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Prologue Part 2: Battle for Zur-En-Arrh

As the Republic/Council fleet finished its first bombardment, the Batarians quickly returned fire, the Arcturus was shaking uncontrollably from the attack but only took minimal damage.

"Release the fighters, I want that fleet out-of-the-way for the ground assault. " Hackett with his arms again crossed behind his back addressing the deck officer.

The officer used his holoscreen to send the order to every ship in the fleets, within minutes the entire sky was lit up with small fighters on both sides running after each other trying to outmanuveur the opposition, the larger ships again started firing at each other. In the launch bay, Delta Squad begin entering their shuttles. The Arcturus again begins shaking causing some of their gear to fall on the ground and scatter.

"Sounds like all hells breaking loose out there, I hope we can managae to land on the planet, I do NOT want to die out there in the vacuum. " Said Thomas as he desperately tries to get all his medical equipment back in his back pack.

"Weve got the most important job, Hacketts probably going to order every fighter here to cover our asses until we hit the ground, im more worried about whats going to happen when we land, the Batarians are nasty fuckers in close quarters. " Anderson responding to Thomas.

"All right, are you two ready? I dont want to get down there then listen to you cry about something being missing. " Kahlee cutting in while bolstering her sniper rifle in the pod.

The two of her team mates slightly nodded and all three of them entered their pods. They buckled themselves tightly and laid there for a few minutes when Hackett showed up at the on board holo screens.

"All Delta, you have been briefed on your mission, you will be hitting the mansion of the Revan family where they're being protected by a garrison of Vidothian soldiers, there will be a system of bunkers that will get you from the drop point to the mansion, but be warned, the Batarians are hitting them ground hard with artillery, so keep your heads down. "

"We wont fail you sir. " Kahlee saluting the admiral once more.

"I know you wont, Hackett out. "

The three launch pods slowly decompress and are launch, the squad is immedietly meet with massive explosions and jet flying all around them. They find themselves literally in the middle of the battle. Kahlee and Anderson don't mind it but Thomas begins to sweat uncontrollably, he's never been this afraid of a battle in his life.

"Dont worry Tom, I promise nothings gonna happen to ya, Martha would have my ass otherwise. " Anderson snaps Tom out of it and they both start laughing when a rocket his the side of Thomases pod, the impact sends him miles away from the drop point. Kahlee and Anderson can only look on helplessly as they're friend tries to reactive the pod shields before he burns up in the atmosphere.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! " Thomas yelling at the top of his lungs as he tries to reconnect the wires for the shields, his pod quickly enteres the atmosphere and it becomes unbearably hot, he passes out from the intense heat before reactivating the shields, they barely turn on in time to stop him from being burned alive.

He manages to wake up shortly thereafter and lands safely on the planet. He immedietly kicks the door and falls on his back while coughing and panting uncontrolably, he takes his helmet off and takes a sip of water from his backpack. He again falls to his back slighlty laughing at himself and thanking God that he's alive. His rest is interrupted when Kahlee calls to him on the radio.

"Tom?! Tom are you there?! " She yells at him over the radio clearly worried.

"Yeah,.... yeah im fine, I landed a few clicks north of where you two are. "

"Sigh, good, we made it to the drop point and were making our way to you, you landed closer to the mansion than we did. "

"I guess that Batarian artilery isnt so nasty eh? " He gets back on his feet and puts his backpack on, takes his assault rifle and prepares to move out.

"Listen, if im closer to the objective, why don't I just meet up with the Vidothians while you guys call Hackett and secure a shuttle to get off this rock. "

Thomas found himself on top of a hill, surrounded by a forest very similair to the ones on Earth, he turns around to see giant white buildings south of his position, the city is on fire with Batarian artillery guns on the edges of the city, firing on a Republic ship that slowly descends to the ground.

He then notices a giant mansion near the city, protected by a an entire garrison of Vidothain soldiers fighting Batarian soldiers with everything from guns, to biotics, to Force powers and some even shoot fire out of their fists.

He deceends down to the hill, once again looks at the Batarians and his surroundings, with the cover of the forest and the artilery distracted, Thomas begins running like a man possessed, not slowing down and his heart pounding like crazy.

As he crosses the halfway point however, the forest becomes less and less thick and he hears a raspy voice in the background barking orders. "Get him! " Said the voice in the background, almost immediately Thomas falls on the ground taking cover in the forest as a barrage of bullets narrowly hit him.

The Batarian soldiers start running to his position, Thomas lays there on the ground and switches his rifle to its secondary shotgun function. He rolls around and manages to get to a standing tree for cover. He very slowly and quietly gets back on his feet, closes his eyes for a moment, as he opens them he jumps out of cover and fires at the enemy.

Boom, boom, boom. The shoots were incredibly loud, but Thomas doesnt notice them from the adrenaline rush, he blows 3 Batarian soldiers heads off then throws one of his grenades as he falls back onto the ground, the grenade kills 4 Batarians while blowing off another's right leg and arm off.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. " The wounded Batarian screamed in pain, he curses in his language but Thomas doesnt know what hes saying. He gets back on his knees and examens the area for soldiers, after 2 minutes when there are none left, he walks up to the Batarian with his rifle pointing at the aliens head.

"Piece of shit human! You will pay for this and for what you did on Elysium. " Said the Batarian officer while desperately clinging to whats left of his right leg.

"Tell it to some one who cares, you four eyed freak! " Tom fired another round to the officers head, blowing it off completely. He stands there for a minute before he notices a gun barrel to his head.

"A human? About time you people got here, who are you and what are you doing here. " Said a cold and annoyed voice, Thomas thought about saying nothing, but his voice was clearly not Batarian, he took and chance and told the soldier everything.

"My name is medical officer Thomas Wayne of the Human Alliance. " He closed his eyes expecting to get shot in the head, but the barrel of the gun was lowered and he slowly turned around to see who was just holding him at gun point. It was a Vidothian soldier in full armor, his face and features completely covered.

"Officer Wayne eh? Forgive me for that, your admiral Hackett told me that you and your squad would be coming. " The soldiers tone immedietly turned from hostile to friendly and he extended his arm to Thomas for a handshake, Thomas complied and the soldier gave him a small nod as a sign follow him to the mansion.

"Weve been expecting you for a few days now, but what happened to the rest of your squad? "

"I was seperated from them during the drop down to the planet, they should be arriving her in about an hour, is the family safe? "

The soldier reaches a wall of the mansion, he places his hand on it and there is seemingly a built-in DNA scanner, the door opens with a dark tunnel that seemingly leads to the heart of the mansion.

"Yes the familys safe, although I reccommned that you stick close to me, since you dont have a visor of any kind the tunnel is dark and riddled with traps, so just do what I do and hopefully nothing bad will happen. "

Thomas follows the soldier zig zagging around all sorts off traps from mines to medieval style poison darts shooting from the walls. Wayne doesn't bother talking to the soldier any further clearly seeing that he's in mood for small talk.

They reach the access hatch, the soldier again usses a DNA scanner built into the wall, the hatch opens leading them to a small elevator. They stay in it for a few minutes before reaching the outer wall of the mansion.

Thomas is shocked too see dozens of Maikos, artilery turrets and hundreds of soldiers running aroun setting up further baricades and mounting small biotic shields. Hes snapped out of it when a soldier with Vidothian armor approaches him, he doesn't have a helmet, with a long brown cape and a light saber on his belt.

"Grettings, im commander Korvo Revan, youre.... Thomas Wayne correct? Its good that you made it here. " The soldiers tone was very friendly and he seemed genuinely excited for Thomas being there.

"Revan.... as in... " Thomas was cut off before he could finish. "As in the same family you were sent here to guard, me and my wife arent soldiers but we asked for you specifically to take care of our son while we evacuate. "

"Me? Why me? " Thomases eyes widened and he was clearly shocked.

"Because our families are not so different and youre well known as a capable doctor and philanthropist, I needed some one who could understand our situation and not some rich kid who holds a gun upside down. " They both chuckled at the last part before Thomas got back on the matter at hand.

"Wait, if you're species can heal injuries automatically and are resistant to diseases, then why ask for a medical officer. "

Korvo gave him a small hand gesture, the two men began walking to the mansion with soldiers saluting them both on the way there. The entire mansion was walled off barriers and barricades, while the mansion itself seemed rather old compared to the rest of the city.

"We Vidothians are a highly resistant species, however until we reach the age of 5, were no less vulnerable than a human child. Thats why we needed the best the Alliance could offer, I will not allow my son to die here. " Anger and admiration were clear in his words.

A soldier ran up to Korvo with news. "Commander, the Batarians are amassing a massive strike force on the edge of the mansion grounds, we need you back on the front. "

Korvo just nodded and the soldier left, he again turned his attention to Thomas. "I need to go back, the mansiongaurds will let you in, please.... don't let anything happen to my son. " He placed his hand on Thomases shoulder while saying that last part.

"I promise, nothing bad will happen to him. " Korvo left as Thomas opened the door the mansion. He was shocked to see all of the guards murdered on the ground floor. Massive laser like cuts all over their bodies while many of them were missing their arms, legs and sometimes being cut totally in half. Thats when he heard the baby cry.

Thomas quickly grabbed his rifle and began to run up the stairs, he was met only with more cut up and decapitated corpses, he heard more cries and slowly opened the door with the barrel of his rifle, as the door opened he found a woman choked to death, most likely his mother.

He then saw the little boy crying in his crib with a 2 foot tall man towering over him, his whole body was covered in black robes including his head wihch was covered by a black hood, he slowly turned to face Thomas. When he did fear immediately over took the medical officer.

The mans whole face was blood red with black tattooes highlighting his eyes, mouth and nose, his pupils were yellow and the edges bloodshot. Thomas thought he was looking at the devil himself. Soon the assailant pulled a large hilt with two openings on the end. He pressed a button on it and a single crimson laser came out of it, it made a distinctive humming noise, Thomas immediately knew this was the weapon of the renowned Jedi, the light saber.

Thomases eyes widened in shock and awe, his hands shaking and sweat coming off his brow.

The assailant used the Force to lift Thomas into the air, he then slighly moved his finger which sent the officer hurling towards the mans light saber, Thomas closed his eyes and prepared for the worst.

To be continued.....