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Battle of Jexeria Pt 1

The battle of Jexeria was an unknown one. The history books said that because of this battle the world became free for everyone. It became equal for everyone. If that’s true than why can’t anyone remember it? A battle this important should have been written down somewhere but it never was. It’s like someone memory wiped everyone to keep something hidden. All but 1 it seems.

This old war veteran says he remembers what happened during that battle. Jax has wondered what happened and if what happened has anything to do with him. You see the battle happened 5 years before Jax was born and no super powered being was recorded to have lived then. So either there was a super powered being back then or Chaos Sorcerers had something to do with it.

He visited the old general at his house and he was delighted to tell the tale to Jax but not anyone else. Not thinking anything of it Jax walked into the house and tightened his tie and with a smirk on his face he asked “What happened at the battle of Jexeria?” The old man looking to be in his late 60s early 70s walked to a chair in his house and sat down. He had a serious look on his face as if what he was about to say could change Jax’s life.

He got comfortable before he said anything and then he started to speak. “Youngster…what I’m about to tell you could lead to your very death someday. Are you ready to hear the story of what happened?” Jax nodded and the old general told the tale.

“Years ago a powerful tyrant came here seeking another world to add to his collection of the ones he had already collected. He offered us a chance to just give up our power to him and be his slaves but we refused. Our best soldiers were sent to fight the tyrant’s powerful soldiers who could control and bend the earth around them at will.

 Thousands of our soldiers were being massacred by their powers. Our soldiers only had their suits that increased their abilities, their photon guns, and their generals. The generals did all the work to tell you the truth. For you see we had blades that can cut just about anything form this world or the next. We were trained in agility, acrobatics, and how to be deadly with our blades. Although to say with us on the field we were going to win would have been a drastic overstatement. 10 generals went in and only 2 came out. A woman named Angel and I.

 She’s still alive she lives in the city about 200 miles south from here. Anyway the tyrant’s soldier’s powers managed to kill 2/5 of us before the battle was half done. When it was at the halfway point the tyrant himself came out and massacred the other 2/5 of generals. This tyrant loved battle but only good ones so he gave us 1 week to get recuperated and go back to battle. When he said that we went back to base and got ready.

While going to base the captains the people who sent the troops to go to war said good job to everyone. They said that we were going to win you know to encourage everyone. I’m glad we had our helmets on because we had faces like there’s no way we’re going to win.

The one week went by quickly and all the soldiers said goodbye to their families just incase. Our government gave us new weapons to fight with. We were trained in acrobatics, agility, and how to be deadly with the blades they gave us also. The generals trained for 2 weeks when they first got their blades. Our soldiers were going to need a little in order to be as deadly as them. Anyway the generals got new weapons also. We got these big ass cannons that were strapped to our chest.

We didn’t have time to test them so we went into battle with some big ass cannons strapped to us that could explode and kill everyone or blow up everything so we fired cannon in battle. Its power was so amazing that it killed simultaneously every last soldier the tyrant had on the field. That’s when the Tyrant came out. He just started walking to us. We tried firing the cannons again but they wouldn’t work. So the soldiers started running towards the Tyrant trying to kill him. This Tyrant didn’t even fight back, he didn’t need to.

Why you wonder? Because our suits were run by computer and they were hacked. The only way to get out the suit is by computer and our f*cking suits were hacked. We reluctantly walked towards the Tyrant’s ships. And we got on. Our own world set us up to save their own asses. Now why is that I wonder when the Tyrant could easily kill them with a wet fart. Cause the Tyrant had something this world wanted. A key to The Creation as we call it. The Creation is where the first Chaos Sorcerers were made by God.

The Tyrant had planned to go there and kill everyone there so he could take the power for himself. Why didn’t he? Well he’s a cocky bastard. He thought he was all too powerful so the power there would be less than what he already had. At first this world thought we would be able to take the Tyrant in a war. When that was deemed impossible this traitorous world gave our soldiers to the Tyrant as a bribe for the key. The war was changed into field tests to determine if we were good enough. Guess we were since we took all those soldiers out.

Once we got on the ship though our memories were wiped clean. We were given new identities and everything to keep us from remembering. They stored our memories in the ship. They’re probably still on that ship. I’m sorry but that’s all I know. You can try and ask Angel because she probably knows a bit more than I.” Jax got up from the chair and he bowed to the old veteran. “Thank you for your time.” He left the house and got on his motorcycle. He drove off activating the boosters to allow him to fly.

The war veteran looked as Jax flew away and he went to his kitchen. As he was walking his body turned from a frail old man into a red demon with black engraved on his teeth. His body was half red and half black. He went to a wall and pushed in a loose tile. The wall moved to the left and this demon walked in. He went to a monitor and on the monitor was the evil Tyrant.

Demon- I have done what you have instructed me to do.

Tyrant- Good good. Now inform Angel he’s coming. I want the power he contains.

Demon- It shall be done master