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PROLOGUE PART 3: Losses and Plans

As Thomas found himself floating above the air and hurling towards the hooded aliens light saber, he closed his eyes and ready for the worst. Suddenly another hooded figure crashed through the window and kicked the in the head, bringing him to his knees. Thomas fell on the ground, watching as the two figures begin a light saber duel.

The new arrival was a human downed in brown Jedi robes and green light saber, his head concealed but a goatee clearly visible and long brown hair coming out of his hood. The Force users seemed hypnotized as they didn't even pay attention to the Alliance soldier. Thomas took this opportunity to get to the still crying child. Just as his arm reached out to the baby, the Sith stepped on it and hurled the Jedi through a wall with a powerful Force Push.

"Dont think ive forgotten about you. " Said the red skinned Sith as he slowly crushed Thomases leg with his sheer brute strength. Thomas cried out in pain before taking his knife and stabbing the Sith in the leg repeatedly. He stepped away from the medical officer as the Jedi once again entered the fray. Thomas rolled on the floor, grabbed his assault rifle and began firing relentlessly at the Sith. None of his shots manage to hit him.

"You! GET OUT OF THE WAY! " Thomas yelled at the Jedi as he grabbed his second grenade, the Jedi noticed this and flipped right next to Thomas as the soldier threw the grenade at the Sith. He was blown out of the room and onto the courtyard.

"Get the child out of here, I will deal with our friend. " The Jedi jumped out through the hole in the wall in pursuit of the Sith, Thomas turned his attention back to the baby, he placed the infant in his arms and ran out of the mansion before anything else could try to kill him.

"Its okay little guy, im not going to let anything happen to you I promise. " Thomas smiled at the boy calming him down, the baby even let out a small laugh back at the soldier.

"Our friend has escaped, I assume the child is safe? " Thomas heard a monotone voice, he turned around to find the Jedi behind him, with his hood down. He got a clear look at the man, he seemed in his mid 40s, with strong eyes and a strong build, evidence of many years of experience.

"The babies fine, but we need to get him out of here, there could be more Sith here. "

"I doubt that, if there were more of them we would have met them by now, Sith are not known to shy away from a battle. "

"Is that why the Jedi are here? "

"Precisely, there have been rumors of a new Sith order in the Republic systems, I doubt that they would stay away from something like this. " The Jedi looked on at the city, burning even more, with buildings starting to crumble and falling to pieces. He snaps out of his slight trance and turns his attention to the soldier.

"Forgive me, I havent introduced myself, I am Qui-Gon-Jin, Jedi Master of the Republic, you are Thomas Wayne am I correct? " He extended his hand for a handshake.

"Why am I the only person here who hasn't been briefed on the personal involved. " He shakes Qui-Gons hand clearly annoyed with the lack of intel.

"I doubt your superior officers expected a Jedi to get involved, but we cannot dally here, the Batarian forces here have been seemingly routed, but we should get the child off worl-" He was interrupted as Thomases communication ear piece started glowing, he activated it and responded to the message.

"This is medical officer Wayne, Kahlee is that you? "

"No Tom, its David, listen you guys have to get away from that mansion, there's some experimental Batarian weapon down there, were sending a shuttle your way, get the hell out of there now! " Anderson blurred out the situation to Thomas, some of it not making any sense.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down David, what secret weapon? "

The ground began to shake once more, this time a giant black octopus looking space ship came out of the ground. Bigger than any ships either of the two men had seen in their lives, with glowing symbols all over it and red electricity coming out of the metallic tentacles. They starred in awe as the ship turned in their direction. Thats when it fired....

The black ships massive laser attack obliterated half of the mansion defenses in a single blast. Qui-Gon and Thomas fell on their backs, their vision blured and ringing in their ears. Thomas still held onto the child, but when his vision cleared up all he could see what Vidothian soldiers all burning to death, yelling in severe pain, begging for it to stop. Thomas just laid there, completely frozen with his eyes widened in horror.

"Wayne, WAYNE! " He could hear some one calling out to him, but he didn't turn to see who, then he found a pair of hands dragging him through the dirt and back into the still standing mansion. Tom finally snapped out of it and saw an injured Qui-Gon standing over him.

"Wh-what.... happened? " Thomas whispering to the Jedi with his right hand shaking uncontrollably.

"Wayne, you need to get up now! That ship already took out 6 Republic ships, we need to get out of here now or we will all die! "

"Y-yeah, you're right, when I got here, the-there were a series of tunnel underneath this place, we co-cou-could use those to escape. "

Qui-Gon began searching for any hatches on the floor, the black ship was making a very loud noise and it only grew larger, indicating that it was coming up to their position. Qui-Gon found a single hatch and used his light saber to cut it open.

"Come on! Hurry! " Qui-Gon waving to Thomas.

Thomas got back on his feet and ran to the hatch, but not before taking one last look at the ship. He would later regret doing so as it would haunt his dreams for many years to come.

They entered the tunnel, Qui-Gon lit it up with his green light saber. He stood there with his eyes closed.

"What are you doing? "

"I am using the Force to detect any traps in the area, follow my lead and try to-"

"I know, I know! Do exactly what you do and I wont get my legs blown off, get on with it! " Thomas still in shock angrily yelling at the Jedi, still in shock about what happened and wonder whats going to happen to the child now that both of his parents are dead.

They slowly walked through the tunnel, not saying a word to each other, Thomas broke the silence after saying nothing for 15 minutes.

"I.... I'm sorry for snapping at you, it's just, I've never seen something like that.... that thing and those men.... "

"You need not explain yourself to me my friend, ive also seen many of my comrades fall on the front lines, but I sense you are worried about much more than just the Batarian ship. "

Thomas once again didnt say anything for a while, he wanted to trust this man since he did just save his life twice, but the Republic and Council were enemies and telling him that the family that kept the peace between two whole galaxies was now almost wiped and that this boy is the only one left didn't appeal to him. But he decided to risk it anyway.

"The boys parents are dead..... the Sith killed his mother, his father was on center of the lasers blast, he.... probably hasn't made it either. " Thomas clearly saddened by the events and on the verge of breaking down.

"I.... see, you need not worry yourself my friend, I will not abuse this knowledge, but I suggest that you keep quiet about who the boy is for now, I have some friends who can help us decide on his future, but for now, lets just make sure we get out of here alive eh? " The Jedi let an out a small laugh at that last part, Thomas felt better now knowing he had some one to help him out.

They reached another pair of ladders, Qui-Gon turned off his light saber and went up first, after a moment of silince he let off a faint whistle that let Thomas know the coast was clear. Thomas looked at the boy once more before going up.

"All right kid, things are going to get bad up there and I'm talking to a baby so you probably don't get what im saying, but im going to put you in my backpack now so please don't make any noise okay? Do you understand me?" Thomas made a smirk and the baby once again let off a small laugh.

"Il take that as yes then. " He placed his backpack on the floor and gently placed the baby in it, he left the top open ever so slightly, allowing the boy to breathe. He then climbed up the ladder and found himself again in the forest. They had gone farther than Thomas had expected as the mansion looked like a brown spot in the distance.

"Kahlee, Anderson, im outside the mansion with a friend here, I need you two to come pick me up but don't let anyone else come with you. "

Kahlee turned her communication device on. "What?! Why wouldn't we let anyone else come? Whats going on there? " She was clearly annoyed and suspicious.

"Listen to me. " He started whispering. "The Revan family is dead, their kids the only one left, I need you two to pick me up discreetly and get me to the Arcturus. "

"This isn't the time for your crap Tom, im getting the field marshal here" Thomas interrupted here before she could finish.

"Goddamn it Kahlee! If you get that field marshal there, every person in two fucking galaxies will know this kid is an orphan and they'll come after him, ive dealt with bad people Kahlee, powerful people who wouldn't stop until the turned this boy into a tool for their own plans, so now you will get me back to the Arcturus without letting anyone know or I swear to God if anything happens to this kid I will never ever forgive you! Do you fucking understand me! "

There was only silence before Kahlee finally answered him. "All right, your areas mostly safe and that black ships went up to fight the fleet, Davids going to get to you soon. "

Thomas didnt even bother to answer her, he just turned his communication device off and planet a small beacon on the ground.

"it's not my business, but with a delicate situation like this, you don't need anymore enemies. " Qui-Gon seemingly appeared out of nowhere, he heard everything which made Thomas a little ashamed, letting himself explode like that with a Jedi master watching him.

"I appreciate your advice, but I just want to get off this rock and back home. "

They both sat down on the edge of the forest, waiting for the shuttle to arrive. The Sith watches them from afar with his binoculars, he examines the closely and notices a small hand stick out of the medical officers backpack. He puts them down and gets on his speeder and begins to charge at them, his light saber drawn and ready for battle.

To be continued....

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Great read, man!