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Book 1: Clone Wars


Bruce ran through the hallways of the cloning facility, in pursuit of Kitrina who had just showed where her true loyalties lie.

"Alfred! Kitrina’s the traitor! "

"Are you certain Master Bru-?"

"She electrocuted me and locked me in a room filled with poison gas, so yeah im pretty sure. “ Said Bruce in a mix of annoyance and fake sarcasm.


Zertan, Obi-Wan and Shaak Ti had just shared a drink together when the prime ministers communication device went off; he placed his cup on the desk.

"It seems I have a urgent call, excuse me for a moment. “

He turned around and activated his ear piece. "I’ve got the codes you wanted, meet me on the outer launch bay so we can get out off here. “

Zertan smiled as he deactivated his earpiece, he turned to the Jedi once more keeping his fake smile on.

"Is everything alright prime minister? “ Said Obi-Wan as he raised an eyebrow.

"Yes... everything is alright I suppose. “

He grabbed a small taser from his belt and placed it on the side of Shaak Tis neck, the Jedi screamed in pain as the electricity knocked her unconscious.

Obi-Wan ignited his light saber and cut the small device in half, he placed his blade to the long neck of the Kaminoian, and the prime minister raised his hands as he slowly moved back to his desk.

"What is the meaning of this?! “

"Now, now master Kenobi, calm down and I promise you will be mostly uninjured. “

The prime minister tried to take another step back to his desk to grab a hidden pistol within it; the light saber drew closer to his neck making this course of action very unwise.

Suddenly Obi-Wan screamed in pain as blade cut into the flesh of his left foot, he fell to his knees when the blade cut into his left foot, he raised his head to see Kitrina standing behind him.


He fell to the floor unconscious as the girl sent a powerful kick to his head, she casually walked around his body and took his light saber from the ground, as she examined it a sly smile formed on her face, she placed it on her belt and turned her attention to the prime minister.

"It seems your abilities were not exaggerated, I assume the padawan has been dealt with as well? “

"He’s dead if that’s what you’re asking, bit of a shame really, he was kind of cute. “

"Perhaps we should leave before anyone gets the wiser and discovers us. “

"Right, my ships this way, just let me change first. “

The prime minister raised an eyebrow, she pressed a button on her belt that slowly turned her plain outfit into a black leather jumpsuit, from the knee and elbow down her feet and arms become plated with titanium gauntlets built into the jumpsuit itself, a pair of black goggles appeared on her face, finally she released her hair from the knot she had it tied into, her brown her fall over he shoulders and stretched to the mid section of her back.

"Now we can go. “


Kitrina and Zertan walked quickly through the hallways, the girl was worried that some one would see them walking around, after a few minutes of silence Zertan spoke up as if he read her mind.

"You need not worry, most of the clones are in the lower levels now, they are either training or resting at the moment. “

"That doesn’t mean we wont run into any of them. “

"The Jedi were the only ones who could stop us, and we defeated them quite easily. “

"Not as easily as you think. “

Kitrina stopped dead in her tracks when she heard his voice, a moment later Bruce ran his saber through Zertan, Kitrina jumped back and watched the Kaminoian fall to the floor, clenching the smoking wound in his chest.

"Give me the data or you’ll end up like him. “

"Tempting offer. “ She playfully rolled her eyes as she paced in front of Bruce who carefully followed her every move. "But I have to say... no! “

She grabbed the handle of her whip from her belt only for it to be yanked away from her hand by Bruce, the handle flew across the hallways at him, and upon reaching him he sliced it in half making it useless.

A large smile formed on his face, as he gave her a smug retort. "Next? “

She charged at him, she jumped into the air and launched a kick aimed for his head, he side stepped out of the way, and she spun around and sent a barrage of kicks and punches at him.

Small claws popped out of the fingertips of her gloves, she cut the side of his shoulder only for him too hit her in the stomach with his knee, she tried to claw his face once more, he crouched and uppercutted her.

She stumbled back for a moment, the strength of his punch was not human and she clenched her stomach in pain.

Bruce ran up to her, grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back, she tried to claw him only for him to grab her other arm and handcuff them, she feel to floor as he kicked her in the back.

She landed face first on the floor; he grabbed her hands with his left hand, with his right hand he started hack through her Omni tool, his knee was placed on back of her knees, leaving her immobile.

"Mmmm, kinky. “ A sly smile formed on her face.

"Im glad you find this all so amusing, considering you’re going to hand off the most important piece of information to the Sith. "

"Sith? Ha! Do you really think I would ever work for those guys, I might be a thief, but even I wouldn’t work for them... Besides they’d probably kill me to tie up any loose ends. "

Bruce stopped for the briefest moment to let her words sink in before continuing on with the hacking process.

Kitrina laid on the floor, she knew Bruce was in for a nasty surprise, she only needed to wait a little longer.

A clicking sound could be heard from her Omni tool, almost instantly the entire base lit up as the red alert sounded through all of it, in the hallway where they were at, several turrets came out of the walls and fired at Bruce.

He jumped away from Kitrina, reignited his light saber and began to deflect the bolts back, Kitrina on the other hand was using a small lock pick she stored in her belt and managed to get out of her cuffs fairly quickly.

Bruce deflected the laser blasts back at the turrets, destroying them instantly, he noticed Kitrina escaping and chased after her, just as he hand was about to grab hers a shield appeared before him blocking his way.

"Sorry Brucey, looks like I win after all, better luck next time handsome. “

She blew a kiss at him before running toward the nearby hangar, two turrets came out of the corner of the wall, and Bruce threw his saber destroying them effortlessly.

He took a few steps back before he jumped right through the ceiling of the hallway, the weather outside was chaotic with an incredibly powerful wind blowing, he saw Kitrina approach a small ship, his scowled at this before using a Force jump to send himself flying right behind Kitrina.

He ignited his light saber and charged at the ship, however Kitrina had already entered it and began firing at Bruce, the laser bolts this time were far more powerful and it took much concentration for him to keep it from knocking the light saber out of his hand.

He jumped onto the ship before it could fire on him once more, he stabbed his saber into the glass of the cock pit before Kitrina pulled a blaster and shot him in the shoulder, and he fell of the ship and could only watch as Kitrina and the data both escaped right from under him.

"Master Bruce? I found masters Shaak Ti and Obi-Wan Kenobi, they are currently in the infirmary, tell me have you found Kitrina or the data? "

"No........ "


Kitrina’s ship exited Slip space, it was seemingly in the middle of nowhere, she sighed as she activated her communication device.

Before her appeared a middle aged man with graying hair, a black suit sitting in a dimly lit room with a cigar in his hand and bottle of scotch in the other, his eyes were blue yet had a unique almost cross looking iris to them.

"Selina, were you were able to extract the data that I asked for? “

"It wasn’t easy but yeah I was, it’s definitely something else. “

"Indeed it is, with that data our plans will move along much faster. “

"The Jedi were awfully hell bent on stopping you get it, particularly Bruce Wayne. “

The man gave her a puzzled look. "Bruce Wayne? What was he doing there? "

"He’s a Jedi, well a padawan from the looks of it and he’s not human judging just by the fact he tore through steel like it was paper. “

The man placed the cigar in his mouth and inhaled, the cigar end lit up before he exhaled releasing the smoke.

"Il make sure to get you a bonus for telling me this miss Kyle, your a billion credits should be uploaded to your bank account by now. “

She connected her Omni tool to the communication device and sent the data to the man, a smirk formed on his face as he examined it for a few seconds.

"As always miss Kyle, Cerberus appreciates your efforts. “

"And I as always appreciate your money. “

She smiled at the man before closing communication with him; he took a sip of his scotch before contacting one of his agents.

"Illusive man. “ Said the woman with a thick Australian accent.

"Miranda, I want you to find out everything you can about Bruce Wayne, and about his connection to the Vidothians. “

To be continued.........

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This is so sweet,I need moar

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@deadpoolrules: More will come soon, after I post a new Thor chapter today or tommorow.

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