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The Detective Prince

Chapter 25

Mystery Hit

"That's my third time calling, highly unusual for Shinichi not to answer."

He placed his phone off to the side. The sound of the computer beeping can be heard within the seconds to come. He switched the screen on, pleased at what he saw.

"Just as expected, the blood found on that knife in the briefcase Gin tied to me matched that of the victim found dead at the building down town."

Tim stood from the chair, opening the locker where his gadgets lay. He gave everything a look, reloading on anything that was running low. He shut the locker once finished, turning back to the desk to hear his phone ringing. He stepped back over looking to see who it was before pulling the phone to his ear.

"Was wondering when you'd call." Tim said answering the phone.

"Thought this would be a good time to check up on you and your mission."

"To be honest with you Bruce, I've got a little side tracked by some of the other things going on down here."

"Do you need any kind of help," Bruce asked. "I could fly down, or send Dick if you're in need of a little assistance."

"Nothing I can't handle, besides," Tim said with confidence. "I've gained two very reliable allies while operating."

"I don't know your situation Tim," Bruce acknowledged. "But are you sure they can be trusted?"

"Positively," Tim replied. "One of them even has ties to the police force, so it makes my planning just that more flexible."

"I'll trust your judgment, you're calculating when it comes to picking your associates."

Silence dwindled between the two for the next few seconds that past.

"So, how's everything back in Gotham?"

"Things have gotten a little heatedbetween the gangs," Bruce replied. "Not only has it kept me busy, but Gordon and the police department as well."

"I can hear it in your voice, that's not all... is it," Tim questioned. "What's going on?"

"Nine days ago both Twoface and Hugo Strange escaped from Arkham, exactly two hours and two minutes apart."

"That's ared flag, any idea on how they escaped?" Tim asked.

"The doors to their cells were melted from the hinges up," Bruce replied. "The only thing found was markings left behind upon the cell walls."

"Markings," Tim questioned. "What kind of Markings?"

"A very artistic pattern, following up the left sides of each wall."

"What could it mean?"

"I don't know Tim, but I'll keep you updated."

"As will I," Tim said. "Wherever Deadshot is camping out he's bound to show his face soon."

"I can't advice to you enough how much to be careful."

"Don't worry, I'm not the target remember."

"Even then you need to stay alert."

"Ofcourse," Tim said taking a seat at the chair. "Guess I'll touch base with you when I make further progress."

"Sounds good, I'll give everyone your best."

"Thanks, and keep me updated on your end." Tim finished before the two hung up.

He sat in thought for the next few minutes, thinking about all he had just heard. Not only did he have an agenda of his own, but something was hitting track back home. It left him very uncomfortable. He finally pushed up from the chair after minutes of sitting, exiting the underground base.

"Maybe a little walk will help clear my mind."

This was one of the many times he had walked this route, taking the longest way possible. He came to a stop once reaching the door, taking a deep breath before giving it a knock. No response was returned. He tried once more only to receive the same results.

"He's not here, can't exactly go to the hideout to check either."

Conan pulled out his phone, giving him a ring only to get the answering machine. He sighed, turning and heading back for the elevator. An hour went by, his legs beginning to tire beneath him. He came to a stop once approaching one of the many parks. He stood under one of the many tree's, welcoming it's shield from the sun. He quickly scoured the area with a hand over his eyes.

"There he is." Conan said with relief.

He walked over to the bench overlooking the playground where the children played, taking a seat to the right of him. Tim immediately noticing turned to face him.

"Hey Conan, what are you doing here?" Tim asked.

"I was looking for you," Conan replied. "Tried calling, but your phone was off."

"Left my phone at the hideout, needed some time to think." He said looking back to the playground.

"What's wrong?" Conan asked seeing a look of distress in his eyes.

"Something's going down backin Gotham," Tim replied. "And I can't even be there to find out what...atleast not until I finish up business here."

"Sounds big." Conan thought to himself.

Tim shifted his attention back down to him, a slight smile appearing.

"Just curious, how did you know I'd be at the park?" Tim asked.

"Don't all birds hang here?" Conan jokingly replied.

"Very funny Shinichi, so what's so important that you had to track me down?"

Conan turned away, dropping his eyes to the ground. He looked over at him knowing it must be something important.

"What is it," Tim asked pushing for an answer. "Was there another killing?"

Conan lightly tilted his head while coordinating his eyes to the left. Tim lifted a brow, turning to the left to see Ran. She stepped from the tree where she stood, slowly making her way over. Tim darted his attention back to Conan.

"You told her?" Tim exclaimed.

"No, Sonoko did." Conan replied rolling his eyes.

"Swell, and here I thought we had three to four days before she talked." Tim mumbled.

Ran took a seat a few inches away to the left of him. His attention strolled away from Conan, turning to find her with a friendly smile upon her face.

"I was going to tell you." Tim stated.

"Yea, I know," Ran said. "Conan and Sonoko already told me."

"You don't seem very angry," Tim said leaning his back up against the bench. "I really expected you to be."

"I was," Ran admitted. "That is until Sonoko told me about you, Conan even. He views you as an older brotheryou know."

"Thats news to me."

"Didn't know you liked to read," Ran said. "Conan told me about the countless detective stories you went through with him."

"We sure love our Sherlock, right Tim?" Conan added.

"Indeed we do." Tim said slightly glimpsing over at himbefore turning back to Ran."So what brings you here, did you want to ask me something?"

"I guess I have a few questions," Ran said inching in a little closer. "Promise to be truthful with your answers?"

He nodded in response.

"Now with my first question." She said easing in. "Have you and my father been talking?"

"From time to time, when I see him that is."

"When did this start?"

"I'd rather you ask him," Tim replied. "Let him know it's ok with me when you do."

Ran paused at this, knowing it must be something rather important.

"What about back when we were abducted, how come you left me," Ran questioned. "You said you'd come back."

Tim looked to the sky, slowly coming up with a story scenario in his head.

"After I left you to go find a way out, I heard noises." Tim said looking back to her.

"Noises," Ran questioned. "What kind of noises?"

"At first I wasn't sure," Tim said putting on his story face. "But then I heard it's rattle, slowly slithering toward me."

"What was it?"

"A rattle snake," Tim replied with enthusiasm. "When I saw it I took off running, finding the exit shortly after."

"So let me get this straight," Ran said crossing her arms and legs while narrowing her eyes. "You left me behind because of some lousy snake."

"Not just a snake," Tim exclaimed. "This bad boy was over twenty feet long, with the teeth of a mountain lion!"

"Oh jeez, didn't know rattle snakes got that big." Ran frowned less than convinced.

"I was surprised myself when I saw it." Tim said with a laugh.

"A rattle snake, wow," Conan said jumping in. "You failed to mention that part to me."

Tim gulped, immediately swigging his head back.

"What are you doing?" Tim muttered.

"I thought you said you went back to save her, only to be cut by one of the culprits from a knife." Conan said ignoring him.

It instantly hit her.

"So that's where the blood on my clothes came from," Ran said beginning to follow. "It was yours, wasn't it?"

He slowly turned around, a smile coming to his face.

"I wasn't the only one who came to save you, Cona." Tim began only to feel a pinch at his right rib causing him to stop.

He looked to Conan who shook his head from side to side.

"What were you going to say?" Ran asked.

"Oh nothing," Tim replied facing her once more. "The reason I lied about not being there was because I didn't want it leaking out to the media."

"Why's that?"

"I'm not one for a lot of drama." He replied.

"How did you take those two guys out anyway?" Ran asked.

"All luck," Tim replied. "I honestly don't even remember all the details, a lucky bird is what I am."

"And I think you're full of it."Ran said slightly laughing at how humorously he was taking it all.

She reached into her pocket, pulling out her phone to check the time.

"I guess Conan and I better get going." Ran said closing her phone.

"Why's that, some where to be?" Tim asked.

"I need to get started on dinner pretty soon here," Ran replied while sitting up from the bench. "Come on Conan, let's go."

Conan jumped down following after her.

"Ran does this mean me and Tim can still hang out?" Conan asked looking up to Ran then back over to Tim.

She gazed over at the two, Conan enforcing his cause by giving her a look of sorrow.

"Fine, but only when I'm with you," Ran answered. "I want to know a little bit more about him before you two continue your little club, deal?"

"Deal." Conan agreed.

Tim and Conan shared one last glance before the two walked off. Tim sat alone, looking back to the sky above.

"Things are a little twisted, complex, Shinichi and I defiantly need to have a private talk when the opportunity arises."

He trotted along side her as they made their way up the stairs. Ran unlocked the door allowing for the two of them to enter. Conan slid off his shoes, walking over and finding a place to sit up against the wall.

"That went well, considering how much Tim tried bending the truth all the way from Tokyo to Gotham."

He sat for awhile longer, glimpsing over to Ran who tied the apron around her waist. He rested his head against the wall, drifting into a small daze in wait. Nearly fifteen minutes passed before Ran turned to see Conan sitting up against the far wall.

"Conan are you ok?"

"I'm fine, just thinking," Conan said flickering his eyes open. "When is Kogoro supposed to get home?"

"I'm not sure," Ran said turning back to the stove. "It can't be to long from now, we'll just hang tight until he does."

"Sounds fine to me," Conan said pushing up from the wall. "Thanks for giving Tim another chance, he'sa really cool guy."

"I have no problem with it," Ran said facing him once more. "As long as neither of you try testing me in any kind of way."

"Ofcourse not," Conan assured. "We'll keep everything under your standards."

"I'm glad to hear that, dinner should be ready shortly."

Everything was scattered about; papers, files, and even folders. They lay, trailing across the desk. He went to work, beginning to sort the small mess up. It took him under five minutes to finish. He drifted back onto the bed, staring to the ceiling in thought.

"Bruce said they escaped Arkham nine days ago," Tim thought in rest. "That was when Kudo, Hattori, and myself were in Korea...Harvey and Hugo don't really associate themselves, what could it mean?"

He laid awhile longer, still trying to make sense of it all. He sat up when eight hit, walking out to the balcony to watch the night sky.

"Then I have the task of tracking down Deadshot, Vodka, Gin, and the Black organization," Tim thought putting a hand to the railing. "Not an easy assignment, especially when I don't even know where any of them are."

He leaned forward bringing his other hand to the railing, slowly coming up with a plan.

"The best way to find them is to set a trap, one they can't resist,"Tim said tapping a finger. "Question now becomes, how to reel them out."

The clouds laid wide apart, a cold breeze whistling past through the city streets. He awoke at the crack of dawn, hours before school was to begin. Conan yawned, rolling out of bed to begin his early day. He checked his phone, finding he had three missed calls from Heiji.

"I really need to keep up with this phone, I've had a lot more missed calls as of late."

Conan found himself dressed within the minute. He tossed on his glasses and bag before leaving the room. He switched on the TV once in the main room, checking for any recent activities. Nothing of importance caught his eye.

"Guess it's just another typical morning."

He surfed through the channels for awhile longer before taking off to school earlier than usual. It was a cool morning, but it didn't bother him in the slightest.

It heated up as the day progressed, the sun just as bright as the previous day had been. She placed the last of what she didn't need into her locker, shoving it shut nearly jumping to see him standing beside her.

"Good morning Sonoko."

"I heard you talked with Ran." She replied.

"Sure did," Tim said. "Why didn't you tell me you told her already?"

"It kinda slipped my mind." Sonoko smilingly replied.

"I bet it did."

She reached back unzipping her bag, pulling out a text book.

"Here's your chemistry book back," Sonoko said handing it to him. "Thanks for letting me use it."

"I take it you found yours?"

Sonoko nodded.

"Strangely enough it was sitting by the front door desk." Sonoko said as they began walking to class.

"I guess the next time you lose something, that should be the first place you check." Tim said zipping up her still open bag.

He sat slouched forward, the lights turned out for the movie they watched. Conan huffed once more as another note found it's way to his desk, passing it to the person diagonal to him.

"Can I move seats now, I'm not enjoying being the bridge for note passers."

He braced himself, knowing it was going to be one of those days. The note passing continued throughout class, keeping him occupied for the day. He breathed out in relief once the final bell rang, slowly putting his supplies back into his bag. He looked up to find he was the last student to leave the class.

"See you tommarrow Conan, I hope you took good notes from the video."

"I did Ms. Kobayashi."Conan said on his way out.

He looked from one side to the other once entering the hall, none of his friends in sight.

"I wonder where they could be," Conan questioned still looking. "They usually always wait for me."

He continued to walk, careful not to bump into those roaming the halls like himself. He exited through the front entrance, still no sign of his friends.

"Maybe they're hiding from me intentionally."

Conan continued to walk, noticing Ai standing alone leaned up against a light pole near the road way.

"There's Haibara, but what about the others?"

He made his way over, Ai noticing him as he got in closer.

"Took you long enough." Ai said as Conan came to a stop infront of her.

"Where'd the others run off to?" Conan asked.

"They took off to take their things home," Ai replied. "I volunteered to wait for you."

"What for?" Conan asked.

"They wanted me to tell you to meet them at the park for a game of ball."

"Can't really say I have anything to do, you can count me in," Conan said coming to a decision. "What about you Haibara, are you going to come?"

"If everything is straight around the house, I might just show." Ai replied as the two began walking.

"I know what you mean," Conan said. "Things can get a little hectic when Dr. Agasa is at work."

"Let's just hope there aren't any chemical spills to attend when I get home."

"If things are out of line, I'd be more than willing to help you straighten up." Conan offered.

"I can handle it myself, but enough about that" Ai said turning to face him. "What's been going on with you?"

"With me?" Conan asked looking to her as well.

"You don't seem like yourself," Ai began as they continued to walk. "Trying to get a hold of you has become work, and not to mention your recent lack of input with the detective boys."

Conan fell silent for a small time to come.

"I've just been really busy," Conan said looking forward. "My phone charger has been experiencing technical difficulties, that's why I haven't been answering."

Silence fell between the two, both looking ahead rather than to eachother.

"I know he's hiding something, it's only a matter of time before I find out what."

They parted ways when the time came. Conan watched Ai slowly walk down the block and turn the corner before heading his way. He knew she was onto him, but was determined to keep his recent activities a secret. He made it to the house soon after, walking in to find Kogoro on the phone. He looked to see Ran had not yet arrived home.

"Guess it's just me and Kogoro."

Conan pushed out of his shoes, walking to his room where he placed his bag to the ground.

"I know there's someone I needed to call back, who was it again?" Conan questioned while pulling out his phone.

He turned to the door with the sound of alerting foot steps heading his way.

"Conan I'm going to head down to the station, I'll be back shortly." Kogoro said appearing in his doorway.

"What for," Conan asked. "Was there a killing?"

"There sure was."

"Can I come along, I promise I won't get in the way," Conan said assuringly. "I didn't last time."

"You do make a point," Kogoro said rubbing the bottom of his chin. "Fine, but you better make sure you stay in line."

"Yes sir." Conan said with the nod of his head.

With that the two of them headed to the front room, slipping on their shoes before heading out and catching a taxi. Conan sat back as they drove, deciding whoever it was he needed to call could wait. They escaped the traffic jam, arriving at the station after a good twenty minute drive. Both stepped out from the cab, walking up to the front of the station to be greeted by Inspector Megure and Officer Takagi.

"We're glad you could make it on sucha short notice." Wataru said pleased to see him.

"So why are we meeting here," Kogoro asked. "Shouldn't we be meeting at the crime scene?"

Inspector Megure nodded.

"Right this way."

Both Conan and Kogoro were confused by this, following none the less. Juzo and Wataru lead them around the side of the station, a strange odor flowing through the air. They arrived behind the building to find the laying body, that of a police officer. Kogoro and Conan jumped back in surprise, not expecting to see what they did. He had been shot once in the leg, but had multiple wounds from what appeared to be from some type of blade.

"This was Officer Ryoi," Inspector Megure stated. "He had just transferred here at the beginning of last week."

"Looks like he's been dead for awhile." Kogoro said examining the body."Don't you have camera's back here?"

"The estimated time of death is eighteen hours." Wataru informed. "The survaliance system was disabled for a little over a minute last night."

"That's not good."

Conan walked around the body, giving it a look himself. He then looked through the grass surrounding the body, checking for anything that could pose as viable evidence.

"I don't see anything that would point to any kind of struggle, the killer must have brought Ryoi here after killing him," Conan thought as he continued to circle around the body. "But why, why would the killer bring the body where it would easily be discovered by the police, it dosen't make any sense."

He looked back to the body, further examining the cuts. They were deep, precise.

"Whoever did this knew what they were doing," Conan said looking to the bullet wound. "The culprit probably shot Ryoi to immobilize him."

Kogoro continued to talk with Megure and Takagi as more officers entered the crime scene. Conan continued his search, carefully looking over the body. His eyes jumped wide when he caught sight of it, knowing it could be a big break in the case.

"Kogoro, I think I found something." Conan said.

Inspector Megure, Takagi, and Kogoro all walked over curious to what Conan had found.

"What is it," Wataru asked. "What did you find?"

"There." Conan pointed.

The three of them looked, noticing a small piece of folded up paper in his left sock.

"The kid's right," Kogoro said. "Have all the necessary photos been taken from this crime scene?"

"They sure have," Inspector Megure replied. "Let's give that little sheet a look shall we."

"Yes sir."

Wataru reached down sliding the folded paper out from the sock, carefully opening it.

"What's it say?" Conan anxiously asked.

"Here goes," Wataru began with the clear of his throat. "Know you have been forewarned, kill the creature of the shadows! Failing to do so will result in further dismay."

The four stood in silence, even more confused then they had been just a few minutes ago.

"This just went from off the wall to out the door," Conan thought to himself. "What do they mean...kill the creature of the shadows, clearly this case is far from over."

Conan took to the side of the wall, standing in thought as the others carried out a search of the general area.

"Detective Mouri, would it be ok if I had a word with you?" Wataru asked.

"I see no harm in that."

The two stepped away from the crime scene, walking to the side of the station where Conan stood in thought.

"So what is it you wanted to speak to me about?"

"There's a big event taking place down at the down town dance center," Wataru informed. "I thought you might be interested in going."

"What for?" Kogoro asked.

"There's going to be events to help raise money for the less fortunate, and to top it off," Wataru said with a smile. "Okino Yoko is going to be there, everyone knows how much you admire her."

"Are you kidding," Kogoro exclaimed in excitement. "I'll defiantly be there!"

"Enjoy old timer, I got a case to crack."

"That's good to hear, it starts at six tommarrow," Wataru said glad to hear he'd be coming"Getting a ticket might be a little tricky, they're running rather low."

"Don't worry about that," Kogoro said with a laugh. "I know a guy who knows a guy, it's all about connectionsmy good man."

"Great, then I'll see you then."

Kogoro watched as he walked off, turning to Conan a few seconds later. He reached over pulling Conan up to his level.

"Hey Conan you want to go to that event with me?"

"No thanks, I'll stay at the house with Ran." Conan kindly replied.

"To bad, you're going," Kogoro rejected. "I need you to call Tim Wayne for me."

"Tim Wayne," Conan questioned. "Why do you want me to call him, I don't even know his number."

"I'll give the number to you."

"Why do I have to call, how come you can't do it?" Conan asked crossing his arms.

"Because you're an innocent little boy," Kogoro replied. "He'll be more inclined to getting the tickets if you ask."

Kogoro placed him back to the ground with a smile coming to his face.

"Oh Yoko, how I've longed to see you again."

"Guess that makes me the guy who knows a guy," Conan thought with the roll of his eyes. "Kogoro is sure something else."

Hours went by with the sun setting in the distance. He neglected to give his homework any time, watching the sequel to the movie he had just finished. His phone rang for the third time that hour. He continued to ignore it. Fifteen minutes passed before it rang for the fourth time.

"I feel like I'm at the police headquarters or something."

Tim finally gave in, standing from the bed and grabbing his phone from the dresser.


"Hi Tim it's me Conan, the kid who lives with detective Mouri."

"Yea...I think I know that, so what's up?" Tim asked.

"Can you please get me a ticket to the party at the down town dance center for tommarrow night?"

"Sure...I'll just make a call."

"Better make that two, I want Mr. Mouri to go with me," Conan added. "We'd love if you would join us."

"Hey Conan," Tim whispered. "Why are you talking like some kind of fruit?"

"Sweet, I'm glad you'll be able to get the tickets." Conan said ignoring his question. "We'll see you then."

The next thing he heard was the click of the other end. Tim closed his phone while laying it onto the desk.

"What was that all about," Tim questioned. "Either Kogoro put him up to it, or he's handled one case to many."

He took back to the chair, focusing his attention to the TV once more. After another hour, he attended to his homework. It didn't take him long to finish. Without realizing he found himself asleep, his upper body resting upon the desk.

The next day brought a damp and loomy beginning. He crossed the road with his hands to his pocket. The fog flowed as low as the street levels, making it difficult to see. Conan could see his school out of the corner of his eye as he approached.

"Let's hope this day goes nice and smooth, already have to go to some party I have no interest in attending," Conan thought as he stepped into the school yard. "Hopefully Tim decides to come to, that would atleast give me someone to talk to."

He neared the front doors only to have them blocked by Genta who stepped infront of him.

"What's the deal Conan," Genta said crossing his arms. "I thought you were going to come to the park to play ball with us yesterday."

"I was on a case with Kogoro."

"Yea right, you've been evading the detective boys for some time now."

"No, really," Conan explained. "There was a dead police officer found behind the station, he was stabbed and shot."

Genta uncrossed his arms, still giving him a skeptical look.

"I'm going to have to look into this."

"I'm sure one of the others heard about it on the news," Conan said pushing the door open. "You can ask one of them, they might be able to confirm what I said."

The two walked side by side on the way to class. They arrived to find Mitsuhiko and Sumiko to be the only two present in the classroom.

"Good morning Ms. Kobayashi." Genta said.

"Hey guys did you hear about the murdered police officer up at the station?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"Oh yea," Genta said rubbing the back of his head. "Conan told me about it."

"Have either of you given any additional thought to what you're going to bring for show and tell?" Sumiko asked.

"I already know what I'm going to bring."

"Me too." Conan said.

"Glad you both are ahead of schedule, we'll present come Friday."

"I can't wait to see what everyone brings." Mitsuhiko said.

"Me to." Genta agreed.

Both Conan and Genta took to their seats as well, waiting for the rest of the students to arrive. Class began five minutes later. Through the day they took turns reading out of the text book, jotting down notes as they did. It was very clear she had her sights set on him, every time he looked over she was staring back.

"I wonder what I'll have to do to get Haibara to drop her suspicions."

This ran through his mind as class progressed. The final minutes were spent sharing what they learned for the day. The final bell rang just as the last student finished their sentence.

"I'll see you all tommarrow, and be safe on your way home."

Conan stacked his bag onto his shoulders. He walked toward the exit, noticing Ayumi at his side.

"We plan on going to get some ice cream, you wanna come?" Ayumi asked."We're going straight there."

"As much as I'd love to, I have somewhere to be," Conan replied. "Kogoro and I are heading down town in a bit."

"Ohhh....maybe next time."

"You can count on it." Conan said with a smile.

"Wouldn't hold your breath if I were you." Ai said walking past the two.

Conan nor Ayumi said another word as they walked. At this point he knew he had to do something, before she really began putting everything together.

"Ran already knows about me hanging with Tim, maybe it's time my friends know as well."

Ayumi left his side once they reached the sidewalk, heading over to the others who were already on the way to the ice cream shop.

"I'll see you later." Ayumi waved as she joined the others.

Conan waved back, walking into the opposite direction. It was a quiet walk home. The sound of cars and trucks driving by being the only thing keeping him from completely falling into a trance of uncertainty. He arrived back to find Kogoro standing in the front room, adjusting his tie.

"Good news kid," Kogoro said facing him. "Ran will be late getting home due to her after school karate session."

"What's so good about that?" Conan asked.

"Do you ever think, you know how much she hates Tim," Kogoro said. "With her out of the house until atleast five that gives usplenty of time to leave without her becoming suspicious."

"But Ran isn't mad at Tim anymo..." Conan began only to be cut off.

"Ran said we should grab a few things for tonight's dinner," Kogoro said finishing with his tie. "That will be our excuse for being out when she arrives home."

"But Kogoro," Conan protested. "Ran isn't."

"No but's Conan, I know exactly how to handle this situation," Kogoro said switching on the TV. "I don't want to hear another word out of you, catching a little of the news is all I need."

Conan shoulders and arms slouched downward as he took to his room.

"So he's got it all figured out, right..."

He went through his things, looking for something nice, but not over the top to wear to the dance center. He finally came to a decision, grabbing a dark green polo shirt along with a pair of black slacks. He slid on a nice pair of shoes before heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He arrived back to the front room to see Kogoro finish up with a phone conversation.

"Who was that?" Conan asked.

"Tim ofcourse," Kogoro replied. "He's set to meet us infront of the building in twenty, so let's get going."

Conan looked to the clock which read four fifty two as they exited through the front door. He could see the excitement in his eyes and through his gestures as they drove.

"I wonder what Yoko is wearing tonight." Kogoro said rubbing his hands together.

"Got to love how delusional he can be." Conan thought to himself.

The drive lasted for another ten minutes, coming to a stop at the end of the block where the event was to be held. Kogoro pushed forward anxiously with Conan trailing close behind as they made their way up to the long line.

"So this is it, huh," Conan said looking around. "I wonder where Tim is."

"I'm sure we'll see him soon," Kogoro said giving the area a look to. "Keep your eyes peeled."

They stood in line for the next few minutes, arriving to the front to still see no sign of Tim anywhere.

"Hey wait a minute, aren't you the famous detective Mouri?" The ticket collector asked.

"One and only." Kogoro said looking back in search.

"Are you looking for Mr. Wayne?" The clerk asked.

"That's right, have you seen him?" Conan asked.

"That must mean you're Conan, he said you two would come," The clerk said removing the rope. "He already gave me your tickets, just go right on in."

"Thanks sir, we'll do just that." Kogoro said as he and Conan stepped pass.

"Any time detective."

They walked up to the front doors, pulling them to the side. It was crowded, the lights from above making for a clear path. Conan glimpsed down to the crisp red carpet, admiring it's silver trimmings along the edges. All tables sat positioned near the walls, leaving the majority of the room for maneuvering around.

"There's Tim." Conan pointed catching sight of him leaned up against the wall.

He looked up to see them approach, smiling as they did.

"I'm surprised you two made it this quick," Tim said looking to his watch. "To be honest I wasn't expecting you guy's for atleast another ten or so."

"I'm glad you were able to get the tickets," Kogoro said. "So how's school been for you?"

"Rather well actually," Tim replied. "I've made a few friends in the process."

"Well good for you," Kogoro said looking from one side to the other. "Hey Tim, you wouldn't happened to have seen Yoko around by any chance?"

"As a matter a fact I did," Tim replied pushing up from the wall. "I talked with her a few minutes ago."

He looked over to the other side of the room, immediately spotting her.

"Right this way," Tim instructed. "I'll take you to her."

Conan and Kogoro followed his lead, managing not to bump into anyone as they walked. It was faint, but Conan could sense a little uneasiness in Drake. He noticed him looking up to the windows near the ceiling, almost as if he was being watched. She sat at one of the tables, talking with a small group of people.

"Yoko, there's someone hear to see you." Tim politely said stepping to the side of her chair.

She looked over to see Kogoro with a big smile on his face.

"Mr. Mouri, it's good to see you again." She said standing from her chair.

"And it's really good to see youtoo." Kogoro said.

Conan and Tim looked to one another, knowing this was their best shot to sneak out of the picture. As they turned to walk they found themselves blocked by two men who decided to join the group.

"Kogoro, I'm glad to see you made it."

"Inspector Megure," Kogoro said surprised to see him. "I had no idea you would be here."

"He's here for the fundraiser just like us." Wataru said.

"Did either of you bring anyone?" Kogoro asked.

"My wife's busy with some other things, that's why she didn't come along." Juzo replied.

"Sato was going to come as well, but had something to attend to."

"Guess we can call this guys night out." Kogoro said with a laugh.

Conan began to tap his right foot, thinking up plan to remove himself from the group.

"If it's ok with you Kogoro, I would like to further discuss some of the details relating to the crime." Inspector Megure said.

"I'd be more than glad to," Kogoro accepted. "Did you get any leads on who might have done it?"

"Kogoro I'm hungry," Conan exclaimedjumping up and down. "Can we get something to eat?"

"Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?"

"Don't worry about it Kogoro," Tim said coming to Conan's defense. "I'll take him to the food section."

"Make sure you keep a good eye on him," Kogoro warned. "He may quiver offwhen you least expect it."

"Thanks for the advice," Tim thanked. "Right this way Conan."

They walked over to a table which wasn't being used. Conan watched him once more, noticing the same hesitant movements he had seen just a minute ago. The two came to a stop, taking a seat once arriving at the table.

"Thought we'd never get out of that," Tim said. "So how come you didn't let me tell Ran you saved her as well?"

"Then she would have questioned how I knew where to find you."

"Ohh, good point," Tim said. "So how have the past few days been for you?"

"A dead cop pretty much describes it."

"I'm interested, tell me more." Tim said resting his hands upon the table.

"I tagged along with Kogoro when he went to the police station yesterday, the body was found around back," Conan informed. "He was shot once, but stabbed multiple times."

"Let me guess, the bullet was in a non lethal spot?"

"The leg to be exact." Conan said.

"That's not much to go off of," Tim said bringing a hand to his chin. "Any more important details I should know?"

"There was also a note found stashed in his left sock." Conan replied.

"What did it say?"

Conan sat in thought for a few moments, trying to remember exactly what it said.

"Know you have been forewarned, kill the creature of the shadows... Failing to do so will result in further dismay," Conan replied. "That's what it said, though I have no idea what it means."

"Nor do I," Tim said giving it some thought. "Could it be a code... hinting to something maybe?"

They both sat in thought for minutes to come, trying to figure out what the message meant. One thing was for certain, if they didn't find out soon, more people would indeed die. Tim's phone began to ring, breaking the two from their little dose. He looked to his phone with a surprised look.

"Who is it?" Conan asked.

"Just some girl." Tim replied standing up from the table answering his phone.

Conan waited for a little over two minutes, still trying to dissect each little part of the note into small portions. No matter what he came up with, there always seemed to be a loose end. Tim rejoined him, taking back to the seat he had previously occupied.

"What about you," Conan asked. "How have the last few days been for you?"

"Where to start," Tim said giving it a little thought. "Besides what I'm doing here, something big is going down back home."

"That dosen't sound good," Conan said. "Mind sharing?"

Neither was able to say another word before it happened, the crashing of the dish, the hysterical scream following right after. Tim and Conan jumped from their seats, heading over to where a group began to gather.

"What's going on?" Conan questioned.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out."

The two wiggled through the crowd, looking down to see it, that of a dead man cringing onto a hankerchief. His eyes lay blood shot, his veins swelled near the neck. Conan and Tim looked to the other, knowing by just looking at the body the chances of it not being a killing were slim to none.

"This week just keeps getting better and better." Tim thought to himself.

"If this is a killing, then why now," Conan questioned. "Why kill someone when they know Kogoro, Wataru, and Inspector Megure are here?"

To Be Continued

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I thought that was a quite interesting read. Might want to be more descrpitive about the surroundings
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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. 
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The Detective Prince

Chapter 26

Trap Set In Play

"Everyone get back," Kogoro instructed pushing toward the body. "This is now a crime scene."

Inspector Megure and Officer Takagi joined at his side in the seconds that followed. They gave the body a quick look, Megure signaling for them to hold off on a full search.

"We need to get the rest of the unit down here before we continue," Juzo said. "We need pictures of the scene, and not to mention the use of our lab technicians to properly work this case."

"I'll make the call," Kogoro volunteered. "But first I'd like to know what happened, did anyone see anything?"

"I saw what happened," A man claimed stepping forward. "He grabbed a glass of tea from one of the trays, choking out after taking a drink."

"Is that so," Inspector Megure said. "Who carried the tray he took the glass from?"

"I did sir."

"What's your name?" Inspector Megure asked turning to face him.

"Kanne." He replied.

"We'll need to run some tests on those cups you're carrying, along with the one he drank from," Juzo stated looking back to the body. "No one leaves or comes in."

"I'll see to that." Wataru said heading over to the entrance.

Without bringing to much attention to himself Conan gave the body a closer look, checking for any clues that could diagnose another cause of death. Starting from bottom up, he skimmed through the body.

"I don't see anything alerting, but that still dosen't conclude he died from the tea," Conan thought to himself. "We won't know for sure until it's tested for poison."

Someone approached from behind, causing him to look up from the body.

"With you two here, this crime is as good as solved." A familiar voice said from behind.

Both Conan and Tim turned around at the same time.

"Shoji," Conan questioned. "I didn't know you were going to be here."

"Nor did I expect to see the two of you," Shoji replied. "Small world, as they say."

"Guess we should have known you'd be at something like this."

"Funny that our second meeting revolves around yet another murder," Shoji said glimpsing over at the body. "Us three together must be some kind of bad luck or something."

"It could just be a coincidence," Conan said. "A lot of crazy things happen in the world every day after all."

"Very true, guess I'll have to hold off on that little analogy until further meetings," Shoji said looking to Tim who still glanced down at the body. "You're awfully quiet Wayne, you must be in your detective mode."

"Yea, he get's that way when he starts thinking."

Everyone waited, some more impatient than others. The police arrived, gathering evidence and talking with any witnesses of what they saw. The glass cups present on Kanne's tray were taken away for an in depth examination.Conan continued to watch the body, noticing Tim slip away from the side of him. He came to a stop infront of one of the nearby trash bins. Conan narrowed his eyes at this.

"I wonder what's up with Tim, he's been acting strange all night," Conan thought to himself. "First the hesitations, now this."

"Conan do you think the cup was poisoned?" Shoji asked.

"We'll have to wait for them to finish the tests, which shouldn't be long from now."

He focused his attention back to the body, giving it another look. Purple coloring began to form around the eyes of the dead body, he had defiantly been poisoned, but by what?

"Conan what are you doing over here," Kogoro asked walking up to him. "Your not snooping around again are you?"

"No, I'm just observing." Conan replied.

"Hold on a sec," Shoji said giving Kogoro a hard look. "Aren't you the famous detective Mouri?"

"As a matter a fact I am."

"I knew I recognized you, saw your picture in the paper once," Shoji said reaching forward to shake his hand. "So you and Conan know eachother?"

"That's right, he's currently staying with me and my daughter Ran." Kogoro replied.

"No wonder he's such a bright kid, getting front line lessons from the man himself."

"I guess you could say I've been quite the influence on him, he can be a little jumpy at times, but he's learning." Kogoro said with a laugh.

"Yea, right." Conan thought to himself.

Within the next few minutes they arrived back with the test results from the glass, sharing the information with Inspector Megure.

"So what did you find?" Juzo asked.

"The glass he drank from was poisoned, but not only that," One of the officers informed. "All the cups we tested had traces of the poison in them."

"Say what?" Kogoro exclaimed.

"What kind of poison?" Juzo asked

"We're not exactly sure, we've never seen anything like it," He replied. "But from what we can tell there's no way it should have killed him, at least not as fast as it did."

"An unknown poison...something's not adding up here." Conan thought to himself.

"Our next step is to find out who all had access to the poisoned cups." Juzo said.

"The exits are all covered, I'll look into that Inspector Megure." Wataru said walking back over.

"Sounds good to me."

Conan looked back to the body, his chin resting in his hand.

"Something's not sitting right here... why poison all the cups if you're only going for one target?"

Conan looked up to see Tim step back to his side.

"He was poisoned all right," Tim said looking down to the body as well. "Just not the way it may seem."

"Huh... what do you mean?" Conan questioned.

Tim took to a knee, pointing over to the body.

"Check out his right thumb."

Conan looked over, it wasn't until then that he noticed the swelling and color change.

"Can't believe I didn't catch that earlier, I don't usually miss important specs like that." Conan said.

"You didn't," Tim said looking away from the body. "The poisons are taking over from the bottom up."

"But didn't he drink the poison," Conan questioned. "That would mean it would spread downward, not up like you said."

"I said poisons, there's more than one drug in his system," Tim replied. "Right before he died he choked out, that was also when the second poison entered his body."

"Now that you mention it, they did say the poison they found wouldn't be enough to kill him."

"But with the mixture of another, it would." Tim said.

"I'm all for listening to someone unravel a mystery, but all you've given me is a big load of theory," Conan criticized with the cross of his arms. "Why don't you cut to the goods Tim."

"Check out the side of his left ankle Shinichi, it's faint but you can still see it."

Conan tilted his head around, giving the ankle area his full attention. It didn't take long for him to notice the mini hole. From there it all came together.

"So that's why his veins flared up around his neck," Conan said. "From the size of it I'd say a needle was used, but how'd the killer pull it off so quickly?"

"Some great persuasion and a little fishing wire," Tim replied pulling a strand of fishing wire from his pocket. "Found it in the trash."

"Fishing wire?"

"The culprit connected a poisonous dart or needle to the end of the wire," Tim began. "Taking aim and firing using a Fukiya."

"Excuse me for my lack of knowledge on the matter," Conan said rubbing the back of his head. "But what's a Fukiya?"

"It's a type of blowgun," Tim replied looking to those that surround them. "I could smell the poison on the end of the wire, whoever did this is highly skilled."

"How do you know a Fukiya was used?" Conan asked.

"Found split halves in two separate trash bin's," Tim answered. "But what we need to find is the needle that penetrated the ankle."

Conan looked to those that surrounded them as well, looking for anyone or anything suspicious.

"It dosen't make sense, why would the killer dump parts to their weapon into the trash where it could easily be discovered," Conan questioned dropping his hands to his pocket. "I think there's something bigger going on here than we know...but what?"

"Conan I'm going to take another look around, maybe there's something I missed."

"I'll join you." Conan said following after him.

They searched any place that could be used as a hiding spot. Tim started with the tables, checking through napkins and lifting up plates. Conan gave the trash another look, taking to under the tables after not finding anything. This lasted for just over five minutes. He came from under the final table empty handed.

"Find anything?" Conan asked.

"Nope, but the killer might still have it on them."

"Could be," Conan said pushing up from the ground. "They've been highly sloppy up to this point."

"We still don't have enough to come up with an exact suspect."

"I think it's time we pinned our attention onto the guests themselves, maybe we'll find something." Conan suggested.

"Good thinking," Tim agreed. "Now where to start."

He scoured the room with his eyes, looking for anyone who seemed secluded or out of place, Conan doing the same. A soft laugh can be heard from behind the two, causing them to turn.

"So it's true, you two are a couple of detectives."

"Silvia," Tim questioned. "How long have you been watching us?"

"For the last ten minutes or so," She replied. "I had no idea you'd be here."

"It was kind of a last minute thing."

"So what are you guys looking for," Silvia asked a little confused. "The police already confirmed he died from the poison found within the cup."

"You know how guys like us are," Conan said with a laugh. "Always checking every possibility right down to the last thread."

"Is there anything that I can do to help?"

"No, we've got things under wrap," Conan replied grabbing Tim by his wrist while turning to walk. "Let's go Tim, we still have much to find!"

"I'll talk with you later Silvia, tell your brother we said hi." Tim finished before walking off along Conan.

They took to the far table where the drinks rest, coming to a stop near the wall.

"Nice going Shinichi," Tim commented. "Who knows how long that could have lasted."

"Having the appearance of a young boy sure does have it's benefits."

"And I can see how well you've been able to play that role."

"Thanks, though it's not always easy." Conan said leaning up against the pillar.

Silence loomed over the two for the seconds that followed, still watching over the guests who waited to be cleared to leave. Tim looked up to the windows once more, the sky darkening from the sun setting out. Conan pivoted his head to the left to find Kogoro talking with Yoko and a few others, words and laughs exchanged.

"Yet again the great detective Mouri fails to amaze me."

He finished his search of the left, looking back to Tim after coming up empty. His eyes said it all, something had grabbed his attention. Conan looked into the same direction catching sight of a young woman standing alone, her hair covering up her right eye. Tim looked down to Conan who nodded. They slowly made their way over, watching as she pulled out a cigarette. She looked up just as the two stopped before her.

"Can I help you?" She asked sparking the flame.

Neither responded, examining her posture and clothing. She took discomfort to this, a frown slipping upon her face. Conan noticing this quickly smiled.

"We were just wondering why you were sitting alone," Conan said. "If you want someone to talk to we'd love to keep you company."

"Thanks, but I'd rather sit alone."

"Are you sure," Conan asked buying a little more time. "We love to tell stories."

She didn't reply.

"Why do you have only one glove on?" Conan asked.

She evilly glared down at him, causing Conan to clench his teeth.

"Forgive my little friend, he just loves to meet new people," Tim said stepping in. "I'm Tim and this is Conan, what's your name?"

"Samurakami Akiye," She replied bringing the cigarette to her lips. "Now if you kids could run along that'd be nice."

"Kids," Tim questioned with the lift of a brow. "I'm not exactly a kid anymore."

"What are you, seventeen...eighteen maybe," Akiye asked tieing her hair up into a pony tail. "That's still a boy in my book."

Conan couldn't help but giggle.

"I'd actually categorize myself as a young man, not a boy."

Akiye slid down from the table, a look of satisfaction in her eyes.

"You children stay out of trouble now," Aiyke said exhaling into his face. "I'm really in no mood to chat with anyone."

Tim coughed out as Conan's giggles turned into laughs.

"Don't see what's so funny," Tim said through one last cough. "She was referring to us both."

"How lucky can you get," Conan said with his laughter coming to an end. "Being at the same party as Silvia and Aiyke?"

"If you mean as in yea right, agreed."

"What," Conan questioned. "Do you even find anyone attractive?"

"Finding and bringing whoever killed this man to justice is what attracts me at the moment," Tim replied. "Now let's focus our attention back to where it needs to be."

"Whatever you say kid." Conan said tauntingly.

"If there's one thing that can't be deduced, it's women." Tim walked in thought.

Conan watched as he trotted off.

"Either he just got hammered, or something is totally twisted up in his head somewhere."

Conan followed after him, a loud whistle springing through the room in the moments that followed, captivating everyones attention. Inspector Megure walked to the center, all eyes locking down on him.

"After going through the evidence gathered, we can now conclude that the killer is amongst the staff," Juzo said. "And with that in wrap, we're going to begin the releasing process."

"It's about time." Someone said in relief.

"That's not good," Tim said looking down to Conan. "We can't let anyone leave just yet."

"Don't worry," Conan assured. "I've got this covered."

"Anything you need me to do?"

"Try and get Kogoro's attention, I'll do the rest." Conan replied.

He nodded, heading through the crowd over to Mr. Mouri. He continued to talk with Yoko, slightly grunting at the tap of a hand to his right shoulder. Kogoro turned around to face Tim who had a smile on his face.

"I see you're sane, glad to see that kid didn't drive you out of your mind," Kogoro said. "I'm sure you have a reason for coming over, is there something you wanted to tell me?"

"That's correct," Tim said. "It's about the case."

"Oh really," Kogoro said becoming interested. "What exactly do you have to tell me?"

With that he felt his body leave him, tumbling backward right into a chair near the wall. Conan gave Tim a thumbs up before hiding behind the chair, adjusting the dial on the tie.

"Wait a minute Inspector," Conan mimicked through the tie. "No one is to leave, not until I reveal what really happened."

Juzo's head sprung around, looking directly to the sleeping Kogoro.

"Kogoro, what do you mean," Inspector Megure asked. "Are you saying one of the guests were involved?"

"Not exact, but probable."

"This better be good Kogoro," Juzo said crossing his arms. "Go ahead Mouri, fill us in on your suspicion."

"Check out his left ankle Inspector, I'm sure you'll find something quite revealing."

Tim looked to the guests, checking to see how everyone would react to this latest development.

"What am I supposed to be looking for," Juzo asked just as he caught sight of the small hole. "Is that what I think it is?"

"That's right," Conan said. "It's the entry wound of a small poisoned blade, such as a dart or needle."

She walked in closer wanting a clear scoop of what was going on, her eyes wondering in anticipation. Unintentionally she gazed over to see him, a little confused at what she saw.

"Is that Conan...what's he doing behind detective Mouri's chair," Silvia questioned in thought. "He has something in his hand...what is it?"

"Poisoned?" Juzo questioned.

"You said it yourself Inspector, the poison found in the glass couldn't have been enough to kill him," Conan continued with a slight pause. "But with the use of two separate poisons, bringing them together might just get the job done."

Tim continued to observe the crowd, looking for any unexpected reactions to what was being said. Aiyke pulled out her phone to make a call, while a man a few feet from her began shaking. This was an eye opener.

"What's up with that guy...could he some how be involved?" Tim thought to himself.

"I see where you're going with this theory, but how did the killer manage to hit them in the ankle?"

"Using a blowgun," Conan replied through the tie. "If you check the two trash bins over there you should find the two halves of a Fukiya blowgun."

"I'll look right into that." Takagi said before running over.

"That's all good and said," Inspector Megure commented still not one hundred percent in. "But that dosen't explain how the culprit would be able to remove such a small object after impact."

"Don't worry Megure, that's not it," Conan informed. "Tim, why don't you show Inspector Megure what you found in the trash."

Tim walked over, pulling out the fishing wire as he did.

"I found this in the trash bin to the right," Tim informed. "I recognize the odor on the end of it, some kind of Botulinum toxin."

Within the second Wataru came back into the fold, holding out the two halves of the blowgun.

"It was in the trash, just like he said Inspector."

"I want that blowgun examined for DNA samples," Juzo said. "If we're lucky the killer might have left behind some silva."

"Right away." Wataru said.

"Great job Kogoro, can't say how much you've impressed me."

"Just doing my job Inspector." Conan replied.

He knew it was coming, he had felt it all evening. The light flashed upon the table, flickering off of the empty glass. Thinking off his feet Tim lunged forward.

"Kogoro get down!"

He tackled him from the chair, grabbing Conan and burying him in his arms before jumping behind one of the pillars.

"What's going on?" Conan exclaimed.

His question was answered not even a second later. The booming sound pounced through the room, the glass from the windows caving in from the force. Everyone ducking for cover as the rain began, bullets flying from above.

"Megure look out!" Wataru shouted before pulling him to the ground barely dodging a few incoming bullets.

Tim looked from behind the pillar in disgust, his eyes widening at what was to come. Three mini missiles flew in from the broken windows, heading in separate directions.

"Conan, close your eyes." Tim instructed.

He did as told, feeling his body lifted from upon the ground. Tim grabbed Kogoro as well, racing away from the zipping missile. It crashed down blasting part of the wall open as many screams can be heard, the other two touching down as well. Tim came to a stop after evading the explosion, looking up to see another missile flying through the window.

"I don't think so."

He reached into his jacket slinging a birdrang upward. It exploded in mid air, the impact itself sending him flying back to the wall. He opened his eyes a few seconds later, his vision blurred from the fall. The screaming came to a stop after the shooting ended. Conan pushed up from where he lay, walking over to where Tim sat up against the wall.

"You ok?" Tim asked.

"Yea, I'm fine," Conan replied. "What about you?"

"I might have a headache in the morning, but I'll live."

Wataru and Inspector Megure pushed back to their feet, looking around to see the havoc left behind.

"Inspector...what just happened?" Wataru questioned.

'I don't know," Megure replied. "I think we better go around and make sure everyone is ok."

Tim slowly maneuvered himself up, feeling sharp soreness on his left side.

"You knew something was going to happen, that's why you kept looking around so much," Conan said. "How did you know?"

"Just call it instinct," Tim replied. "I've had assassins come after me on multiple occasions, you kinda get a sixth sense for that type of thing after awhile."

"But how," Conan questioned. "You knew exactly when the shooting was going to happen, no instinct is that good."

"You're right in that regard Shinichi," Tim agreed. "It was actually the lighting that tipped me off."


"Whoever was the shooter probably used a rifle," Tim said. "The lighting from the scope bounced off of a cup alerting me someone was taking aim."

"Conan, Tim," Wataru said walking up to the two. "Are you both ok?

"We're fine, though I'm not sure about everyone else," Tim said turning to face him. "If it's alright with you, Conan and I would be more than willing to help assist the wounded."

"That's well appreciated... by the way," Wataru said with a smile. "Nice move back there."

"Excuse me?"

"You know, when you knocked detective Mouri from the gun fire."

"Ditto, you did a handy job in saving the Inspector's life."

The three of them turned as foot steps headed into their direction, Shoji the one to approach.

"Wow, that was so crazy!"

"Did you find anyone hurt?" Tim asked.

"From what I can tell no," Shoji replied with a turn. "But some people already left through that opened wall."

"Damn." Conan muttered.

"Officer Takagi do you still have the blowgun parts?" Tim asked.

"I'm sorry," Wataru apologized. "But it must have got lost with all the commotion that was going on."

"The crime scene has been destroyed, we lost evidence, and the culprit could already be gone," Tim thought to himself beginning to pace. "With all that's happened I think it's safe to assume we're dealing with more than one person."

Wataru walked over, kneeling down to check on the still laying Kogoro.

"Is he ok?" Yoko asked.

"He's fine, just unconscious."

"It looks like no one was hurt," Conan said looking around to see everyone getting back to their feet. "I guess we were fortunate."

"Maybe..." Tim said.

Conan looked up at him, not entirely sure what he meant by that comment.

"Maybe," Conan questioned. "If it wasn't a little luck no one was hurt, then what?"

Tim skimmed the room for any who may have left when the explosions took place. As expected many were already gone. He put his hand to the wall, closing his eyes in thought. Conan noticing this walked up to the side of him, leaning his back to the wall in wait. She watched the two from afar, more intrigued yet confused than before.

"First you had the kid hiding behind the chair with some weird device, then Tim..." Silvia thought to herself. "He knew to duck for cover before the gun fire even started......who exactly are these two?"

His eyes slowly opened, popping up in surprise from the destruction that surround him.

"Inspector Megure what happened?" Kogoro asked running over.

"We were shot at," Juzo answered. "First by bullets then by a rocket launcher of some kind, just be thankful Tim was there to save you."

"Save me?" Kogoro questioned.

"Let me guess, you were asleep through it all?"

"I'm not sure," Kogoro said looking up. "But I'm pretty sure I'd remember if someone was shooting at me."

He pushed up from the wall after gathering his thoughts, looking to his side to find Conan.

"Obviously something's not sitting right with you," Conan said uncrossing his arms. "You're the expert in this department, from your knowledge and experience what do you think is going on?"

"No one was hurt."


"I think that was the point."

"Huh, why would somebody shoot just to scare us," Conan questioned glimpsing up at him. "That dosen't make any sense."

"No one who proclaims themself a sniper is going to miss that much." Tim said. "This was not only an act to destroy the evidence of the scene, but probably to send a message."

"A message?"

"It's only a hunch at this point, but I'm willing to bet tonights events were pre planned a good deal ahead of time," Tim said. "Up to the very last distinct detail."

"Guess it's up to us to find out the who and why." Conan said.

"We'll leave the police to check the serial numbers on the bullets, I have something I need to check out myself." Tim said looking up to the shattered window.

"You think you know where the shooter was?" Conan asked.

"Based from the moons position and the direction the lighting of the scope I saw," Tim began. "I should be able to pin point where the sniper shot from."

"Good, that might gain us some headway if you're able to find something."

"I'll check it out later tonight," Tim said looking back to Conan. "I'll call if I find anything."

Kogoro walked over the next second, still rather drossy from the shot he took to the back of the neck.

"I see you're ok," Kogoro said. "Wouldn't want to go home and explain to Ran if anything had happened to you."

"Had a couple close calls, but no damage done."

"Where's Tim," Kogoro asked looking from one side to the other. "I thought he was with you."

"What are you talking about, he's right..." Conan said turning to see he was gone. "He must have left."

"He must of had something to do," Kogoro said. "I'm going to discuss some of the details with Megure, we'll go once I finish."

"Take your time," Conan said not bothered by it one bit. "I'm not in a rush."

They remained at the dance center for the next forty minutes, Conan spending that time digging through the rubble, trying to recover any evidence that could prove valuable. To his misfortune he wasn't able to uncover anything. The ride home was a quiet one. Losing the evidence to an explosion was one thing, but what was the whole shooting about?

"It's now clear why the culprit was so sloppy in hiding the items," Conan thought sitting back. "They knew missiles were to hit the center, ridding the site of any evidence left behind."

He closed his eyes, calming his nerves from the days trails. They arrived back to the house, tireously making their way up the stairs. Kogoro opened the front door, both walking in to see Ran sitting down infront of the table watching the news.

"It took you two long enough, hope you remembered to get the supplies for dinner." Ran said turning around to see them empty handed.

Conan gulped, knowing they had just dropped a bomb on their alibi for the night.

"You didn't go to the store, did you," Ran questioned . "So where were you two?"

"Can't believe we left the bags in the cab!" Kogoro exclaimed.

"Hurry Kogoro," Conan said slipping his shoes back on. "If we hurry we might be able to catch him!"

Ran jumped to her feet as the two of them raced out of the door.

"Dad, Conan!" Ran shouted after them.

"Don't worry Ran we'll be back as soon as possible." Conan called back.

She crossed her arms as the down stairs door closed.

"Who leaves their groceries in the back of a cab, I doubt that's where they've been all evening."

He waited for hours to pass before returning back to where it all took place, standing atop the highest building to gain a better view of the different angles pointing to the entry way of the window.

"The moon was a little more to the right earlier, that must mean the sniper camped down on either of those two."

Red Robin glided down to the first building, pulling a mini light from his belt to search the roof. He started with the ground, looking for anything that could have possibly been left behind.

"Dosen't look like there's anything here out of the ordinary."

He then flashed the light light to the ledge, noticing a small sitting object. Red Robin moved in, coming to find a single bullet resting on top of a red feather. He switched the light off while tucking it into place.

"This is the same type of bullet that was used in the shooting," Red Robin said bringing the bullet into his hand. "Did the shooter intentionally leave this behind?"

He grabbed the red feather as well, placing them both into a secure spot in his utility belt.

"The night is young, but I think it would be best if I took the acquired items back to the base to run some tests."

He pulled his grappler from his side, springing into the night.

The pavement was wet and sleek from the rain which continued to come down from the previous two hours. She kept the hood tight over her head, walking in through the front doors. She came to a stop to the side of the classroom door, standing in wait. It didn't take long for her to see him trotting up the hall along side the lockers.

"Heard about how your little party went," Ai said as he stopped infront of her. "You look exhausted, did you get any sleep?"

"I got plenty of that," Conan replied. "Just a little stressed is all."

"I'm betting last night has something to do with that," Ai said. "So what exactly happened?"

"A man was poisoned, unfortunately someone blasted the whole scene as well as any evidence with the use of a missile launcher," Conan said taking a deep breath while leaning up to the wall next to her. "I'm still stuck in the department of why."

"Did anyone die or get hurt?" Ai asked.

"No, and that's what so suspicious."

"Did you ever consider they might have been going for one target," Ai asked speculating. "Maybe they couldn't get a clear shot."

"Doubt it, the bullets were flying in all directions," Conan said in disagreement. "It seemed more random, like they were trying to get everyone riled up."

"Why would someone want to do that?"

"I don't know...not yet anyway."

The two of them turned to see their friends approaching from the other end of the hall. Ai finally removed the hood from her head, walking into class just as they arrived.

"How long were you guys waiting?" Genta asked.

"Not very long." Conan answered.

"Do you have any idea what we're doing in class today?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"Anything but notes, I can't take another day of it." Conan said before taking to his seat.

"Attention everyone," Sumiko said stepping to the front of the room. "Show and tell will begin tommarrow."

"But I thought we were waiting until Friday." Genta said.

"If we wait that long we might not get through everyone."

"She makes a good point." Conan said agreeing with this.

To his delight most of class was spent critiquing arts of other students who came to visit their room. Conan smiled down at his watch as class neared it's end.

"Hey Conan, guess what?" Ayumi asked from behind.


"I know what I'm going to bring for show and tell."

"Oh yea," Conan said with a turn. "What are you planning on bringing."

"It's a secret."

He faced back to the front, knowing he should have expected that.

"Atleast she knows what she's bringing." Conan said to himself.

Class ended within the next few minutes. Once out they all hurried home, for the rain had picked up quite a bit as the day progressed. He arrived back, the water dripping down from the sides of his face as he made his way up the stairs. He pushed the front door open to find Kogoro talking with someone on the phone. He thought nothing of it at first. His tone and posture said it all, something was wrong. Kogoro finished with his conversation a few seconds later.

"Who was that?" Conan asked.

"Inspector Megure," Kogoro replied setting the phone down. "Another officer was killed, they found his body stashed in a storage room up at the station."

"What," Conan jumped in disbelief. "How was he killed?"

"The same as the last," Kogoro answered. "One bullet to the leg with many blade wounds."

"Did the killer happen to leave another note?" Conan asked.

"As a matter a fact he did."

"What did it say?"

"I haven't been told that yet," Kogoro said heading for the door. "I'm to meet Megure at once down at the station."

"Can I come," Conan asked cheerfully. "I promise I'll be good."

"Don't see why not, just stick to the sides when we get there."

"Yes sir." Conan said with a bow.

Intensity filled the room. Every strike with power and extreme control, her body being put to the limit. She took one last jab at the punching bag, making sure it landed right inbetween the numbers. The final whistle was blown just as she pulled back. Her team mates gathered around to congratulate her on yet another superb training session.

"Great job Ran, I'm sure you'll make it to the finals again." One said.

"We'll be there to cheer you on." Another added.

"Thanks for all the support," Ran acknowledged. "But I'm sure some of you have just as great of a shot at making it to the finals, all you have to do is believe in yourself."

They took her words to heart as they headed to the locker room to call it a day. She spent a little time in the back, washing her face after changing back into her school clothes. Ran was the last to leave, walking down the whistling empty hall, turning the last corner walk to see the exit. Someone stepped from behind. Out of instinct she swung around with a knife hand only to come to a stop right near his neck.

"Tim...what are you still doing here," Ran asked lowering her hand. "School was over hours ago."

"Conan said you were good, decided I'd come watch you practice," Tim replied. "I must say Ran, you really impressed me."

"Are you sure you're not just trying to get on my good side?" Ran asked crossing her arms.

He smiled at this.

"I guess it's a little of both," Tim honestly replied. "Let me walk you home, I need to tell Conan something...if it's ok with you."

Ran thought about it for a second. She swiftly turned to for the exit a second later. Tim lifted a brow, getting a mixed signal.

"Aren't you coming?" Ran asked looking back at him with an accepting look.

"Yes, ofcourse." Tim said walking up to the side of her.

They remained quiet as they walked. The rain had finally come to a stop, though the clouds still covered up most of the sky. Another block was past, another corner turned. Ran glimpsed over to see him staring to the ground as they walked. She smiled, deciding she'd start a conversation.

"So how is Japan compared to Gotham?" Ran asked.

"Different." Tim replied still looking to the ground.

She could tell by his moody reply that something was on his mind.

"Tim are you ok," Ran asked. "Is everything alright."

"It's about last night," Tim said. "I just don't understand why we were shot at."

"Shot at," Ran questioned. "What are you talking about?"

"Didn't Conan or your father tell you," Tim asked finally looking to her. "Someone using a rifle trashed the down town dance center last night, and if that wasn't enough they fired down with a rocket launcher."

"So that's where they were," Ran said with a snarky tone. "I knew those two were lying to me about leaving the groceries in the cab."

"What, you mean to tell me they didn't tell you?" Tim asked.

She nodded.

"Huh, I wonder why that is." Tim said bringing a hand to his chin.

Ran moved in closer, playfully nudging him on his arm.

"Well you're here, so maybe you can tell me."

He gave her the full scoop of what had happened, keeping out the obvious details ofcourse. They arrived infront of her house, coming to a stop a few yards from the door.

"Thanks for walking me home and telling me what happened yesterday night."

"No problem, I don't see what's wrong in you knowing," Tim said. "I'm pretty sure they had a good reason for not telling you."

"I doubt it," Ran said with the slight tap of her foot. "Wait here a minute, I'll go see if Conan has arrived home."

With that Ran headed inside. Tim observed the surroundings as he waited, looking to see a few humming birds hanging up on the branches. Ran returned shortly after, standing in the door way.

"He isn't home yet."

"That's fine," Tim said turning to walk "I'll catch him later."

He stashed his hands into his pocket, making his way to the sidewalk. Ran stepped from the door coming to an alternative.

"Tim wait," She called out causing him to turn around. "Would you be interested in coming in, you could wait for him upstairs."

Tim smiled, knowing he had made progress.

"As much as I'd love to, I have a lot to attend to back at the apartment," Tim replied. "But thanks for offering... guess I'll see you later."

"Hey, maybe we could sit together at lunch tommarrow." Ran suggested.

"Can't, I won't be at school tommarrow." Tim replied. "But that's something I'm open to when I come back, tell Conan and your Dad I said hi."

"I will." Ran said before closing the door and heading back up.

Tim made his way down the street, knowing he had a lot to do.

"Let's hope that bullet and feather I found have something we can use to help shed some light on this cold case."

Another two hours had gone by before they pulled back up. It was now dark at this pont. Kogoro and Conan headed in, delighted to find dinner was already finished.

"Where have you two been for the past few hours?" Ran asked stepping out from the kitchen.

"The police station," Kogoro replied. "Another cop was killed, they found his body in the storage room."

"I can't believe it," Ran said in shock. "How did he die?"

"Same as the last." Kogoro said.

"Ran how did your day go?" Conan asked changing the subject.

"It was fine," Ran replied. "Just stayed after for my karate session, then came home and fixed dinner."

"It sure does smell good." Conan commented while slipping out of his shoes.

The rest of the evening was a casual one. Ran decided not to confront them about the previous night, not after hearing the news about another dead cop. But ofcourse it was at the top of her list of things to do. Conan took to his room a little after nine, pulling out his phone and dialing his number.

"What's up Kudo." Tim answered on the other end.

"Another cop was found dead at the station today," Conan informed. "He was killed and laid out exactly the same as the last."

"That's just swell," Tim said less than enthusiastic. "Was there another note pinned to him?"

"Sure was," Conan replied. "It said 'Your response in not taking out the outsider is cemented! Now the man of the city, witness to all crimes, shall die'."

Silence came between the two for moments to come.

"What about you," Conan asked. "Did you find where the sniper shot from?"

"Yep, they even left behind a few ornaments," Tim informed. "A bullet and a red feather."

"Did you check them for any finger prints...DNA?" Conan asked.

"Came up negative I'm afraid." Tim replied.

"Why would the shooter leave behind a bullet and a feather?"

"That's for us to find out," Tim said. "Get some sleep Shinichi, we have some work to do come tommarrow."

To Be Continued