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The helicopter softly landed atop the building, so silent that the crawl of insects could be heard from hundreds of feet below. As it descended, it reached an enormous, futuristic looking room filled with weapons, with an enormous view of Gotham.

Psycho: Ladies and gents, welcome to your new home. Hope you find it comfy after your stay in Arkham.

Poison Ivy: You still haven't told any of us who in the hell you are.

Psycho: Ah yes. Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me 'Psycho', though it seems I'm the only sane person in this cesspool of enviromental genocide and criminal filth. Batman doesn;t have the guts to clear out these criminals, and hardly anyone seems to give a damn about plants. They are the glue that holds life on Earth together, the peace-makers of the animal world if you will, and we destroy the forests containing these beauties for mere land developments. Malls...Buinsness buildings...Disgusting. This city is a court room, and we need Judges. You are our judges.

Red Hood: So what do you want us to do anyway?

Psycho: Cleansing.

Red Hood: What?

Psycho: What do you do when there's an infestation in your house? You exterminate the vermin. And that, my dears, is what I've brought you here to do. The criminals, the environmentally insensitive businessmen. None will be spared. And when it's over, Gotham will be the paradise we all want. Ivy, Red Hood...All of us. We will call ourselves The Judges, because we are the people who judge this city.

Creeper: What about the innocents? Those that have nothing to do with this?

Psycho: Civilians are not our targets...At all. Unfortunately, there will be deaths. That's just the way it is in a war. But we WON'T be poisoning water WON'T be planting bombs and WON'T be feeding civilians to man-eating plants. That's what separates what you've done before to what you'll be doing now. (Looks at Ivy)

Red Hood: One problem...Why did we invite Harley? And why Ivy? There criminals...

Psycho: No. Not criminals. Not in my eyes. They've always been doing the right thing...Just the wrong way. In fact...(Walks to Ivy)

Psycho: Ms. Isley..I know you've never heard this before ion a long time...But I trust you. But one must trust to be trusted. My entire operation hinges on you, and I realize that. I want to be your friend Ms. Isley, and I hope you can be mine.

Poison Ivy: Well...Has been a while since someone took my message seriously.

Psycho: No longer have to wait. You each have your own bedrooms, here's a map showing where they all are. If you don't mind I have a journal entry to write.

The newly met "Judges" went to their rooms, as Psycho sat down on his couch and wrote in his journal.

To be continued...

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Nice work

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Thanks so much! Anything you liked in particular?

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I like it, nice use of characters at both of you and

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Is there a prt 3 or more??

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Love it its awesome and I am huge fan of ivy so I am happy she is part of the story or with this new character. I like the theme here where its about certain villains who do things evil but for the greater good like ivy and red hood cant wait to read more.

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Yeah, also planning on adding Deadshot into the story soon as a member of the team. And I think you'll be happy to know that Ivy is a HUGE part of the story...Any suggestions?

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I really like Psycho's dialogue. This kind of reminds me of Secret Six

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Thanks, really glad you like it.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: a little short, but i'm liking it so far. i'm excited to see how he will interact with these characters, and, more importantly, interact with his foes.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Your writing style has improved. I give you complements for that. Bravo sir!

As for characters I will say this, Psycho obviously REALLY likes Ivy. Now I don't know how you plan to write Ivy, but given the fact that all these characters are villains, I can see some of them perhaps becoming envious of all the attention and praise she keeps getting from Psycho.

A mutiny is quite possible if others just say forget Psycho and lets form our own group if he likes Ivy so much.

Just saying, it could happen, they are villains, and villains have a way of acting like children LOL. I don't know any of the villains besides Harley and Ivy, so I don't know their personalities well enough, but just think of what COULD happen based on the personalities they have. Your the writer so it's up to you, It's only a suggestion.

BTW, Psycho has manners like an Englishman, he is awfully respectful for a guy I thought was a villain LOL.

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Yeah, but he can be pretty brutal when he wants to be. (Plan to have one chapter where he stabs a guy with a table leg)