside the building wiping dust and rubble off themselves and noticed them taking off out the front.

he yelled to his comrades and the chase was back on. Liu motioned for them to turn down another alley and Malone pointed out a fire escape. Clark leaped up and pushed down the escape and feigned surprise at making it before sliding the ladder down to the other two.

They quickly made there way to the roof while Liu and the gunmen struggled to keep up with Clark and Malone. They ran for the edge of the roof and jumped, Clark and Malone made it across easily but Liu just missed the next roof. Clark caught him by the arm and hauled him up while the gunmen stopped and attempted to shoot them from the other roof.

They quickly made their way down the fire escape and continued on their way to the police station. Liu was a paid informant for the Hong Kong police and had acquired a video that was incredibly incriminating for a local boss of the 14K gang. They had found themselves in a parking structure when the gunmen finally caught up to them. Clark and Malone gave each other a nod and ran toward the shooters while Liu rolled under a car. The two dodged bullets easily, Clark was impressed that Malone could move so fast. Clark on the other hand was doing his level best to look as if he was trying, even allowing a few grazes as he punched a few of the gunmen.


Malone looked under the car, "You can come out now."

Liu poked his head out and saw the unconscious triads, "You two have dramatically changed my notion of Americans."

Clark's eyes narrowed a bit, "All right lets get you safe."


They made it to the police station shortly after the fight and Liu was taken into protective custody, it was offered to Clark and Malone as well but both insisted it wasn't necessary.


Two days later Malone found Clark in the restaurant where they met. Both men had loaded duffle bags, "So where you headed, Clark?"

Clark looked up, "I'm flying to Japan for a few days then its back home to Kansas. What about you?"

Malone sat down, "I'm heading to the main land for a bit, I'm not quite ready for my trek home just yet."

Clark perked up for a second, "Oh, i almost forgot, I need to thank you and Liu."

"For what?"

Clark dropped a newspaper in front of Malone, "Got my first byline, Its just free lance but it'll look great on a resume' after college."

Clark then got up and tossed the cash for the check on the table, "See you around Bruce.. Sorry Matches."

Malone chuckled as Clark left and folded the paper before sliding it in his bag.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: The reporter and the billionaire vs the triads, now there's a comic book! :)

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@batkevin74: They may meet at least one more time before they become who they're meant to be

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I`m starting to think that you should probably become a semi-professional part time-comics writer. Of self published comics, maybe.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: That's pretty much the job I always wanted but never got. I actually came up with an entire universe that I fully intended to self publish about 10 years ago but I didn't have the money, and I have pilfered a bit of that universe here and there for my fan fics.

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Explains alot.

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Kind of generic chapter. It's not bad writing. It's just that you could put anyone in Clark and Bruce's spots, and the scene would read the same. It needs something distinctly Clark & Bruce about it. Added to my FF Long Box. :)