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The Detective Prince

Chapter 93

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The demonstration had finally gone underway, starting with the slow deterioration of the walls that kept everything intact. It then escalated to the main drive, spreading its damages from one file to the next at an increasing rate. This lasted for a short time more, both looking on to see everything wiped clean right before their very eyes. Not a single file remained, nothing but an empty system.

"Excellent, it works better than I had imagined," Bruce commented. "And to think this is only the beta, which only shows flashes of its full potential."

"That's what it'll do to a hard drive with an average security wall." Tim said.

"And have you tested it against a formidable security system?"

"A system similar to my own, one created just for the occasion."

"And the result?"

"It took a timely two days to wipe the slate completely clean," Tim replied. "Which shows an adequate security wall can cause for a delay in its progress, the amount of files within a system can also alter the time."

"Is there anything this virus can't bypass?"

"Stumbles in the road have been recorded, but the Red Eye evolves as it migrates," Tim replied. "Nothing has been seen to completely contain it."

"What about an anti virus?"

"Already working on it."

"I'd like for you to launch another trial."

"What security level?"

"Clearance ten," Bruce replied. "That will tell us where we're at with this project."

"Taking it to the extreme I see."

"How long before you can have it all set up?"

"In the next three hours at most," Time replied. "Generating results of course will take time."

"Which is not a concern."

The door opened in that next second, causing the both to look over to see who had entered.

"I see you've begun testing."

"We were actually wrapping up for the time being," Tim said. "It'll take time for the next test to be set."

"And the first was a success?"

"Affirmative," Bruce replied. "The Red Eyed MB after entering the system showcased its flexibility in shutting down all systems, regardless of the conditions that were presented."

"And you plan on using this virus in the field?"

"If a situation calls for it, then yes," Bruce replied. "With the increase in technology having something like this at our disposal could prove useful."

"On another subject, I have some saddening news to bring," Alfred said. "Unfortunately young Mr. Collins of Nitro technologies has past."

"Mr. Collins the CEO?" Tim asked.

"Correction, his son." Alfred replied.

"What was the cause death?"

"Said to be a heart attack as of now."

"And how old was this guy?"

"Just turned twenty last week."

"What an age to be taken," Tim said. "Did he have any prior heart complications before hand?"

"I was told no upon asking."

"Think it could be related to the uproar in deaths involving the heart attacks?" Tim asked looking to Bruce.

"Only one way to find out," Bruce replied. "I'll have to see if we can get a hold of the file surrounding the details of his death, if there is a correlation between this and the other deaths we'll know by checking the brain."

"Might be our only way of finding out."

"I'll make the call." Bruce said reaching for his phone.

Conversation between the two remained to a distance as they paved the way along the road side. They had accomplished what they had set out to do, gathering needed information from both chosen facilities visited in the last hours. He looked over the sheet of data laying in his lap, memorizing anything of importance that came to mind.

"Six out of the eleven poisonus mushrooms found at Libits were lethal enough to cause next to fatal damage within a week, if absorbed by the body," Heiji thought. "The question now left to answer, what exactly was the victim given before their death."

He took a moment away from the wheel after reaching a street light, looking across to see he was hard in thought. Not wanting to disturb he decided to face forward, only a short time passing before the light reverted back to green.He pushed down to the pedal just in time to hear the sound of his voice from his side.

"How long do you think it will take for Mr. Jones to get this all analyzed?"

"It depends," Rick replied. "Let's hope he's down in the lab when we arrive, that way he can get this kick started right away."

"We're on a short leash of time as it is."

"So what's your final verdict on Libits," Rick asked. "Think we should return for a second visit?"

"If anything uncovered points that way."

"That Sal guy sure calls for suspicion, I got the feeling he was hiding something."

"I have to agree, but also the way he spoke," Heiji said. "Almost everything we asked was never directly answered."

"I know what you mean," Rick said. "His response to your question about his job at Libits is most evident."

"We won't worry about that too much," Heiji said. "After all, our objective is to find out what happened to the person who was found in the aftermath of that explosion, not to investigate Mr. Sal."

"Agreed," Rick said looking ahead once more. "Not much longer to go, we're nearly there."

He marched down from the upper floor, much still weighing down on his mind. There was no one to be seen upon reaching the bottom, the silence only reinforcing the emptiness that filled the area. Where everyone had gone was the first thing to come to mind.

"It seems like everyone around here is always out doing something."

A familiar sound found its way to his ear, turning to the right to see exactly where it was coming from. He followed the beep that continued, almost certain it was coming from the study. It was no surprise when he opened the door to see him sitting at the desk in front of a computer.

"I had no idea you were here," Conan said walking in. "I heard the alarm from the computer, what are you working on?"

"Setting up a system for a trial we're scheduled to run in a bit here."

"What kind of trial?"

"For a computer virus I've been constructing over the past year," Tim replied. "The Red Eyed MB."

"And why are you constructing a computer virus," Conan asked. "I don't see the reasoning in that."

"Accounting for anything that may come your way is key," Tim replied. "The meaning of this exercise is to give us an edge against those looking to hack or take over high security systems all together."

"Ok, makes sense," Conan said. "That the only reason?"

"And for studying purposes, as of now."

"So it's called the Red Eyed MB," Conan said. "Just curious as to what the MB stands for."

"Manipulating Boundaries," Tim replied. "A virus that continuously evolves, changing with every cross road that may stand in its way."

"Almost sounds like a common flu the way you put it," Conan said. "Always changing in its genetic form every wave in which it moves."

"Which also calls for an updated vaccine year after next."

"How dangerous is this Red Eyed MB," Conan asked. "Have you found away to contain it from spreading if by chance your system was infected?"

"Not yet, but progress is being made."

"Good luck with that."

"You're free to observe next trial, and who knows," Tim said. "You might find it interesting."

"Goanna have to pass," Conan declined. "I'd rather work on the riddles."

"Make any progress?"

"Was just looking to ask you the same."

"No, but something did come to mind," Tim replied. "It's only a hunch, but there could be some depth to it."

"I'm listening."

"We looked into all businesses associated with Starlest," Tim began. "But what if it's deeper than that, maybe we should branch off even further."

"Furthering our searches to the other companies," Conan said. "Maybe one of them is connected to the company named in the riddle."

"Simply put."

"What do you say we look into it now?"

"I'm busy with this," Tim smilingly said. "But that's why there's two of us."

"I had a feeling you'd say something to that degree." Conan said as his phone buzzed from below.

Without looking he reached down to grab it, bringing it to his eye to see the number displayed.

"Who is it?"

"A missed call." Conan replied.

"That's strange, I didn't hear your phone ring earlier," Tim said. "Who was it that called.


It was as quiet as any other time walking down that empty hall, finding their way past all security measures before finally arriving to the forensics lab. A strong odor came to their senses almost instantly, being alerted of the dead body laid out atop the table before sighting it.

"Welcome back," Harold said appearing from the right side. "You two have returned at a very convenient time."

"Hopefully that means you've got something for us."

"I followed up with the examination of the body found at the explosion site," Harold said. "Focusing paticularly on their dental."


"I was able to get a match, the victim was listed in the database."

"Great," Heiji said. "So what's this guy's name?"

"She," Harold corrected. "The body discovered belonged to a woman by the name of Leian Foster."

"Any immediate relatives that can be contacted on the matter?"

"That has already been taken care of."

"Good," Rick said. "So what do we know about Leian, any criminal record?"

"Quite the opposite, she put in a lot for the community," Harold informed. "She even participated in a group created for collecting and donating canned goods on a weekly basis."

"Looks like we'll have to dig deep on this one."

"Maybe not," Heiji said. "Some times the surface isn't always what it appears, we should hold off on judgment until we've spoken with those who were closest to her."

"Up for another drive?"

"Sure, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves," Heiji said reaching into his jacket. "The samples, collected from our travels."

"You're right."

"What samples?" Harold asked.

He waited only moments before his question was answered, watching as two zip locked bags were pulled from from within his jacket.

"I gathered debris from both Living Green and Libits," Heiji informed. "When you've got the time could compare these samples gathered to what was found on Leian Fosters back side?"

"I;ll get to it as soon as I'm finished here."

"Thanks." Heiji said handing him the two enclosed bags.

"I also purchased a set of mushrooms from Living Green," Rick informed. "I'll leave them on the counter for your convenience, maybe one of them will match what was found on the body."

"We can only hope."

"Time will tell," Rick said. "We better be on our way, contact me if you come across anything worth mentioning."

"As always detective Gates."

"Come Hattori, we've got some relatives to visit." Rick said turning for the door.

He followed from right behind, glimpsing back at the lab after walking out.

"We now have all that we could possibly need, let's just hope it leads to the results we're looking for."

The next hour had arrived with yet another call coming to his phone, deciding not to answer it before dropping it back down to his side.

"So let me get this straight, you think it'd be beneficial if I had a story lined up before calling back?"

"You disagree?"

"I don't see any reasoning to your claim."

"Your journey here is bound to spark many questions."

"Point taken, but I don't see the harm in telling her I flew out for a short visit."

"Too sudden," Tim said. "That could lead to unintended suspicion."

"You sure do have a talent for making things more difficult than they need to."

"I'd suggest correlating a story with Heiji before calling," Tim stated. "No way you can go wrong with that."

"I'm almost inclined to agree," Conan said checking the time. "It's six now, which would make it about seven in the morning there."

"When do you plan on calling?"

"As soon as I get this all situated, which should be in the next hour or so," Conan replied. "Which is also about the same time of her morning jog."

"That's more than enough time, being that Heiji's already on his way here," Tim informed. "I received a message from him a short time ago."

"Where's he coming from?"

"Returning from a trip he and detective Gates went out on."

"No doubt something dealing with the body found at the explosion site."

"Heard you got a peak of the body yourself while visiting the GCPD Lab," Tim said. "How did that go?"

"Let's just say they were more than surprised to see me," Conan replied. "Speaking of cases, what's the update on that woman?"

"No luck at all, she never returned to that cavern," Tim replied. "Her current whereabouts are next to none."

"That's only one of three that have gone cold," Conan said. "We're still in relatively good position considering."

"Don't you mean four," Tim corrected. "There's still that loose cannon of a gunman we've yet to apprehend."

"Don't you find it odd, the shooter has not made a move in the last few days," Conan said. "Think their spree has come to an end?"

"No way of telling for sure," Tim replied. "They could still be on the move, only on more discreet terms."

"Maybe," Conan said. "But that wouldn't explain the dramatic change in form if they were truly keeping it under the radar, in both incidents all bodies were found in the public where they could easily be discovered."

"Fair point."

"I think it's time we moved in on this from another angle."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Instead of focusing in on what he did do, why don't we direct our investigation to what he didn't." Conan suggested. "Starting with the weapons."

"Those were intentionally left behind, probably to elude us deeper into a scheme set in place," Tim said. "Which would fall under the category of what was done."


"Establishing what was intentional and what wasn't will be difficult to figure."

"You're right," Conan said. "Since all incidents happened out in the open, time had to be a high priority."

"Which would include potentially being spotted."

"We've got the weapons used, location, and the time of day," Conan said. "Yet no cause."

"And the only thing they seemingly didn't do was."

"Leave any hint to the why." Conan finished.

The two then turned at the sudden sound of the door, looking to see they had been joined.

"I just received information on Mr. Collins medical history," Bruce said walking toward them. "Turns out he had no prior heart problems."

"Sounds like one of ours."

"I put in a request to get an x-ray of the brain which his father agreed to, we should have the results back soon enough."

"And what did he make of your request?"

"I told him it was strictly for researching purposes," Bruce replied. "So naturally he accepted."

"Any other reported heart attacks in the past day?" Conan asked.

"Not someone of high profile," Bruce replied. "But we're keeping tabs as they come in, we should have a wide scale update in the next hour."

"This only continues to escalate, and all nations have experienced a loss over it," Tim said. "The cause must be wide spread, maybe even an unnatural virus of some kind."

"I don't think so."

"If not a virus, then what?"

"Something being distrubuted, maybe not appearing to be harmful at first glance."

"Are you suggesting a product of some kind?" Tim asked.

"A possibility, yes."

"If that is true, that would raise an important question," Conan thought. "Could someone intentionally be causing this outbreak?"

"I'll be upstairs if needed, there's a call I need to make," Bruce said turning for the door only to come to a quick stop. "Oh, and give this to Heiji when he gets in."

He reached down to his side, pulling out a small sheet of paper.

"When he gets in," Conan questioned. "Has he already arrived?"

"They're just now pulling in past the gate." Bruce replied before exiting the room.

"I didn't hear anything."

"Don't mind it, he's got really good ears," Tim said heading for the door as well. "What do you say we go and greet them?"

"Anything to get out of this room, even if it is only for a minute."

He followed from close behind as the two made their way through the main room all the way to the front door. They stepped out just as the car came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs, watching as the passenger door slid open in the seconds that followed.

"How'd the trip across town go," Tim asked. "Gain any insight?"

"Hopefully so," Heiji replied with the close of the car door. "I left some collected samples at the lab to be tested."

"Samples for what?" Tim asked on their descension down the stairs.

"I collected debris samples from both Living Green and Libits," Heiji informed. "Two facilities that could be where our mystery victim took their last breaths before being stashed away."

"Anything else?"

"That's pretty much it in a days wrap," Heiji replied. "Didn't quite get around to anything else, though it's all been on my mind."

"Happens all the time."

"And what of you, any luck with any of the cases."

"Been busy working on an outside assignment."

"Some virus," Conan added. "What they're calling the Red Eyed MB."

"I heard you mention that before," Heiji said. "What purpose does this project serve?"

"Only time will tell, but we have work to do," Tim replied reaching into his pocket. "Here, Bruce asked for me to give this to you."

"What is it?" Heiji asked accepting the slip of paper.

"No idea."

He unrolled the folded slip of paper, finding a small list of names sitting in place.

"This saves me the trouble," Heiji said more than pleased. "I had planned on looking into this tonight."

"What is it?" Conan asked.

"A full web of companies associated with Starlest," Heiji replied. "Branched from its main partners within the circle."

"One of them has to be the chosen site referred to in the riddles," Conan said. "Now's the time we compare notes with each and every location."

"I don't believe it." Heiji said sighting it as he went down the names.

"What is it?"

"Libits," Heiji replied. "It's one of twelve companies listed."

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 94


All gathered material had been taken to the book room to be further examined, keeping it in order from the right side to left. They used the computer to surf for any additional information unknown to them surrounding the names listed. After skimming through each once more, he looked down to the slip of paper in hand before placing it down to the table as well.

"Cennals Inc, Delmore Industries, Scnapp Labs, Syclons, and Wayne Enterprises," Heiji read. "The five companies tangled in a partnership with Starlest."

"Which isn't something you'd normally find as linked associates," Conan said. "All companies excluding Syclons are all technology based."

"Starlest doesn't exactly fit the criteria either, they put out common accessories for clothes and shoes," Heiji said. "And of course the expected jewelry line they're known for."

"Why don't we start with Syclons," Conan said looking down at the printed sheet. "It's a small company that distributes goods from this city to others, and vice versa."

"Besides Starlest, Syclons is in a partnership with another shipping company in the area," Heiji said. "Which has two stations located here in Gotham."

"I hardly see that as a place of gathering," Conan said. "I think it's safe to assume Syclons isn't the place referred to in the riddle."

"Next we have Cennals Inc, a computer company," Heiji said. "Their expertise being in the field of design, in the form of architectural construction."

"And the companies linked with it?"

"Salvon's Bridge and Silver Engineering," Heiji replied. "All in the same line of work."

"Starlest would be the odd apple amongst the four," Conan said before looking back to the list. "What about Scnapp Labs?"

"The only company of the lot with only one connected associate," Heiji said. "Scnapp Labs is under the radar, located at the bottom of a building near the center of the city."

"And the name?"

"Futures Building," Heiji replied. "That's what it is called."

"And this Futures Building is directly connected with the Scnapp Labs?"

"That's what it says here," Heiji replied referring back to the sheet. "The lab was created first, with the building being built on top of it roughly a year later after beginning their project."

"Any mention of what these projects are?"

"That has yet to be reveled, but we'll know soon enough," Heiji informed. "They plan on answering that very question at their grand opening set for two nights from now."

"That leaves Delmore Industries and Wayne Enterprises."

"Always the best for last."

"So what do we know about Delmore Industries?"

"They're a company that manufactures sophisticated systems to collect and store important data on a large scale."

"What kind of data?"

"It didn't say, must be some real secretive stuff," Heiji replied. "And that's only their main operative."

"What else are they commonly known for?"

"Nothing that doesn't fall under the same category."

"That leaves Wayne Enterprises, which we're already quite familiar with."

"Now comes the task of linking one of these companies to the riddle."

"Using the process of elimination could prove key," Conan said. "Starting with Syclons."

"You think it's a possibility?"

"It has no set facility for their operation, only several smaller buildings throughout."

"Right," Heiji said catching on. "Syclons has no true vocal point, making it next to impossible for a gathering as foreshadowed in the riddle."

"That's one of twelve," Conan said. "We still need to narrow it down."

"Why don't we focus on the purpose of each," Heiji suggested. "The product and the demand for the companies tells a story in itself."

"Not a bad route to go."

"Eliminating Libits from the equation next seems fit."

"Why's that?"

"It's secluded, and they rarely receive visitors," Heiji replied. "As stated by one of the employees on my visit."

"I'd say that's a safe bet then," Conan said. "Next we have the company for collecting data, Delmore Industries."

"They didn't have detailed information surrounding the contents of their facility, so we'd have to go in for a visit to gain further information," Heiji said. "They do happen to be holding an open house event in the next couple days."

"Which could be the affair referred to in the riddle," Conan said. "How many people are estimated to show?"

"They're expecting a full house, however many that may be."

"Which leads into my second question, what is this open house event for?"

"A test run for updates they've made to a margin of their software."

"Think you could get a list of all software that will be shown?"

"One call should do the trick," Heiji replied. "What's your take on Cennals Inc?"

"I'd rule that out," Conan said in response. "I doubt a center for architectural design sparks for the highest interest, which wouldn't be a place the thief would choose."

"Then there's Scnapp Labs, located under the Futures Building," Heiji continued on. "They've also got an upcoming event of their own."

"Key point, between that and Delmore Industries I'd say we have a set out of the two."

"Yea, but which one?"

The door opened in that moment, causing both to look across the way.

"Hope I'm not interrupting," Tim said upon entering,"Any made progress?"

"We're heading in that way," Heiji replied. "We've got the list narrowed down to two locations."

"Scnapp Labs and a company known as Delmore Industries." Conan elaborated.

"Which one is favored at this given time?"

"We're still undecided," Heiji replied. "We've referred back to the riddle several times to help make a determination."

"At least it's coming along," Tim said. "I thought I'd drop in to let you know I'm on my way out."

"Where to?" Conan asked.

"Back to the city."

"What about that virus of yours, did you run a scan?"

"Already launched the trial," Tim confirmed. "So there's no need to stick around, especially when there's more to attend."

"Wait up," Heiji said. "I'll come with you, there's a stop I'd like to make myself."

"Fine by me."

"Think you can handle this in my absence?" Heiji said looking down to him.

"I'll keep you informed."

"Hold on," Tim said. "Have the two of you discussed what we talked about earlier?"

"That completely crossed my mind." Conan replied.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"I received a call from Ran earlier today, unfortunately my phone must have been off at the time."

"So you missed a call, I don't see the big deal in that?"

"In most cases it wouldn't, but she probably just found out about my trip here."

"What do you mean she just found out?"

"She received an invitation for a sporting event about a month ago, which she accepted," Conan informed. "That's where she's been for the past three weeks or so."

"Oh, that's right," Heiji said recalling this. "And the facility where this was held had no signal for you to reach her by phone, correct?"

"That's right."

"So what did you need to speak with me about?"

"I thought it'd be a good idea for you to let her know the two of you traveled here together," Tim replied. "There's a higher level of comfort if you know what I mean."

"Can't disagree with the idea." Conan said.

"Sure, I'll give her a call tonight."

"I was actually thinking I'd tell her myself." Conan said in protest.

"Don't worry, I've got this one covered Kudo," Heiji said laying a hand to his shoulder. "You just focus on those riddles, you can speak with her as soon as I've explained everything."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"Remember to call if anything comes up," Heiji said heading for the door. "I'll leave my phone on for your services."

"As will I," Tim said. "I'll be calling in the next hour to check on your progress."

"I'll be sure not to disappoint."

He watched as he to left the room, finding himself as the lone investigator to go through everything laid out along the table. He walked back to the chair, taking a seat as he looked directly to the most recent riddle

"(X) the prosper of growth isn't fostered within the past or present, for the Diamonds eye is for all to see... the Shows beginning shall proceed with all λ_0-(-30) 105 accounted in (Y)."

"Delmore Industries and Scnapp Labs, this is what it comes down to," Conan said. "But it can only be one out of the pair, so.. which one is it?"

He looked over all collected riddles as a whole, memorizing each sequence of numbers and structured messages, bringing it all to the surface of his conscious to try and untwine the mystery at hand.

"There's something wrong... something's missing," Conan thought with a long pause. "One key element still lays abstruse, and until that's figured we'll be stuck in this same position."

The ride there had been a smooth one, taking over an hour for him to finally arrive. He stepped out of the vehicle after stalling at the side of the street, heading straight for the entrance doors in the near distance. Things were quiet and calm as opposed to the earlier hours, which was to be expected visiting the police station at this time. He slid up his sleeve to look down at his watch, coming to find it was roughly forty after eight.

"Got here much sooner than anticipated."

He arrived to the doors, walking in to surprisingly find the room half full of those standing around.

"It's getting late, I wasn't expecting to find so many still here at this hour."

It didn't take long for him to realize something was taking place. Very few spoke as he made his way further into the room, still unclear what the matter was at hand. He stopped once reaching the center of the room, surrounded on all sides by those who stood in wait. It was then that he felt a hand weigh down to his right shoulder, turning to see him with a smile on his face.

"What a surprise, you're here too," Heiji said. "Any idea what's going on?"

"I'm just as surprised to see you," Rick said in response. "We're all actually here for an update on the case."

"And which one is that?"

"The riddles of course," Rick replied. "And what of you, who called you in?"

"No one did, I'm here on my own accordance," Heiji replied. "Believe it or not, I'm here with a potential lead of my own."

"That doesn't surprise me," Rick said. "I assume you've been at that from the time we parted ways earlier?"

"It's been on the back of my mind the whole day," Heiji said looking around the room. "I'd say this meet isn't squarely based on a hunch, not with this many people showing up at this given time."

The two of them then turned at the sound of the entry doors sliding open, looking to see five others join them in the room.

"How many officers are expected to show anyway?"

"Can't say, we've got guys coming in from all across town," Rick replied. "And this isn't the only meet being held."

"From the way you've put it, it would seem they believe they know where the thief plans to make their move."

"That was my first impression when I walked in to see everyone gathered."

"Who's supposed to be the one dropping down this newly acquired information to us?"

"The commissioner himself." Rick replied.


"You said you had a lead of your own, mind sharing?"

"I have an idea or two," Heiji replied. "I'll let you in on it as soon as we've heard what the commissioner has to say."

"Sounds like a deal."

They continued to stand around for a time to come, watching as the room gradually filled with those who came in through the entryway. Checking the time on his watch became very apparent the longer this lasted, coming to find the wait was now over twenty minutes from the time he had arrived.

"Time sure is passing, makes you wonder how long they plan on keeping us waiting."

Unknown to them they didn't have much longer to wait. The door located to the right side of them room flew open, captivating everyones attention who stood throughout the room.

"Bout time we got this thing underway." Rick said in delight.

"How long have you been here?" Heiji asked.

"Arrived about fifteen minutes before you."

The two then directed their attention to the front of the room to see Gordon making his way there assisted by two police officials at his side. The room gradually fell silent as this occurred, leaving it open for him to take the floor.

"I appreciate everyones attendance as well as your patience during this process, as you all know we have a situation on our hands," Jim began. "The daunting riddles that have circulated throughout this city, and most recently to others surrounding our own."

"But from the ground we've covered in these past two days, we're certain this will be put to an end very soon." An officer aside him spoke.

"We now have a selected location to where we think this thief will appear to preform their next act," Jim informed. "A place known as Kelver Side Crafts."

"Kelver Side Crafts," Heiji questioned. "What's that?"

"It's an art museum," Rick whispered back. "Pretty popular with the locals if you know what I mean, not too bad with the many visitors either."


"Most who don't follow Kelver's schedule wouldn't know about the auction they're holding two nights from now, high profiled items are listed for any to gain at the right price," Jim continued. "We've already made plans for security measures that will be taken."

"And we've also alerted all other stations across the way about our findings," The unnamed officer spoke once more. "They two will play a hand in making sure this thief is properly apprehended before any further damage can be done."

"And what makes you so sure Kelver Side Crafts is the place?" Someone asked from amongst the crowd.

"Those details will be addressed tomorrow, but right now I'd like to discuss how everyone will be positioned for the big night."

What was said from there on became lost to him, feeling they were ultimately wrong in the direction they were taking.

"There's no way this Kelver Side Crafts is the chosen target, not once did it flash to our radar," Heiji thought to himself. "But there's no way of getting them to look elsewhere until I've gained more evidence in my corner, Scnapp Labs or Delmore Industries has to be the true destination of the affair."

He stood there for awhile longer, continuing to listen in on what was instructed to the others. Without warning a deepening feel came over him, that same feeling he ever got when standing in the mist of it all.. an unclear view in a small sense.

"There's no telling when the clock on the deadline will come to an end, it could be as early as tomorrow," Heiji thought. "The times ticking, which means finding the true location before it's too late."

His speech lasted for a short time more, only catching small amounts of what was said. It didn't take long for them to start heading for the doors once he was finished, clearing out the room one by one. He looked back to the front of the room to see the commissioner still standing along with three others who continued to engage in conversation.

"Can't go to him yet, there's not enough to support my belief just yet."

"So," Rick said coming back to his side. "What was this hunch you have locked away?"

"Never mind it," Heiji replied. "What I've heard tonight sounds much more plausible."

"So what now, plan on heading home?"

"Maybe after a stop or two."

"Need a ride?"

"No thanks, I think I'll be able to manage."

"Your call," Rick said turning for the door. "Until next time."

He elected not to follow, standing there for awhile longer to figure what he would do next before the nights end. He didn't have to wait long for a distraction to arise, feeling the vibration of his phone from below. He raised it to his eye level, thankful to see the number on the screen.

"Please tell me you've got something." Heiji said answering the call.

"You'll be pleased to know that I do," Conan replied. "You sound a little distressed, everything alright?"

"The police say they have a lead, I disagree," Heiji replied. "We're going to need more than we have to convince them otherwise."

"Not to worry, though we don't have a clear cut answer I've made some progress."

"Ok, what do you have?"

"As you know the Futures building is where the Scnapp Lab is located."


"And we also know they're getting ready to have their grand opening," Conan continuied. "Then you have Delmore Industries, they have an event scheduled as well."

"Ok, so what's the connection?"

"Not necessarily a connection, but the opening event for the Futures building is two nights from now," Conan informed. "As is the event at Delmore industries."

"Meaning we now have a set date for when the thief plans to make their move," Heiji said. "We have less than two days to figure out the correct location of the two."

"There's no stop there," Conan said. "There's also a big time auction being held at an art museum."

"Kelver Side Crafts?"

"I see you've heard of it."

"That seems to be the wild card of the day," Heiji replied. "What's your take on it?"

"Unlike the other two locations, Kelver Side Crafts doesn't connect with the riddle on all fronts."

"So what you're saying is you don't believe Kelver is part of the equation."

"Correct," Conan confirmed. "No matter how you look at it, it just doesn't key in with all elements in the riddle."

"If that is true, then what brought your attention to it?"

"During my cross examination between Scnapp Labs and Delmore Industries," Conan replied. "After finding both had scheduled events for the same night I checked for any other planned activity within that time frame."

"And that's when you discovered the auction to be held at the art museum?"

"It didn't take long," Conan confirmed. "But I do have a question for you, why do the police believe Kelver Side Crafts is the place where the thief plans to make their mark?"

"Don't know," Heiji replied. "They chose to remain mum on that tonight, but said we'll be enlightened tomorrow."

"We've got less than forty eight hours to make the correct call, every minute is vital at this point."

"I know that just as well as you."

"Delmore Industries is having an open house for newly acquired products while the Futures Building is hosting their grand opening," Conan said. "As common as the two may seem, on a business stand point there's bound to be a denominator that separates the two."

"And figuring that should give us the answer we seek."

"I'll see what I can find."

"That's all I can ask."

"Not to direct the subject elsewhere, but have you spoken with Ran since the time you left?"

"Planned on doing so after catching the bus."

"What do you plan on saying when you get a hold of her?"

"I haven't put much thought into that, but don't worry," Heiji assured. "I'll keep it simple, just a couple of guys taking a tour around the world right?"

"Careful not to over shoot it."

"Think you'll be up in the next hour?"

"Why, do you plan on stopping by again?"

"Well of course," Heiji replied. "The sooner we crack this thing the more time we'll have to figure out what exactly they're after."

"I'll hold down the fort in the mean time."

"Good, I'll be there as soon as I can."

He lowered the phone from his ear, tucking it away into a secure area within his jacket. He then turned for the door, coming to find the room had nearly been emptied.

"That didn't take long, I suppose they all left to make preparations for where they think the heist is to take place."

He too made his way for the exit in those following seconds, not once turning back on his way out. Not many could be seen as he walked to the end of the block. He stopped once there, having a seat at the bench located right next to the bus stop. He sat there for minutes to come in wait of the bus.

All file work he had set out was dealt with just as planned, feeling a small sense of relief as he stepped up from where he sat. He shut the light off on his way out, entering the front room to find it darkened. The only flash of light cracking through the door of the book room. Unaware of who was inside he made a move toward the room, pulling the door aside to see him sitting at the table with his eyes glued to whatever was rested upon the table.

"You're still down here, I thought you'd be up in the room by now."

"Not quite yet," Conan said taking the time to look away from the material. "I guess I can be a bit of a night person myself, especially if there's work to be done."

"What is it you've got laid out?" Bruce asked moving in.

"All the evidence surrounding the riddles that have sparked a wide audience."

"And how has that been coming along?"

"We've got two possible locations and only two days left until the thief's planned grand finale."

"Sounds like progress to me."

"If you're not too busy, there's something I'd like to ask."

"What is it?"

He glanced back to the table, directing his focus to the second line of the riddle.

"the Shows beginning shall proceed with all λ_0-(-30) 105 accounted in (Y)," Conan read before looking back to him. "I believe that part of the riddle is profiling a location."

"And to what did you have in mind?"

"Don't know yet, but I've got an idea or two," Conan replied. "I have a feeling the zero is the center point of it all."


"Is there a location throughout the city considered to be the mid or center point?"

"That would be the area in between the Gotham reservoir and Robinson Park," Bruce replied. "That area is widely considered to be the heart of the city in many peoples minds."

"That helps, though I may need to pull out the map for further reference."

"Why don't we stop there for a moment," Bruce said. "Tell me the names of both places where you think our unnamed thief plans to emerge?"

"Scnapp Labs and Delmore Industries."

"I know them both," Bruce said. "What lead you to this assumption?"

"As you know the episode that occurred at Starlest was nothing but a red herring," Conan began. "And after reading this line from the riddle, we took our searches to companies associated with Starlest."

He reached back down to the table, grabbing the riddle in question before handing it over for him to read.

"i am solely for the eye beyond all affiliated kins, at the Affair shall I appear."

He read over it for a second time before setting it aside.

"I agree, a plausible response to what was written."

"We didn't find anything on our first initial look, so we branched off even further which brought us to the second list of companies," Conan continued. "And out of the set both Delmore Industries and Scnapp Labs came to interest, both are holding events that are sure to attract a crowd."

"What is being held at Delmore Industries?"

"An annual event we came to find that is held every year."

He didn't say anything in response to to the news gained. He brought a hand to his chin as he took a step back in thought.

"Event.. grand finale, that must mean."

The door pushed open within that moment, causing both to turn to see who had entered.

"Oh, it's just the two of you," Alfred said. "Just checking to see if anyone was in here."

"And perfect timing," Bruce said. "I want you to call that representative back from the Futures Building, let them know I've accepted their invitation."

"Couldn't agree more on the decision."

"This visit will benefit us in more than one way."

"I'll make the call right away." Alfred said before stepping out of the room.

"Invitation?" Conan questioned.

"For their grand opening," Bruce informed. "I was asked if I could deliver a speech."

"So you knew about the event set to take place in two days?"

"Only at first was I hesitant on accepting, but now I've decided to make an appearance," Bruce said. "Because I now know that's where the thief plans to be."

"Wait," Conan questioned. "How can you be sure?"

"I'm familiar with the activities being held at Delmore Industries, since I've had the luxury of visiting myself," Bruce said. "Most of what they do is meant to attract the locals more than anyone else."

"And the Futures building?"

"It is their grand opening, and also the time to reveal the new technology they've been working on in the Scnapp Labs," Bruce replied. "Several from across the globe are expected to come for a first hand look."

"Ok, but that doesn't explain why the choice over.."

It all came to him within that moment, all details resurfacing with a clarity not seen before.

"It makes sense, the reason other police stations outside of Gotham received the latest riddle," Conan said. "It was to broadcast their big move to be made on the biggest stage this city has to offer."


"As you said before, this event is expected to grab the attention of many across the nation," Conan said. "The distrubuted riddle in the latest case is directly linked with the expected turn out in guests."

"But why Gotham?" Bruce questioned not expecting an answer.

"Guess we'll have to catch this guy to find out the answer."

"How soon do you think you can get a hold of Heiji?"

"He's already on his way now."

"Good, we now have the location," Bruce said. "All that remains... the who and why."

To Be Continued