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Book 1: Star Wars Clone Wars


Kamino, nicknamed the Planet of Storms because of the entire world being covered by a vast ocean and perpetual storms in its sky creating massive tidal waves, most being dozens of stories tall on the surface of the ocean.

Its been home to the Kaminoans, a race renowned for their skills in cloning technology, now it was being used to bred a new army of Clone soldiers for the Grand Army of the Republic, an army created from the DNA of one of the best killers in the galaxies... Jango Fett.

While the Republic had no reason to doubt this efficient army or its creators, a recent attack by the now dead mercenary Bane and his manipulation of the Clones has put into question as to weather their alliance to the Republic is true.

Now master Yoda's padawan Bruce Wayne along with his droid companion Alfred Pennyworth, have been sent to this planet to find out the true purpose of the Clones and expose any sleeper agents on the planet.


Bruce sat in his room, examining the data and footage from the attack, he had been trying to piece all the fragments into one whole to make things easier, so far it wasn't working as Banes thugs were quick to destroy much of the evidence, leaving only scant scraps here and there.

"er..............Tar........Yoda........ "

Said a recording of Banes Lieutenant Vosk from the day of the attack, it was choppy and nearly impossible to understand due to the heavy static and background noise.

"Still playing around with that I see? "

Alfred entered the room carrying a cup off tea in his hand, he was obviously teasing his master who had been trying to decipher Vosk's message for over two weeks now.

"Yes..... and this is still the best I can do with it. "

Bruce sighed, then he took the coffee and smiled at his fried as he got out of the chair.

"Perhaps you should leave it alone, after all we are going to arrive on Kamino tomorrow, so you should get some sleep. "

"You know I dont need sleep Alfred. "

He took a sip of his tea.

"I also know that you become a bit.... obsessive about things that peak your interest, you should also take a shower, you're starting to smell. "

Bruce raised an eyebrow before noticing his smell, he tilted his head away in disgust for a moment.

"Point taken. "

He finished up his tea then walked into the bathroom, he took his clothes off and turned on the water.

"Ive also taken the liberty of getting the dossier's of masters Shaak Ti and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as per your request. "

The water from the shower made quite a bit of noise so Bruce had to yell for his butler to hear him.

"Im all ears! "

"Very well then, Shaak Ti is a Torgruta like Ahsoka, she has been in the Order for several decades, she is noted for her calm and no sense demeanor as well as her tactical brilliance, sh has also been overseeing the Clone army since the start of the war, at first things were going smoothly until she reported seeing small issues arouse with the Clones themselves. "

"She didn't report it!? "

"Apparently not, she's been too busy training the army as well as commanding it as a general of the Republic, Kamino's harsh atmosphere makes galaxy wide communication with other planets difficult, stillshe's our best source of information and knows the facility best. "

Bruce finished his shower, placed a towel to cover his body as he walked out of the bathroom and to his drawer, he started getting new clothes.

"I see..... and what about this master Obi-Wan? "

"According to this dossier, hes also been in the Order for close to four decades, he was taught by Qui-Gon Jin-"

"The Jedi who got me off Zur-En-Arrh? "

Bruce interrupted Alfred and looked at him with genuine shock and curiosity.

"Yes, he was killed shortly after that by a Sith, Obi-Wan was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, he then proceeded to tutore Anakin Skywalker, according to his psychological profile, he avoids conflict when possible, prefers the defensive style in combat and hes been one of the most successful generals on both sides of the war. "

Bruce put on a pair of black pants that stretched to his feet and a black T-shirt.

"So hes a bit of a pacifist? "

"Considering what he went through, I honestly couldn't blame him. "

Bruce shook his head in agreement, he then walked up to his computer and shut it off.

"Were going to need to be careful Alfred, anyone there could be a spy, even Jedi have been joining theSeparatists, I cant let the enemy know were on to them. "

"Of course master Bruce, but you wont be alone and I will stand by you what ever you decide or do. "

"Thank you Alfred. "

He once again smiled at his droid as he bowed and exited the room, Bruce sat on his bed still thinking about all this, he laid back on it and closed his eyes for the first time in two weeks.

At first his dreams were of home and his family, but that soon changed as he saw visions of a woman, crying out in pain with a baby crying in the background, it then flashed to a image of a burned man with his arms and legs amputated also crying out in pain as droids literally swarmed him from all sides.

Then it flashed again, this time the man in the chair was clad in black armor, strapped to a table, his room was obscured by mist, but his head was covered up by a menacing helmet with an even more menacingbreathing sound coming from it.

A last flash happened, this time it was a man standing in a darkly lit cave, he only had a small glowing stick in his hand, when he raised it above his head, a swarm of bats engulfed him from all sides, he feel to his knees at first, but quickly rose and faced them with no fear.

He had embraced the darkness and the bats embraced him as one of their own.

Bruce then woke up, he breathed uncontrollably as he tried to make sense of what he saw, he took a nearby towel and rubbed the heavy sweat from his brow.

Several minutes passed by before Alfred entered the room.

"Sir, we've made it. "

Bruce didn't answer him, he instead opened the window in his room and there it was Kamino, the Planet of Storms.......

To be continued......

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