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Lo stared through

the side mirror as Cas drove from the Myers house, noticing a shape in the

smoke and rubble of the Myers house. The shape quickly disappeared, leading lo

to believe it was his imagination. Cas told Lo that they would arrive in Crystal

Lake in a few hours, so get some rest. Lo,

grumbled, whatever. Someone picked up a semi burned picture at the Myer House.

The picture had a set of triplet boys standing together. The back of the

picture had Michael, Ron Jr., and Eddie Myers dated October 28, 1967. Suddenly

a voice said to what appeared to be Michael Myers standing in smoke and ashes,

with the head of a girl, “I enjoy killing too”. Before

Michael could react, he found himself staring at his own arms, lying on the

ground bleeding out. The stranger told Michael, “It’s funny when you’re the

F@#$%&! victim, I’m gonna enjoy this,” as he ripped Michael’s mask up with

what seemed to be bone claws. The stranger then amputated Michael’s legs as

blood splashed his face. He then began slicing and stabbing Michael’s body in a

frenzy, Michael actually cried out, the stranger laughed. The stranger bent

over to Michael's face and licked some blood off of it, right before he gauged out

both of Michael’s eyes. Next we see a tattooed man with a mohawk who favors a

Native American Indian, burning the body of Michael again. The tattooed man has

the eyes of Michael on his claws, cooking them over the fire, laughing as he

eats them whole. 17 and a half minutes later Lo’s phone starts to ring, he

picks it up. Hey I’m done cleaning up behind you, Lo’s say’s what? You heard me

you son of a B@#%*, and the girl she didn’t make it, he got her, Lo said” what?”

Michael got her, I got him, and you’re f@#$%#* next, a#&hole! Tell Cas I’ll

see him soon, and the stranger hangs up on Lo. Cas ask Lo what’s wrong, who was

that? “My son”! “Damn him”, said Lo! Finally after riding for hours they finally

arrive at Crystal Lake. “Cas we can’t go to that damn camp yet, you gotta rest,

that was tough fight back there”. Cas this next target has like 300 kills under

his belt, he ain’t playing. We ain’t faced nothing like this before Cas, we

gotta rest, well you do I gotta healing factor Lo. You’re right Cas. The two

men posted up at the Crystal Lake Inn for the night in separate rooms. The hours passed as the men rested, but

someone wasn’t sleeping well at all. Lo woke up suddenly, only to see he had

slashed his bed and room up, he was almost in a berserker rage. When Lo finally

calmed down he noticed that he had scratches on his arms, which were

healing. Thinking of the mission Lo

decided to go face the target on his own, it was time for him to become what he

despised the most an animal. Lo eased out of the room, not noticing a weird hat

on the floor, heading toward Camp Crystal Lake full speed, which was a mile and

a half away. Little did Lo know Frank was in the van waiting for his a@# the

whole time, dressed as a one man army! The next mission was on!

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