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The night descended on Gotham as the inmates of Arkham slept in their beds. Their wasn't a single noise to be heard, not even the chirp of birds. There were only about 17 guards guarding Arkham at the moment, and many of them asleep. Suddenly, a small explosion rocked one of the walls of Arkham, crushing a guard. From the hole sprouted 20 men wearing camo-jackets and hockey masks. They were armed with a vast amount of weapons including Remington 870 shotguns, Saiga 12 shotguns, HK-G36 assualt rifles and Makarov pistols. Leading them was a man dressed in a white linen suit and blazer, a white top hat and a hockey mask. The only part of his face that was visible was his yellow eyes. His real name was Bryant Wieters, but his vigilante name? Psycho. In his hands he carried a Saiga 12 shotgun. He pulled a map of Arkham out of his pocket detailing where each inmate was located.

Gunman #1: You sure about this? Breaking out criminals to do justice?

Psycho: The criminals we're breaking out are the ones fighting for the right reasons. You don;t think I'd be stupid enough to break out Jokers would ya?

Gunman #1: No sir.

Psycho: PERFECT! Now let's get to work. First inmate we'll be breaking out is the lovely Pamela Isley. Who should be on...(looks at map) Cell 2063. But first we have to find a guard.

Suddenly, 3 guards appear, armed with assualt rifles.

Guards #1: Put your hand on your...

Suddenly, Psycho let loose, quickly pumping out 3 shots for the 3 guards, each of them dropping dead on the spot.

Psycho: How lucky! You, open up the cells for Mr. Jack Ryder and Ms. Harleen Quinzel. Here's a key. I'll find Ms. Isley and Mr. Todd.

Gunman #2: Yes sir.

Psycho moved as quietly as possible through the Asylum, before he ran into a Guard.

Guard #4: Don't move!

Psycho: Don't worry, everything is under control.

Suddenly, Weiters yellow eyes glew a bright blue, and so did the guard's. Then the strangest thing happened. The guard walked away, as if nothing happened. After that, Psycho used his keys to open the prison holding Pamela Isley, otherwise known as Poison Ivy. The door slowly opened as Psyco approached her.

Psycho: Ms. Isley, we meet at last. I'm an enormous fan of your work. An honor it is to finally meet you.

(Shakes her hand)

Poison Ivy: And you are?

Psycho: We can talk later, not much time. Here, you'll need this

(Hands a Makarov to Poison Ivy)

Psycho: Saftey's on the top. Hopefully we won't have to worry about that, but if it comes to a firefight, just pull back the saftey and you know the rest. Come with me.

Psycho and Isley rushed to another cell, Cell 2100. This was the cell that contained Jason Todd, otherwise known as Red Hood.

Psycho: If it isn't Red Hood, Gotham's personal judge jury and executioner. Pleasure to finally meet.

Red Hood: Who are you and what do you want?

Psycho: Oh. we'll get to that later. All you need to know is I'm here to help you and I'm busting you out of here.

Psycho quickly inserted the key into the hole, jerking it back. He then threw an Uzi to him.

Psycho: Heard this was your weapon of choice, no?

Red Hood: What else do you know about me?

Psycho: Everything, and that goes for Ms. Isley as well.

Guard #4: (voice): Who is that?

Psycho: Damn. We got to get to the top of the tower. If any of my soldiers did as they were told there should be a helicopter there, as well as two new inmates other then yourselves. Hurry!

Psycho, Red Hood ran to an elevator next to an empty guard's office, managing to just escape a bullet. It managed to go unusually fast, as they made it to the top of the building in less than a minute. Sure enough, there was a helicopter at the top of the building, along with several of Psycho's soldiers as well as two other inmates, Harley Quinn and the Creeper.

Psycho: Well here we have it! The first Judges Family Reunion!

Harley Quinn: Ivy? Oh how good it is to see you Pammy!

Psycho: I hear guards coming! Let's get the hell out of here.

Psycho, Isley and Todd managed to make it to the helicopter just in time, as the guards made it to the top as soon as the door of the helicopter shut. Dents from the guards bullets made their marks on the door. Psycho tilted his hat back and laid upon the helicopter. He looked at Pamela Isley with soft, kind eyes, as if studying her.

Psycho: Great expectations Ivy. Great expectations I have of you.

To be continued...

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WHat's an RPG Fan-Fic? Is this from a game and yu translated it too a story? It's good thjough, I like it

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It's like a character I made up, and put in a dc universe.

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Ah okay now I get it, was wondering if itwas something else. Creeper's not a bad guy though, but he would be in Arkam coz he's nuts! Let's see some more :)

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Yeah, that was kinda the point. :-)

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Okey doke! Hanging for #2

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Thanks! I have another fan fic too. Do you want to see it?

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Bumping because PT 3 is coming.

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Red Hood, The Creeper, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Psycho...what a cauldron of insanity!

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Really quick, can I make a sugestion just from the start? I recently read an interview with an author he says "Avoid the word Suddenly. Everything in life happens suddenly. Its not one second and then it is, thats suddenly and so its kind of redundant."

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Pretty good so far, I like the characters

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Great story so far... but I'm curious... why didn't Psycho use his powers on the three guards instead of shooting them? Is his powers only limited to one person? Or wasn't there enough time to use it? I'll comment on the other stories shortly.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: Interesting start

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When Psycho uses his powers it's like a muscle. Mind control is like lifting a 300 lb weight. He didn't have the energy to use it on 3 more guys.

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I really think Ivy would have more to say. She is not exactly the submissive type, if anything she would still question him despite Psycho's attempts to quiet her. Knowing Ivy, she cannot be trusted and thinks nothing of turning on guys, that's what she does all the time.

Just sayin...

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She's more aggressive in chapter 3, fitting your description.

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Good. I guess I am just a stickler for characters always staying in character. If they act out of character, there has to be reason for it. For instance say you had a child her was normally chatty that got quiet all of a sudden for a few days. Would you not think something was behind it?

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I think she was just out of energy. Chapter 3 takes place in the morning, so she'll have more time to wake up and snap out at Psycho.

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I see...problem is, there is no way of knowing that in the current chapter. All details must be shown, not told, to the reader. The less question marks regarding why characters act the way they do the better. Unless the reason for keeping a reader in the dark is a secret plot point.

I doubt Ivy acting blaise about Psycho is hiding something devious on her part.

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it's not as much devious as doubtful, untrusting and highly frustrated

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OK. Gotcha