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The Detective Prince

Chapter 107

A Step From the Boarder

"My help," Shinichi questioned once more. "What do you need me for?"

"There's been an outbreak," Conner replied. "One which I'm sure you're fully aware of by now."

"You don't say."

"How much do you know about the recent heart attacks?"

"Only an estimation of a victim amount, no idea of the potential cause for the unnatural increase," Shinichi replied. "But what of it, do you have something to share that might shed some light on the situation?"

"I would hope so."

"If that is true then why not get straight to the point," Damian said uncrossing his arms. "You've already wasted enough of our time as it is."

"To be quite honest it would be best if you two came and had a look for yourself," Conner said in response. "It'd be too much for me to try and explain on these circumstances."

"Sorry to say, but we're on a bit of a tight schedule." Damian quickly declined.

"As much as I'd like to assist you, I've been told not to leave the premises until the results are determined from the blood collected."

"What blood?"

"Mine," Shinichi replied. "We're hoping it will reveal what caused my transformation."


"I'm sure if you wait here Bruce will return soon." Shinichi said.

"Not for at least another two hours." Damian stated.

"Two hours," Conner said with the raise of his hands. "Geez, that's a long time."

"Don't know what to tell you."

"What kind of information have you collected exactly?" Shinichi asked getting back to the point.

"It wasn't me who gathered and put all the files together," Conner replied. "That was done by a friend."

"Have you seen these any of these files for yourself?"

"Yes of course."

"What should we be expecting to see?"

"Photos," Conner replied. "Along with a full report on each situation recorded."

"By report, do you mean on the condition of victims who sustained these unexpected heart attacks?"

"That's right."

"I'm interested," Shinichi said giving it some thought. "Where might this friend of yours be at this given time?"

"That's not something to worry about, all files are sitting at the desk back at my place," Conner informed. "They were sent this morning."

"If that is true, then why didn't you bring this case file with you?" Damian questioned.

"I don't have the exact file," Conner clarified. "I was only forwarded scanned copies through a private line, which came to me through computer."

"That's still a wasted trip to a degree," Damian said. "You could have just sent these files by email if it was that important."

"Like I said before the information given to me was sent through a private line," Conner reminded. "Most of the information given to me isn't even known to the public as of yet."

"And the problem?"

"The chance of any of what was sent to me being intersected somehow."

"Who would want to do that?" Damian questioned.

"You'd be surprised."

"I see," Shinichi said catching on. "You're hoping to keep this all self-contained, within this group that is."

"That's one way of putting it."

"Where is this computer of yours," Shinichi asked. "I'd like to have a look at what was sent to you."

"The computer is at my place, which is a ways away from here."

"How far?"

"Didn't you just get done saying you're not supposed to leave here until the results come back on your blood."

"Under normal circumstances, but this matter is of importance," Shinichi said. "We've been trying to tackle this from the day I arrived."

"I don't wish to deny you," Conner said. "But shouldn't you let someone know where you're going?"

"It'll be fine, I don't plan on being long," Shinichi replied. "Damian here can let them know where I've run off to when they return."

"Leave it to me." Damian said.

"Your call," Conner said. "But are you sure about the decision?"

"Lives could be at stake here," Shinichi reminded. "The way I see it the sooner we get this handled the more turmoil we can prevent, deaths even."

"I'll argue no more."

With that said he turned his attention back to the shoes still in his possession. He wasted little time in fitting them into place. He then looked at the time registered to his watch before taking the first step out past the door.

"Make sure to let Bruce know where I've gone off to when he returns."

"I heard you quite clearly the first time." Damian remarked.

It was a response that came as no surprise, almost expected. The two made their way down the outside stairs, hearing the low sound of the door closing from behind.

"So.. I see the two of you have been making progress."

"Nice to see you've been attentive."

"How do you feel," Conner asked. "As opposed to yesterday?"

"Couldn't really tell you," Shinichi replied. "I feel about the same, on all fronts."

"Good, then perhaps we won't have any wild episodes on the trip there."

"Speaking of which, what is the traveling arrangement from here to your place?"

"Partially by cab, the other by train."


"Yea, the Gotham subway," Conner replied. "One of the more popular methods of traveling around here."

"That seems to be the case with most big cities."

"That's one thing I think we can all agree on," Conner said facing forward. "Let's hurry, I don't want to keep the driver waiting."

It was then that he laid his eyes to the cab sitting just past the gate.

A large portion of the sun was blocked off at the given time of day due to several clouds that occupied the skies. It had just past the time of thirty after ten by the time he had arrived, pleased to find the line to the entrance to be a relatively small. He took a couple steps more to catch sight of the sign pinned up to the wall which read 'Mount Zomoph', confirming the location.

"This is defiantly the place."

He stood there for seconds to come, knowing he would soon be joined.

"You're on time, great."

He turned at his voice, glad the wait was over.

"Have trouble finding the place?"

"Not at all," Dick replied. "How long have you been waiting?"

"Roughly thirty minutes," Tim replied. "I'm glad you decided to come."

"What about Heiji, did you invite him along as well?"

"I have him looking into something else as we speak." Tim replied.

"Is there plans for him to join us once he finished his task."

"Not what I had in mind," Tim answered. "Besides he has something to do up at the station this evening."

"Regardless, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long."

"Don't worry," Tim said. "I made good use of that time."

"Is that so?"

"I purchased a ticket to the park when I first arrived," Tim informed. "Once in I returned to the scene where that bathroom had exploded."


"I found out the weapon used in the explosion," Tim replied. "A C4 explosive."

"The news just keeps piling in," Dick said. "Which probably means a detonator was used in the blind attack."

"That's a good assumption," Tim agreed. "My first thought was a landmine or automatic bomb was used."

"I must ask, how were you able to obtain that information," Dick questioned. "It's not like the department officials to give out information like that on an empty hand, unless of course it was already public knowledge."

"You're right," Tim said. "Which is why I came prepared."

He reached down into his pocket, taking a short time for him to hold out a laminated card for him to see.

"Pleasure meeting you Officer Stewart," Dick said playing along. "When did you get the time to have that made?"

"I've had it for about a month now," Tim replied. "I had it manufactured with a few others, all for different circumstances that may come to pass."

"No need to check the main park area since you've already gone in," Dick said. "Which leaves us only with the task of finding a way down to that abandoned train station Bruce told us about."

"That won't be a problem," Tim said. "There's an entrance on the other side of the park that leads to the area just above the sewer."

"You're on top of things today."

"It was actually Alfred who passed on the information," Tim informed. "It would appear he did some research or knows a thing or two about the place."

"From what you've said it should be no more than a five minute walk from here."

"Very good estimation." Tim said taking the first step.

"I've been thinking about it all the way here." Dick said following at his side.

"About what?"

"Bruce brought us up to speed on this abandoned train station, but he never did tell us what we should be looking to find."

"Funny that you mention," Tim said. "I was just fixing to ask you about the same thing."

"Looks like we'll have to wait until we get there, maybe then we'll understand the hidden message within that riddle."

"I'm positive that we will."

They carried on from there, casually making their way around the large amusement park perimeter to the opposite side.

After just over an hour of driving they had finally reached the drop point, exiting the cab to find their way onto the corner of the street.

"And here we are," Conner said holding out a hand to the large green structure before them. "The Gotham train station."

"So this is it huh," Shinichi said giving it a look. "Not bad."

"Wait until you see the inside." Conner said marching on.

He followed from close behind, taking note of every small detail that came to sight. The structure of the station was long and towering. Not surprising there was already a large group in attendance.

"I assume you don't already have the tickets."

"Not yet."

"Where is the ticket booth," Shinichi asked. "Is it close to here?"

"Closer than you may think," Conner replied. "It's located on the left after we get past the doors here."

It didn't take long for them to reach the glass doors which automatically moved off to the side upon coming within feet of them. He followed what he had said, turning to the left where he immediately caught sight of it. The ticket booth was surrounded by many who anxiously waited in a line that had already been formed.

"Hey Conan, mind waiting here while I go and get the tickets?"

"Not at all." Shinichi replied.

"This shouldn't take long."

With that he walked over, joining an already building line which was getting more and more cluttered by the minute. He found himself a place against the wall as the wait began, immediately checking the time on his watch as the wait began.

"And here we go."

A strange feeling came over him within that moment, an unexpected one. He almost felt as if he was being watched, keeping an eye on all those who passed along, including the others standing throughout the right side of the hall.

"Am I thinking too much into this, or could someone really be watching," Shinichi thought to himself. "… It's probably nothing."

He left it at that for the time being, still feeling the need to stay on alert.

After just over five minutes of walking they finally arrived to the back of the facility.

"So," Dick said giving the area a look," Where's this entryway you mentioned?"

"You're standing on it." Tim informed.

He took the time to have a step back, discovering a manhole beneath him.

"Talk about coincidence."

"Go on and give it a lift, it should already be loose."

"Am I to assume that you've already been back here?"

"That's a fair assumption," Tim replied. "It was actually the first thing I did when I arrived, even before going in to check out that situation with the former bathroom."

"Have you gone down yet?"

"That I haven't done."

"You sure this thing doesn't lead straight to the sewer?"

"Only one way of finding out."

"Right you are."

He took another step back before dropping down to a knee, finding the manhole top to be loose just as stated. He removed it with absolute ease, finding a ladder attached to the wall which lead to complete darkness.

"You going first?"

"I'd prefer it."

"Need a light?"

"No need," Dick replied. "I've got one of my own."

"I figured you would."

"Stay here until I reach the bottom," Dick instructed. "I'll call you down once all is clear."

"Your call."

He reached into his pocket, taking just seconds for him to pull out a small flash light. He took little time in switching it on, flashing it down into the dark.

"Can you see the bottom?"

"Just barely," Dick replied. "I think we're looking at about a thirty five feet drop from here."

"That's a good ways down." Tim said as he watched him get in position to head in.

"See you soon."

With that he began his ascension down, moving carefully in his motion. Much rust could be seen, not only on the ladder that he moved upon but the surrounding walls. As faint as it may have been nearly halfway down he heard a sound from below, almost as if something had darted past in one quick drive.

"What was that?"

This alert made him even more aware than he had been before, moving slower in his progressions the rest of the way down. He finally reached the bottom, dropping down with a splash from below. He aimed the light downward to find only a puddle of water.

"Now let's see what we have here."

He raised the light, flashing ahead just in time to see a large rodent dart across from the left side all the way to the right.

"I guess it was only a rat."

It was at that moment that a light flashed down on him from above. He looked up to see him still at the top gazing down at him.

"How is it down there?"

"Come on," Dick replied. "We're having a party."


"I'll tell you when you get down."

"What in the world is he talking about?" Tim muttered.

Not wanting to waste any time, he began to scour the area with the use of the flash light, finding he was in the tunnel they had been informed of. It was too dark to see what was ahead, limiting him to the surrounding area. He heard yet another sound, flashing the light to the ground once more.

"Just another tunnel critter," Dick said. "This place isn't as abandoned as you may think."

It was only moments after that he heard the soft drop from behind, knowing he had been joined.

"Did you close the top of the manhole on your way down?"

"Of course," Tim said replied coming to his side. "What was all that commotion about a couple seconds ago?"

"Just a couple of rats."


"Yea, I prefer the bats myself," Dick said making a move deeper into the tunnel. "Come on, it would appear we have much ground to cover."

"You keep your sights on the right," Tim said. "Leave everything on the left to me."

"Why's that," Dick questioned. "You afraid someone else might be down here besides us?"

"Those rats for starters." Tim reminded.

"Point taken."

They began their journey down the wide dark tunnel from there. The focus level was now at a max. The sound of something tapping down to the ground could be heard a short distance up. Curious as to what it was he flashed his light into that direction to find it was only a portion of water sliding down from a pipe upon the wall. He then flashed the light to the right wall to see the same thing in play.

"You alright there," Dick questioned. "You seem rather uneasy."

"Just having a look around," Tim replied. "That's why we're here after all."

"Any idea where this tunnel ends?"

"It depends on which way we take," Tim replied. "If I'm not mistaken we should arrive at an intersection relatively soon."

"And which way leads to the out of service subway station?"

"The route to the left," Tim replied. "Which is the one we're going to take."

"Not that it really matters, but what if we decided to go right," Dick questioned. "Any idea what's down that end?"

"Not a clue," Tim replied. "Neither Alfred nor Bruce said anything on the matter."

"I think we better go check it out," Dick said. "If we're going to spend a marginable time down here I don't see why we can't check out the whole place."

"I see no harm in that."

"Then it's settled."

It was just as he said, taking just a few more steps before they came into view of the intersection of mentioned. The decision on which way to go was spontaneous, both heading straight for the left without anything needing to be said.

Fifteen minutes had passed since the time they had left the checkpoint. Not much had been said over the duration of the time. He found himself watching everything they passed as the train continued to move on, one heavy question still weighing down on his mind. He turned in the seat looking across to where he sat opposite of him.

"You still have yet to tell me where this train's destination is."

He had been looking up at the ceiling, clearly juggling with something that was on his mind. He looked down to face him after hearing his voice.

"What was that?"

"How much longer until this train comes to a stop?"

"You might want to sit back and relax for a bit," Conner advised. "Because we still have another couple good hours to go."

"A couple hours to go," Shinichi questioned before sitting up straight. "Where exactly do you live?"

"You make it sound like you have something important to attend," Conner said. "Don't you like a surprise from time to time, besides you can check your ticket."

"I already have," Shinichi said. "MET is all it says, is that a town here in Gotham or another city all together?"

He sat back in the seat with nothing further to say.

"You'll know in time."

From this he knew there was no further use in pushing for further information, finally deciding to sit back in his seat once again.

"A couple hours to go, great," Shinichi thought. "Now… how to help pass some time?"

All had gone as hoped. He went through the paperwork on the ride back, making sure all files were lined up in the correct order. After setting the folder aside he looked to the front of the car. The front of the mansion had finally come into view, coming to find the gate to be open.

"I could have sworn the gate was closed when I departed."

"I'm sure it's nothing to concern ourselves with," Bruce said. "Damian would have contacted us if there was a problem."

"Perhaps you're right."

They drove in past the gate, bringing a stop to the car shortly thereafter.

"You can go ahead get out here," Alfred said. "I'm going to take the car around to the garage, I'll see you inside in the next minute."

"I'll be waiting."

He stepped out past the door, locking it on his way out. The car could be heard heading for the garage as he made his way for the stairs. His phone began to ring halfway up, choosing to ignore it for the time being. He pulled out his key for the door upon reaching it, finding it to already be unlocked.

"First the gate, now the door."

This development put him on alert, slowly opening the door as he pushed his way in. He closed it as calmly as it had been opened. His first instinct was to scour the room, checking to see if anything had been tampered with in the least. This process took only moments to complete.

"Everything seems fine."

It was then that the first door on the right at the top of the stair case fell open, looking up as Damian appeared with a towel sitting around his neck.

"You're back," Damian said walking down the stairs. "I thought I heard something."

"What's with the towel?"

"Just finished with my pre mid-day routine."

"Why was the front gate open," Bruce asked. "Did Dick happen to stop by?"

"I thought it was you who left it that way," Damian replied arriving down from the stairs. "It has been that way all morning."

"Perhaps it didn't close correctly when the remote was used this morning," Bruce said. "I'll have to give it a look tonight."

"Did you listen to the radio on the way back?"

"No, we drove with no audio," Bruce replied. "Is there something I should know about?"

"That probably means you haven't heard the breaking news that passed in the last hour," Damian said. "That footage you collected and gave to Hattori to hand over to the police has been aired."

"Something that was expected to come very soon."

"But don't you think that will aggravate the situation," Damian questioned. "In the least it might cause Kid to make another move sooner than planned, maybe even as quickly as tonight."


"Which means going after him," Damian said. "I'd like another shot at him."

"You may have to hold off on that opportunity for a while."

"What are you saying," Damian questioned. "That you plan on leaving me behind, for a second night in a row?"

"That's not what I meant," Bruce replied. "The fact of the matter is he's not going to make an appearance tonight."

"What makes you so sure?"

"If you were in his shoes and found that your presence had been compromised, would you?"

"But it's also a known fact that he craves the attention."

"Yet he has shown no signs of such behavior," Bruce replied. "At least not for the past couple months, which has been reported."

"So how are we supposed to find him?"

"We start from the bottom up," Bruce replied. "Which means looking into the many possible uses the G3 Power Emitter may have."

"By the time we've determined all of that who's to say Kid doesn't skip town by then?"

"Doubtful, but a possibility," Bruce acknowledged. "Which is why we need to work quickly, where is Shinichi?"

"No idea," Damian replied. "Haven't seen him all day."

"Are you sure?"

"Why don't you try checking the upstairs room," Damian suggested. "Maybe he's yet to awake."

"At this time of day, I wouldn't suspect that to be his routine," Bruce said heading for the stairs. "I'll be back shortly."

He watched as he made his way to the next floor, a devious grin coming to his face in the seconds that came.

"Sorry Kudo, but this is just the way the dice rolls."

A time had passed from their start down the dark tunnel, sighting several scraps along the ground as they walked. This ranged from paper flakes to outdated newspapers. He began wondering how much longer they had to go, increasing with every move made.

"We've been walking for over six minutes now," Dick said flashing his light down upon his wrist to confirm his claim. "How much longer until we reach this place?"

"It's a little over a half mile from when we made the turn," Tim replied. "And judging by the pace we're moving at we should be there within the next minute, two at most."

"Think there's another exit we could take from this side?"

"No idea."

"I'd hate to have to walk all the way back to the other side to return to the surface," Dick said. "Then again we have to head back anyway, I almost forgot we have another whole section to check out."

"That is true."

He flashed his light ahead once again as they continued to walk. All discussion had been dropped by the two moving on. It came as no surprise in the next minute when the tunnel had finally come to an end.

"Finally," Dick said holding the light out in front. "We're here."

"The lighting is next to nothing down here," Tim said. "Any photos that we take won't come out very well."

"Not to worry," Dick assured. "I came prepared."

He stopped without warning, using his free hand to reach for something in his pocket.

"Here we are." Dick said pulling out the desired objet.

"A pen," Tim questioned. "I hardly see how that relates to our current situation."

"Then you're not paying attention," Dick said. "Can't you see the unnatural bulkiness of it."

"Yea, I noticed," Tim replied. "What of it?"

"This isn't just your everyday write your warden a complaint kind of pen," Dick remarked. "But rather a highly advanced SSC 4.0."


"Scenery Screen Capture 4.0," Dick replied. "Stand back as I give you a demonstration of this little gizmo."

"You seem rather excited about this thing."

"As would you if you were familiar with its capabilities."

"Alright," Tim said taking a step back. "Blow me away."

The first thing he did was hold the pen up for him to view, bringing his free hand around which he brought to the top of the pen.

"The first thing you'll want to do his turn the top of the pen to the left three times," Dick instructed. "A full three sixty."

He then took the same hand used and lowered it to the opposite end of the pen, turning the bottom side two times to the left.

"And last comes the final touch," Dick said handing him the apparent pen. "I'll leave the honors to you."

He accepted it, unsure of what to do next.

"Mind dropping me a hint or something," Tim asked. "I'm not seeing how any imagery can be gathered with this thing."

"The bottom," Dick replied. "Give it a tug downward."

He did as instructed, not surprised when it extended by an inch or so.

"Now," Dick said coming to his side. "Push it back into place."

He did just that, watching as a mini screen crept out from the side of the device. It was about three inches in length, with the height being at about five.

"Nice," Tim commented. "Where did you get a hold of something like this?"

"I had Vic whip it up for me on his spare time," Dick replied. "This is about the sixth attempt at it."

"I'm all for the fancy tech," Tim said. "But why opt to make something like that when you can use a regular digital?"

"For under cover purposes," Dick replied. "There are several instances where phones or cameras aren't allowed, the SSC was created for that sole purpose."

"Not a bad idea," Tim said. "But it's next to pitch dark down here, does this thing have a flash or something?"

"Not only does it have a flash, but a light you can use as guidance."

"And how is that activated?"

"By pushing down to the cap twice."

He gave it a try, watching as a light emitted from the tip of the device.

"Anything else I should know about this thing?"

"Going for the full round house I see," Dick said. "The top, hidden beneath the cap."

"What is it?"

"A joint that gives off a signal," Dick replied. "One which is linked to my computer."

"In other words any photos taken will be automatically saved to your hard drive when taken."

"You bet."

"I've got to get me one of these."

"I'm sure that can be arranged, but right now we have a scene to break down."

He held the flash light up once more as he began to wall, turning it to the right as he did. He immediately took note of what appeared to be the edge of the floor they stood upon. With that in mind he headed further into that direction, aiming the light to the ground as he did.

"Looks like I've got something."

"What is it?" Tim asked heading his way.

"Tracks, train tracks," Dick replied. "This is defiantly the place."

He came to his side, immediately looking down before taking a couple shots of what was laid out before them.

"This is actually rather ironic."

"What do you mean?" Dick asked looking his way.

"Our position," Tim replied. "We're directly under the center of the Mount Zomoph."

"Which would be under the Ferris wheel as well right?"

He nodded.

"The question now becomes," Dick thought to himself. "Is there relevance to this?"

The time milked away with each cut made, looking over to the other sleeve to make sure all was in proportion. This round of trials had lasted for a time to come. The finished product was held up high for a visual before being laid down across from another completed piece. He stood up once finished, looking over his finished work.

"It's done."

He turned from where he sat in front of a computer at the sound of his voice. He stood up from the chair, walking over to his side to see what he had laid out across one of the motel beds.

"Master Kuroba, what is the meaning of this?"

"I have yet to finish the final touches," Kaito replied. "I'll need to head back to the black shop to pick up some yarn, though sewing has never been a strong suite of mine."

"I don't understand," Konosuke said. "Why buy all of this clothing only to ruin it with the many clippings you have made?"

"Custom," Kaito replied. "I wish for my apparel to be custom, not easily recognizable."

"Why is that?"

"The whole city now knows of Kaitou Kid's venture, and the next task won't be as easy as the last," Kaito replied. "For the easiest path possible, I've chosen to go dark."

"I don't like the sound of that."

"Trust me," Kaito assured looking to him. "It's not as bad as you may think."

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 108

Neighbor City

He had checked all rooms on the upper floor, finding no sign of him. This opted him to check both the book room and the study. In the end there was no sign of him, or where he had gone for that matter. He returned to the front room, pulling out his phone as he did.

"Did you find him?"

"Not a trace."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to try calling him," Bruce replied. "Chances are wherever he's gone off to he took his phone with him."

He wasted no further time in attempting to call him. He stood there for seconds, hearing nothing but an empty ring from the other end. He lowered the phone after knowing there would be no one to answer.

"Now what?" Damian asked.

"I'll wait for him to return my call," Bruce replied. "It appears I need to have a word with him on a matter or two, in the meantime I'm going to see how that analysis is coming along."

"The same analysis from the extracted blood?"

"Yes," Bruce confirmed. "If anyone calls let it ring, I'll return any important calls when I come back."

With that he turned back for the other side of the room, heading directly for the study. He smiled at this late development before finally standing back to his feet.


There searches hadn't mounted up to too much, but they continued to look around none the less. After scoping around the train tracks they made their way back to the left side. He kept the light out in front to help guide the way as they walked, pointing out something about halfway across the room.

"Look there," Dick said. "That's defiantly something we should check out."

"It's quite obviously a booth," Tim said being able to make out what it was as they neared. "This must have been where the tickets were purchased when this place was up and running."

"No doubt," Dick agreed. "Make sure you get some good photos of this area."

"Already ahead of you."

He raised the SSC 4.0 once again, making sure to get clear shots of the apparent booth sitting before them. He rotated from left to right, making sure to get imagery of all angles.

"That should do."

"How many pictures did you take?"

"Twelve in all?"

"Good, that should be enough," Dick said. "Come across anything unusual?"

"Not on contact," Tim replied. "But maybe something will register to our radar when we examine the photos later."

"That tends to be the case in most scenarios."

"What else is down here?"

"Why don't we find out." Dick said flashing the light to the side of the room they had yet to check.

What they found was a nothing but emptiness, the only thing to be seen was that of a lone poster that could be found pinned to the wall. His curiosity was enough to have him walk over to have a closer look. He stopped once reaching it.

"Find something?" Tim asked.

He didn't reply initially, feeling around the wall for something that was apparently there.

"What is it?"

"Air," Dick replied. "There's a current of cool air blowing through here, I just can't seem to pin point where it's coming from."

He continued to massage his hand across the wall, finally coming to a stop after reaching the side of the poster.

"Could it be?"

The possibility was there. With little thought he reached for the top of the poster, tearing it away with one quick move to reveal what was on the other side.

"You better head over here," Dick said. "It looks like we've got something."

He had taken back to examining the area around the booth, responding to the sound of his voice almost instantly.

"What is it?" Tim said walking his way.

"Check it out," Dick pointed. "Looks like we have ourselves a little disturbance."

He came all the way to his side, coming to find a marginable sized hole that had been hidden behind the poster.

"And just when I thought this was going to be another generic scavenger hunt."

"It would appear an explosion caused this," Dick said reaching down for a couple wall bits which still sat in place. "You can still see the explosive residue that was left behind, it's present on most of the ruble here."

"But why?"

"That's a really good question," Dick said. "But we have no real way of finding out without a deeper examination, besides we don't even have a time frame for when this could have occurred."

"Not necessarily." Tim said.

He moved in further, not coming to a stop until after reaching the wall. He lowered the SSC device down to his side before reaching out to grab hold of a piece of ruble.

"Mind holding out the light?"

"Sure," Dick replied. "What are you looking for?"

With the light provided he took those next few moments to look over the small bits in hand, running a finger over each in the process.

"A week," Tim finally answered. "Maybe two."

"You mean when this wall was blown open?"


"That would imply someone was down here before the two of us."

"But why put the poster here to hide the hole," Tim questioned. "Were they expecting others to come down here?"

"You're right, this place has been abandoned for a good couple years now."

"We need to figure out how deep this hole is."


He aimed the light into the clear, looking ahead to see much distance between them and where the path of the hole ended.

"Didn't notice the depth," Dick admitted. "That's at least fifteen yards in."

"Makes you wonder what might have been going on down here."

"Mind holding onto the light for a minute?"

"Not at all," Tim replied. "You going in?"

"At this point one of us needs to," Dick confirmed. "I won't be long."

"Your call, I'll cover everything from out here."

"The holes about fifty two inches in height, forty six in length," Dick said making a brief examination. "That's wide enough for me to fit in without much problem."

"Be careful in there," Tim pointed out. "There are several sharp edges along the wall to look out for."

"Thanks, I noticed," Dick said readying himself to make an attempt in. "Here goes nothing."

He lowered his hands down to the bottom of the passage, leaping up with a careful jump in. Before making any move to head in deeper he turned back to face him.

"Make sure you keep that light steady."

"Loud and clear."

With that he turned back for the path ahead, wondering what he would find in the coming moments. He moved his arms in closer before beginning to crawl his way through. The flash from the light made for a relatively clear path on. About eighty feet in he stopped, finding a small metal of some kind sitting in the middle of the path.

"I wonder what this could be."

It was a little bit hard to see, but tucked it away into his back pocket none the less before pushing on once more. The rough pavement from all sides of the wall became very apparent, clawing at his sides every few seconds or so. He blocked this from his mind, not making a single stop until reaching the end of the path.

"Have you reached the end?" Tim called out.

It was a bit hard to see what was out in front of him, holding out his hand which came into contact with the wall soon after.

"It would appear so."

"What can you see?"

"Hold on." Dick replied.

The distance he had crawled left the light used to help him on his path rather dim. Wanting to get a clear view on things he reached into his pocket for his phone, turning it on after retrieving it. He held it out to provide for lighting in the direct area. He crawled a little further in, shifting the lighting of the phone from one side of the wall to the other.

"This is where it ends,but why," Dick thought. "There's nothing here that would suggest why this path was made."

There had to be a reason, and he was determined to find out what. He eased in just a bit more, finding it in himself to roll to his back side. His eyes widened at what he saw.

"It can't be."

He raised the phone up, straightening its light to the ceiling to reveal the numbers, the declining numbers that counted down before him.

"Tim, we've got a problem."

"What is it," Tim asked still holding the light in position. "Did you find something?"

He fell stiff for the next moments, lowering the phone down to his chest.

"A bomb," Dick finally replied. "There's a bomb attached to the top of the wall."

"A bomb," Tim exclaimed. "Are you sure?"

"No doubt."

"The time, how much time?"

"Less than eighteen hours," Dick replied. "Seventeen and forty eight minutes to be exact."

"That should be enough," Tim said. "We need to disarm it."


"How is it connected to the wall?"

"Looking into that now."

He slightly pushed up from his position on his back, surprised to find what was connected to the back side of the confirmed bomb.


He was hesitant on trying to remove the bomb from the wall, quickly deciding against it before easing down to his back once more.

"What's the situation," Tim asked. "Can you tell what has it clamped into place?"


"That's unexpected."

"I think we had better try disarming it from here."

"You don't want to try removing it from the wall?"

"There's no telling how this thing may react."

"Obviously not motion censored," Tim said. "If it had been there would have been some kind of response."

"I'm coming out now."

"You sure about this?"

He didn't respond, focusing strictly on making his way out from the hole in the wall. This took under a minute, dusting himself off after dropping back down to the ground.

"If we're not going to remove that bomb, how do you propose we do it within a timely fashion?"

"I've got a bomb kit in the back trunk of my car."

"Wow, you really did come prepared." Tim said.

"I've always kept it back there, just in case of an expected turn like we have here today."

"None of this makes any sense," Tim said. "If someone wanted to plant a bomb why not just set it up in this general area, why in the wall."

"Not just that, but the way it was concealed by the poster that had been covering it."

"It doesn't make sense for anyone to go that extra length, especially since this place has been abandoned."

"Unless of course they were expecting someone would come through here."

"There's no real way of finding out the answer to that without finding the person who set it there."

"You're right."

"That may be in the dark for the near future, but I'm certain we'll be able to figure out how long that bombs been here," Tim said. "That is after we've disarmed and made sure there is no safety measures needed."

"I wouldn't doubt it."

"So what's the plan from here?"

"For you to wait here while I go and retrieve that kit," Dick replied. "I'll return as soon as I can, keep your guard up."

"You don't have to tell me," Tim said. "I'm fully aware the person to have set this all up may have plans to return at some point."

"Glad to know we're on the same page," Dick said before turning back for the tunnel they had come. "I'll see you soon."

"Wait," Tim said stopping him in his tracks. "You might need this."

He turned back just in time to see the flash light tossed back to him, catching with relative ease.

"Thanks." Dick said with a nod before finally taking off.

It didn't take long for him to fall out of sight, with the fading of the light following in his place every second that past.

"What in the world is going on?"

It had past the two hour mark from the time they had departed. By this time he had fallen into a brief rest which was interrupted by excitement from a few of the other passengers a few rows back. He immediately looked down at his watch after this occurred.

"Twenty four hours have passed since the transformation," Shinichi thought. "I don't know if I should be pleased or concerned."

His thoughts were quickly washed away with the sight of him returning back to his seat across from him.

"I see you've awoken, good."

"Where were you just now?" Shinichi asked.

"On a stroll of the train," Conner replied. "I needed the walk."

"How long were you gone for?"

"No more than twenty minutes," Conner replied. "You were out the entire time."

"Which I needed," Shinichi said. "It was an up and down night."

"Didn't get much sleep?"

"Not for the first couple hours."

"That would imply you've got something on your mind."

"That's a fair point."

"Want to talk about it?"

"I'd rather not."

"Speaking of ongoing activities, I saw that story on the news about that heist," Conner said. "The one that occurred at the building that just opened."

"You mean the Futures Building?"

"That's the place."

"What about it?"

"They had an update on the morning news about the situation," Conner continued. "Have you been following the story?"

"We've been on that case for days now," Shinichi informed. "It wasn't until two nights ago that we discovered that the person at the heart of these crimes was Kaitou Kid."

"Somehow I knew you were involved," Conner said. "Especially after learning Kaitou Kid's known grounds, which tended to be in Japan."

"A known fact by most," Shinichi said. "I've had my share of run in's with him over the past months."

"Now that I didn't know," Conner admitted. "But why here, any idea why he's traveled across the world to alter the field?"

"That I'm uncertain of," Shinichi replied. "But rest assured we will find out."

It was at that given time that a loud noise could be heard from outside the train, feeling the grinding of the tracks from below.

"Any idea what's going on?"

"We're here." Conner replied.

That came very apparent within the moments that passed, sitting back as the train finally came to a complete stop all within the next minute. They decided to wait it out for the first moments, not wanting to get themselves caught up in the cluttered line leading to the exit. He pulled out his phone as they waited.

"Who do you plan on calling?"

"To try and get a hold of one of the others," Shinichi replied. "I want to make sure they are aware of my whereabouts."

"Don't bother," Conner said. "I already called Tim while you were out, though he didn't answer I did leave a message."

"How long ago was that?"

"Fifteen minutes ago I'd say," Conner replied. "I'd give it some time, he's probably just busy right now."

"I wouldn't doubt it."

It didn't take long for most everyone to find their way out past the exits, making way for the two of them.

"I think we're good to go." Conner said being the first to stand to his feet.

The two followed those who continued to the left side, not taking long for them to reach the exit as well. He put a hand over his eyes upon stepping out, taking the time to adjust to the sun that still shined bright.

"And here we are."

"Where to?"

"This way." Conner pointed.

The two took to the right where most everyone else walked. It was very apparent where they were heading in the seconds that past, inching in closer to the large structure which he assumed to be the train station. It was then that he took note of a sign molded into the ground which read 'Welcome to Metropolis.'

"I guess that answers my question."

"What was that?" Conner asked glimpsing back at him.

"Nothing," Shinichi replied. "Nothing at all."

He had waited over for thirty minutes in quietness, turning at the sound of him re-entering the room.

"How's it been, anything change with the situation since the time I left?"

"Not at all." Tim replied.

"That's good to know."

"Did you bring the kit?"

"Right here." Dick said pointing to the strap around his shoulder.


"What have you been doing for the past thirty minutes?"

"I'm glad that you asked," Tim said. "I actually took the time to finish my search of the room, using that SSC device of yours."

"And what were you able to find?"

"Nothing significant," Tim replied. "Well at least not at first glance, we can look over the photos after we're done here."

"Sounds like a plan."

"You ready to get this thing started?"

"I need to make a few adjustments first," Dick said. "Mind holding onto the light for me?"

"Not at all."

With that he tossed him the flash light before dropping down to a knee. He then resorted to removing the bag from his shoulder, placing it out to the ground out in front of him.

"What's wrong?" Tim asked flashing the light down at the bag.

"Nothing at all," Dick replied. "Just making sure everything is in place before moving in."

"You sure you don't want me to take over this time?"

"I'd rather do it myself."

"Your call."

It didn't take much longer for him to get situated, pulling out what he needed before zipping the bag shut.

"Wish me luck." Dick said standing back to his feet.

"Anything different you need me to do this time around?"

"Not at all," Dick replied. "Just keep that light in place."

"You got it."

With that he turned back for where the hole could be found in the wall, wasting no time in heading back over.

"You sure you don't want to take the light in with you this time?" Tim asked following from behind.

"No need, I grabbed an extra I had in the trunk." Dick said coming to a stop upon reaching the wall.

"Then I guess we're all set."

"Here goes nothing."

He raised himself back into the wall once again, feeling as if it were a tighter fit than it had been before. He slowly maneuvered his way in, careful of the sharp edges on the sides of the wall. He made it to the end of the path in no time, rolling to his back once again to still see the bomb still in place.

"Now comes the fun part."

No time was wasted in him reaching for the spare flash light that was tucked away around his belt. He placed it to a flat section of the ground before turning it on, slowly removing his hand to see it balanced in place.

"Step one completed," Dick said. "Now for the bomb."

He reached for the tools obtained from the car, readying himself for the next stage to be met.

Everything seemed so different, the tone, visible structures, the atmosphere even. They had traveled so little in distance, yet it seemed like a great leap had been taken. He looked out the window of the cab as they drove, gradually becoming familiar with everything that surround them.

"So what do you think?"

"What's that?" Shinichi asked looking his way.

"I mean compared to Gotham." Conner clarified.

"Couldn't really tell you," Shinichi replied. "I haven't really got the feel for this place yet."

"Fair enough."

"So where is this place of yours?" Shinichi asked.

"Further west," Conner replied. "But that's not where we're going."

"It's not," Shinichi questioned. "But I thought you said that's where that file is, the one on your computer."

"Why head down there when we can access the file elsewhere?"

"Now you've completely lost me."

"You'll understand when we get there," Conner said. "Which isn't far from here."

The cab continued to move down the road, not coming to a stop until after passing the next street light. Unsure of where they were he took a look out of the window to see a large building to the right size.

"This is it." Conner said

The two exited the cab, watching as it continued on down the road.

"What is this place?"

"The public library." Conner replied.

"What are we doing at a library?"

"This is where we can gain access to the files."

"How do you plan on accessing those files from here?"

"This is a common place I tend to visit," Conner said. "And with that being the case I had a little something set up."

The two then made their way up a fleet of stone stairs, walking past a set of automatic doors which allowed them into the building. He couldn't help but stop to take a quick look at all that filled the room, admiring the amount of books that could be seen.

"I like the choice."

"We'll save the tour for later, come on." Conner said leading him to the right.

It was clear where they were headed, not stopping until reaching the front desk where a man could be seen looking over something on the computer that was sat out upon the desk. It took all but a few seconds for him to notice the two of them standing, putting on a smile as he looked to attend their services.

"How might I help the two of you today?"

"Just the usual." Conner replied before pulling out a card which he held out for him to see.

"You're free to pass," The clerk said in acceptance. "Just be sure to keep the noise level to a minimum."

"As always." Conner replied with a nod.

He kept the lead from there, heading toward a door which could be seen at the far wall.

"Where now are we going?"

"The backroom."

"What's in the backroom?" Shinichi asked.

"All the electronics," Conner replied. "Computers, printers, they even added a scanner not too long ago."

"And this is where you plan to access the file mentioned?"

"That's correct."

They reached the door in a matter of seconds. He opened it while stepping to the side, giving way for him to walk in. The room was wider than he was expecting, turning out to be the size of a small classroom. There were four computers on each side, with the printer and scanner being at the far wall opposite of them. There were only two others in the room besides themselves, both who sat on the right side of the room.

"So," Conner said stepping in after him. "What do you think?"

"Not bad, it has plenty of space."

"It wasn't always like this, that is before they remolded about two months ago."

"Does it matter which computer we use?"

"I'm glad that you asked," Conner replied before walking forward. "The last one on the left."

He followed him all the way to the left corner, watching as he took a seat in front of the computer.

"Why this one," Shinichi asked. "You must have a reason for choosing it."

"This computer is linked to the one located at the apartment."

"How's that?"

"It's a bit of a story," Conner replied. "One I'll let you in on once we're finished here."

He then resulted to turning the computer on, holding down control 'a' while sliding in a device of some kind into the usb port. The screen was blue upon switching it on for the first moments, only for a desktop to appear shortly thereafter.

"Now we're good to go."

"Interesting trick."

"Hold on, this won't take long."

With that said he dove into the first file, opening to reveal a second set.After bringing up a new page he clicked into yet another folder which read 'secret files'.

"Is this the file you spoke of?"

"This is them."

He selected two of the files, opening them both with a click of the mouse. He then used the print command to bring up the menu.

"That's eighty two pages in all," Shinichi said taking notice of the page count. "Do you think it would be ok for us to use that much ink?"

"First five pages are free," Conner informed. "From there on out it's twenty five cents each additional page."

"Do you have enough to cover the amount?"

"Of course, I made sure of that before we came."

He stood up from the chair once this was completed, heading straight toward the printer which was right of the scanner. The two stood in wait as the papers gradually slid out for them to take. This process lasted for over two minutes before he was able to grab hold of all sheets.

"Now we're good to go."

"Where to now?" Shinichi asked.

"The reading area is as good as any other location," Conner replied. "We passed through there on our way here."

"I still don't understand," Shinichi said as the two began walking. "Why bring me all the way here just to print all this stuff out, couldn't you have done that and brought all of the files needed to Wayne's place?"

"You'll understand why I didn't once you've looked over everything yourself."

They reached the door to the room soon after, exiting as quietly as they had entered.

"There aren't too many people here today besides us," Shinichi said having a look around the room. "A little surprising for a big place like this."

"Give it another hour, that's about the time you'll have the usual's pull in."

"Speaking of time," Shinichi said checking his watch which read ten after four. "You would have thought someone would have tried reaching me by now."

"Have you tried checking your phone?"

He took the time to do just that, pulling it out to find the battery had juiced out.

"I guess that would explain." Shinichi muttered before laying it back into his pocket.

They made their way around a bookcase only to come into the path of another. After walking past the second they found their way to a lone table which sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by shelves and books on all sides.

"This will do." Conner said being the first to have a seat.

He took a seat across from him, more than ready to hear what he had to share.

"Here's one set," Conner said pushing one pile of papers toward him. "And here is the other."

He looked at the two stacks laid out before him, quickly determining the contents of each.

"On the right we have records for each of the patients who suffered these heart attacks, while also sustaining brain damage in the process." Shinichi said quickly skimming through it.

"That's correct."

"And here on the left is all medical records prior to the heart attacks," Shinichi said giving the second stash a look as well. "What is it exactly you wanted me to do?"

"There's got to be a common denominator that links these attacks, which is why I came in search of Bruce," Conner said. "But since he and Tim were unavailable, you're the only viable option I could think of."

He smiled, steadying each stack before looking across to him once more.

"I'll see what I can do."

The time had finally come, gazing down at the final product that was laid out before him. It started with the black pants and scruffy belt. Next came the silver under shirt, which was then covered by a top black shirt, one which had a visible skull with two swords crossing from behind. A black leather jacket was then slid into place, followed by a black fitted hat that had the same trademark skull that could be seen on the shirt. Last of all came the shoes. The insides were a dark violet, rolling a finger on the outside which was a solid black with silver laces.


There was only one thing that remained, having a full sized look from head to toe of the clothes he had put on. He was pleased at what he saw upon reaching the mirror.

"What do you think?" Kaito said turning to face him.

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

"I'll take that as a positive."

He then reached for a wallet attached to a small chain which was set on top of the TV. Once in his possession he placed it into his pocket, letting the chain hang freely.

"You still have yet to tell me what you plan to do."

"Tonight," Kaito said with his sights set to the mirror. "Tonight all will be explained."

To Be Continued