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Okay here we go, voting time!

We had 4 entries by tommythhitman, jatoe48er, cbishop and myself. Someone has to win, we have one week to decide. The stories are below, the only thing that didn't work in the copy/transfer was cbishops video which can be found on the original thread here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/character-creation-contest-11-1467356/?messageId=9754065

Voting ends on the 27/6/2013 (that's Australian time people) Read, ponder and vote!

@tommythehitman said:

Boba Fett vs ... ME!

The Slave 1, The Sol System

Boba Fett sat back in his pilot chair. Sometimes he wondered why he bothered. Every day it was the same type of thing. Go to planet. Kill people. Collect bounties. Over. And Over. And Over. He sighed as he heard the familiar sound of his wrist communicator flaring up.

"What?!" Boba snapped.

The image of the head of Marvel Studios Joe Quesada appeared. He was just a pawn of the Emperor but he always payed well.

"Mr Fett. It's been awhile. It's a pleasure to see you again."

"Wish I could say the same Joe. Who do you want me to kill?"

The man coughed for a second. Clearly irritated by his flat welcome.

"There's some kind of fat nerd on Earth. Blew up several of my Marvel buildings. Something about abandoning classic fans. Too many Avengers books. Crappy main events. You know the usual. I want you to kill him."

"Consider it done."

"Be careful Fett. He's not like your average Bounty."

Fett turned in his pilot's chair and started to activate the controls. No matter what Joe said it would be the same. It always was...


Earth, City of Hitarius. Monarch's Kingdom

"YOU HAVE ALL BEEN ACCUSED OF GREAT CRIMES AGAINST MY KINGDOM!" TommytheHitman screamed to his adoring crowd. "HOW DO YOU PLEAD?!"

The Culprits were knelt on the floor. They'd been whipped for hours.

"Guilty my lord. We plead guilty!" One of them shouted. The others nodded.

"Of course you do. Everyone always does." The Hitman turned towards the exit and pulled his hood over his head. "Guards! Torture them for... 3 and a half more hours! Then execute them. I HAVE DECREED IT!"

The crowd screamed and cheered as the culprit's were pulled away. Just an average day on Earth. The Hitman walked into his throne room and smiled. He sat down and picked up the latest issue of Playboy. Life was good.


A guard bowed before him. "Yes my lord. In honor of Lord Hitarius!" The guard walked away towards the royal kitchen.


The Hitman laid back in his seat. "Maybe a little too good." He thought.


10 Minutes Later

"Sir!" A Warlock shouted. The Hitman awakened in a start. His porn magazine still laid on his legs. His milkshake had been emptied many minutes ago. "We're picking up signals of a ship passing through Earth's atmosphere!"

"Shoot it down." The Hitman said. He waved his hand and the Warlock walked away to carry out his master's orders.

"Oh crap." Boba muttered as he saw the Kingdom that used to be the entirety of Europe open up below him. Every single gun turret mounted in the city suddenly turned towards him. Looks like they were expecting him. He saw a faint glow as the turrets started to build up energy. Looks like they were preparing to fire at him.


"My lord. The ship appears to have started evasive maneuvers." The Warlock said nervously as his master overlooked his work.

"Excellent. Prepar-" The Hitman started to say. "Wait! STOP EVERYTHING!!"

All the gun turrets powered down. Returning to their starting positions.

"My... my lord?" The warlock said.


The Hitman zoomed off into the sky with his powers of flight and super speed. The warlock stared looking confused for a second before shrugging and logging into Facebook.


"Weird." Boba muttered. All the defenses had been powered down. Something was up. Beneath his T-Shaped visor Boba's eyes widened. A gigantic being wearing golden armor was suddenly flying towards him. "Guess that's my target. Ship! Open Fi-!" Boba was saying.

A gust of wind blew through the ship before grabbing Boba by the throat and flew out of the other end. Boba barely had time to finish his sentence before he felt the fingers around his throat.

"-re?!" Boba finished. He stared at the being holding his neck. He clearly wasn't the sanest being on the planet, but he might be the most powerful thing he'd ever seen.

"O.M.G." The being in gold stammered. All traces of power he'd had earlier had suddenly left him. Only to be replaced by a geek. "I... I can't believe it's really you! Mr Fett I must say... I AM A HUGE FAN!"

Boba kicked the being in the stomach, causing him to release his grip. Boba activated his jetpack on flight mode. He hovered uneasily in the air for a second before finding his balance.

"I take it you're my bounty. What the hell are you talking about?!" Fett demanded.

"I've been watching your films since I was 4 years old! Granted the last 3 were kind of crap but... WOW!"


"I can't believe I'm going to fight you!"

Boba frowned. Maybe this wasn't going to be so normal after all. He quickly deactivated his jet pack to allow him to fall to towards the ground before activating it again and landing safely. The bounty had landed 5 seconds earlier.

"That... was so cool!!"

"Thanks." Boba fired his blaster, hitting the bounty in the chest. The man laughed and quickly grabbed Boba by the throat.

"This isn't going to end well for you!" The man said cheerfully.

"You're tough." Fett admitted. He fired his flamethrower and quickly made a circle causing the man to step back in surprise.

"Wow. Come on you can do better then that!"

Boba gritted his teeth. This was getting annoying. He fired his grapple hook causing it to wrap around the man's arms.

"...Really?" The Hitman said as he broke free of the rope.

"DAMN IT! Why won't you die?!"

"I guess George Lucas could say the same about you."

"SHUT UP!" Boba pulled a device off his belt. He raised it near his head and pressed the button. A familiar green stream zoomed out.

"Let's see if THIS will shut you up!"

The Hitman smiled as he cracked his knuckles.

"Now this is getting interesting!"

Both men screamed as they charged at each other. Neither was sure if they' win or not.

The Most Interesting Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy
@jatoe48er said:

A weary Boba steps out of his land speeder taking a look over into the wheat field that surrounds his and Sintas Vals home. The crops that surround their home blow dust over his work worn Journey Man Protector Uniform , taking a deep sigh Boba scoops up his groceries and walks into the bunker they call home.

“Sintas, Sintas are you there?” Boba stands in silence awaiting a response and when none is given a smirk spreads across his face. Moving briskly Boba walks into the kitchen and unloads the contents of his bag laying them out neatly . Eggs, flour, butter, cheese, crème of tartar.

Still keeping that smirk on his face “I’ll show them a Mandalorian can cook a Soufflé, and they’ll pay a heavy bounty to taste’

Moving swift and edgy, Boba turns his oven up to 350. On the oven top Boba cooks up the butter and adds the flour whisking constantly. The contents turns a light brown and steam is coming from the pan and Boba lowers the heat as not to bring to the boil. Turning to the milk using a Kiffu heat pad he warms the milk and adds to the mix .

Separating the egg yolk and whites again using a Kiffu particle separator Boba whisks a small amount of the mixture with the egg yolks. “Tis a good thing Sintas has her Kiffu appliances here as some of this could take some time” Boba chunters to himself.

Suddenly Boba is startled as his arm communicator alerts him to a message from his commanding officer “ Boba, I require you at the command post 05:45 to begin a sweep of local swamp rats” Boba grinds his teeth, this is the fourth time this cycle his commanding officer has invaded his personal time.

Unbeknown to Boba, a sliver of egg yolk falls into the egg whites from the Kiffu particle separator from being startled by the call.

Next Boba throws in the cheese which melts with the mixture, turning to the egg whites he mixes vigorously with the crème tartar until it is stiff not dry. Then quickly Boba adds ¼ of the egg whites to the mixture and combines all together and begins folding the ingredients together.

Looking down at the mixture Boba sees bits of white in the combined mixture and knows this is perfectly fine and places onto a tray then straight into the oven, “ I’ll see you in 30-35 minutes, culinary scum’ and chuckles to himself.

Boba moves around the kitchen cleaning up as he goes and as the time approaches to 30 minutes he sees out of the corner of his eye a slight sliver of yellow on the white side of the Kiffu particle separator, a wave of horror washes his face and leaps when the cookers alarm rings to signal it is time to remove the Soufflé.

Sprinting across and flinging open the oven his feelings of dread are answered as he realises egg yolk had entered the whites mixture and ultimately defeating him in his attempt to make a Soufflé you’d pay a heavy bounty to eat.

Flinging his failure across the room he swears that he will kill his commanding officer for making him cause this error, for he is a Fett and there is no compromise for error.

Boba Fett 0

Soufflé 1

@cbishop said:

As the stormtrooper joined Fett at the edge of the dropoff, looking below, Fett said, “That is why there will never be a jedi wookie. Let’s go.”

“Noted, sir,” answered the stormtrooper.

Fett shook his head as he retrieved his blaster. He hated stormtroopers. They were just like his father, minus free will, appreciable skill, and anything resembling a personality. He checked the charge on his weapon, holstered it, and started towards the trooper’s speederbike. Why waste the jetpack, when he could catch a ride back to the ship?

He was about to mount the back of the bike, when something thumped the ground behind him. He snapped his head around quickly, only to find a wet tree branch lying near his feet. Then he heard the low growl of the wookie, and looked up to see him floating towards him, from the edge of the cliff. “Jedi hell! How many times do I have to kill you?”

Fett grabbed for his blaster, but stopped short when he heard the charger whine of a blaster from off to the side. “I really wish you wouldn’t do that,” said a voice from the trees.

“Fine, I won’t do that,” answered Fett, turning towards the trees, his hands out to his sides. He jerked his hand up suddenly, and fired off a shot from his wrist laser. There was a hum as a lightsaber came to life in the shadow of the trees, and deflected the blast. The stormtrooper chose that moment to take his shot, but missed and was downed by the voice’s blaster. Fett was reaching for his blaster pistol, when his hand froze, and he couldn’t move his arm. He then came off the ground, floating in midair, as the wookie growled loudly.

“Tubacca doesn’t like it when people shoot at me,” said the voice, revealed to be a young woman, as she stepped from the trees. “I don’t much care for it either.”

With some difficulty, Fett turned his helmeted head towards the wookie, and said, “And here I thought he was just mad because that branch got away from him.” The wookie let out a low snarl. “Or maybe it’s because he’s wet as a drowned bantha.” Tubacca snuffled gruffly. Fett sneered, not that anyone could see it through his helmet. “So who’re you, kid?”

“The name’s ’Tar Solo, and I’m the one who’s mad about the wookie being wet. Do you know how hard it’s going to be to get that smell out of my ship? Be glad you’re in that armor right now, is all I can tell you.” Tubacca stomped, letting out a short, indignant howl. ’Tar raised an eyebrow in her partner’s direction. “Oh, pipe down, furball. I bought you that combbot, didn’t I? A few towels and an hour with that, and you’ll be right in no time.” Something that might have been a purr came from the wookie.

“Heartwarming,” Fett offered snidely.

“Careful,” chided ’Tar. “Tubacca is angry about the tree branch. First rule of playing with a wookie: let the wookie win.”

“I hate to lose,” countered Fett. “Maybe you could scratch him behind the ear later.” Tubacca growled and used the Force to shake him violently. In doing so, he turned Fett to face him. As the bounty hunter flopped back-and-forth, he tightened one of his legs, and a couple of darts fired from his knee pad. One lodged in Tubacca’s bandolier, and the other knicked his ear, causing him to lose his concentration and drop Boba to the ground.

’Tar acted quickly, simultaneously Force sweeping Tubacca to one side, and Force shoving Boba Fett to the other side of the clearing. “Run, you ape! Into the trees!” Tubacca howled angrily, but followed immediately. They heard a couple of blaster shots as they got to the trees, and as they became concealed by the tree coverage, they heard Fett’s jetpack fire up. “Oh, brother, I hope you’ve got the ship running!” The wookie growled low as he ran. “Stop griping,” ’Tar called over her shoulder, “He’s not going to blame you!”

The bounty hunter’s jetpack whined overhead, and a few blasts from his disruptor rifle tore through the trees, coming nowhere near them. “He’s firing blind! Just get to the clearing! We’ll be covered from the ship!” Tubacca’s long legs had put him ahead of her now, and he reached the clearing first, but drew up short. ’Tar caught up quickly, and stopped only long enough to see Boba Fett dipping and diving in midair, furiously returning fire at the several weapons trained on him from the bronzed ship. She shoved the wookie and shouted, “Run! Go! Get to The Copper!” They bolted across the clearing and up the cargo ramp, a shot from Fett sizzling the air behind ’Tar as she scrambled into the ship. She returned fire, and slammed her fist on the button to close the cargo hold.

As ’Tar and Tubacca ran into the pilot cabin, a young man was at the comm, punching buttons furiously, and glancing over his shoulder only long enough to yell, “What has that damned wookie gotten us into now?” Tubacca whined in protest.

“Just get us the hell out of here, Drom!” ’Tar shouted at her brother. “Better yet, let the wookie drive!”

“Forget it! I’m already in the seat, and he smells like a wet bantha!” Drom shouted, as the ship began to lift off, still firing weapons at Boba Fett. Tubacca huffed loudly. Drom conceded, “You can pick the music,” as The Copper Eagle barrel rolled through the atmosphere.

Tubacca chortled agreeably, and approximated a familiar tune, as best as the wookie language would allow, as he called up the music program and punched the start button.

The music started, and Drom complained, “Aw, no! Again? What kind of music is that for a starship chase?” The wookie snarled. “Fine! Have it your way! It’s not even the right season for that though.” Tubacca curled his lip and huffed at Drom, then happily drummed his furry fingers on the console, as the music continued.

“A ship’s rising from the planet!” shouted ’Tar. She scanned a display, and added, “It’s the Slave I! Get this crate moving!”

“Relax!” called Drom. “This may not be The ’Falcon, but it’s still got hyperdrive. Leaving the galaxy’s best bounty hunter in our stardust, in three, two…” Drom’s countdown was interrupted by the ship rocking violently, and the sound of an explosion from the cargo area.

“We’ve been hit!” screamed his sister.

Drom’s hands blurred over the control console, trying to steady the ship. “I’m aware of that!” He hit a few more buttons, and The Copper once again returned fire on Boba Fett, and listed a little in its flight. Tubacca gave out a disgruntled arf. “Shut up, hairball! I’m driving, you got to pick the music!” His hands glided over the console, and he called out, “Hang on! I’m taking her into that asteroid field!”

The Copper tipped upwards at almost a ninety degree angle, spinning sideways as it did so, and angled around towards the biggest asteroid Drom could see. The cannons stuttered only long enough for Slave I to land one more hit on their tail section. The Copper listed more pronounced as it swung around the space rock, and from Slave I, Boba Fett saw a large explosion from the far side of the asteroid.

Fett checked his readouts, and saw that a tie fighter was just escaping the planetary atmosphere, far behind him. He flipped a switch and transmitted to the surviving stormtrooper, “Let Lord Vader know that the contract is fulfilled, Empire credits are appreciated, and I will return in one week.”

“Sir?” asked the stormtrooper, plainly nervous about delivering Fett’s message.

“You heard that music they were transmitting! I must track down the composer, and kill him for getting that wretched tune stuck in my head! Fett out!” Slave I leapt into hyperdrive and was gone.

The stormtrooper flipped his communication switch off, and slumped a bit in the cockpit. “Great. Like I really want to deliver that message. ‘Sorry, Lord Vader – Boba Fett’s gone to kill an earworm.’ Jeez, why doesn’t he bake a soufflé, as long as he’s going crazy?” He considered for a second, then snorted, “Yeah, right. Mandalorians can’t cook soufflés! Talk about crazy!” He chuckled derisively, then went silent for a few minutes, brooding while the tie fighter engines whined. Slowly, his fingers began to tap out a beat on the control stick, and then his head began to tip from one side to the other. He soon began humming, and as the fighter flew on, he began to sing to himself lightly, “What do you get a wookie for Christmas…”

@batkevin74 said:

On the edge of Wild Space near the planet Pzob

Mon*Star sat gazing at the man in the Mandalorian battle armour before him. His large red hands clasped together in front of his mouth “Well?” he rasped. “Did they give you any trouble?”

Boba Fett threw a sack at Mon*Star’s feet “See for yourself!”

The mob boss glared at Yes-Man, his reptilian sycophant, who scurried to the bag and opened it, recoiling in terror.

“Is it done?” growled Mon*Star

"Oh yess, Boss...yess!" as he upended the sack and the heads of the Silverhawks toppled out; Stargazer, Quicksilver, Bluegrass, Steelheart & Steelwill and Hotwing. Mon*Star rose from his chair, a mixture of delight and horror washed over him before bursting into peals of laughter.

“All the Silverhawks are dead!” roared Mon*Star.

“Now the matter of payment.” stated Boba Fett, interrupting the gloating “Million credits per head”

Mon*Star picked up the head of Stargazer and gazed into it his dead lifeless eyes “How is that you managed to them? I’ve been trying for years!”

“I’m the best!” replied Fett “And I don’t play!”


The Copper Kidd stood trembling as he saw the six headless bodies strewn about Hawk Haven. His electronic voice wavered and broke into a static scream.


Copper looked up to see Flashback stagger out of the shadows, a hole blasted into his stomach kept intact only by his high-tech green armour. Copper beeped making Flashback smile.

“It’s okay…it’s okay” wheezed Flashback “You win…not now…but you win”

Copper looked at Flashback, a concerned and puzzled look upon his mime face.

“I’m from the future remember,” chuckled Flashback “You do us all…very proud…head to Dago…Dagobah system…”

The Copper Kidd watched as he faded into death, tears welling in his eyes.



“Help you, I can not!” warbled Master Yoda as he pottered about his little hut “Too young!”

The Copper Kidd slammed his fist onto the table causing the little green man to jump as the plates and cups flew off from the impact.

“Much anger in you, yes” said Yoda as he shuffled over to him “Anger leads to Dark Side”

Copper beeped a tune and hung his head. Yoda sighed and patted the alien boy on his metallic hair.

“Jedi you are not” stated Yoda “But Jedi you will be!”


Copper stood silently by the swamps edge, eyes closed, breathing smoothly. Suddenly several rocks flew out from the fog towards him. Copper’s eyes opened and he flung two discs from his hips, which arced out and turned four of the six rocks to powder. They banked back towards him but they would be too late to stop the remaining two rocks. Copper reached behind his back and pulled out a lightsaber, igniting the auburn blade he parried away the final two rocks.

“Goooood!” giggled Yoda from his vantage point on the rock cliff on the other side of the swamp “Fast you be, agile you are”

Copper bowed his head and with extreme effort tried to speak “Tha…”

“Continue training will” said Yoda as he turned and headed away “Jedi you are not!”


Yoda looked upon the Copper Kidd and smiled “Progressed much you have. Lightsaber you have built. No more can I teach. Go you must”

Copper looked at his small green mentor and nodded in agreement. He bowed deeply and once again forced himself to try speak “Thank. You. Master”

Yoda shook his head “Thank me do not. Jedi need not thanks.”

“Jedi” repeated Copper.


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

The Copper Kidd stood at the top of the stairs as the sensor went off. The ugly bartender looked up “No droids!”

“Not. Droid”

The bar went a little quiet as the young man sauntered into the bar.

“Now look here…” the bartender promptly went silent as Copper ignited his lightsaber.

“Boba…” Copper spun and parried the blaster shots he sensed with the Force “Fett!”

The Mandalorian bounty hunter kept firing, patrons ran screaming from the fight. Copper reached down and threw a disc, clipping Boba’s gun barrel and jarring his aim. Copper flipped end over end and closed the gap on the man who’d killed his friends, his surrogate family.

Fett unleashed a blast of flame from his wrist flamethrower but Copper ducked the fiery attack and swung the lightsaber, aiming for the knees. Boba Fett engaged his jetpack and leapt over the strike.

“I thought I killed you all” seethed Fett “Seems Mon*Star will owe me another million”

Copper dove into the air, engaging his metal wings and tackling Fett into the roof with a thud. The pair grappled, Fett easily overpowering the young man but unable to land a solid blow due to his extreme agility. Copper kicked him in the chest and landed back on the ground, a smile on his face.

“What are you smiling at?”

“Mon*Star” stated Copper pointing to the red feline entering the bar.

“FETT!” he roared “YOU LIED! YOU SAID THE SILVERHAWKS WERE ALL DEAD!” Mon*Star’s skin shredded away to reveal a rippling metallic body powered by the mysterious stone that granted Mon*Star his powers “PREPARE TO DIE!”

Fett fired rockets from his wrists which harmlessly bounced off the armour, but rocked the cantina like it had been bombarded by an overhead Star Destroyer. Mon*Star replied in kind with a burst of energy from his eye.

Copper watched the battle carefully. His duty as a Silverhawk and now as a Jedi, had him in two minds whether to let it continue or to let it come to a natural end. His mind was made up when Boba Fett reached for a thermal detonator. Copper flew up and in a quick motion sliced the offending hand off at the wrist with the lightsaber, Fett screaming like an animal as his gripped hand bounced on the floor still holding the detonator. Mon*Star took full advantage of the momentary distraction to punch Fett in the chest and straight into the wall with a sickening thud. Copper flew in-between the crime boss and fallen the bounty hunter.

“Enough!” stated Copper.


Copper stared right into Mon*Star’s eyes and motioned with his hand “This fight. Is over. Go home”

“This fight is over. Go home” repeated Mon*Star as the Force entered his mind. Slowly the red menace walked from the bar. Copper breathed a sigh of relief before heading over to the unconscious Fett.

“I should kill you” whispered Copper “But then I’d be like you”


Penal Planet 10

Boba Fett sans his armour and his right hand, stood angrily behind the bars of his tiny durasteel cell glaring at the Copper Kidd.

“I am going to kill you, mark my words!” snarled Fett rattling the bars.

“Not. Today” said Copper as he left, pulling up the hood on his Jedi robe. Fett continued to yell as he left, but Copper ignored him; a Silverhawk and a Jedi wasn’t fazed by insults.

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Same thing as before. Vote for me or...

The puppy gets it. Also I won a cocker poodle so....

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@batkevin74: I'll vote in a little bit...

Same thing as before. Vote for me or...

The puppy gets it. Also I won a cocker poodle so....

wait if it the same thing as before does that mean you like ressurrected the same dog from last time or is this a different puppy?

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@the_poet: Yes. I went down to a pet store and bought another Cocker Poodle. It's now hooked up to my oven.

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I'll give my vote to Tommy. Partly because after I read his I got lazy and skimmed through the others.

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@the_poet: Strange I get all my pies from that shop. Hmm...

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I liked the souffle one. Funny

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@awesam said:

I'll give my vote to Tommy. Partly because after I read his I got lazy and skimmed through the others.

@batkevin74: Which is why I stopped liking the higher word count limits. Yes, they let us get more story in, but the voters don't read them all.

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Voting for @batkevin74.

P.S. bk74: If you put a table inbetween the two paragraphs where the youtube link is supposed to be, and post the youtbue link in the table, it should stay in the spoiler box.

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@razzatazz & @4donkeyjohnson Thanks for the votes guys, this is my first Fan Fic piece and to even get 1 vote is an achievemnet but 2 is Excelsior !!!

@batkevin74 I'm giving you my vote, I really don't know much about the Silver Hawkes, but the way you wrote Copper gave me someting to care about in the story ! nice ; )

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@cbishop: @jatoe48er: Coolio (bishop will try the page break thing when I get home) Tally stands at 2 for myself & jatoe, 1 for tommy. Phone too small to do things properly

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@4donkeyjohnson: 4th??? 4th! Well... s'okay :)

@cbishop: Yeah it's not working for me trying to add the video just won't work, sorry

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Yet another fantastic installment of the character creation contest! Lots of action (hurtling through the kitchen to witness the death of a creation was riveting!) and lots of hilarity. Four awesome stories submitted and it was great fun reading through them, thanks to all the authors. :)

So -- with that in mind, please know that I am picking the winner because of heavy bias. (Nah, just kidding...or am I?)

@tommythehitman - you get my vote. Lines like this:

"This isn't going to end well for you!" The man said cheerfully.

How can I not side with someone who can express that kind of unbridled fanboyism?



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@lykopis: Couldn't have been because I was threatening a puppy could it?

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@lykopis: Thanks to you and AweSam that puppy's still breathing. Keep it up people! :)

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Tally stands at: @tommythehitman@jatoe48er and myself each on 2!

I'll vote later just in case we need the deadlock broken....and I'll be back Monday as I am going away for the weekend....but there's still 6 days of voting so it shouldn't be a worry.

And remember, when in doubt:

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@cbishop: Yeah it's not working for me trying to add the video just won't work, sorry

You're fired.

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@cbishop: Can't fire me, I quit! :) Maybe The Poet or Razzatazz can fix it

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Wow. I might actually win this!

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@cbishop: Can't fire me, I quit! :) Maybe The Poet or Razzatazz can fix it

lol...you could just post it outside of the spoiler block.

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3 each for tommy & jatoe, 2 for me several days left

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WOOH! Hmm... so... if someone called TommytheHitman2 votes for me it's... nobody I know.

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@liberty: Would you mind reading the 4 entries and voting for the one you like best, please? Thanks.

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@tommythehitman: Seven days of voting, so about two to go.

If you win you get a round of applause and then you decide what we're doing for comp 12!

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Score update: 4 each for @tommythehitman and @jatoe48er , 2 for myself... 25hours left of voting! And remember, when in doubt....

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my vote goes to jatoe48er

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Voting for my jatoe48er.

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17 hours to go....my vote and it has been hard, but I'm going with @jatoe48er

Tally: 5 for @jatoe48er 4 for @tommythehitman and 2 for myself....where's the @cbishop love?

lol...asks the guy who just voted for someone else. But yeah, I was wondering the same thing - just 4 stories, and I can't even get on the board? <sigh> Maybe next contest.

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@cbishop: Ironic, well yes. Not intentional, but I did read and re-read and made my choice. I was expected your legion of followers to sweep you into victory :)

7 votes @jatoe48er 4 for @tommythehitman and 2 for me

3.257 hours to go

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@cbishop: Ironic, well yes. Not intentional, but I did read and re-read and made my choice. I was expected your legion of followers to sweep you into victory :)

Eh, I was just razzin' ya. My "legion of followers" don't actually seem to follow me anywhere lol. 'Salright. Like I said: maybe next contest. ;)