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Hi guys!

Got good news and bad news. Unfortunately, wildvine signed off of the Psycho stories. She didn't really have the time, and I'm okay with that. The good news is that I will need a new assistant to help me out, and anyone interested can just PM me. I'll also be PMing other people asking if they're interested as well. Anyway, since wildvine deleted her last chapter, here is her writer's cut of it. It's better, and a great way to finish off her contributions. Here it is:

"Red. Pssst, Red!" Harley loudly whispers from Ivy's open door way, "Red, are you sleeping?".

"Not anymore" Ivy groans, sleepily opening one eye to look at her friend and part-time sidekick. "Is something the matter Harley?" She asks with practised patience.

"Nah. I just, ya know, have trouble sleeping in new places....sometimes". She fidgets nervously with the bottom of her XXL T-shirt.

Ivy sighs inwardly. "Come on then" She pats the bedside.

"Thanks Red" Harley squeals happily, leaping on the bed like a kid.

"Hey! Quick bouncing around" Ivy snaps. "I'm not in the mood to play".

"Sorry" Harley quickly scoots under the blanket before Ivy can change her mind. "Soo, what'cha think of this guy?"

"I think i want to sleep" Ivy replies, pulling the pillow over her head.

"He has a certain psychotic charm" Harley continues as if not hearing Ivy, "Kinda reminds me my Puddin". She sighs to herself.

"He's nothing like the Joker Harley. You need to be on your toes around him".

"You always know best Pammy. Just like Mista J".

It was times like this that Ivy honestly believed she could strangle her friend. Despite the verbal and physical abuse, despite the utter lack of love or even affection from the Joker, Harley still loved him. And Joker knew how to play that love to his ends.

Harley's soft snores and steady breathing soon reveal her lack of concerns. But Ivy couldn't simply turn her thoughts off the way Harley could. So she laid awake staring at the ceiling, the sleep that came so easy earlier had deserted her. She toyed briefly with the idea of getting up and examining the plants placed around the room. But quickly rejected the idea. If she woke Harley up by getting out of the bed she might not go back to sleep.

Not worth the risk she decided.

Somehow the fact of Joker being a high profile criminal and thus probably high on Psycho's top ten list had evaded Harley. Or else she had simply chosen not to think about it. She had a remarkable ability to over look anything she didn't want to deal with. Ivy was the complete opposite. She preferred to deal with things directly and if force was necessary, then all the better.

Ivy wondered what plans Psycho had for her friend. He had hinted at Ivy being important to his plans. Todd had connections and weapons experience, Ryder had fighting skills and brute strength. Not that Harley couldn't fight, she could hold her own in most situations. But Ivy suspected Psycho had an ulterior motive for adding her to the team......

Ivy wasn't the only one not sleeping. Elsewhere, Jason Todd sits in his room disassembling the gun Psycho had offered him, checking every piece for tampering. Before that he had searched the room for cameras and listening devices. Finding none had just made him more paranoid. One of the lessons he had learned from Bruce, you could never be too paranoid. He did agree with Psycho's 'take no prisoners' attitude on criminals though. Similar to Batman's passion to end crime, but without the annoying rules. As far as Harley and Ivy, those two were criminals, and it would only be a matter of time before they returned to their old habits. Then he would deal with them....

Jack Ryder was also lying awake in his room. Wondering if he should have stayed and served out his time. He could still always turn himself in, return to Arkham.

"Yes, crash the party at Arkham Jack. Haha HA". The Creeper whispered in Jack's mind. "Sneak inside in a cake. No, get in cake, thendeliver cake to Arkham. Yes. Cake. mmmmm".

Jack had not heard the voice of the Creeper in Arkham. The skin patch's kept it at bay.

Jack knew the Creeper was just his unrestrained subconscious personae, but some of the things it came up with scared him. Did everyone have a "Creeper" inside? Or was he just that crazy?

"Crazy as bread" The Creep whispered. "Haha. Ha".

It was going to be a long night.....

* * *

"Another long night Sir?" Alfred asks, knowing the answer full well.

"Tonight four inmates were taken from Arkham asylum" Batman grunts. Staring at the file photo's on the giant computer monitor. "One guard was shot dead. The video recordings were hacked remotely. Only one witness".

"That is troubling Sir" Alfred replied, sensing there was more. "Who is the witness?".

"The Joker". Batman says through gritted teeth.

* * *

The next day, the gang Psycho had dubbed "The Judges" met in a room out looking Gotham in the top of the tower. Wieters stared out into the city. In his hand was a cane, odd considering his age of 28. The head was a rose, surrounded with small thorns. The members sat down on the couch. Wieters still needed one more member for his team, but he couldn't find him at Arkham. He'd decided to try and visit the North Burnely Nightclub that night, catch up with him there.

"Hope you had a good sleep," Wieters said in a dead monotone, grasping his cane tightly. He was a dead man, and dead men like him didn't have time to sleep. Only to plan...And train...And perhaps reminisce, if he not to busy.

Harley stretched theatrically, yawning. "Haven't slept that good since witness protection"

Psycho almost smiled underneath his mask, turning around to face the team. "Tonight we have two big per-operations, so any questions will be addressed now."

Ivy raised her hand "Do we have to stay here?"

Psycho sighed. "This isn't Arkham. You're free to leave as you wish."

Ivy walked away. "Come on Harl. We don't belong here."

Harley whined, sitting in her seat like an angry child "Oh come on Red, we just got here! And this guy seems nice!"

Ivy turned sharply at Harley. "You're not at all disturbed that this man knows everything about us and we know nothing about him?! Mr. Psycho, or whoever you are, I want answers, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!"

Wieters nodded. "One needs trust in order to be trusted. Fair enough. You all want a story? You want to know 'bout Psycho? Let me tell you about Psycho. About true suffering, about true enlightenment. True justice"

Psycho pulls the mask off and tosses it on the couch between Harley and Jason. It seems to grin at him, as if it too wants to hear a story.

He is handsome in a bland sort of way. Except his eyes which have yellow irises that catch the light and seem to almost glow. He looks each of them in the eye in turn. From Jack Ryder standing to one side, To Jason Todd on the couch, one boot propped on the coffee table but still looking tense despite his relaxed position. To Harley sitting so prim, hands clasped over bend knee. To Ivy standing arms crossed and waiting. "My name is Bryant Wieters, my father was the infamous mob boss Harvey Wieters. Being the son of a crime lord i grew up around a certain element, sure. But me and my sister never wanted for anything. My father may have been a hardened criminal, but he wasn't a bad guy. He didn't deserve the end he got. None of us did..."

So yeah, if you're a great writer who's a fan of Ivy, Red Hood, Harley, Creeper or Deadshot (Who will be appearing later in the series), please PLEASE PM me about it.



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I'm afraid there has been a misunderstanding here. The reason i deleted chapter 3 was so new writers can pick up after you last chapter. Thank you for the kind send off, but i must request that you remove the Creeper chapter in entirety. Also remove or vastly alter the Harley/Ivy seen. You may keep the Jason Todd scene and everything below the Creeper scene. I have other plans for the Creeper scene and the Harley/Ivy scene. Thank you for understanding.

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This is really good, hopefully someone will decided to work with you so it can continue

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I'm going to lock this, but before I do that I feel I should explain why I'm doing this.

@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: You can advertise in a new thread if you want to get a new writer (and I do hope you get a new writer). however, if a writer previously associated with the story wishes to have their portion of the story to be removed, then I have to fulfill those wishes. I do feel the two of you need to talk about this whole things.

I believe this qualifies for the whole plagiarism aspect of the rules. Wildvine, as author, has creative control over this chapter and if she wants it removed then I will remove it. You have to start before this chapter with Chapter 2 if you want to continue it. You can't, using our rules, repost this chapter as that would qualify as unapproved use of a writer's work also known as plagiarism...