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Summary:  Someone feels the need to test the greatest detectives such as Batman. What does this new organization want with Shinichi Kudo? Will Conan's alter ego show up in time? What of Kaitou Kid? It all starts with the new interim student, Tim Drake. 


 The Detective Prince

Chapter 1

Shot Dead

Everyone waited, chatting with those amongst themselves. It was another annual meeting. The crowd became silent as he made is way to the podium like he had so many times before. Flashes from the cameras went off as everyone settled in. He cleared his throat as he looked over the crowd who had come to see him.

"I'm glad you all were able to make it here tonight, and I appreciate each and everyones support." He began as a slight crack sound could be heard.

At that very second he flew backward as his head blasted apart. Everyone jumped up screaming, running in multiple directions. That was the day that marked the beginning, the new beginning.

The dawn brought a sky filled with dark clouds, a light rain slowly followed afterward. The sound of a foot steps can be heard clamping down the hall, his head tilted up, ever so slightly. Still half asleep he struggles to find his way out of bed over to the door. He steps back with a slight yawn as his door swings open.

"Come on kid, we have a case to attend to!" Kogoro said in an exciting tone.

"What about breakfast?" Conan asked.

"We'll grab something on the way there, so get dressed." He replied as he walked back down the hall.

Conan rolled his eyes at this. He got dressed as quickly as his energy allowed, then heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Ran was out for the past two days but was expected to be home later that day. Conan slowly made his way down stairs to be met by Kogoro once more.

"Come on, your slouching off this morning." He said as they made their way out of the building.

"This is not how I wanted to begin my Sunday." Conan sourly mumbled.

"I almost forgot, when Ran get's home be sure to inform her not to use the shower, it's a little screwy right now." Kogoro stated.

It wasn't long after they found themselves cruising down the road. Conan rolled his window up as a couple rain drops splashed on the side of his face. They stopped at a small stand and grabbed a couple hot dogs as they continued on the road. Ofcourse Conan wasn't to thrilled with the choice of food for that particular time. After nearly an hour of driving they came to a stop infront of a large city building.

"Don't think I've ever been here." Conan said as they walked up the stairs heading into the building which read 'Air Dome' on the emblem.

"Make sure you behave Conan." Kogoro informed as he caught sight of two beautiful women sitting in what appeared to be a lobby.

Kogoro stared over at them as Conan shook his head from side to side.

"And here we go." Conan thought to himself.

After a couple brief seconds of standing a police officer walked over to the two of them.

"Detective Mouri?"

"Oh yes that would be me, just got caught up in the...um...furniture arrangement." Kogoro Mouri finally managed to say.

Conan giggled at this.

"Yes, it is rather unique if I may say myself."

"So where did the murder occur?" Kogoro asked.

"On floor fifty two, right this way." He directed.

They made their way up the elevator as Conan focused his attention on the flashing red and green lights on the ceiling. This entertained him up until they came to a stop. They made their way out of the elevator as they walked down a long hall. Conan observed the area just in case it might prove relevant to solving the case at hand. They entered a large room which was filled with many officers.

"So what exactly happened?" Kogoro asked as they came across a podium which was located dead center in the room.

"Mr. Sugo was giving his annual press speech when he was shot."

"Close range?" Kogoro asked.

"No, he was shot from afar."

"What was the weapon used?"

"A Sniper Rifle which held a .338 Lapua Magnum." The officer replied.

"A .338 Lapua Magnum, military maybe, then again someone with connections might be able to obtain that type." Conan thought to himself as he listened on.

"After being shot he fell point blank to the ground right there." The officer pointed.

Kogoro looked the area over then toward the window. He walked over as Conan and the officer followed. Kogoro put a hand over his eyes as he looked to the buildings which surrounded the area.

"What was the time of death?"

"9:00 P.M."

"Now all we need to do is figure out which building the killer might of camped out on."

"That's not possible Detective Mouri."

"What?" Kogoro questioned.

"He was shot point blank in the head, right inbetween his eyes sir." The officer informed.

Kogoro became wide eyed as he turned to see that no building outside in sniper range could have been used as the killers waiting place. Conan looked out as well. He then tugged the officer on his pants.

"Did you guy's at least check out all the buildings for anything the killer might of left behind?" Conan asked.

"Yes ofcourse, we found nothing that would spark suspicion."

"You're sure the shooter shot from long range?" Kogoro asked.

"I assure you it was long range."

"It wasn't just a clean shot, but a dead shot right through the head. The only question lingering now, how?" Conan thought to himself.

Kogoro walked over with the officer as they went over further scenario's. Conan on the other hand stood near the window as he looked on. He became lost in thought as the train in the far distance drove just up past his eye level. Conan began putting scenarios together in his head but in the end they all proved to be inconclusive. The train finally disappeared toward the right as he turned and walked over toward Kogoro Mouri who was standing up against the wall.

"This is a tough case kid, but I'll figure it out within time." Kogoro said confidently.

"Yea I bet." Conan thought to himself.

"Have you two heard about the shape?" The officer asked.

"You mean that criminal running around that no one has really got a good look at?" Kogoro asked.

"Yes, that one." The officer replied.

"I've heard about it to, the rumor started nearly a week ago." Conan thought to himself.

"Thought I'd just say be careful out there."

Kogoro nodded then directed his attention to Conan.

"I got all the facts down, let's head back to the house so I can further examine the evidence."

"Alright." Conan replied.

"Inspector Megure wasn't able to make it, but I'm sure we'll catch him later." Kogoro said as they exited the room.

They made their way home as Conan sat in his thoughts. There had to be some way the killer got a clear shot, gliding, parachuting maybe? It wasn't long as they made their way back. Conan walked to his room in a very dissapointed fashion. He laid on his bed as he stared up at the ceiling.

"Come on Shinichi you should be able to figure this one out." Conan thought to himself.

Conan closed his eyes, using his photographic memory to revisit the crime scene. He played it back over and over. His head began to hurt as it finally snapped. Conan lunged up as his eyes popped open.

"The train!"

"The killer must of been on the train and took a shot as he passed by. The train was over my eye level but even field with the podium." Conan thought to himself as he jumped to the ground.

Conan reached into his pocket as he pulled out his phone to check the time. It was about 2:00 P.M.

"I have to go and see Dr. Agasa." Conan said as he exited the room.

Not long after Conan found himself at the front door of Dr. Agasa's trying to catch his breath from running. He knocked two times as the door slid open.

"Conan to what do I owe the surprise?" Dr. Agasa greeted.

"I need help with a case."

"Come on in."

They walked down the hall as they took a seat.

"So what is it you need help with?"

"I need you to try and see if you can track some phone calls for me."


"I also need to know when and where the down town train was last night."

"Ok then, it will only take a few minutes."

They headed over to the computer as Conan looked on.

"Where's Haibara?" Conan asked.

"She headed out this morning, she should be back shortly." Dr Agasa replied.

Dr. Agasa pulled up the train schedule as Conan caught sight of a departing time of 8: 45.

"Bingo, that departure fits the time frame. It takes about fifteen minutes to get from there to where the shooting took place." Conan said.

"What are the phone calls you wanted me to look into?"

"See if there was someone who called the bus station to for a ticket, and might of also called Air Dome to find out when Mr. Sugo would be speaking." Conan said.

"This may take some time." Dr. Agasa replied.

"I'm in no rush." Conan replied with a slight laugh.

He paced back and forth as Dr. Agasa went to work. Conan looked down at his phone once more as he checked the time. It was nearing five O'clock. Time sure was going by. After a long wait Dr. Agasa called him over.

"Did you find any connection?"

"Yes the phone isn't registered to anyone, but it was used to call both the train station and Air Dome." Dr. Agasa confirmed.

"Now all we need is a motive." Conan said.

"Already ahead of you." Dr Agasa said as he flipped open another window.

Conan walked over as he took a look.

"Looks like he was in major debt, must of had enemies." Conan stated.

"He also traveled a lot, he had scheduled meetings for both Ghana Tamale and Gotham City this upcoming week." Dr Agasa added.

"Can we track where the phone is?" Conan asked.

Dr. Agasa went to work for about a minute or so as he stood up in his chair.

"I've got a signal, it's not to far from here." Dr. Agasa informed.

"Great, they must have their phone on."

They made their way to his car as they drove up town. Conan looked down at the scanner as they slowly homed in on it's signal. They came to a stop near a street corner as Conan reached for his door.

"We're here." Conan said.

"Be careful now, don't expose yourself." Dr. Agasa said.

Conan nodded as he exited the vehicle. He walked toward the side walk looking down following the target as he came within inches of it. Conan looked up only to see a trash bin. He walked over as he located the phone. Conan stuck on a latex glove he had in his pocket as he grabbed the phoneHe then headed back to the car.

"First known fact about the culprit, he or she is no amateur." Conan said as he got back into the car.

"Find anything interesting?" Dr. Agasa asked.

"There are no finger prints, whoever shot Mr. Sugo is highly advanced not only as a schemer, but also as a marksmen." Conan stated.

"In other words?"

"We've reached a dead end...for now anyway." Conan said.

At this point it was dark out. The rain had come to a close a few hours prior but it was getting quite cool out. Conan reached for his phone to see it had gone out on him.

"Dr. Agasa would you happen to know what time it is?" Conan asked.

He looked down at his watch then back.

"It is 8:53 P.M."

Conan's eyes flared up as he literally bounced in his seat.

"Hurry and get me home, don't want to get in trouble for being out to late!" Conan exclaimed.

"Didn't you keep in contact with them throughout the day?"

"Ha ha, my phone kinda died awhile ago." Conan answered.

Dr. Agasa shook his head at this as he began to drive. It took them nearly thirty five minutes to make it back. Dr. Agasa dropped Conan off who slowly made it inside. Conan gulped as he made his way up the stairs. Once he came to the door he slowly turned the nod as he slightly pushed it open. To his pleasure all the lights were off.

"Yes." He whispered.

Conan slowly closed the door behind him as he tip toed across the room as the light shot on. He turned his head to see Ran sitting in the chair.


"Oops, oops is all you have to say?" Ran said standing up from the chair.

"I, I...how was your week end?" Conan asked with a laugh.

"Why is it that it's way after dark and you're now just coming in!" Ran said as she stormed over.

Conan slouches his shoulders downward as he gives her his puppy eyes impression. She slowly bends down as she hugs him.

"I'm sorry Conan I'm just looking out for your safety, with that 'shape' guy being out there and all."

"It's ok, I understand. It won't happen again." Conan assured.

"It better not." Ran said as she stood back up.

Conan couldn't help but give off a slight laugh.

"It's late but we'll talk in the morning, ok?"

" Yea, sure." Conan said in agreement.

Ran walked off as she headed to her room. Conan did the same.

"That went well, considering the circumstances." Conan said as he got into his night clothes and shut off the lights.

He stared up at the ceiling as the days events rolled through his mind. Conan's eyes shut as he fell asleep. Little did he know his life was about to take a twist, but for what?

The sun shined in. His eyes opened moments later. Conan reached for his glasses as he slid out of bed. He was dressed within the minute as he stashed his fully charged phone into his pocket. He made his way into the main room to see Ran making something. She quickly turned when she noticed he had awoken.

"You hungry Conan?"

He nodded as he took a seat at the table. Neither one of them said a word for the next minute or so.

"You still think I'm mad don't you?"

"Are you?" Conan asked knowing that wasn't the reason for his silent mood.

"Ofcourse not, just be sure to be in by 8:30." Ran replied placing his breakfast on the table.

Conan ate slowly, the case from yesterday was still clearly stuck in his head. Ran noticed this.

"Are you ok Conan?"

"Yea, just a little tired is all."

He finished eating as he jumped down from the chair. Ran washed both of their plates as Conan walked over and reached for his back pack.

"Have a good day in school." Ran said as she to got ready.

Conan made his way down the street as he looked up at the sun which shined especially bright today. This brought a slight smile to him as he approached Teitan Elementary. Conan made his way toward the front door as a man stepped infront of him.

"How are you doing today there son?"

"Genitor Logan, he started working here just about a month ago. We've been on great terms ever since."

"I'm doing good." Conan replied.

"How'd your exam go?" The genitor asked.

"I aced it."

"You sure are a bright one Conan, you're meant for greatness boy."

"Thanks Mr. Logan."

"You run along now, and try to stay out of trouble."

With that Conan made his way into the school. He walked down the hall as someone taps him from behind. He turns to see Mitsuhiko.

"Hey Conan, you seen the others yet?"

"Just got here, I'm sure they'll turn up soon." Conan said with assurance in his voice.

"I hope they are ok."

"What do you mean?" Conan asked with concern in his voice.

"Some children were abducted, the amount has increased since yesterday." Mitsuhiko informed.

"How many?" Conan asked

"Eight so far."

"Add that to the 'to do list'."Conan took note to himself.

Conan turned his head to see Ai Haibara walk right past the two of them. They quickly followed after her.

"I came by yesterday, where did you happen to run off to?" Conan asked

She glimpsed over at him then back forward.

"We better get to class before we're late." Ai replied.

"Someone defiantly woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

They enter the classroom shortly after as they are greeted by both Ayumi and Genta.

"Hey Conan you hear about the abductions?" Genta asked stepping forward.

"I already informed him about it." Mitsuhiko said.

"We should gather together after school, I think we can solve where the kidnaper might be." Ayumi suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Conan said in agreement.

The door to the classroom shut as Professor Gerald instructed everyone to head to their seats. The Professor left the room as everyone sat in silence.

"Psst... hey Conan."

Conan tuned in his seat to see Ayumi.

"You like my new necklace, my mother got it for me." She said showing it to him.

"It's really nice Yoshida." Conan replied as the Professor entered the room once again.

Conan looked over as he noticed a little girl next to him. She had on a uniform with the same color variation as his own. She had long dark brown hair. The Professor lead her to the front as a smile came to his face.

"Class this is Salekea Valdina, she has joined our class as of today." Professor Gerald said.

"Hello everyone." She waved as her face became red.

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince
Chapter 2
The New Student

It was clear she was shyShe held her hands together as she stared down at the ground.

"So who wants to give her a slight tour of the school?" Professor  Gerald asked.

Nearly everyone raised their hand. Conan slightly ducked under his desk trying to avoid any confrontation. Professor Gerald noticed this as he walked over toward him.

"Damn, why me." Conan thought to himself as the Professor came to a stop infront of his desk.

"I trust you quite well Edogawa Conan, would you mind taking Ms. Valdina on a tour?"

"Heck yea I mind, I always get to be the poster boy for these things."

"Ofcourse not." Conan replied with the lowering of his shoulders.

Conan hopped down from his seat as he walked up to her holding out his hand.

"Hi I'm Conan."

"Hi." She replied with a blush.

"Right this way." Conan said.

They began to walk toward the door as Conan looked over to see Ai with a smirk on her face.

"Have fun." She whispered.

Conan rolled his eyes at this. They then left the room.
Everyone walked around, some in groups, others just to get to a certain location. Ran finished sorting out the things in her locker as she closed it to see Sonoko.

"How was your trip up to the north side?" Sonoko asked.

"It went well, did you finish your bio write up for the chemical chart?" Ran asked.

Sonoko turned to the side as she leaned up against a locker.

"I so forgot about that."

"I had an idea you would."

"I swear I'm going to drop that class today."

Ran laughed at this.

"What are you doing after school?" Sonoko asked.

"Nothing planned, did you want to hang out?"

"Let's meet right outside the front entrance."

"See you then." Ran said in agreement as she turned to walk.

They both went in separate directions heading to class. She headed to her class as she took a seat waiting for her teacher to arrive. Sonoko hated this class, especially the equations which were used in a lot of their experiments.

"Where is Mrs. V, she's usually good about being on time." Sonoko thought to herself.

She waited along with the rest of the class as they stared at the daily lessons on the board. A minute passed by as a young man walked into the room dressed in the required school uniform. He stood near the board as he looked toward the class. Sonoko's heart began to pound a beat up as she looked him over.

"Wow, what a hottie."

The class stared over at him as he gave off a slight smile. Sonoko raised her hand.

"Excuse me sir, but I have a question."

A brief second went by as  he finally looked toward her. Sonoko dazed off as she stared into his water blue eyes.

"What's the question?" He asked.

"Are you our Professor for today?"

He smiles under his teethtiling his head to the side as a little of his hair flowed past his right eye.

"What do you think?" He asked in a calming tone.

Before Sonoko could answer Mrs. V entered the room as she stood to the side of the young man resting a hand on his shoulder.

"Welcome back class, I take it you all enjoyed your week end." Mrs. V said.

"Sure did Mrs. V." One said in response.

"I would like to introduce you to our new student, an interim student all the way from Gotham." She began.

"I look forward to getting to know you all." He stated looking back up.

"Welcome." A gentlemen in the front commented.

"What's your name?" Sonoko asked from the back row.

"His name is Wayne Timothy, formally Drake if I'm correct." Mrs. V said.

"A little of both, but what ever is more comfortable for you." He said.

"Any more questions for Mr. Wayne?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Sonoko asked.

"Any more reasonable questions?" Mrs. V asked.

Tim couldn't help but chuckle at this. The room fell silent for the next few seconds.

"So who wants to give young Timothy a tour of Teitan High?"

Sonoko quickly raised her hand as Tim locked eyes with her once more. She winked at him in response.

"I see you have interest in our new student Ms. Suzuki. Very well, you may give him the tour."

Sonoko made her way over as Mrs. V looked toward her.

"You have fifteen minutes." She informed.

Mrs. V then directed her attention back over to Tim.

"Mr. Wayne don't be afraid to ask questions as well, I'm sure Ms. Suzuki can answer them." Mrs. V said.

"Thank you Mrs. V." Tim said with a nod.

"We better get started, right this way." Sonoko said as she lead Tim out of the classroom.

They had gone through the food court, computer room, and all the class areas as they came upon the library. They walked in as Conan showed her around. From genre to author. They came to a quick stop as they sat at a table near a book shelf. Conan looked over at her as she flipped through a children’s book.

“I like your pig tails.” Conan commented.

She didn’t reply.

“Way to start a conversation, nice going Kudo.” Conan thought to himself.

She flipped through the whole thing as she closed it and looked back up.

“I like your glasses.” Salekea commented back.

This time Conan  was the one lost for words.

“Thank...... you.” Conan finally managed to say.

They both jumped down from their chairs as they made their way back to class. She glimpsed over at him, Conan noticed as she came to a stop. Conan did the same.

“What’s wrong?” Conan asked.

Salekea reached over as she placed her hands around his neck. She slowly slid them up as her fingers glided through his hairtaking his glasses off. Conanstood stunnedlooking over at her as she placed them on.

“How do I look?” Salekea asked with a giggle.

“You look.......nice.” Conan replied.

Salekea placed his glasses back on for him as they made their way back to class.

“Woh.” Conan thought to himself as they headed back.

They walked through the school as she explained where every thing was located. She then took him out to where the school garden was and took a seat at one of the benches.

“Want to have a seat?” Sonoko asked.

“It’s only been five minutes, don’t you still have to show me around?”

“We’ve been through all the important stuff, I just wanted some time for us to talk is all.”

“Alright.” Tim said as he looked around to see they were secluded.

“So what kind of life style do you have.”

“A lot of business, which requires a lot of travel.”

“That must mean you have a good deal of money.”

“When you have someone like Bruce Wayne as your father, it makes things more flexible.”

“Besides school what else brings you down here, business wise?” Sonoko asked.

“Trying to spread a program called the Neon Knights, keeps kids off of the streets and helps them to build a future toward their strengths and interests.” Tim replied.

“Cute, smart, and financially stable, he’s defiantly a catch.” Sonoko thought to herself.

Neither one of them spoke for the next few seconds.

“Do you have a boyfriend or man who looks out for you?” Tim asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“There we go, play hard to get. Let’s see how he follows up.” Sonoko thought to herself.

“I see, so you do have a man of interest.” Tim said.

“Huh, what makes you think that?”

“When you replied to my question you crossed your legs and your eyes slightly pivoted to the left. 'A’ that usually means someone is lying, or 'B’ they are withholding extra insight on something.”

“Great he’s a nerd, Shinichi anyone.”  Sonoko thought to herself as she stared down at the ground.

When she didn’t reply Tim took a slight step back as he spoke once more.

“What’s his name?” Tim asked.

A few seconds past by as a few birds flew past overhead.

“Makoto.” She softly replied.

“See that wasn’t so hard, what’s he like?” Tim asked.

“He’s very kind and is a master at martial arts.” She said looking back up with a smile.

Tim looked over at her, realizing there was more to this.

“So how is your relationship with him?”

“It.....it’s complicated.”

Tim took another step back as he leaned up against a light pole, studying her.

“Hmm, from your tone and body language I’d say you really care about this guy. That must either mean he travels a lot or dosen’t live around here, am I right?” Tim asked.

“Wow, he really is like Shinichi.”

She nodded answering his question. They stood in silence for the next few seconds

“What about you, is there a woman of Tim Wayne’s world.”

“To be honest, my love life is broken as you can get.” Tim replied.

“I wonder what that means.” Sonoko thought to herself.

“We should really get back to class.” Tim said.

“You’re right.” Sonoko said as Tim held his hand out.

Sonoko froze for a second at this. She then reached forward as he pulled her up.

“Add gentleman and a kinky clone version of Shinichi to the list.” Sonoko
 commented to herself as she watched Tim head back to the building.

The halls were empty so it made it much easier for them to make it back to class. Conan reached forward as he opened the door. It was quite, everyone was taking a practice exam.

“How did the tour go?” Mr. Gerald asked lightly as he met them at the door.

“It was fun, Conan showed me a lot of cool things.” Salekea replied.

“Good, Conan would you escort Ms. Valdina to her seat?”

“Sure..ah...where does she sit?” Conan asked.

“To the right of you.”

“Great, now I have another girl sitting near me who might just have a crush on me.” Conan thought to himself.

Conan walked her over as they took a seat at their desks.
 He then looked out the window as he caught sight of genitor Logan smoking a cigarette.

“Someone should tell him the dangers of smoking.” Conan said to himself.

Tim walked up as he held the door allowing Sonoko to walk in. He closed the door behind them as Mrs. V made her way over.

“I said fifteen minutes, that was over twenty Ms. Suzuki.” Mrs. V said crossing her arms.

Sonoko stood there as she quickly began to think up an excuse of why they were late.

“It was my fault Mrs. V, I got caught up with all the artifacts near the front lounge.” Tim stated.

“Oh...well then, I hope the tour was very insightful.”

“More so than I thought, Sonoko was really helpful.” Tim said looking over at her.

“Glad I could help.” Sonoko replied.

“Mr. Wayne your seat is in the back row right over there.” Mrs. V pointed.

Tim walked over as he took a seat. Sonoko took a seat to the right of him as Mrs. V made her way to the front of the room.

“Alright everyone pull out your periodic tables so we can begin todays lesson.”

“Hey new guy.” The girl infront of him said as she turned in her seat.

Tim looked up to face her.

“Hi, what’s you name?” Tim asked.

“Airi, I was wondering what you think of the Kaitou Kid?”

Tim’s eyes narrowed as he leaned forward in his seat.

“Come again.”

“What do you think about Kaitou Kid?”

“I don’t believe I’ve heard of him, what’s he do?” Tim asked.

“He’s only the greatest thief ever, and madly hot.” Sonoko answered jumping into the picture.

“I hate him already.” Tim said as he sat back in his seat.

“You what!” Sonoko and Airi yelled out at the same time.

“Quite back their ladies or I’ll move you!” Mrs. V yelled back to them.

The rest of the period was spent taking notes. The next hour and ten minutes went by quite quickly as the bell rang. Everyone made their way out. Tim was the last one as he placed his bag over his shoulders and made his way to the door. Once he walked out he was surprised to be met by Sonoko.

“You still mad at me?” Tim asked as he looked at the time on his watch.

Sonoko rolled her eyes at him with a slight huff.

“Aren’t you going to head to your next class?” Tim asked looking back up.

“Not until I make sure you find yours, so what do you have next?”


“Great, we have two classes together!” Sonoko yelled out as she grabbed him by his wrist and lead him to the Gym.

He went through the same routine of being introduced. Shortly after everyone sat around the gym room as they stretched out.

“Hey Tim, this is Zee and I’m Argo. Hope your in shape, we got the mile tomorrow.”

“Is that your real names, no offense ofcourse.” Tim said.

“Nah, that’s just what we go by.” Argo answered.

“So what are we doing today?” Tim asked as he switched to stretching his left leg.

“Coach Succo is going to record our height, vertical jump, and pretty much all that good stuff.” Zee said.

“Sounds easy enough.” Tim said.

“You check out any of the ladies at this school yet?” Argo asked.

“Can’t really say I have, my attention has been more focused on just checking out the place.” Tim said with a laugh.

“Wait til you see Mouri Ran, the girls a true china doll.” Zee said.

“No kidding I’d love to have her, even if it was just one night.” Argo said with a bark.

“She’s a tough one. I’m going to milk her down, then I’ll ask her to the school dance.” Zee began.

“Then what?” Argo asked with a laugh.

“Things will get a little....... rough, when we head back to my place that is.” He said with an evil grin.

Tim raised a brow as the two of them began to evilly snicker.  

“How did I end up hanging with these two nuts?” Tim thought to himself as he continued stretching.

The rest of the period flew by. Tim washed his face as he made his way back into the hall to be met by Sonoko.

“Nice verticle.” Sonoko commented.

“You did very well with your stretch out, impressive I’d say.” Tim commented back.

“You’d be surprised what my body is capable of.” Sonoko said stepping forward at him.

“Well would you look at the time, I must be heading to my math class.” Tim said with a quick turn.

As he walked off Sonoko watched as his cell phone fell out of his pocket. She quickly made her way over as she picked it up. When Sonoko looked up Tim Drake was no longer in sight.

“Just great.” She said to herself.

The bell rung as class was dismissed. Conan made his way out of the door as Salekea waved bye to him as she walked down the hall. Conan waved back as Genta stepped infront of him.

“Conan you ready to start cracking some cases?”

“Let’s get the other’s and head over to the park.” Conan replied.

They gathered the rest of the 'Detective Boys’ as they headed over to the park. Ayumi sat on one of the swings as she looked down at her new necklace.

“So we have three major cases we have to deal with.” Mitsuhiko said.

“The abductions.” Ayumi said.

“The shooting at Air Dome.” Ai added.

“And the biggest mystery of them all, who is the shape?” Genta said in a sinister tone as Ayumi and Mitsuhiko jumped up at this.

“We need to focus on one at a time, that way we can be more efficient at solving it.” Conan stated.

“I’m in agreement with Conan on this one.” Genta said.

“So which one do you guys want to start with?” Conan asked.

“The child abductions, I think that is the most immediate threat.” Ayumi said as she hopped down from the swing.

“Yea.” Mitsuhiko said.

“Most defiantly the one.” Genta said in agreement.

“I guess that pretty much settles your proposal Conan.” Ai finished.

“Alright then, let’s start by going over where the abductions started.” Conan began.

The crowds poured past as the sound of cars and trucks can be heard taking off in the near distance. She waited near the front exit like they had agreed. After about five minutes of waiting her friend finally showed up.

“There you are.” Ran said as she greeted her friend.

“Sorry about the delay, I was looking for someone.”

“Did you find them?”

“Not exactly.”

“I need to head home and take a shower before we go, by the way did you drop out of your chemistry class?” Ran asked.


Ran looked at her with a surprised look. Usually when she said something Sonoko saw it through.

“Ok Sonoko, why didn’t you drop the class?”

“Well....there’s kinda this guy and.....yea.”

“Do you like him?” Ran asked moving in closer.

“I....don’t, he’s just interesting.” Sonoko said.

“Details, I want the full scoop.”

“He’s a rich kid from Gotham City, he’s here for school as well as business.”

“What kind of business?” Ran asked.

“He’s running a program called the Neon Nights, it helps kids build a future.”

“What’s his name?” Ran asked.

“Tim, his name is Tim.” Sonoko said as she reached for something in her bag.

Sonoko scoured her bag for a few seconds as she pulled out a phone.

“He dropped his phone earlier, I was looking to return it to him.” Sonoko said as she looked down and turned his phone on.

“Sonoko what are you doing?” Ran questioned.

“Just giving the inside a look.” She replied.

“Are you sure about this?”

She ignored her as the phone turned on. Sonoko messed around with his phone for a bit as a grin came upon her face.

“What did you do?” Ran asked knowing her friend was up to something.

“I just gave him my number, not to mention I have his.”

Sonoko’s phone began to vibrate a few seconds later as she answered it. She took a step to the side as she engaged in conversation with someone. It lasted nearly a minute as she placed her phone back into her pocket.

“That was Ayako, looks like we won’t be able to hang out today.”

“That’s ok, we can always go to the mall another time.”

“I need to ask you a favor.”

“What is it?”

“Can you head over to the science department in the morning and give Tim his phone back, I might not be at school on Tuesday.”

“I have no idea what he looks like.” Ran exclaimed.

Sonoko handed her his phone as Ran looked down to see a picture of him on the screen.

“I’ll see you later Ran.” Sonoko said as she walked off.

“See yah.” Ran said as she looked at the man in the image.

“So this is Tim.” Ran thought to herself.

She stared down at the picture a few moments longer.
 Ran then turned it off and placed it into her bag as she made her way home.
Conan walked alone, heading back to the house after his meeting with the Detective Boys. He tried to keep his focus on the abductions case but found his mind kept going back to the case revolving around Air Dome.

“If I could just figure out the true motive, was it a paid hit, if so who?

Conan’s phone began to vibrate as he looked down to see it was Dr. Agasa. He brought the phone to his side as he talked into it.

“Got anything good for me?” Conan asked

“I looked a little more into that phone you were able to retrieve.”

“What were you able to find out?”

“It was made and sold in Gotham. There were two calls from there, then two more when they came to Japan.” Dr. Agasa informed.

“What calls were made back in Gotham?” Conan asked.

“I tried to trace the numbers, but they are seemingly untraceable.” Dr. Agasa replied.

“That figures.” Conan thought to himself.

“I’ll keep looking Conan.”

“Keep me updated.”

With that he hung up.

“Let’s just hope this guy dosen’t strike again.”

She walked on as the honking of a car can be heard. Sonoko ran over as she entered the passenger seat of the vehicle.
 They drove on for a minute or so as they came upon a red light.

“How was your day?” Ayako asked.

“Not bad considering.”

They waited about a half minute as the light flashed back to green. She began to drive as Sonoko yelled out.

“Stop the car!”

“What’s wrong Sonoko?” Ayako asked.

“It’s a friend of mine, just pull over really quick.” Sonoko pointed.

Ayako pulled over as Sonoko got out of the car and ran up the side walk.

“Tim!” She called out.

Tim turned around to see Sonoko as he walked back toward her.

“Sonoko, what are you doing here?” Tim asked hanging his hands over his pocket.

“Your phone, you dropped it in the hall today.” Sonoko informed him.

Tim felt into the pocket located within his jacket to see it was gone.

“Guess I shouldn’t be so careless.” Tim said.

“Yea, you should work on that. Anyway I gave it to Ran.” Sonoko said.

“Ran?” Tim asked.

“Ran Mouri, she’s a well trusted friend of mine. Infact we might be able to give you a ride there now.”

“Ran Mouri, Argo and Zee were talking about her.” Tim thought to himself.

Sonoko grabbed him by his hand as she lead him over to the car. She looked in as she exchanged a few words with her sister.

“Hop on in.” Sonoko said.

They both got in as Ayako began driving again.

“Hello there, are you a friend of Sonoko?”

“Yea, I guess you could say so, about the only friend I have since getting here.” Tim replied.

“That’s nice.”

They continued to drive as Sonoko changed the radio station numerous of times as she struggled to find something she liked. After about five minutes of driving they came to a stop as Sonoko looked back at him.

“Here we are. She’s located right in there, just head up the stairs, and be sure to knock.” Sonoko said.

“I thank you both for your hospitality.” Tim said as exited the vehicle tossing his bag over his shoulder’s.

“See you in class.” Sonoko said as they drove off.

Tim placed his hands into his pocket as he walked forward. He made his way into the building then up the stairs like Sonoko instructed. Tim came to the door as he gave it a slight knock and took a step back. No one answered. He knocked once more as the door cracked open.

“Oo...ok then.” Tim said as he caught sight of his phone sitting on the table.

“Is anyone home?” Tim called in.

No one answered.

“Can’t just go in and grab it, then I could potentially face charges.” Tim though to himself.

That next second a loud scream can be heard.

“That didn’t sound good.” Tim thought to himself.

He raced in as he grabbed his phone from the table and went into the direction of the scream. The same person who screamed before did so once more as Tim raced down the hall. He came upon a door as he swung it to the side. He entered a bathroom as he caught sight of a naked woman coming out of the shower. Tim became stunned at the sight as he is kicked in his jaw sending him back. She holds the shower curtain to her body as she starts screaming yet again.
Tim rubbed his jaw as he heard more foot steps coming from behind.

“Damn, what the hell did I get myself into!” Tim thought to himself as a man came to the entrance of the bathroom.

“Who the hell are you, get away from my daughter you creep!!!” The man said as he jumped at Tim who managed to slip past him and make his way back into the hall.

Tim put it into gear as the front door came into view. He ran down the stairs as he made it back outside. As he ran toward the road he caught sight of a little boy who looked up at him. They shared a brief glimpse, one which seemed to last much longer. After that Tim was gone out of sight as the man came running out.

“Conan did you see a kid running out here?” Kogoro asked trying to catch his breath.

“What happened, is Ran ok?” Conan asked with much concern.

“She’s ok, but that punk kid tried to rape her no doubt.” Kogoro stated.

Conan’s eyes widened as he ran past Kogoro all the way into the house as he tossed his bag to the ground.

“Ran, Ran!!” Conan called out.

Conan found her wrapped in a towel shaking in the corner.

“Ran, what happened?!” Conan asked.

“Did daddy catch that freak?”

“No, he got away. But I got a good look at him.” Conan stated.

Kogoro entered the bathroom a few seconds later as he helped Ran up.

“Everything is going to be ok, we’re going to find that guy and bring him in.”

“What exactly happened?” Conan asked.

Ran slowly collected herself as she began to explain.

“I was in the shower and then the water turned extreamly hot which prompted me to scream, that guy showed up a few seconds later.” Ran said.

“You dummy, I told you to tell Ran the shower was messed up.” Kogoro yelled out.

Conan ignored him as an idea popped into his head.

“Hmm, maybe he heard you scream and he came to make sure everything was ok.” Conan said as he is knocked over the head.

“Think idiot, why would he be up here in the first place!!?” Kogoro said.

“There’s no winning with this guy.” Conan thought to himself.

It wasn’t long after he made his way back to his apartment as he tossed his bag to the ground and threw himself to the bed.

“What a great way to start your trip Drake.” Tim said as his ring tone went off.

He pulled out his phone as the incoming number read “Fantasy Girl”.

“Fantasy Girl, who the heck is that?” Tim thought to himself as he answered his phone


“I see you got your phone back.”


“One and only.”

“You really need to call Ran, something really, really, awkward happened.” Tim began.

Tim had explained the whole situation to her. It took him nearly five minutes just to get her to stop laughing. There conversation didn’t last to much longer after that. A couple hours passed by as night struck.

“She promised she’d talk to Ran, I trusted her word.”

He looked down at the city below as a breeze blew past him. The night sky full of the dark clouds above.

“The Wayne name has it’s benefits, but I will always be Drake when the sun rises.”

The belt is strapped on as he tosses the cowl over his head.

“The whole interim student thing is just a method of keeping any suspicion off of why I’m really here. Martez Sugo was killed by a rifle using a 338 Lapua Magnum.”

He slid downward as he landed on top of another building.

“Two weeks prior a man known as Jackie Rutholl died in what appeared to be an accidental house explosion. I visited the scene myself, found a 338 Lapua Magnum round not to far from the scene, the killer used a steel enforced grapple gun to fire an oil tank into the house.”

He glided downward as his eyes skimmed the area.

“From there it was all but target practice. It dosen’t end there, I did my home work on Mr. Rutholl.”

A police siren goes off as he focuses his attention into that area.

“Turns out Jackie legally changed his name from Harmondo Sugo three months ago, trying to dodge someone.
 Someone is targeting the Sugo’s, why? I checked the flight records before I arrived so it was no surprise when I saw Floyd Lawton had entered Japan, two months ago.”

He shot out his grappler as he went after the car being pursued by the police.

“Floyd Lawton, Deadshot. He’s the hit man, but who’s calling the shot’s?”

He skimmed through the air as he closed in.

“That’s why I’m here. Then you have the abductions of children, that
... I will take care of. criminals of Japan beware, Red Robin is to be feared.”

With that Red Robin glided past the fleeing car as he tossed a mini explosive at one of it’s tires. The car flew over as the police surrounded it. The police pulled the man from the vehicle as they cuffed him. Red Robin watched from above as he removed his cowl letting his hair blow freely in the night breeze.

“Tim by day, Red Robin by night.” He thought to himself. as he looked to the moon above.

He placed his cowl back on as he glided into the night.

“The good thing is I’m one step ahead in this chess match, the next target will surely be Katina Sugo, and when he strikes I’ll be there.”

To Be Continued
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@Tim_Drake4444: Batman and manga...nice idea. Honestly have no idea who Kaitou kid is, looked them up though. I only read chapter one, it's very well written (and you've written heaps) but it's not my thing. Keep up the good work though, its got a nice pace, its well written and you've done a good job. Congratulations

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Hey everyone! Yeah EVERYONE! Tim_Drake4444 regularly and consistently writes this little saga which is now up to it's 112th chapter! So whilst it may not be your cup of tea (it's not really mine) I hope someone out there is having a read.

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I read the begining and I promise I'll try to read more soon.

What I read is cool.