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Credit goes to: Bruce Timm, DC Comics & Marvel Comics

In New York City,

Standing in the middle of the street is an older version of Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy & Cyborg. All 5 of the young adults stand over the unconscious body of Deathstroke, to them known as Slade. The city is in shambles, with even a few innocents caught dead in the process. As they remain exhausted from their battle, a black limousine pulls up. Out steps a short petite black woman, in a navy black suit. Amanda Waller.

The former director of CADMUS walks up forward to the leader of the Titans, Dick Grayson. With a stern frustated voice she asks "What is all this, you've destroyed and desacrated one of the United States's greatest utopias"

Nightwing with a smile on his face "Hey, it's a part of the job, what can we do?"

Amanda Waller with an angry look on her face moves closer to Nightwing and points a finger at this chest "This is just pure recklessness, A bunch of children trying to walk through the shoes of those greater than themselves. What made you think you could even go up against Slade, he's one of the most dangerous criminals in the world"

Cyborg, tired of the criticism steps forward to interrupt the argument "Hey lady, I don't think you have a right to just criticize us. For a bunch of "kids", we damn sure have done a pretty good job. We may not be the Justice League but show us some respect, or get the hell out!"

Amanda Waller with a disgusted look on her face looks at Cyborg "Excuse me do you know who I am?"

Cyborg responds "Yeah I do, You're the same chump who almost brought the world to chaos with Project Cadmus, You worked with Lex...."

Nightwing stops Cyborg from finishing his sentences, trying to cool him down "It's okay Cy, If she doesn't think that we're doing a good job, it doesn't matter. Our job is to save lives, not appeal to the common denominator, Come on let's go...We have work to do" And with that the Titans leave in their ship back to HQ.

Amanda Waller with a smirk on her face pulls out her phone and makes a phone call.

"Hello, Mr. President....I believe it's time to issue the Metahuman Registration Act"


A Day Later, The Metro Tower, Council Room

The Meeting of Superman & Batman

Superman with a casual look on his face looks at Batman "Amanda Waller's back on the scene"

Batman with his usual stoic manner, stares at Superman in with no hurry "I know...Dick told me that she met up with them in New York yesterday...CADMUS were disbanded, and she retired back to her nice little comfy home. I'm positive she's just doing government work. After the Braniac fiasco, it would be outright asinine for her to make an attempt of coming back to power"

Superman relaxing a bit replies "Maybe you're right. The League must remain prepared for whatever happens, Despite our differences, you and I have always known that our best interest lies in humanities. When the time comes Waller, or anyone else for that matter strikes...I hope you'll have my back"

Batman with an arrogant smirk on his face "I always......"

Before he could finish Green Arrow barges through the door with a newspaper.

Batman looks at the paper with wide-eyes at the headline.

Batman with a worried look on his face looks at both Clark & Ollie "You were right Clark, she is back on the scene. And to think I didn't anticipate something like this years ago...This Registration Act is going to impact the superhuman community gravely.

Superman with a more serious tone in his voice addresses to Green Arrow "Ollie, as a member of the League who lacks powers, but serves as our political conscience, I'm deploying you to D.C., You're well versed in politics, for the time-being, I need you to find out more about this Act as much as you can"

Arrow with an affirmed look on his face "Got it", and he teleports out of the Tower.

"And how do you feel about this Bruce"

Batman still looking at the newspaper, slips it under his cape. "Can't say, I have work to do. I need to go back to Gotham and talk to Dick about this. This seems so fishy. I just want to know, why now all of sudden, she proposes something like this"

Superman understanding the type of man, Bruce is nods "Do what you gotta do, I'll inform the members of the League"

Bruce without responding gets a look at Clark and teleports away.


Meanwhile At The House of Amanda Waller

As Amanda Waller, goes to the table to eat dinner...a flash of light appears in the sky and out steps a bald man in an olive colored khaki military uniform.

"So what's this I hear about a Metahuman Registration Act?"

To Be Continued....

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@jnr6lil: "Hey, it's apart of the job, what can we do?" I think you mean "a part" as the other way means seperate and doesn't make any sense :)

This pic may be helpful for you :)

Nice set up, looking forward to see where you go with this

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Very nice

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Thank you.

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I've been reading this series but I never commented.

Great job man, not a lot of series' make me want to read them all in one night.

Keep up the good work!

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@jnr6lil: I really liked this intro! I'm planning on catching up on this story tomorrow.

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Yeah story is ending at Civil War # 14

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I reallly like this man good deal! I am a sucker for these cross deals.

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Playing with DC Characters in Marvel's sandbox

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looking forward with reading the rest of the series.

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