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I've decided to stop writing for Hawkeye temporarily for the following reasons:

1. Hawkeye is a major character that I don't wish to mess up, and

2. Blade is my favorite African American hero who has a complex emotional side that isn't displayed in any of his comics. Heck, the movie did a better job of portraying Blade's inner psychological perspective and deep emotional problems to make a flawed yet trustworthy hero than comics do. And I wish to add on to this, in a unique way(by giving him his own assortment of villains and challenges, after all, a hero can't be a hero without a villain).

Each plot summary will be followed by three chapters(always three, no more and no less).

Plot Summary

  1. Having his mother be bitten while he was still in his mother's womb, Timonthy Smith became a dhampire.
  2. Scouring the streets of Houston Texas as a homeless and hungry dhampir, Timonthy was on the fringe of society, being rejected by vampires.
  3. One night, a man named Whistler nearly killed Tim, until Whistler figured out what Tim was.
  4. Whistler, feeling sorrow, used his military skills to turn tim's anger of being into a dhampir and abandoned by his mother into skills that surpassed even that of the most experienced Navy Seals on the planet. Tim trained for 15 years, during this time, Tim used his intellect(while being kept alive by vial blood) to become a billionaire in steel production.
  5. When the training session ended, and Tim was a billionaire, Tim became the vampire hunter BLADE!!!
  6. After 2 years of being Blade, Blade goes on a routine mission, killiing human mercernaries that were paid to tansport blood, he learns the blood was being modified by an unknown being for an unknown purpose. Blade goes out interrogating vampire wannabees, and eventually learns the blood was being used to breed a new army of vampires, led by Michael Orkin, and Blade's blood was the key!

Are there any plot loopholes or concerns before I start writing out my chapters?

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Have you read 's Blade? Because its verily similar

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I won't write for blade, then.