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This is a love story in a few ways. My artist's love for Renee match with mine for Kate Kane and the love they shared is what drives the story.  The Question and Batwoman belong to DC Comics and hopefully one day I might be able to write for them, but that is just a dream.  
This comic was first posted on my CV blog ( HERE) and if and where Jeff posts this I will mention it accordingly.  I really hope you enjoy this small burden of love that  J1ml33 and I present you.  Since you will see his art, below the comic I will post my script so you can see my share to it.
 - Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe


======================The Question Comic Capers Freestyle Heist Web comic==================

Written By: Kevin K. Gorospe                                                                                      Prepared for: Jeffery Brown.

This web comic should read down in a linear sequence like a strip of photos from one of those booths. The panel layout is intended for be your current comfort layout of four rectangular panel grids.

++++Panel 1(Establishing shot)

We see Renee Montoya at a Sushi restaurant.   She is writing down something on a piece of paper. (*Fun idea to place us in the background.)

++++Panel 2 (split panel to mirror the caption)

1)     -  Waiter comes to bring her the food she ordered.

2)      - We see Kate Kane taking the alpha role and gesturing a romantic dance with Renee.



++++Panel 3 (split panel to mirror the caption, does not have to be centred, you can make the restaurant scene bigger of the two if need,)

1)       - Waiter’s back is now turned walking away, his hand is in front of him signaling someone and Renee cannot see it. She is about to eat.

2)       - We see Renee and Kate dancing.

++++Panel 4 (split panel to mirror the caption)

1)      -  Close-up of Renee is eating. Maybe have a piece of sashimi on a pair of chopsticks in her hands.  

2)      - Close-up of Renee and Kate kissing



---------------------------Good time to break it for next page-----------------------------------

++++Panel 5 (Establishing shot)

Renee eating is interrupted by attacking ninjas.

++++Panel 6 (Split panel to mirror the caption)

1)       - Panel full of smoke, because this is when Renee is putting on the mask.

2)       - Close-up of Kate Kane with hearts around her.



++++Panel 7 (Split panel to mirror the caption)

1)       - Renee is now the Question. Smoke clearing.

2)       - Kate is now Batwoman



++++Panel 8

This one I need to give a little more direction on how it should look.   I need the panel split down the middle like the other panels, but Renee is now the Question so I need her centred and also split in the middle since she is key in both sides of the panel. On the left hand side we have the attacking ninjas. On the Right hand side we have Batwoman.



---------------------------Good time to break it for next page-----------------------------------

++++Panel 9

I need again a little more control on how this panel should look. Sorry. This panel has the Question and Batwoman back to back in the middle of the page, The Question to the left and Batwoman to the right. The background is split to show the mirror of the caption, the left side is the restaurant and the bad guys, while Batwoman’s side is Gotham’s streets with thugs.



++++Panel 10

Panel of the girls fighting bad guys. Background black.



++++Panel 11

Renee now stands in the blacked out panel. Defeated Ninjas scatter the floor. Mask removed and in hand. A piece of paper falls from her other hand.



++++Panel 12

Upon the black background, the question/Renee is now gone and we see the piece of paper falling.

---------------------------Good time to break it for next page-----------------------------------

++++Panel 13

Splash panel of the opened up piece of paper. I want the note warn out. Maybe the like the message handwritten, crumpled and stained by food in our world, then scanned and inserted over the black background in photoshop. But I am not an artist, so I don’t even know it that is possible. The message on the paper is the comment below The copyright bit should be there are well, to cover our ass.:

This dance of ours, your meat so sweet.

Judgement clouded.

Pride gets in our way.

This dance of ours, it never ends.

The world blacks out when I am with you.

Now you are gone.

-           Renee Montoya

Copyrights: Comic Capers Freestyle Heist to Kevin “Silkcuts” Gorospe. Story/Script: Kevin K. Gorospe © 2012. Story/art: insert artist name/pen name ©2012. The Question II/Renee Montoya and Batwoman/Kate Kane are trademarked character copyrighted by DC Comics.

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@Silkcuts: cool

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@The Poet: I  did we follow proper rules? 
Hope you liked it.
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@Silkcuts: yeah, looks good. it was entertaining...

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@Silkcuts: wow I love it I wish I knew somebody willing to draw some of my stories

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@The Poet: the ... makes me worry 
@poze: Drop.Jeffery a line. maybe he will like a pitch. Thanks for the kind words btw.
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@Silkcuts: Your welcome and could you post me a link to him pleas? It wold help me

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