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As the winner of the last, I am hosting this one, The quality mostly in the last was brilliant, lets try and keep that quality guys! ( and girls )

This time we have to do it based on....

He is Robin Hood, But don't call him Robin Hood, base your story based on what he looks like in that picture. So in a way we are basing it off the picture and not the name. ( YOU MAKE HIS NAME UP ) , This is not robin hood.


It can revolve around anything but don't make him in a modern age or future, keep it in the era that picture looks like. ( Remember Robin hood for example was born in 1160 ) So use that as a reference to a time period.

Word limit? Hmm. 1000 words. Not to small, not to large. No minimum words.

Remember, this is not Robin hood, Don't make it relating to him too much ( saying give to the poor etc is fine. ) , its a Creating contest remember.

We are basing it on British time ( at you >_< ) starting today, ending in 2 weeks again , On December the 14th.

And remember, no using other people's ideas in other contest or fics without permission.


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Sorry for repost lol, Or Delete the other one and sticky this please :D

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JoyJoy, You wanted to know when the new contest began.

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1000 words? Oh this is going to be so, so much fun.....

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@wildvine: Is that sarcastic? Hmm... e_e

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Check this out.

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@Pyrogram said:

@wildvine: Is that sarcastic? Hmm... e_e

Not at all. I had to cut my first story to make it fit and i hated. And my last story was shorter then i would have liked. 1000 words should be more then enough to endulge myself.

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@wildvine: Good good, what do you think of the competition, can you spread your wings? I tried to make it as open as possible.

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Never wrote an archer. So that makes it a challenge. And the only rule is the time period? Already have my idea. (Evil laugh) See, i had a Robin Hood idea years ago.

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@wildvine: Cool, remember its not robin hood though :P

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@Pyrogram said:

@wildvine: Cool, remember its not robin hood though :P

I knowz. : P

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@wildvine: Very exited to read your one 0_o

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@Pyrogram said:

@wildvine: Very exited to read your one 0_o

Me too. : P

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Contest has begun

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Volatham-N, the Alien Archer, 619 words.

Volatham-N slowly tugged the string back on his bow, a few sizzling lines of electricity arcing back and forth over the slender shaft of wood. It was a curious weapon, this human thing – an arch of ash capable of flinging tiny spears. So primitive, and yet so curiously sophisticated.

He was a foreigner in this place, not of England. Not of Europe.

Not of Earth.

But he had come here for a reason, he was sure. Stuffed into the humanoid vessel of meat and bone and juice, his ship crashed into this emerald forest, and this strange weapon – this bow – placed into his hands. For Volatham-N had seen how these people worked, their commerce and their trade. Their royalty. Their corruption. Humanity was foul, praising status and possession, and on his home planet they would never stand for such decadence and monarchy.

His only option as a proud Lzarahan was to take matters into his own hands. He would take up this weapon he had found himself with. Conceal his face with a hood. Stalk the shadows of this foreign, corrupt place. He could make things right.

He would rob from the rich, and give to the poor.

Volatham-N inhaled softly, setting on dark-booted foot in the soft, moist moss outside of the castle dungeon. Thick bars closed off the grate that the sewer flooded forth from, but the human-skinned alien knew where the foul river led into. The dungeon, the prison. If he could get inside, he could slip into the castle unseen.

His back straightened, his posture becoming firm and rigid, as if he had trained with this weapon his entire life. He raised his bow, pointing the simple wooden arrow at the massive iron rods closing off the stone wall from the earth below. A release of the string, and a thin, supple line of energy traced the rugged bolt forward in a darkly-gleaming arc. Reenforced by the gleaming, eldritch energy, the arrow sunk directly into a single bar, beginning to vibrate before that crackling force seemed to focus, drawing itself inward.

Volatham-N was already crawling into the sewers by the time the bar had sunk in on itself.


Nobody witnessed the Alien Archer. Nobody could detect his soft footsteps. No guard came to stop him as he slipped from shadow to shadow throughout the dungeon. Doors did not stop him. Gates could not resist the energy that oozed from Volatham-N's fingers, into his arrows. Not even when he had entered the king's bedroom was he paused in his mission to redistribute order in this strange world, where birth was valued over talent, where connections were valued over skill.

Only when the Lzarahan wanted to be seen, did the people see him. Only when he stood atop the castle walls, surrounded by unconscious tower guards and sacks of gold, did the people lay eyes upon their dark-hooded savior. Volatham-N, the man who had come from the skies to bring balance to this twisted world, to impress the rules of his home planet on England. Only then did they see his glowing violet eyes, and the sparking, spitting bow that he held in his hands. Only when it was too late for anyone to stop him from firing off the gold to the townsfolk, letting everyone take of England's wealth and be their own king.

A slow, blank-eyed smile spread across the alien's face as he watched the people scramble and cheer, gathering up that which he had made theirs. “Never again allow yourself to be treated as a lesser person,” the alien whispered, though his words were heard by all. “Never again allow the balance to be broken. Or Volatham-N shall return.”

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@Joygirl: Wow. Very powerful, I love this so much.

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@Pyrogram: Danke. ^_^

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@Joygirl said:

Volatham-N, the Alien Archer, 619 words.

Darn you can move.

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@Pyrogram said:

Check this out.

Aw yeah

Count me in


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@wildvine: Yeah. Probably should have edited that but, looking over it, I guess it's okay.

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@wr3h: Done :D

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Has set the standard.

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@wildvine: Did I set it high? >.>

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@Joygirl said:

@wildvine: Did I set it high? >.>

Pretty high. But it is supposed to be a challenge.

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@Joygirl: Pretty high is a understatement , Yours was superb.

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@Pyrogram: *blushes*


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@Pyrogram said:

@Joygirl: Pretty high is a understatement , Yours was superb.

Don't try to out compliment me. That is not a fight you can win.

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I have something that may work with this, I'll get it before the 14th

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@Joygirl: Great entry.

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@cbishop: Thanks. ^_^

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@wildvine: Ok, I see when I am beaten.

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@Pyrogram said:

@wildvine: Ok, I see when I am beaten.


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here's my entry 559 words


He crouched in the window.

Silent. Strong. Impressive.

It was quiet, almost too quiet. Slowly he drew back his bow, his fingers locked around the arrow as the bowstring drew tight. He raised the bow, the string to his cheek, eyes narrowing on the target.


Stanley Scott walked from behind the camera up to the actor “What was that?”

Taylor Reynolds looked back at the veteran director “What was what?”

“That smell the fart look on your face!” Randall threw his hands up “Seriously Mr Reynolds, can you just do it the way we discussed!”

“But this felt more natural, like what he’d do it”

Randall’s jaw dropped “He’s a fictional character! He wasn’t even real by what the historians tell us! Just do it my way!”

“Now look Stan”

“Stanley! My name is Stanley!” the director of 2001 Space Gladiators and A Clockwork Duellist fumed “You will do this my way or I’ll throw you off my set and cast some other teen flavour of the week!” He stormed off, pushing a gaffer out of his way ranting to himself.

“You okay Mr Reynolds?” Kelly the make-up girl was up beside Taylor in a flash, checking his face.


“Oh sweetie, don’t be sad. He only yells because he’s a perfectionist”

“He’s been yelling since I was cast”

“That’s because you’re fabulous!” Taylor turned to see his agent Ari Ackerman walking towards him, arms outstretched, smile like he just got blown “How is the hottest thing in Hollywood? You, sweetheart, hit the bricks!”

Kelly scoffed, finished her touch ups and left. Taylor sat, scratching his beard.

“Lovin the fuzz Tay”

“What do you want Ari?”

“Next project Tay. Seems comics are all the rage and Eszterhas came out of retirement to pen this epic that’ll knock that blue Pocahontas movie off the number one all time money maker” He unveiled a poster for Super-Spider “They want YOU as Clark Parker!”

“SHUT UP!” Taylor stood and pushed his agent “Really?”

“Oh yeah! But we gotta walk on this one”


Ari smiled as he pulled his phone from his pocket, opened it, read the number and slammed it shut “This crossbow & catapult thing is owned by Dark Image right. Super-Spider is owned by MC and the new rule is, you pick a side coz you can’t cross the streams. So…”

Taylor sighed “If I want to be one, I can’t be the other!”

“Bingo! That’s why you’re hot kiddo! Smart & sexy. So we walk, do the circuit saying blah blah and boom, you are in the big leagues! Stiller, Cruise, Bale BIG!”

“But I have to go from this one?” Taylor rubbed his forehead

“What’s to think about Tay? This poor man’s robbing the rich or THE BIGGEST MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!”

“Ari, I’m working with Stanley Scott”

“Is he still alive?” Ari chuckled “You’re call Tay. But they want an answer today. You snooze on this and that pouty vampire kid or that stripper guy with silly names…”


“Yeah what kind of a name is that? You’re call!” Ari walked backwards “Call me by four!”

Taylor Reynolds looked down at the bow and sighed. Stanley Scott marched back behind his camera.

“Right! Let’s reset and go again!” he bellowed as he sorted himself behind his camera “Are we ready to go Mr Reynolds?”


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@batkevin74: cute

wondering about the setting time period of this story. it seems like modern age which @Pyrogram: said no to in the OP, but since he did say simply "in the era that picture looks like" which could be interpreted as what the "era the picture looks like" so such a holywood story could call is that it good and could be included, but up to hostmaster Pyro...just an observation...

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@The Poet: Ah $#!t kinda missed that. I like your explanation, which is what I was going for

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I'm going to kick this contest's ass if it's the last thing I do.

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@The Poet:

I understand, I am open to most time periods, Just don't want it to turn into some type of hawkeye style thing, I think most people will understand any who don't, they can ask, I will change the OP though. Thanks


Good luck.


Nice story yet again :D

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@VyseCarma: Good luck :D

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@Joygirl: Nice, very nice I liked this bit "Stuffed into the humanoid vessel of meat and bone and juice"

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Alright y'all, this is a story in poem. Because of CV's annoying formatting of doublespacing everything, I had to put "* * *" after each stanza, to make it look halfway right. The word count is actually 797 words, but with all of the asterisks, it jumps up to 866.

Enjoy, and please, all critiques and comments are welcome. :)


The Ballad of Arthur's Arrow

“If it please the King, then listen, Sire.

Listen knight, and listen squire!

Listen court, and listen all!

Listen, dear guests of the King’s masked ball!

* * *

“Come one! Come all! Gather round, good friends!

Lean in close and do attend,

As my words pull gently back the veil

To reveal to you a wondrous tale

* * *

“Of adventure and magic, and a quest for right –

Of a hero familiar, and yet… not quite.

For this is the ballad that so few know

Of Arthur’s Arrow and the Excalibow!

* * *

“Young Arthur’s story does begin

With a call from the Lady of the Forest Glen,

Offering a bow the hue of sun bleached bone,

If he could draw matching arrow from yonder stone.

* * *

“Arthur knew well of this stonebound shaft:

Lusted after by the kingdom’s 'nobler' half.

Searched for by peasants. Dreamed of by the fool.

For legend claimed its bearer would one day rule.

* * *

Yes! Laugh, dear friends, and toast your king!

For it might be of him whom the minstrels sing!

Could he be this tale’s hero? Sire, is it true?

Dear friends, a nobler man, you never knew.

* * *

“But back to Arthur, and the offered prize,

The arrow in the stone, before his eyes.

Many had tried, and many had failed.

Yet, he was invited – might he prevail?

* * *

“He considered long moments what this could mean –

Deciding if, truly, he could be king.

Though unexpected, there was the Lady’s call,

And finally, that fact overshadowed all.

* * *

“Stepping forward, he felt his life’s path narrow,

Grabbing his destiny as he grabbed the arrow.

Then, with deceptive ease, it slid right out,

Leaving no room for further doubt.

* * *

“The white bow then shown like a harvest moon,

And the Lady smiled as she gave his boon.

With a gentle sigh he could barely hear,

The Lady faded, then disappeared.

* * *

“A slight breeze blew that made Arthur shiver,

And he wondered that there was no quiver.

Notching the arrow into the bow,

He took careful aim, and let it go.

* * *

“He had not yet seen his arrow land

Before another appeared in Arthur’s hand.

Many times, he did thus fire,

And never did his supply expire.

* * *

“As he retrieved each shaft, their magic done,

They left in wisps, until back to one.

He could not break the bow or shaft,

And thus delighted, the archer laughed.

* * *

“He hid his face with a cloak and hood,

And travelled ‘round, doing all manner good.

Making allies, and fighting the damned,

Including the Sorcerer of Nottingham.

* * *

“Mordred by name, dragon by spell,

To Excalibow, the sorcerer fell!

Be it dragon’s marrow, flesh, or scaly shield,

To that enchanted arrow, all things must yield.

* * *

“With a final roar, the dragon was felled.

Crowing triumphant, the archer yelled.

‘That’s the might of Arthur’s arrow!’ he did proclaim,

And this was how our archer received his name.

* * *

“The news and legend of Arthur spread,

And eventually, a price was put upon his head.

Long outlawed, he roamed the wood,

And still showed the people just where he stood.

* * *

“This enraged the King, as you might have guessed.

He would not endure this hooded pest.

He raised the reward, as well as the taxes.

Hung the hero’s allies, or took their heads with axes.

* * *

“And still Arthur gathered a band of fighting men

At a great, round, stone table in his forest den.

So weapons were gathered, and pacts were made,

Deep within Sherwood Forest, in a secret glade.

* * *

“Through a winter quite bitter and a summer quite hot,

Plans came together to free all of Camelot!

Those plans led to now, to this festive proceeding.

This very moment is where my tale has been leading.

* * *

“Now, dear friends, this last part might get a bit gory,

But I thank you for your patience with this humble bard’s story.

We have almost reached midnight, where we will all unmask,

But before we do, dear guests, I charge you this task:

* * *

“If you will direct your attention to the walls, and beyond to the yards,

And take notice of the Lincoln green masks on the guards.

That’s the merry band of fighting men that I did bring.

They belong to me, and not to the King.

* * *

“For those of you who don’t follow, or may be a little dim:

This Arthur’s Arrow that I speak of? That’s me; I’m him.

You see, when we heard of this gathering of all the noble class,

It was clearly carpe diem – we couldn’t let it pass.

* * *

“As my men draw their bows, it is time for decision,

And I suggest you make it wisely, with sudden precision.

The choice is yours: you can bow down, or you can be dead.

As for you, king: surrender your crown, or surrender your head.”

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@cbishop: Delightful, I had to say, Where did you think of this? Excalibow! LOL epic win.

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@Pyrogram: Honestly, with the era rule, Robin Hood and King Arthur were the only things I could think of, so the train of thought led to the mashup. Glad you liked it lol. :)

And loved the video! lol

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@cbishop: This is why I love these contest, We see so much good writing come from 1 image of robin hood for example. -

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@Pyrogram: Yeah, that part really is awesome. We've got to figure out how to make a Contest Winners Thread, like they do with the Artist Show-Off Forum's contests (with links to the voting threads, of course).

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@cbishop: I may do that now, Do you know if all of the past fan fic contests ( + voting ) are still in the forums or deleted? if so, could you try link em too me via PM I'm too busy now, if not I will do another time. Thanks if possible man.

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@cbishop: Its fine, Thanks man :)

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@Pyrogram: No problem. And now, off to bed - I work the midnight shift. I am completely stoked to see the other entries come in.