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Calie Liddle was exploring Wonderland and found this mysterious castle. She found a sleeping princess and felt drawn to her. Everyone else in the castle were asleep too. Calie was struck by how beautiful the princess was and bent over and kissed her on the lips. Magically the princess opened her eyes sat up and thanked Calie for awakening her. The princess got up and hugged Calie. The Princess' castle servants awoke too and began cleaning up. They sent an announcement that the Princess was awake and was holding court. There were visiting delegations from the surrounding villages. Over time the witch heard about these developments and came to the castle. It had been many years since the Witch had an enemy to contend with. Calie stepped forward and said that she would defend the Princess. Calie drew her sword and fought with the witch. The Witch got tangled in some drapes and Calie ran her sword through her. The Witch died bitterly, but die she did. After this Calie woke up back in the hospital. She was still wearing a straightjacket. The doctor and a nurse came into Calie's room and said since she was making progress she was going to be allowed to feed herself breakfast. They took the straightjacket off Calie and she dug into breakfast. Calie enjoyed this little taste of freedom. She was comforted that her body was still voluptuous and Sexy. The doctor studied her admiringly while the nurse looked on disapprovingly. After the meal Calie cooperated and allowed them to put her straightjacket on her again. She knew she needed to be calm and cooperative.