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Rated-M Lo slammed his communicator into his ear, as he stepped into the

woods of Camp Crystal Lake. Cas I smelled you in the van when I left, stated

Lo. Lo then said he had to get out and scope the area first, for the target. I

understand, said Cas .Be careful out there Lo, I set a lot of traps in those

woods last night, said Cas. When did you do that Cas? While you were in your

room crying like a baby last night, said Cas. Ok Cas, you’re one up on me said Lo. Meanwhile Cas began setting up his

high powered, assault rifle, inside one of his safety perimeters. His aim was

toward the woods. Lo was running through the woods like a savage as he approached

a fox, which he slaughtered mercilessly. Lo covered his body with the blood of

the animal to cover up his own scent from the target. Cas witnessed all of this

through the powerful scope of his assault rifle. Lo treaded the woods for what seemed like

hours, until Cas told him to stop moving. Cas had spotted a large individual carrying something possibly human

inside of a sleeping bag, he began to salivate. Lo, I see the target said Cas. Where,

growled Lo? Shhhh, I can’t get a clear visual, said Cas. Suddenly the target

began to swing the sleeping bag into a huge tree violently. The target repeated

this, maybe 40 or 50 times. Cas was in awe, as he stared at the blood soaked

sleeping bag, creating a pool of blood by the tree. I can smell it Cas, but its

faint said Lo. Lo took one step and a branch cracked, the target turned. Don’t

move I have a full visual said Cas. He’s about 6’9’ with a damn hockey mask on

his face, with a huge machete on his side. F@#$, it’s Jason F@#$%&* Voorhees;

I’m taking a shot, move in Lo. That son of a b@#$% seems to be staring directly

at me, and he just pulled out his machete. He’s a mile and half away and he’s

walking directly toward me Lo. Cas fired his rifle twice at Jason. You could

see the bullet traveling at a high velocity through, dramatic scenery of the

woods at Camp Crystal lake as they closed in on Jason. Then as the first bullet

was about to make an impact with Jason, he deflected it with his machete

miraculously. Cas was shocked, but the second bullet pierced Jason’s hand,

going directly through his heart. Still traveling through his body, the bullet

finally made an exit through Jason’s back, leaving a huge hole. Jason’s body

flew backward about nine feet as blood gushed out of his back, landing on his back

motionless. Cas fired another shot at Jason’s right shoulder, leaving a huge

wound in his shoulder. Amazingly enough, Jason still clutched the machete in

his right hand. Lo was approaching Jason’s body fast, when Cas said I’m going

in Lo. Cas grabbed a special case and headed toward Jason. Finally Lo reached

Jason and said, damn Cas, you did a job on him, and he’s not moving. Watch him

Lo, said Cas he’s dangerous, remember 300 kills, well 301 now! This fu@#$%^

tank is down for the count Cas, suddenly Jason’s finger and leg twitch. Lo has

his back turned as Jason rises again silently. Lo has no idea, Jason is behind

him about to strike with his machete. Lo spots Jason’s shadow on the ground,

turning and stabbing him in the stomach with his claws. Jason also struck Lo in

the shoulder with his machete, leaving a dent in it. Lo hit the ground, screaming out in agony.

Jason was staring at the dent in his machete oddly. Lo stumbled to his feet,

grasping his shoulder as it began to heal. Lo noticed that Jason’s injuries had

began to heal as well, when Jason knocked Lo about 20 feet away into a

tree. Jason began to approach Lo;

meanwhile Cas has made it to the scene and pulls out a special ops tactical

weapon from his case. Cas begins to unload on Jason violently. The sound from

his weapon being fired sounded like a car that was slow to crank. The twisted

malevolent look on his face as he riddled Jason’s body with bullets, defined

more than ever who Cas truly was. A less than divine, force of nature, and the

living embodiment of the word punishment, just and true. Cas continued to

unload, even hitting Lo in the process a few times, that didn’t matter. As long

as this scum goes down, is all that mattered to Cas . Blood was gushing from

everywhere, as Jason’s body was lying on the ground. Pain from the shells of

the special ops weapon was leaving cuts on Cas’s face but he kept going, as Lo

stood to his feet in amazement. Cas, he’s done, said Lo. Cas pulled out a sawed-off

12 gauge and blew Jason Voorhees head clean off, he then blew off each of Jason’s

limbs. Now the s@#$ is over said Cas. Burn his a@# up Lo, and let’s get out of here. We, have about 35 minutes before Camp Crystal

Lake goes up in ashes. His house is rigged as well, said Cas. You worry me

sometimes Cas, said Lo, but today isn’t one of those times. Cas responds with a

cold smile. After they burn the body, they drive away from Camp Crystal Lake,

and it blows up shortly afterward.

I do not own the rights to any of these characters or pics.

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