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As you turn the corner, you see the hideous thing. A creature with no arms, four extremely short, stubby legs, and a hideous face that reminds you of a nightmare you once had as a child. The creature seemed to glow when it saw you, almost radiating it's rage through it's rough green skin.

It ran towards you, and, almost too startled to react, you jumped behind a blocky formation of stones, but as the creature exploded, the stones were blown away, along with your consciousness.

When you wake up, it's daytime, and there are no monsters to be found. The pain remains though, and you struggle to get up and limp to a nearby tree. "Ugh," you grunt. "why doesn't anything ever happen the way it should."

Off in the distance, you see a small, crude dirt shack. It doesn't look like much, but it's shelter. You limp over to the shack and find the remains of what seems to be human. "Ugh, sick!" you cry as the stench invades your nostrils. "I've gotta bury this sh*t! Agh!"

You start to dig a hole with the shovel you found near the body, when your head starts to throb, and you almost fall over in pain as a loud voice echoes in your head. "Herobrine has joined the game!" The voice echoes through your head, and when it stops your ears are ringing.

By the time you finish burying the body, it is night time, and board up the entrance in an effort to keep monsters like the one you encountered last night out. After you place the last board, it magically turns into a door. After closer inspection, you find a padlock under a layer of dust on the ground and lock the door for the night.

You wake up in the middle of the night by a loud noise. You get up, and see a shadowy figure standing in the moonlit doorway, with no sign of your door. Through the moonlight, you can just barely see his blank white eyes and the pale blue sword in his hand. The wind wistles eerily though the doorway as the figure squints his eyes, and lets out a deafening screech...

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