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Chronicles of Brood, Chapter One -- Dagobah

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Two -- Yoda

Chronicles of Brood, Chapter Three -- Padawan


“This is stupid.”

“If train you I will, worry what you look like you must not!” Yoda tutted, standing firmly with both hands on his cane. Maris was standing on one foot, eyes closed, with both arms out. Her job was to hold both of her lightsabers in the air with telekinesis for some indeterminate amount of time, despite her claims that her telekinetic powers were not lacking.

“Master Yoda, I've done all of this before!” the zabrak barked. “You think Shaak Ti didn't make me do this stuff while I was training with her? I've levitated and held up the lightsabers, stood on my head – I've commanded a bull rancor before!”

“And make you a good Jedi, this did?”

“I was more powerful than my master.” Maris sighed out hard, dropping her pose and quickly catching both falling sabers. “The only reason I'm not a Jedi Knight is because the Jedi Order doesn't even exist anymore, and that isn't my fault!”

Yoda nodded, tapping his cane idly on a rock. The tiny gesture caused his ears to jiggle in a way that Maris was trying not to find funny. “Not only powerful is a Jedi Knight... but wise. Never your mind on what is right.” The tiny man shook his head. “Only your desires.”

“These are different times, Master Yoda. We've all been wiped out – the old codes don't work anymore! They didn't save us from Vader and the Emperor, they didn't stop the Order from being completely destroyed!” Again, that soft glow. That hazy red. The darkening of Maris's eyes that showed how the Dark Side was starting to swell within her. “We need to survive, not sit around and talk about what's right and what isn't.”

“That is why you are not yet a Jedi.”

“Gahh!” Maris screamed, throwing one of her saber handles at Yoda in her rage, which the tiny man stopped in mid-air with a simple gesture. She stormed off in the opposite direction, heading for her crashed shuttle.

This is the girl you want to train, Master Yoda? She reminds me of Anakin at that age... perhaps worse. At least he had some control over his passion.”

“Harness her passion we will,” Yoda said softly, tucking the guard shoto handle into his robe. “Remember Master Windu, do you?”

With Maris gone, the hazy, bluish figure Yoda spoke with stepped from behind a tree as if he had been there all along. He was tall and robed, dignified. A Jedi Master like the man he spoke with. “Of course I do,” Qui-Gon Jinn said quietly. “A master of the Vapaad style, wielder of a violet lightsaber. One of the elders of the Order. I'll never forget him.”

“Shun the power of the Dark Side, he did not, rrrmgh?” Yoda closed his eyes for a brief, pensive moment before looking the way Maris had run. The Dark Side was strong in her, too strong to quell. But if she could be taught the power of the Light, shown it, experience it and taught how to harness it, perhaps she could blend the two into a force for good as Mace Windu had.

Mace Windu was a master of the Jedi Order, he did not take the responsibility of the Vapaad style lightly. Does she even know what it is?”

“Know of it she does... and taken an interest in it, she has.”

And you plan to put a weapon like that into her hands? If you taught her properly she could become an incredibly powerful Jedi – or an equally powerful Sith. Would you trade one dominion over the galaxy for another just as strong?”

“I would,” Yoda said softly. “Teach her I will. I can show her the first styles, get her to focus the powers within her. Then....”

You will have to send her out into the world. She cannot test and temper her powers if all she does is train,” Qui-Gon folded his arms. “You'll send her off before she's ready.”

“Become ready quickly, she will have to.”

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Gosh darn it, stop writing this thing so awesomely and well done...ly. I want it to be real now.

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@armiv2: Just wait until a certain Darth whose name starts with M gets involved....

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@armiv2: Just wait until a certain Darth whose name starts with M gets involved....


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@joygirl: I'm enjoying the hell out of this.

*Runs to next chapter.

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Oh not Darth Monopoly Man. I hate that guy. :-)