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DC Civil War Library

The Batcave, Manhattan

Batman who was in his wheelchair eyed Lex Luthor. Gritting through his white teeth he asked.

"Why are you here? Who gave you the coordinates to this location? Even with your intellect it would be near impossible to break in."

Lex Luthor grinning at the anger of Batman "Oh...a little birdie told me."

Batman getting at what Lex was insinuating "What did you do to Nightwing? Where's Superman?"

Lex's face now turned to seriousness "I did nothing, to your overgrown sidekick. And if you're wondering where the boy scout is, he isn't fighting this battle. I've came to make sure the Outsiders surrender, and Superman couldn't stand to look in the face of the man he paralyzed. Neither could Wonder Woman & the rest of your friends. But I? Oh no...I want registration, humanity will not be under the control of vigilantes!"

Batman with rage in his eyes "You're a sick man Luthor, you crave power"

"Do I Batman, isn't it you who's developed countermeasures against the League, you who has surveillance all over Gotham City, you're the one who likes power, we're no different than you think. It's a shame, the game had to end so early....ATTACK!"

Luthor shouted the battle cry, but as he did a large typhoon of water blasted away his team, before they could make contact with the opposing forces. Standing in that pool of water, was the King of the Seas...the Waterbearer....Aquaman. His left hand was the limb given to him by the Lady of the Lake, while in his right was the Trident of Poseidon.

Lex's mouth was open in awe along with the other heroes & villains on both sides "B-but, it can't be?"

Aquaman in a cool but stern voice responed "You fool, thought you could enter my realm, and enforce on me your petty laws of registration, After I defeated your men, Nightwing came to me. Told me that you were planning an attack on Batman's headquarters, and that it was only I who could stop it"

"But Nightwing registered, He told me himself"

"That's right he did, But when he stepped into Atlantis, he was afraid you were going to take another life, that you would kill another hero. I couldn't let you do that by my hand....you killed my brethren.....my comrade....you killed Atom-Smasher!"

Aquaman slammed his Trident into the floor and a burst of electrical magical energy, covered the floor mixing with the water. The entire place exploded as fragments flew.

Now standing in a pile of debris was the Outsiders covered by a gold force-field created by Aquaman, as Luthor's team was on the ground struggling to get up.

Aquaman walking forward, still ready to cause more mayhem pointed his trident at the throat of a groaning Luthor "I suggest you leave."

Luthor picked himself up, afraid of the immense display of power, Aquaman just showed, and possibly still had in store. With the Trident of Poseidon & The Lady of the Lake's Hand, Aquaman was arguably on the power of a full-powered Orion. Power that the AMAZO Tech wouldn't be able to copy, as he and his team walked away into the distance, still in pain from the explosion.


Dr. Fate's Dimension.

Dr. Fate continued to pray & meditate in the lotus position over the Civil War. As every day passed his magical energy grew to a new level. Everything that just happened, and before he now and already had knowledge of. His job as Sorceror Supreme required him to do this, even if it took time away from his beloved Inza. Soon he felt a magical disturbance, which caused him to float down to the ground, panting.

He questioned himself "What is this energy?"

A pale ghostly man in a green hood floated down and answered Dr. Fate's question "It is Aquaman who caused this."

Dr. Fate confused over the situation "But how, his explosion wasn't even city-wide."

The Spectre replied at Kent "Yes that is true, but Aquaman has trained himself with the Lady's power. With the Trident of Poseidon we don't know how powerful he can get. If worse comes to worse, I'll have to put an end to the work of one of your magicians."

Dr. Fate, standing up to face The Spectre "That won't need to be done. You forget I am still a member of the Justice League. Aquaman is an honorable man, he wouldn't use such great power for selfish desires."

The Spectre, ashamed at Dr. Fate's naivete "Do you believe that? Many kings, start out as humbled men before they clutch a hold of power. You mustn't get so casual, this power is too great for one man to have."

"Relax my friend. You must forget that both you and I are both mere mortals holding the power of gods in our body, just as Orin was chosen to wield the power of a god. And he knows once he uses the hand for selfish lust, he will deal with the Thirst."

"What is this Thirst, you speak of Magician?"

"The Thirst is an evil entity. It awakens when the Waterbearer's Hand is used for harm, specifically malicious intenet. Once it gains enough power it will first deplete Aquaman of his bio-energy, destroying him. Once it does that it will move on to the Secret Sea, attempting to obliterate it so life on Earth as we know it, ceases to exist. But it is not our place to interfere. That is the Lady of the Lake's domain "

The Spectre nodded.

Soon a purple portal opened up in Dr. Fate's dimension. A walking gorilla and a purple haired sorceress, in a black dress, stepped out.

Dr. Fate looked at them with wide-eyes. How could Gorilla Grodd & Tala return?

Speaking in arrogant voice, his yellow teeth shined as he asked Kent Nelson "So where's the Batman?"


Cadmus HQ

Lex Luthor sat in the middle of his office with repaired attire and bandages mulling over how he could defeat the Outsiders. With Aquaman on their side, & possibly Green Lantern & Hawkgirl who knew if Pro-Registration was even still going to work. Soon Lex started going over the prison records post Metahuman Registration, seeing if he could recruit some extra forces. Some of them were even heroes who were captured on the street.

The Flash walked through the door. He walked over to Luthor's desk, and start looking at the papers. He stared at Lex with steely eyes

"So this is what Registration is? Just randomly imprisoning heroes, and monitoring people? You must've been monitoring me too also."

Lex with an emotionless face "You're damn right I have. You're free to quit if you like, your use is no longer needed."

Flash insulted at Lex's words "Fine I will." Using his super-speed he sped out of the building.

Luthor picked up a black transceiver and held it to his mouth. "Begin Operation Zoom"


The Sewers

Zoom stood over the body of Wally West who was crawling for strength with a tatterred uniform and blood. Dressed in his yellow and red costume, Eobard Thawne now possessed both the abilities of personal time manipulation and the negative Speed Force conduit, allowing to him become faster than The Flash & beat him in combat.

In a sadistic manner he smiled at The Flash "This will make you a better hero my friend."

But as he said that he was met with a blast of vibration, that depleted his powers, and sent him to the ground unconscious.

Standing over him with a purple and pink high heel was the Huntress and alongside her the Question who now hurled The Flash over his shoulder.

In a serious tone, she said to Victor Sage "It's time to pay a visit to Dad."


To Be Continued....

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@jnr6lil: Good work! I kinda expected that lex would betray him but I'm glad he was saved in time.

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@dngn4774: Thanks, Yeah Lex is that type of guy. Even though he's a good guy now and cares about humanity, deep down he's still same old Lex.

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This pretty good, almost as good as a real book.

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Thanks. I try.