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DC Civil War Library.

Cadmus Prison

Catwoman, with her teeth glenched snarled at Deathstroke "You can thank me, breaking you out so that maybe you could help us get info on Cadmus."

Slade chuckled "Give info on Cadmus? Oh no I'll do more than that...I'll join your team."

Batman than stepped in front of Catwoman, speaking to Slade in rage in a ghastly voice "And why should we trust you."

Slade in his serene voice replied "Oh you don't have to...but I can guarantee that you're destined to lose if you don't have me on your side...because no matter what type of person I am....or the type of things I've done...you know that I have skills...skills that have allowed me to defeat even you Batman...skills that have allowed me to train Nightwing....."

Batman was taken a back by Slade's words. Soon he went mute.

Slade delighted he struck a chord in Batman "Oh yes...he didn't tell you did he? When Robin left you all those years ago, his heart was filled with vengeance...he wanted so much to be unlike you...to be better than you that he traveled all the way to train under me...you know it's a shame really, how you've wasted the boy's potential Batman....he could've been great."

The whole group broke out in shock. Who knew Nightwing, leader of the Titans was willing to be indoctrinated by his greatest arch nemesis. It was almost irony.

Catwoman hissed as she wrapped her claws around Deathstroke's neck. She really wanted to kill him at this point despite her releasing him, she couldn't stand someone like him to put Batman in emotional pain, especially after he reconciled his relationship with his son.

As, Catwoman started to choke Deathstroke who smiled at her, in the form of a masochist, Mento activated his telepathic abilities and began to read the mind of Slade...Soon images of a brown haired woman, white skin, and green eyes appeared in his head....and soon a picture that came to pass was that of the anti-heroine known as Ravager.... and than it was the hero known as Jericho...this must be his family....the ones he was fighting for.

Mento shouting out to Selina "Drop him, he has good intentions. He wants to fight with us to save his wife....and his daughter."

Static, interrupting the conversation before Selina would respond to Mento. "Yeah, Slade's daughter is Ravager....I may not be the best judge of character but Ravager has fought alongside the Titans before...even came to Dakota once. She said even though her father was a criminal mastermind and borderline terrorist....he cared about his family."

And with that, Catwoman dropped Slade to the floor who gave out small breaths of exhaustion.

Green Arrow, always the wise guy let out a joke "Who knew after years of mercenary work that old one eye here, actually cares about people."

Batman stepping out of his slump, could see Deadshot from a glance starting to wakeup "We can keep the small talk for another time, we need to go before this whole place is surrounded, with men more skilled than those in the lobby. With that he pulled out a black communicator "Zatanna, we need you at the Cadmus Prison Base in NYC quick, Teleport us to the Batcave in Manhattan."

And with that, Zatanna appeared right before her eyes in her usual garb. With no questions asked she teleported Batman, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Slade, Static, Gear, & The Doom Patrol to the Manhattan Batcave in the burst of magic.

And within a flash they all teleported to a fundamental lounge room identical to the Batcave in Gotham but larger, and in there stood a group of many: Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, Arsenal, Nightwing, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, Oracle, Poison Ivy, Steel, Orion, Black Lightning, Geo-Force, The Creeper, Katana, Owlman, Red Robin, Azrael, Jason Blood, Deadman, Plastic Man, Elongated Man, Vigilante, Shining Knight, The Atom next to Atom Smasher, Blue Devil, The Creeper, The Crimson Avenger, Aztek, The Ray, Gypsy, Nemesis, Doctor Light, Dr. Mid-Night, Big Barda, Mr. Miracle, Obsidian & finally Johnny Thunder.

Slade giving out a small clap at the assembly of heroes. "I must say I am impressed"

Batman smirking at Deathstroke "Welcome to the team."


The Fortress of Solitude, Manhattan

"I still don't understand why you came back to the present."

Superman said, as he was talking to his cousin...Kara Zor-El;Supergirl.

Supergirl who still retained her childish appearance yet mature, dressed in the same uniform she wore, when last time in the present.

"Because what happens in the present determines how the time stream will end up."

Kara put her hands around Superman. She loved her cousin, even if sometimes he tried to be her father.

Soon, Superman's high tech doors opened, and in was Lex Luthor, & Amanda Waller dressed in their standard attire.

Superman in an assertive voice asked "What is it?"

Waller in a cordial manner "The Dark Knight has outdone me again...He's broken into Cadmus and released, Static, Gear, The Doom Patrol....and Slade."

Supergirl, always the one to come in a conversation at the wrong time due to her impulsive nature "But we can handle Slade...it's not as if he's that good."

Lex Luthor, aggravated at her arrogance "Deathstroke isn't just some regular martial artist lurking around are wirld. He's a metahuman with superhuman skills, and the abilty to use 90% of his brain capacity. He's all that and more....with a healing factor also." Soon Luthor's anger rose "And you Superman!. Do you not realize that Batman already has kryptonite in his disposal. This man can defeat AMAZO. What do you think he'll do to you." Lex was afraid, Slade was no ordinary criminal. If Batman managed to recruit him, on willingly consent, this could mark the end for Registration, a cause he was passionate of, for good reasons. With registration, the world would become the New World Orlder, he always planned with humans in control, and superheroes as their slaves, for he couldn't risk the metahuman community growing too powerful that they started endangering heroes. With him, now being hailed as an international hero, and endorsing the MRA, he now had the perfect campaign to once again run for President of the United States.

Superman turned out of his chair and walked over to Lex beginning to laugh "Do you really think, I'm afraid of Batman, ro that I didn't develop a countermeasure to his countermeasure." And with that his face grew stern as he went face to face with Luthor "You see that's where you humans always had doubt in me. Brawn but no brain is what you described me, when it was my kind who developed Braniac...my intellect is developed also...so much that I developed the solar suit."

Waller looking at Superman questionably "The same solar suit we equipped on Superboy?"

Superman nodded and smiled "That one exactly. When STAR Labs created Superboy, for fear that I was no longer fitted to be Earth's hero for I had grown too powerful, yet couldn't stop Darkseid, I feared for my end, fear that I would one day become your weapon, so I created the solar suit, a more advanced suit activated by neural thoughts, that makes me invulnerable to Kryptonite, and imbues me with the power of the sun, able to release a blast of solar energy located in the S symbol. You see I believe in Registration, but I just wanted you two to know, I serve no one man, government, or organization, I serve the people."

Luthor grinned at Superboy "I must say, truly remarkable. Now let me show you my recruits."

And Luthor pressed a button on a remote, to reveal an opening door that showed a wide array of heroes & villains that stood much larger in size than Batman's group: John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Galatea, Deadshot, Task Force X, Shayera Hol, The Flash, Wind Dragon, Long Shadow, Juice, Downpour, Shifter, Hawkman, Red Tornado, Wildcat, Metamorpho, Guardian, Booster Gold, Superboy, Stargirl, STRIPE, Firestorm, Sinestro, Giganta, Shade, Clayface, Killer Frost, Parasite, Atomic Skull, Toyman, Cheetah, Sonar, Roulette, B'Wanna Beast, Hawk & Dove, Commander Steel, Crimson Fox, Hourman, Red Tornado, Rocket Red, Sand, Starman, Vibe, Star Sapphire, Bizarro, Gentleman Ghost, Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Miss America, Bee, Firebrand, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Damage, and more.

Supergirl's mouth opened as she looked in amazement as the assortment and diversity of meta & non metahumans.

Amanda Waller who had devious plans in her mind "Now, Superman we want to bring out the Anti-Registration forces, so we'll take a team of 10, You, Luthor, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, Captain Atom, Marvel, Galatea, & Deadshot. Here's what we're going to do....."


The BatCave, Manhattan.

Everything was going good in the BatCave. Alfred was serving drinks to everyone to cool the mood. Despite everyone getting ready for one of the biggest battles in their careers, everyone conversed among themselves, displaying camaraderie. Deadman explained to Batman a few minutes ago that he wanted to pay Batman a debt for possessing his body. Green Arrow, & Arsenal were catching up on old times before the former shifted to a makeout session with Black Canary, while Vigilante began to flirt with Zatanna to proficient success, due to Shining Knight's interference. Static who felt that MRA was just an oppressive way of the government trying to clean up the Big Bang they started & Gear were sharing some stories with Black Lightning. Elongated Man felt passionate about this Act, wishing it would burn in flames after the issue with his wife, Sue Dibny. Slade & Orion were having a moderate conversation, but their personalities were too quiet for them to make much of an interaction. Since 5 years ago the Atom & Atom-Smasher have had an irreplacable relationship, and became a skilled duo in the crime-fighting field. Steel was dying for revenge on Luthor, due to the Infinity Project, while Poison Ivy & The Doom Patrol stood on the wall by themselves along with the Titans.

Surprisingly Raven was sociable as she was practicing her powers with Obsidian and Blue Devil who's son Kid Devil was a member of the Titans, who expanded in a similar fashion to the League. However Cyborg decided strategically that it would be best not to endanger any heroes in this mission. Despite all of them being dedicated heroes, this Metahuman Registration Act, could endanger alot of teenagers and young adults, who probably didn't even want to be superheroes int he first place. Best to leave it to those who were the most experienced. Oracle was now the information broker in the metahuman community and was now in charge of the computers for the mission. So far so good.

Meanwhile Nightwing & Batman were talking off in the distance.

" You didn't tell me you trained under Slade?"

Dick, who was nervous with beads of sweat dripping down his forehead "It was only for a year."

"And he never asked anything out of it?"

Dick in a simple answer "No"

"Than I guess he does have a heart."

Soon Oracle's computer, beeped red and a video message was requested from Lex Luthor. She accepted, and soon appeared his face, in the same cold and calculating manner that he was known for. Grodd was right. Despite his intelligence and scientific ingenuity, he was still a thug deep down inside. A cultured one, but still the same guy from Suicide Slums. In his hand was a knife pointing to the throat of 10 year old Billy Batson whose mouth was gagged with duct tape and hands tied behind his back.

"Come in an hour to Central Park with Batman ready to surrender, and I won't kill this boy, as we speak." And as those words were said, the video faded.

Oracle motioned towards Batman "Luthor is really going to great lengths for you to reveal your identity. This is a trap. I highly doubt that Captain Marvel was attacked by Lex. He's one of the biggest supporters of Registration, his views on the Justice League still haven't changed to the Cadmus Crisis."

Batman nodded in a cold manner. He already had the countermeasures to the League, ready for activation. They were 99% accurate from his calculations. But he knew he shouldn't just give away something so easily. He decided that it's best just to let this one ride. Those countermeasures could end up in the wrong hands.

"Fine, Take me, Arrow, The Ray, Atom Duo, Zatanna, Static, Slade, Black Canary, Geo-Force, Orion,". Oracle motioned the commands for all 11 of those heroes to gather in the center pavilion. She managed to install Justice League esque teleportation technology in this BatCave. And in a flash of clear purple light, they were gone.


Central Park, Manhattan

Batman and his team arrived in Central Park. They all faced toward Superman's conglomerate, with Luthor by his side, everyone dressed in their gear, ready to go.

Superman still uneasy about fighting a dear friend "You know, you can always surrender. Sometimes it's okay to take the easy way out."

Batman smirked and his voice bellowed throughout the park with people in attendance, as he yelled "OUTSIDERS, ATTACK!" and his team followed the command, each picking one member of the opposition to fight.

Green Arrow vs. Deadshot

Green Arrow stood out with three quantum arrows set to fire on his bow, and soon as he could find Deadshot. In a form, this was a way of proving himself as the better marksman despite him having more primitive weaponry. And to his luck he found Deadshot in a tree, prying on him, waiting for him to make a mistake. Muttering to himself "Got ya". He fired the three arrows, as they hit Deadshot square in the chest. Bullseye.

However Green Arrow's victory was shortlived. The Deadshot in the tree, flickered away once hit with the arrows. Green Arrow now did not know where to fire as Darkseid was nowhere to be found. But before he could turn around to shoot, three lasers were caught in his back, and he slumped to the ground and moaned out in pain, with his eyes closing, and his vision became blurry. as Dinah exclaimed in emotional pain. Deadshot stood over his body, celebrating in his thoughts, his triumph.

The Ray vs. Green Lantern

Likewise in the sky were the Ray & Green Lantern battling it out, trading gold and green energy blasts. Even little child in the park, awed at the light show that was in front of their eyes. John mocking his opponent in a crude fashion "It was a dumb decision, to try to fight me rookie, you could've been on our side, you know, Guess somethings don't always..." John's sentence was cut short, by a light infused upper cut to his jaw that sent him flying out of the sky, crashing towards the ground, leaving a medium sized, crater in the Earth.

The Ray confident in his chance to win "You know I never always liked you". The Ray rained down rock sized pellets of light energy at John Stewart, which left smoke in the air. The smoke unraveled to The Ray's befuddlement to a lime green forcefield. None of his attacks worked, despite John showing a bit wear and tear. Now floating towards mid-air, Green Lantern forming a green hammer with the ring "Did you really think I'd be scared of the color yellow, you son of a." And his furiocity took over, consistently bashing the body of the Ray as it bounced up and down from the ground. By the time he was finished pummeling his advesary into defeat, most of the spectators went home.

Captain Marvel vs. Static

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel chased Static, who was on his saucer around the park. He was more tempered now than in his teenage years, but the shades of his younger self frequently came about. Billy Batson continued to fly towards Static in different directions attempting to catch him. Clapping his hands together he yelled SHAZAM!, and a bolt of lightning knocked Static off his saucer sending him into a statue. His electromagnetic powers, were able to reduce the amount of damage he would've taken, only making him dazed. As he was on his knees, trying to regain footing, Marvel appeared behind him, grabbed him by his collar, and threw him in the air, to where he was in the sky. As his momentum deteriorated, Marvel held out his knee, to break Static's fall. The crash landing was no where pleasing, as Virgil crashed down onto the knee of a demigod, blood coughing out of his mouth.

Orion vs. Captain Atom

Orion with his hands tied behind his back in the manner of Darkseid (which scared off whatever remaining audience there once was). Chuckling, he solemnly looked at Atom with no fear.

"Do you really believe, in every corner of your heart, and every once of your mind, that you can defeat, the Lord of Apokolips?"

Captain Atom who represented the government's form of superhero to it's fullest "I don't believe, I will."

Captain Atom flew towards Orion and headbutted him in the skull. This sent him stumbling back not enough to do damage. Orion said "Do you know what happens to those who defy my law." And without even trying he slammed his fist down on the ground sending Atom stumbling on his knees. The force of that fist, made Atom break a sweat, who breathed heavily for air.

Orion moved closer to him, and kicked him to the ground as he tried to standup. Orion grabbing Captain Atom by the neck "Know, that you have went into battle with the Dog of War, and were able to make him stumble." The son of Darkseid threw Captain Atom into a tree branch, and his suit began to crack with energy emitting.

Orion who once fought alongside Captain Atom as a team mate knew what skills he was capable of, and went to grab him and toss him into space before he exploded. As he did, Captain Atom latched on to him, locking him in a bear hugg, and in just a second, a ring of blew energy surrounded the park, leaving both hero and god, knocked out.

Black Canary vs. Shayera Hol

Canary warmed up her knuckles. "You know Shayera I used to respect you, but after going back to a man who dumped you and siding with him just because he's your boo, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, you're just a little girl."

Shayera not the type to trash talk and trade insults, flew at Black Canary with an elbow to the face. Dinah caught the elbow, sending Shayera flying into a bench, but Hawkgirl caught herself and kicked off the bench to dropkick Canary in the chest, sending her tumbling back.

Hawkgirl flew towards her, but Canary backflipped to get herself some distance. It was interesting that Shayera didn't use her mace yet. Shayera genuinely didn't want to hurt Black Canary. If only Black Canary could convince Shayera that this was exactly like Meta Brawl. Maybe Dinah could use that to her advantage if she got the mace, as well.

The Thanagarian caught onto what Black Canary was thinking and picked up the mace. She attempted a baseball swing, but to her surprise she was met with the Canary Cry, which sent her flying hitting her head on a water fountatin.

Black Canary walked over and picked up the mace, ready to use it on Shayera, but Hawkgirl tripped her into hitting her head on the concrete. Picking up the gray mace, which had static energy circling the head, she swung at the back of Canary, who now fell towards, the ground unable to stand on two feet, due to the immense pain located in the center of her spine.

The Flash vs. Geo-Force

The Flash threw machine gun like punches of all kinds at the head of Geo-Force. Brion Markov's head felt like it was reliving the same thing over and over, as his head was hit by strikes that he couldn't predict how to counter. Finally Geo-Force thought to himself, and a pillar of rock shot out from under the Flash's feet, sending Wally sliding on the grass. Trying to cut off Wally's quickness, he put his hands out, and a black aura surrounded, the speedster's body. It felt difficult to move, as his whole body felt numb, other than slight movement in the tip of the fingers.

Brion Markov yelled out to the Flash "That's what you get, you filthy sellout?!" That angered Flash, and concentrating a swirl of red, orange, and yellow lightning swirled around his body, as he now sprinted in a way that would that make even Usain Bolt jealous, towards Geo-Force, knocking him out with a speed induced hook to the jaw. He had to thank the Speed Force. 5 years of extra training under Barry, really helped.

Zatanna vs. Wonder Woman

Zatanna had some training in H2H under Batman, so she could hold her own against the Princess of the Amazons & agent of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Both of them floating towards mid-air, they began their battle. Zatanna muttered an incantation, and a King Arthur esque sword, formed in her hand. Zatanna threw out slashes with her sword, all of which were blocked by the steel bracelets of Diana. This was a tough fight. Magic wouldn't work on someone who had the power of the gods, and piercing was her main weakness according to Batman. Unwrapping her Lasso of Truth, she swung it around Zatanna. Wonder Woman swung Zatanna to the grass, as she left a gaping hole in the land.

Zatanna, managing to stand up after the fall was soon knocked cold from the tiara of Diana, sending her falling face first into dirt and gravel.

Lex Luthor vs. Slade

"Well it surely is an honor to being going toe to toe, with the man who started it all." Luthor mocked at Slade in arrogance

Slade amused at Luthor "Oh Lex, you haven't changed one bit, Tell me, is this Registration Act, just one big grand ploy, to get back in power...or are you just trying to convince your self that you're actually a hero."

Luthor, insulted "I am a hero. I saved the world...more than you will ever be"

Slade now knew he had Luthor on the ropes "Oh no....you're no hero, I know what you want...Power...prosperity...dominion...it's what you desire...because deep down inside you know you were born nothing...just a child from the slums....so in an attempt to fill that black crater that erodes at your insides....you make yourself feel like a god....but you're no god Luthor...you're just a man with his childhood on replay."

Slade was a master with psychological games, and he ran at Luthor with his enhanced speed, spin-kicking him to the ground. He took out his gun and aimed it at the forehead of Lex Luthor.

"You will always be nothing."

The bullet fired, but it was blocked by a forcefield that sent Slade spinnining horizontally, falling to the ground. Soon the mark of Braniac appeared on Lex's forehead.

Standing up and regaining his composure. "Oh I'm more of a man than you are, Deathstroke, Slade, what ever name you go by. I'm Lex Luthor, the most powerful man in America...I'm more than a god...I'm an icon."

Slade regaining his footing, now attacked Luthor with a roundhouse kick to the forehead.

Luthor pressed a button on his belt, and in his mind played a simulation of what was to happen as he grabbed the ankle of Deathstroke, slamming him to the ground.

Slade ignorant of the abilities Luthor had. "But how did you catch my kick?"

Luthor with his typical Machiavellian grin. "I call it AMAZO, I know have the android's ability of mimicing the powers of those I am fighting against, without absorbing their weaknesses. All this because I merged with Braniac, gaining his intelligence, strength...and force fields. It's revolutionary don't you think?"


Superman vs. Batman

"It's a shame it had to end this way, Bruce. The two of us, we defined a generation, we created the word superhero." Superman said in an assertive yet calm voice.

Bruce in his stoic manner "I agree, we did but this was meant to happen, Our ideals were bound to clash, whatever bond we have must be severed, for the good of superheroes, people I still care about."

Superman clutching his fist, flew towards Batman with a cross to the face. Batman sidestepped out of the way. There was no point in even using the basic things or H2H on Superman. Physical combat wise, it would be suicide.

Digging in his utility belt he pulled out a pistol, in it lodged kryptonite bullets.

"Guns....is that the man you've become Batman?"

"It's the man you've forced me to become." A tear dropped from Bruce's eye as he shot out the green pellets, aimed to defeat but not murder Superman.

Kal-El's body folded over, as the bullets pierced through his skin, with him falling on his knees, before slumping to the ground.

Batman dropping the gun in his hand, wrapped the cape around his body, and walked away. He muttered to himself "I'm sorry Clark, Sometimes things happen." And once again the memory of his parents death flashed through his parents head.

Superman who although groaned in pain started to crawl towards the feet of Batman. Wrapping his muscular arm around Bruce Wayne's ankle, he mumbled to the Dark Knight "You always said I wasn't good at technology as you, right Bruce?" And with that rays of solar energy gravitated towards as a honey aura surrounded Superman in a bed of warming energy. Superman stood up, replenished from the bullets.

Batman looked at Superman afraid of what he had become "You've truly turned yourself into a god."

Superman stared back at Batman "No, you turned yourself into a god when you felt you didn't have to abide by society"

Batman picking up the gun turned to face his former friend. He resumed firing bullets at Superman but to no success. It was as if Superman was wrapped in a cocoon of solar energy, as all the kryptonite he used just burned the minute they came in the prescence of the Kryptonian.

"You know Bruce, I don't want to fight you anymore than you fight me, so let's end this quick."

And with that being said, circular rays of the sun floating towards the chest of Superman, and with what could've possibly been called the speed of light, a beam of energy shot from the torso, sent itself at the body of Batman.

It all happened in just a flash. Superman rejuvenated himself, by using technology (taking a step out of Batman's playbook), to give him the edge in the battle against his rival.

Batman's body was burned. His suit and cowl was now in tatters, as only remnants of his costume, was still on his body. His bare chest had steam rising from it, with skin falling off, and blood dripping. He screamed in pain, that rang across the entire park, as he could not stand due to the sensation of the burning on his dermis.

Superman looked at Batman spitefully and now walked away, accepting that it was now over.

But Batman now showed the will to win. He wouldn't let himself lose to a boy-scout. He slowly struggled to make it on his feet. Fighting back the pain he managed to stand on trembling knees.

"This isn't done yet, farmboy."

Superman turned around flabbergasted that it was possible for Batman to even still stand. But look who it was. It was Batman, he was more than just a man.

"I didn't want to do this Bruce...but you made me."

Superman flew towards Bruce with a hook punch to the jaw sending him to the ground. He then lifted Bruce's body in a bench press position, and brought it down to his knee in the manner that Bane once did to the Caped Crusader of Gotham. Batman shrieked in pane, as he could feel the breaking of his spinal chord, and the lack of feeling in his legs.

It was official. Superman had just paralyzed Batman...permanently.


Atom-Smasher & The Atom vs. Galatea.

Galatea held Atom, with her hands cupped around him squeezing him in pain. "That's right, enjoying the breaking of bones, cutie". Atom-Smasher, in his enlarged form, stood over Galatea, towering over 7 feet.

She turned around and dropped The Atom who now had broken ligaments.

As the Atom-Smasher looked to stomp Galatea to the ground, he was met with a blast of heat vision to his heart. Soon he fell to the ground as the rigamortis began to sink in.

Atom cried out in agony as he saw his giant friend, now be killed by the clone of Kara Zor-El


Batman's Outsiders were all scattered over the park, exhausted, defeated, and in physical suffering. All of them were too tired to even mutter a word. Just moans and groans.Superman's Justice League recouped in the middle of the park, looking down on their enemies.

Lex Luthor, pleased with the victory began to speak "So this was your revolution? It has now been crumbled by the authority"

Superman asked "Should we take them hostages?"

Luthor responded calmly "No, with the position they're in, they'll know never to continue on crime-fighting without registering. If they do we'll come after them, and they wouldn't want that. Your friend, Batman will eventually surrender. His will has been broken, He's lucky to live."

Superman nodded expressing only small remorse for his actions.

The Pro-Registration forces walked away.

End of Part 1

To Be Continued...

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