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Natalia Romanova was returning to Avenger HQ from a mission. She felt something land on her shoulder. She knew that it was The Ant without looking. Natalia growled "You'd better have a good reason to be on my shoulder uninvited or I'm flicking you off!" Ant said "Natalia, I need a ride back to HQ!" She said "You just want to get into my cleavage!" The Ant admitted that he deserved that but he was tired and really needed help getting back. Natalia sighed and said "Okay, if you really need a ride I have an empty pocket on my utility belt. You can ride there." He said "I'll take it. Beggars can't be choosers. Thanks." She opened her pocket and picked up Ant and placed him in it and zipped it closed. After a few minutes she heard him snoring. She thought maybe he was telling the truth. After an hour she opened the pocket to see what he was doing. He was lying down asleep. When she zipped the pocket up she left it a little open so he would have air. When they got back she opened the pocket, he was still there so took him out. He said "Thanks a lot beautiful!" She said "You're welcome."

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Again, I don't get the point of these stories. Trite, oddly formatted, sometimes (oftentimes) immature. This is my constructive criticism that you asked for when publicly posting this story, as well as the others.