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The Detective Prince

Chapter 105

Stage Set

They arrived into the kitchen soon after, looking to the left wall to where the TV could be found. He turned after seeing them stop at his side.

"You're all here, good."

"What's going on?" Dick asked.

"It seems the full extent of what happened at the Futures Building is just now coming into the light of things."

"There's more?" Heiji asked.

"Does this have something to do with the device that was taken," Tim asked. "The G3 Power Emitter?"

"Yes, to a certain degree that is," Bruce replied. "It has more to do with what was left behind."

"That diamond?"

"That's right, turns out it was one that had been stolen," Bruce informed. "It had been taken from the Gotham museum over a month ago."

"I remember that incident." Dick said.

"What's the punch line?" Tim asked.

"There were prints found on the diamond, prints that matched that of an individual already registered to the criminal database."

"Can't wait to hear this."

"Marco Gaffney, a man known for breaking and entering homes in the south side of the city," Bruce informed. "He's also rumored to have links to one of the highest drug rings here in Gotham."

"Doesn't exactly sound like your typical diamond thief." Heiji said.

"You're right, he doesn't," Bruce said. "And I'm almost certain he's being set up."

"How's that," Heiji asked. "You said it yourself, his prints were found on that diamond."

"That's because they were probably put there."

"What leads you to believe that?" Dick asked.

"That's the same way the thief gained access to one of the Wayne helicopters," Bruce informed. "I was told by an employee of Wayne Enterprises they ran a finger scan on the individual disguised as me which gave him the clear to authorize a lift off."

"How on earth did he get ahold of your prints?"

"I'm still in the process of figuring that out," Bruce replied. "But since he's a master of disguise as documented in several reports I went through last night, there's a number of possibilities when he could have accomplished this."

"I don't like it, who's to say one of us is next?" Dick questioned

"Only if there is something to gain, the tactics he uses is never without reason," Shinichi said. "That's always been a part of his motto."

"Alright then, why impersonate Bruce," Dick asked turning to face him. "Why not just slide in as someone less known among the guests, he'd have had a better chance of not being noticed."

"The diamond," Shinichi replied. "He needed to get in close enough to switch out that diamond with the G3 Power Emitter he had his sights set on the whole time."

"The finger prints found on the diamond was a means of circling out a culprit for all to see, one which we would all find believable," Tim added. "The question is why Marco Gaffney, there's dozens of others he could have chosen."

"He could have chosen someone without a record even," Heiji said. "But then again, that wouldn't be his style."

"It wouldn't," Shinichi agreed. "Regardless of the obvious tweaks in his actions as of late."

"It seems you know quite a bit about Kaitou Kid," Bruce said. "Just as I was lead to believe."

"To a degree."

"Which might be the deciding factor between catching him within a matter of days as opposed to weeks."

"That's all well and said, but we don't even know what he plans to do next." Heiji stated.

"Maybe not an exact move, but we do have an idea." Bruce said in response to his claim.

"How so," Heiji asked. "Did he indirectly leave behind another riddle?"

"No, what happened at the Futures Building was just the beginning," Bruce said. "If you read through the riddle again you'll come to find all elements within the message have yet to be covered."

"That doesn't sound good."

"It isn't," Bruce agreed. "But if we can find out why Marco's prints were chosen to be displayed on that diamond we might have a better understanding of what his next move is to be."

"Speaking of which, what is the case surrounding Marco?" Dick asked.

"The authorities have already ransacked his home and taken him in for questioning," Bruce replied. "That was just shown a minute before you all arrived."

"I bet that's not going to sit well with a lot of guys," Tim said. "Especially the ones in business with him, this little incident will only enrage them."

"But only to the point of uncertainty," Alfred said. "They don't have the knowledge of who really was the one to have stolen that diamond from the museum, and then return it in last night's heist in such a fashion."

"You mean not yet." Bruce corrected.

"How long are you expecting it will take for them to realize?" Alfred asked.

"The moment it is revealed to the world."

"I don't think I quite follow sir."

"Heiji," Bruce said looking his way. "I want you to report back to the station as soon as possible, you're going to be the one to let them know what conspired yesterday night."

"And what exactly am I supposed to say," Heiji asked. "It's not like I can go in declaring something on a blind eye, we don't have any stellar proof that says Kaitou Kid was the one to take off with that device."

He chose not to reply, simply reaching into the top pocket of his jacket to reveal a small gizmo that had been tucked away.

"What is that?" Heiji asked.

"Give this to Commissioner Gordon, and Gordon only," Bruce instructed before handing it to him. "It's live footage of what occurred last night."

"Do you mean to say you recorded his escape through that window?"

"Not only that," Bruce confirmed. "But the first minutes after before he took off completely."

"How were you able to achieve this?"

"I set up dozens of surveillance cameras throughout the area, each fifty yards apart on all sides," Bruce continued. "The only area that I chose not to set up security was to the east."

"The direction he escaped to."

"Exactly," Bruce said. "The plan was to redirect him anywhere else, and we failed to keep containment."

"More like Damian failed in doing so." Tim remarked.

"I'm still unaware of what happened just before you blacked out," Bruce said. "Do you remember what you saw last?"

"Korn, I saw him," Shinichi replied. "I'm sure of it."

"The same Korn of the Black Organization?"

"You know of him?"

"I gave him all information regarding the subject known to me." Tim informed.

"Is your plan to go after them?" Shinichi asked.

"If they're here in Gotham, then it's no question," Bruce replied. "They're asking for war."

"Then let me help," Shinichi said stepping up to him. "I know Kid better than most, and I could key you in on some of the Organizations subtle habits."

"I'll agree on both counts, but only as a consultant."

"Only as a consultant?"

"Here's the thing, I don't plan on waiting for any more moves to be made," Bruce declared. "I plan on going after Kid starting tonight, and if these mercenaries are really dealing business in Gotham as you've hinted at I will track them down as well."

"And why can't I come with you?"

"Your safety is a top priority, and given your current state who knows what could happen at any time."

"And what if I'm cleared after further tests are done?"

"My answer will remain the same." Bruce answered before turning for the table.

"Why's that, you don't think I can manage it?"

"It's not this Organization or Kid I don't feel you can bear," Bruce said. "But the things hidden beneath the crease on the outside is a limit I will not hold you to."

"I appreciate the concern, I really do," Shinichi said. "But my safety shouldn't be your problem, especially when the danger is as high for you as it is for me."

"The moment I have to scrape your remains from the side of some secluded alley and lay it into a tomb to ship back to Japan is when it becomes my problem," Bruce stated. "I don't plan on that happening."

"So you're not even going to think about it?"

"Hold out your arm."

He stood there for seconds, finally complying with a look off to the side as the cold needle penetrated the skin. It took all but a few moments for him to drain the blood he needed.

"There, we're done."

He removed the needle from his arm just in time to hear the sound of the kitchen phone go off.

"Would you like me to answer that sir?" Alfred volunteered.

"Don't mind it," Bruce said placing the syringe to the top of the table. "I'll answer it myself."

He walked over next to the kitchen door where the phone was placed, taking the call immediately. The conversation lasted for nearly a minute, the expression on his face remaining the same throughout.

"Who was that?" Tim asked after watching him hang the phone back to the hook.

"Another business call."

"From who?"

"Nano High," Bruce replied. "It would appear that after Ms. Fournier received the news of her father's death she suffered a heart attack."

"I'm not an expert on her medical history, but a heart attack at that age," Heiji questioned. "I'm full aware of the circumstances, but she couldn't be any more than twenty five from what I could tell."

"You're thinking this might have something to do with our lead poisoning victims aren't you?" Dick asked.

"What do you think?"

"Regardless of any opinions someone should go check on her," Shinichi said. "I'd feel a lot better if we knew the extent of her current state."

"Agreed," Tim said. "A heart attack in this situation isn't out of the question, but farfetched."

"I'll go," Dick volunteered. "I've got a couple friends who work up at the hospital, I'll see if I can get one of them to run a scan."

"Then if you're heading up that way take Heiji with you," Bruce instructed. "You'll pass by the police headquarters going through there."

"Not a problem," Dick said before checking the time on his watch. "It's just after four, little chance we'll beat rush hour even if we were to leave now."

"Then you two had better get going," Bruce said. "If there's anything to report on the situation at the hospital get back to me at your earliest convenience."

"I'll see to it."

"I have one final question before we leave," Heiji said. "What do I tell the commissioner when he asks how I got a hold of these tapes; I don't think it would sound all that believable if I told him I was the one to have set that all up."

"I was hoping you'd ask," Bruce said handing him a folded slip of paper. "This is the number to a side contact of mine, let Gordon know this man helped you with the set up."

"What if he tries reaching this contact of yours?"

"Not to worry," Bruce assured. "I've already notified him of this possibility if that does come to pass."

"That clears things up."

"Any more questions," Dick asked. "Or are you ready to hit the road?"

"I'm ready," Heiji replied. "We've covered everything that needed to be."

"Good, then we'll see the rest of you later."

"Don't worry about closing the gate on your way out," Alfred said. "I'll handle that as soon as you get past."

"Loud and clear."

With that the two made their way out past the kitchen door.

"I guess I'll be on my way as well," Tim said. "I have some further tests to run on the Red Eyed MB."

"And how long do you think these tests of yours will last?"

"I'm guessing up to the next two hours, and that's if everything goes completely solid."

"And what about tonight?"

"Uncertain, there are about three things I'm juggling with right now."

"I'm going to need you to put whatever it is you're dealing with on hold."

"What for?"

"I want you to join me on patrol tonight." Bruce replied.

"Why, is something wrong with Damian?"

"He's taking the night off at my request," Bruce replied. "I want you to join me for a little task."

"Alright, is there anything specific that you wanted me to bring?"

"All feed you have collected from the west side in the past week."

"Will that be all?"

"Yes," Bruce replied. "Be no later than ten past midnight."

"And where might we be meeting?"

"I'll get back to you on that sometime later."

"I'll keep my phone close."

"If you don't mind I'll see you out," Alfred said. "I have something to retrieve from the garage as it stands."

"That's fine by me," Tim replied before turning to the other side. "Oh and before I forget, Shinichi do you mind if I hold onto your shoes for a while?"

"My shoes?"

"Yea, the ones you left at my place," Tim clarified. "It's not like they'll fit you anyway."

"You didn't have to ask, I have no use for them anymore," Shinichi said. "Well at least not now."

"I figured that, but wanted to be sure," Tim said. "If it does come to pass and you revert back I'll be sure that they are returned to you."

"I'll hold you to that."

"Pending on what the results reveal, you may need some accessories," Tim said. "If that is the case I know a couple places you could check out."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"I better be on my way." Tim said looking to make an exit from the room.

"Right after you." Alfred said.

They left the room from there, beginning a conversation of their own on the way out. This left just the two of them.

"I'm going to go and begin trials with the blood just collected from you, in the mean time I want you to go and rest up for a bit," Bruce said. "I'll be in to check on you in the next hour."

"You seem to have a really good idea of what caused this to happen," Shinichi said. "You also seem to believe there are more side effects to come."

"That's what we need to monitor for," Bruce replied. "But your blood should give us the complete story of the situation."

"And if it doesn't?"

"Then we'll have to result to a deeper examination," Bruce replied. "But we won't concern ourselves with that unless the circumstances call for it."


He grabbed hold of the syringe that was still atop the table before making his way for the door. He stopped about halfway there, looking back at him once more.

"Are you hungry?"

"A little bit, I haven't eaten much of anything today."

"Mind holding off on that for another half hour or so," Bruce asked. "I'd first like to take a look at your blood before adding anything else to your system."

"Sure thing."

"Good," Bruce said pushing the door aside on his way out. "I'll revisit you soon."

He held up the sample of blood as he made his way through the front room, wondering exactly what he would find in the coming hours.

They had been driving for a little over an hour, looking into the clear to see the sun had made a move to the opposite side of where it had been earlier in the day. By this time the temperature had dropped down to cooler standards. He gazed out the window as they drove, semi fiddling with the device that had been given to him.

"You're awfully quiet." Dick said looking his way upon reaching a stop light.

"Haven't we both?"

"True enough," Dick smilingly said in response. "What do you plan on saying when you get in there?"

"I'm still in the process of sorting out my approach," Heiji replied. "You know as well as I word choice is key."

"Especially in a situation such as the one you're in."

"I don't plan on letting this drag on any longer than it needs to be."

"I wish you luck in that department."

The street light switched back to green, giving them the ok to move on.

"I don't recognize this road," Heiji said taking notice of the surrounding area. "Where are we?"

"Not to worry," Dick assured. "Short cut."

"I'll put my trust in that."

"Your confidence in me is to be accepted."

They drove for about another minute, finally coming into view of the police headquarters which was just ahead.

"Not bad, this really was a short cut."

"I try never to disappoint."

They continued into that direction, taking a right at the next intersection. He stopped after finding an empty spot right next to the sidewalk.

"And here we are."

"Thanks for the ride."

He pushed the door open after unlocking it but stopped on his attempt out, turning back to Dick who became confused by this.

"What's wrong?"

He sat in silence for a few moments, finally unbuckling the seatbelt with the shake of his head.

"Never mind, I'll bring it up to you another time."

"You sure everything is alright?"

"I'll be fine."

He stepped out from the passenger side, calmly closing the door before stepping onto the sidewalk. He began to walk toward the building, listening to the sound of the car take off after his departure. The doors to the entrance slid open as he neared, stepping aside as two officers walked past.

"Hopefully he's here."

The path was left clear for him to move on after they passed. He walked in to see a small group of people, including a man who was being booked in at the front desk on the far left of the room. He continued to search the room in hopes of finding officer Celek.

"What are you doing here?"

He turned back to the entryway at the sound of a familiar voice.

"Detective Gates."

"You seem rather surprised to see me."

"Not entirely, the timing of your arrival couldn't have been any better actually."

"Is that so."

"I need to see the commissioner again," Heiji informed. "I have something for him."

"Am I to assume this has something to do with what happened last night?" Rick asked.

"That's right."

"Please tell me you know who the thief is."

"Perhaps," Heiji said. "But I'll leave that for the commissioner to share with everyone here when he so chooses."

"Playing it to the book I see."

"Would you happen to know if he is here?"

"He was at the time when I left twenty minutes ago," Rick replied. "I could take you up to his office to go have a look if you would like."

"That would be great," Heiji said. "Do you have a key to enter the stairwell?"

"Always." Rick said being the first to head for the door on the opposite side of the room.

"I do have something else I wanted to ask." Heiji said following at his side.

"What is it?"

"Why not install an elevator in this place," Heiji said. "Wouldn't it make things a lot easier?"

"There is an elevator."

"There is?"

He looked from one end of the room to the other, sighting no such thing.

"I don't see it."

"It's located in the back room just pass the front desk." Rick informed.

"If that is true then why take the stairs," Heiji asked. "It would be a lot simpler if we used the elevator."

"That would be an option if it were currently running," Rick said. "It's been out of commission for two weeks now."

"Any plans on fixing it?"

"They've been at that for weeks now," Rick replied. "From my understanding the final touches are to be laid down as earliest as tomorrow morning."

"I bet you're looking forward to that."

"Aren't we all?"

They reached the door that next second. He then grabbed the stash of keys hanging from his belt, quickly singling out the one used for the door.

"You first." Rick said upon opening the door.

He accepted, taking a step in.

"I'd let you go up on your own, but it's policy that any outsiders are escorted when visiting the grounds."

"I understand." Heiji said making a move for the stairs.

They found their way to the top in a timely fashion, pushing past the door which brought them to the upper floor. The two made their way down the hall, taking a left after reaching the end of it. It was there that his office door could be seen.

"Think you'll be ok from here?"

"I'll be fine, thanks," Heiji replied. "Besides I'm sure you have business of your own to take care of."

"It's been one of those days," Rick said turning back for where he had come. "Good luck in there."

"I appreciate the help."

With that he turned for the door. He walked up to it, giving it a knock only to have the door fall open.

"Come on in, I've been expecting you."

He turned in the chair at his desk to face him.


"Call me Gordon," James said. "I'd prefer that."

"Yes sir." Heiji said walking in with the close of the door.

"I take it you received my message from officer Celek?"

"Yes," Heiji confirmed. "Celek told me you wanted to speak with me, he didn't however go into any specifics on why."

"That's for us to discuss," James said. "Care to have a seat?"

"Not today," Heiji declined. "I'd rather stand."

"Same as last time I see," James said standing up from the chair. "You were right, that thief made his move at the Futures Building."

"I had a feeling he would."

"I've gone over the details with several of the other units involved with this," James said stepping around the desk. "We're now planning a new approach."

"On what grounds?"

"I think everyone feels that we've learned enough about the thief, at least interest wise," James began. "We're now in the process of profiling the thief at hand."

"And you want my input on the matter, right?"

"Is that too much to ask?"

"Here's the thing, the thief in particular we're dealing with doesn't wish to remain hidden," Heiji stated. "It's actually quite the opposite if I'm not mistaken."

"From the sounds of it I'd say you know who orchestrated the heist."

"The footage never lies."


He reached into his pocket, pulling out the mini device given to him.

"Here, this is video feed collected from the premises of the building." Heiji informed.

"Are you serious?"

"This is no joke, I can assure you."

"Would this happen to include a visual of the thief?" James asked taking the gizmo into hand.

"It's all there Gordon."

"How in the world did you get a hold of something like this?"

"It was all set up from the beginning," Heiji replied. "Thanks to the help of a friend."

"Does this friend of yours have a name?" James asked.

"Better," Heiji said pulling out the stashed away slip of paper. "Here's his number."

"This will defiantly do," James said accepting the paper as well. "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Yes," Heiji replied. "The name of the person we're dealing with."

"You know the name of the thief?"

"Kaitou Kid," Heiji replied. "He's a big timer from Japan, a jewel thief if you will."

"I've heard that name," James said. "It's passed through here before."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Heiji said. "He's taken his travels overseas on more than one occasion."

"If he's a jewel thief then why take the G3 Power Emitter that was presented at the Futures Building," James questioned. "Let alone leave a diamond in its place?"

"That's where I'm stumped," Heiji admitted. "I have yet to even find out why he's here in Gotham."

"You seem to have the best understanding of this guy, which puts you at the center of this whole ordeal."

"Do you have an idea for what you plan to do next?"

"Since you've given us the name of the thief the profiling project will no longer be necessary," James said. "I'll have to discuss another route to take with all other parties involved, that is after I view this footage you've provided us with."

"Is there anything else I can do?"

"Since I'm not too familiar with this Kaitou Kid I could ask you to fill me in further, but it would probably be easier to refer to other resources such as the criminal database."

"There are also people you can contact," Heiji said. "There are plenty of professionals who have plenty of experience dealing with Kid if the extra help is needed."

"I'm not too worried about seeking help," James said. "If push does come to shove I've got a pro of my own in my back pocket."

"I like the sound of that."

"It seems we've covered everything I wished to discuss." James said making his way around the desk back to the chair.

"I'm glad I was able to help," Heiji said. "Will that be all?"

"Yes, for now," James replied. "Be sure to close the door on your way out."

"Will do." Heiji said before turning for the door.

He took a few steps forward, coming to a stop at the sound of his voice after contacting the door knob.

"One last thing."

"Yes?" Heiji said facing him once more.

"Good work at Nano High."

"You found out about that?"

"Word travels fast around here," James replied. "As does reputation."


"Just be sure to keep a clear view on things."

Understanding what he meant, he nodded. He did as asked of him, closing the door on his way out.

The sun had long since dove down to the other side, leaving only the light filled city to provide for a clear path down the street. He checked his watch as they walked, coming to find it was now thirty seven after eleven. He lowered his wrist before slightly pulling down on the cap sitting atop his head.

"You've really taken this security thing to another level Kuroba, are you that concerned someone will recognize you?"

"It's not the general public I'm shielding my presence from," Kaito said. "After all, no one has yet to determine it was Kaitou Kid to apprehend that device."

"No one except that boy," Konosuke said. "And since there have been no reports on you, I think it's safe to assume that he wasn't working with the authorities."

"Something I can agree with," Kaito said as they continued their stroll through the city. "The only direct road block as it stands as of right now is the contractor."

"You truly believe he is watching our every move?"

"It's possible what he said was a bluff before," Kaito said. "But he was rather detailed in describing our actions over the past week."

"You still have yet to tell me how you plan to corner the disturbance."

"Why tell you when you'll see for yourself."

"I'll take your word for it, but I must know," Konosuke said looking ahead. "Where are we going?"

"There's not much longer to go," Kaito promised dropping his hands into the jacket he wore. "I saw an ad on the TV earlier for this place."

"What's wrong with the several stores we've already passed?"

"It's all about deals, and staying low key." Kaito replied.

"I'll take your word for it sir."

They continued to walk along, taking a right after reaching the end of the block. It wasn't long after that they caught sight of two joggers heading their way from up ahead. He couldn't help but smile as they neared, finding an interest to the dragon oriented outfits they wore. He removed his hands from his pockets with the raise of his head, completely coming to a stop.

"Hello ladies."

With a surge of speed they darted past with nothing said, not even acknowledging his presence. His hands dropped down to his side in response to this.

"It would appear they are in a hurry." Konosuke said coming back to his side.

"I think you might have scared them away."


"Did you see the way they sped past us?"

"That could be part of their routine," Konosuke said. "Several runners have a set pace for their shifts in stamina."

"Yea, I bet." Kaito muttered.

They began to walk once again, passing by a phone booth and a newsstand over to the right side. It wasn't until a couple seconds later that they heard one of the phones begin to ring. Kaito stopped at this, causing Konosuke to do the same.

"What is it?"

He took a look around the general area, coming to a quick realization.

"There's no one here," Kaito said. "No one but us."

"You're not thinking that?"

"It's possible," Kaito said. "Only one way of finding out."

"Do you want me to."

"Stay here." Kaito said cutting him off once more.

He followed the sound of its tune, coming to find it was the second phone on the opposite side that was ringing. He walked around, grabbing hold the phone with no hesitation.

"Good to hear from you sunshine."

"You managed my expectations."

"I'm touched, would that happen to be a compliment?"

"I was hoping you would exceed them, you were seen."

"That was always a possibility," Kaito stated. "Besides it's not like the city as a whole knows of my business here."

"You sure about that?"

"Someone sounds moody, did you call for the company?"

"Your arrogance rivals that of even your greatest quality."

"And I have yet to hear a reason for your call oh lonely one."

"A location."

"For what?"

"Listen carefully, because I'm only going to say this once."

"I'm all ears, give me the details."

The clock struck twelve, which followed with the sound of the bell. He looked toward the bell tower in the distance knowing the time was near.

"It's now midnight, he should be here anytime now."

A gust of air blew past from behind, followed by a shadow that appeared in the thick of the moment.

"You're early, good."

"I've been here for the past ten minutes," Red Robin said. "I brought the tapes like you asked."

"I figured you would," Batman said taking a step down to his level. "Do you have a copy for yourself?"

"The original is on my desk."


"I doubt that's the soul reason why you called for me to meet you here, I could have given you that any time."

"I was going to confront you about something earlier but decided against it."

"Decided against what?"

"The surveillance camera you found, the one discovered after following that man who left Mount Zomoph," Batman said. "You have yet to tell me what you found after further examination, that's concerning, and so has your secrecy on the matter."

"I didn't expect you to pay it much mind, at least not this soon."

"What did you find?"

"I was able to wire it to my network," Red Robin began. "This gave me the chance to see what the runaway shooter got to see from his end."


"It's worse than I thought," Red Robin replied. "Unknown to me at the time that camera had been rotating from side to side, and happened to get a complete shot of the side of my face."

"Clear enough for identification?"

He nodded in response.

"You should have told me about this sooner."

"But there's something that bugs me about," Red Robin said. "Unlike Shinichi if they were to run a scan on the footage gained of me they should have easily been able to find out who I was, pending they didn't recognize me to begin with."

"I see, you're wondering why an attempt hasn't been made against your life."


"There's another way of looking at this."



"I've already tightened up security, if this guy plans to make a move I'll be ready."

"Don't lay blind to the fact there could be others in collaboration with him," Batman warned. "From what we've learned I'm almost certain there is at least one other gunman."

"A probability to think about," Tim said. "But besides that, there's something I wanted to ask of you."

"Is this about earlier?"

"I don't find it to be fair to detail Shinichi's position as consultant going forward," Red Robin said in protest. "I'm fully aware of the outside dangers, but it's clear he knows these guys on a level beyond even our own status."

"The risk is great, and I still stand by my decision," Batman said. "Though there may be room for raise depending on the results."

"What kind of raise?"

He stopped himself before he was to speak again, turning to his blind side to see him standing in place atop a roof sitting above them.

"How long are you going to stay up there?"

"Didn't want to interrupt." Nightwing replied dropping down to join them.

"What are you doing here?"

"You wanted to know the results I received from the hospital right?"

"A call would have been sufficient."

"Trust me, I think it would be better if you heard it from me in person," Nightwing said. "Which is why I'm here."

"Alright then, what did you learn?"

The nerves only increased the longer he waited, unsure of what was being said between the two. He checked the time on his watch, finding six minutes had passed since the conversation had begun. Just as he found himself moving from side to side he heard the sound of his return from behind which cause him to turn.

"Was that?"

"Yes," Kaito confirmed. "That was the contractor."

"What did they say?"

"Instructions to the next site."

"And where might that be?"

"It doesn't matter," Kaito said. "Because we're not heading into that direction."

"We're not?"

"No, we're going to head straight for them."

"By them you mean the contractor?"


"And how do you explain we do that?" Konosuke asked.

"With this," Kaito said holding up a small device in hand. "It allows you to trace back any calls that are made no matter where you receive them."

"But how?"

"I'll let you in on that later."

"Great job if I may say so myself," Konosuke complimented. "And where might this device of yours point to?"

"I don't have the answer yet, but once it completes its scan in the next minute," Kaito grinningly replied. "We'll have the true location we seek."

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 106

Outside Cause

"A coma, she's in a coma?"

"As bizarre as that may seem yes," Nightwing confirmed. "That's what I was told upon arriving at the hospital."

"And what about the scans you said you would request for?" Red Robin asked.

"That won't be seen through until tomorrow some time," Nightwing replied. "I'll receive the call when they have results."

"First a heart attack and now this."

"Can't go any more left field than that."

"Let's hope not."

That moment brought a bright flash of light, one which sailed from above in the far distance. It was clear what was to come next.

"The signal, Gordon must have something."

"You want us to come along?" Nightwing asked.

"No, but since you're here I'd like for you to help with something." Batman replied.

"Name it."

"I thought it would be a good idea for us to retrace our tracks, go through all trials that have led us to this point."

"And where might we be looking?"

"The obvious answer would be the Furtures Building, but I'd also like for one of you to investigate the grounds of Mount Zomoph."

"Why is that?"

"Because it was the original location for where the Furtures Building was planned to be built," Red Robin informed. "I did the research."

"Not something I was expecting." Nightwing admitted.

"Whoever decides to investigate that park between the two of you, I want you to search the underground area below it," Batman said. "There's an abandoned tunnel that can be found, one which hasn't been used for years now."

"I'm guessing it was used for trains at some point right?" Nightwing questioned.


"I wonder what conspired that stopped all transportation through that area."

"Increased development and a new vision."

"Leave Mount Zomoph to me," Red Robin said. "I had already planned on returning to that site at some point anyway."

"I guess that means the Futures Building is mine."

"Now that we've gained accepting ground I think it would be best if we looked into this as soon as possible."

"You two go on without me," Batman said. "I have a call to answer."

He turned to where the light was being emitted, readying himself for the jump to be made.

They stood there for minutes, waiting for the results to finally feed back to them. He tapped him on the shoulder during the process of this.

"What is it?" Kaito asked looking his way.

"We've been waiting for five minutes now," Konosuke said. "Are you certain this thing will give us the location of where the call came from?"

"I'm positive," Kaito assured. "I tested it on several occasions before tonight."

A red light then shined bright from the device, along with a low pitched sound.

"Looks like the waits over."

He lifted the device up for a better view of the small screen.

"What do you see," Konosuke asked. "Where did the call originate?"

"Not far from here," Kaito replied. "Not far at all."

"Are you saying that the call was made from somewhere here in Gotham?"

"Not just here in Gotham, but no further than a block or two away."

"You're not serious are you?"

"I'm just as surprised as you," Kaito said looking down at the device once again. "Now what do you say we go and give this guy a visit?"

"Are you sure that's a safe thing to do," Konosuke questioned. "There's always the chance he's anticipated you'd try something of this sorts."

"That is a possibility, which is why we'll move toward the location in a circular matter rather than directly."

"I don't think I fully understand that analogy."

"You will once we get started," Kaito assured. "Come on."

"There is something else I must ask," Konosuke said. "How did you trace the number from where he called, no way could you have done that without knowing that was the phone the call would come from."

"You're right, which is why I had wired that phone to the network ahead of time to fit in with the server of the device."

"How did you know that was the phone he'd call?"

"I didn't," Kaito admitted. "Which is why several public phones throughout the city were factored in."

"What other phones did you wire?"

"Ones in diners, subway stations, hotel lobbies, and even local stores," Kaito replied. "And that's just to name a few."

"My word, when did you find the time to do all of that?"

"When you were asleep."

"But you said it yourself, the contractor has been watching you closely," Konosuke reminded. "And since it would appear he is in Gotham there's a possibility he could have been watching when you rigged those phones."

"Not a chance."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because I didn't link all of those phones to this device manually," Kaito informed. "But rather through networking."

"How long did that take?"

"Roughly six hours, but it seems all has paid off."


He stopped once more to look over their position in comparison to where the call had come from.

"The phone used to contact us is west from here."

"And the distance?"

"A little less than a mile."

"What would you like to do from here?" Konosuke asked.

"We split," Kaito replied. "You're going to take the direct approach, once you've come within twenty five yards of the site I'll give you the signal to stop."

"That's all good and said, but I have no idea where this place is."

"I'll keep you informed over the phone."

"That may work, but what about you," Konosuke asked. "Where will you be during all of this?"

"I'm going to head further down south and circle around to the west, putting me on the side opposite of you."

"Leaving the location of where the call came from in between us," Konosuke said. "I think I got it."

"No simpler way of putting it."

"I do have another question to ask," Konosuke said. "How are you going to lead me to the site after we split, you have no way of knowing my position."

"I guess I failed to mention that I registered yours as well as my phone to this devices tracking system as well," Kaito said. "So not only can I track where calls were made from, but also keeping tabs on any phones that are wired into its system."

"You have this all figured out," Konosuke said. "But why didn't you tell me about any of this sooner?"

"It's not something that had been on my mind for long," Kaito replied. "But even then I wouldn't have been able to accomplish any of this if attempted any time before last night."

"Why is that?"

"The G3 Power Emitter," Kaito replied. "It was the key element that allowed for me to link all of the phones I did to this device in such a short amount of time."

"But I thought the G3 Emitter was used strictly as a power device for energy use."

"True, but it has other flexibilities as I've come to fine," Kaito said. "Its marginable power core is what made it all possible."

"I'd like to hear about that."

"I thought you might, but due to time we'll have to save that discussion for later," Kaito said. "I'd first like to pay our contractor a surprise visit."

"I understand the opportunity, but are you sure this is a good idea," Konosuke said. "I'd feel a lot better if we put some more time and thought into this."

"As would I," Kaito admitted. "But there is no guarantee that this mystery person is one to stay in one place over a long period of time."

"Point taken."

"Does that mean you're ready?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Keep your phone on," Kaito said turning for the roadside. "I'll route you to where I want you to be."


"Stay here for now," Kaito said. "I'll call you in the next minute to give further instructions."

He looked from side to side, making sure he had a safe path to the other side before making a run for it.

"Master Kuroba."

He stopped at the sound of his voice, looking his way once more.

"Be careful."

He nodded, turning back for the road before taking off to the other side. Once there he stopped to observe the area ahead, which was filled with many intersections on all sides.

"Now, where to go from here."

The time the light had been turned on hadn't been long, patiently waiting as he had any other time. A gust of wind past followed by the ever so light sound he made on his drop from behind.

"It's been over a week since your last call."

"That didn't take long," James said turning to face him. "Shallow night?"

"What do you have for me?"

"There's an important story that's scheduled to be aired tomorrow morning," James informed. "It's about that thief who made a move at the grand opening for the Futures Building the other night."

"Kaitou Kid."

"You knew," James said holding back a smile. "I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm surprised, but I guess it's to be expected at this point."

"Marco Gaffney's prints were found on the diamond that was left in place of the G3 Power Emitter."

"That is correct."

"I don't believe he had anything to do with the disappearance or the return of that diamond," Batman said. "His prints were found on the diamond yes, but that's only because they were put there without his knowledge."

"That's a strong claim," James said. "How can you be sure of this?"

"The same way Bruce Wayne was impersonated."

"Wait, are you saying he got a hold of their prints somehow?"

"I've looked into the matter myself, it was only because of Wayne's prints that Kaitou Kid was able to authorize the use of the helicopter he arrived in."

"I see I'm not the only one who's been hard at work," James said. "I've been doing a little home work of my own concerning the matter."

"And what were you able to find?"

"That what occurred at the Futures Building doesn't fit in with his common routine."

"Jewel thief."


"You seem to have a good handle of what to expect, so why summon me?"

"I watched a tape that was given to me from a new bright detective in town," James replied. "It wasn't until then that I realized what we were up against."

"What do you mean?"

"He's like you, the way he carried himself, the way he moved… precision," James began. "His philosophy even."


"It's not just the capes you two share in common," James said. "His showings are said to be primarily at night, when the moon is at its brightest."

"Is that so?"

"I heard it from more than one person I got in contact with earlier today."

"Anything else I should know?"

"Probably nothing you don't already have knowledge of," James said as he walked over to the edge of the roof. "So what do you think sparked the sudden interest for technology over jewelry?"

"I guess we'll have to ask him that after he's apprehended."

"Speaking of, how do you plan on catching," James began only to turn to find that he was gone. "Never mind."

He had finally past the position of where the device claimed the call had come from, continuing further south west before finally coming to a stop after crossing yet another street.

"This should be far enough."

With that in mind he reached down for his phone, redialing the last number called.

"Where are you now, did you get to higher grounds like we agreed?"

"Yes, I found a stairwell to a public building," Konosuke replied. "It led all the way to a rooftop where I am now."


"How far am I from the location of where the call came from?"

"Close enough," Kaito replied. "Can you see anyone suspicious from your location, maybe on a neighboring building?"

"No such thing," Konosuke replied scouring the area with the use of a pair of binoculars. "The coast is clear."

"Hold that position, I'll contact you again in the next minute or so."

"Loud and clear."

The transmission between the two came to an end within that instant. He lowered the phone back into his pocket before turning his sights back to the tracking device.

"This should be enough," Kaito said beginning to walk once again. "Time to move in."

He kept his eyes to the device as he walked, periodically looking ahead in the process. He pushed on for minutes, the small dot on the screen growing larger with every step taken. The distance was narrowing, he could feel it. After reaching another intersection he looked up to see two people running his way at high speeds, immediately recognizing their outfits.

"That's the same brand of parallel I saw those two women wearing not long ago."

He continued to watch as they approached, finding it was two men this time around. He moved off to the side as they zoomed past.

"That's two pairs now," Kaito thought. "I wonder if some kind of event is being held."

He quickly lost this from his mind, knowing he had a task to focus on. He looked back to the scanner, seeing that he was now aligned with the phone the call had been sent from and Konosuke's position. With that he reached for his phone only to have it ring before any move could be made.

"Great timing, I was just about to call."

"I can now see you from where you stand."

"Anything out of the ordinary since the last we talked?"

"Besides the two joggers who just passed by, nothing."

"Then we're good to go."

"You still have yet to tell me which building the call presumably came from."

"Why tell you when you can watch," Kaito said. "I'm heading there now."

"I'll keep a sharp look out, good luck."

He focused his attention back to the device, monitoring both sides of the street before making a safe walk to the other side.

"Only twenty yards to go."

He kept his head high as he walked, listening to the increasing beep of the device the closer he got. A group of people came his way which caused a slight delay. After allowing for them to pass he continued to where the signal was at its strongest.

"Twenty yards… fifteen."

He looked up upon coming in within ten yards of where the call had come, surprised not to see a structure of any kind. He looked from one side to the other only to see two separate paths to choose from.

"There's nothing here, where could the call have come from?"

He looked down at the device once more, confirming the location. It was then that his phone began to ring, taking no time in answering.

"You seem to have come to an end on your path, have you found the location of where the call was made."

"It says it's here," Kaito said taking a few steps extra to come within five yards of the signal. "But I don't see any phones around."

"I see nothing of the sorts from here either."

"When I was nearing I was almost under the impression the call might have been made from another phone booth, but there are none to be seen in this area."

"Is there anything you'd like me to do?"

"No, stay put for now," Kaito replied. "I'll get back to you."

"Of course."

He lowered the phone from there. Just as he was to further investigate the situation he felt someone tap him from behind, turning to find a young woman standing before him wielding a phone in hand.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but is your name Kuroba?" She asked.

"How do you know my name?"

"While on my way down the street someone called my phone and asked to speak with you."


"He said it was important." She said now holding out the phone for him to take.

He accepted it with much uncertainty, slowly raising the phone as he brought it to his ear.


"You antics are most noteworthy magician, impressive even."


"The way you used the G3 Power Emitter to your services is something I'll remember."

"Where are you?" Kaito said with a change in tone.

"Right where I can see you," The unidentifiable voice spoke. "Just remember, I'm always watching."

"I will find you."

"You have twenty four hours to make a switch at the drop point."

The sound of static followed, letting him know they had hung up from the other end. He took this time to return the phone to the woman who had approached him.

"Who was that?"

"A friend," Kaito replied. "Just a friend."

"How in the world did this friend of yours get a hold of my number?"

"I don't know," Kaito honestly replied. "I truly don't know."

The night had come and gone, bringing a clear start to the next morning. The sound of something sprinkling from outside in the near distance was what awoke him. In the stretch of the moment the first thing he did was reach for his face, sitting up all in one motion to come realize he had yet to revert back.

"I lasted through the night, that's a step."

He then turned to the dresser, coming to find three folded pairs of pants, a small stack of shirts, and an unopened pack of socks sitting atop the dresser. Curious at this development he removed the blanket from over himself before stepping down to the ground. He walked over to the dresser, coming to discover a note sitting at the top of the pile. He reached down for the small piece of paper before holding it out in front to read.

'I find these may come in handy… Alfred.'

"That means I won't have to get back into the same clothes as yesterday," Shinichi said. "Not a bad start."

He reached for one of the pair of pants, finding it to be a perfect fit upon sliding them on. He spent another ten minutes in the room, not heading out until after finishing with his normal bathroom routine. He checked the time on his watch as he walked down the hall, finding it was just past ten twenty.

"It has yet to hit the twenty four hour mark since the time I transformed, which is usually when things get shifty," Shinichi thought as he walked. "Only a couple hours to go until that time."

He pushed past the first door, leading him out to the top of the staircase. He stretched his arms on the way down, hearing the same sound he had heard earlier. He took a look out of the window to see it was only the sprinklers out in the yard. His phone vibrated just after stepping down to the first floor, pulling it out to see he had missed two calls.

"I'll see to that later," Shinichi said sticking the phone back into his pocket. "First thing is first, time to get some answers."

He immediately turned for the right; heading for the study where he assumed would be the best place for him to start. He stopped once reaching the door, finding it to be slightly cracked. With that in mind he wasted no time in knocking, simply walking in to see the chair at the desk turned to the opposite side of him.

"Hope you don't mind me joining you," Shinichi said. "Did you get anything back on that blood test?"

"It would appear the consultant has awoken." Damian said turning in the chair to reveal himself.

"Oh… it's just you."

"And here I thought the time had come to invest in a child harness leash for you, especially after what happened at the grand opening," Damian said easing out of the chair. "But given the circumstances that might not fair too well with any on looking spectators."

"You obviously anticipated I'd come here, any specific reason why you've been waiting?"

"Those," Damian replied pointing toward a new pair of shoes sitting on top of the desk. "I was told to make sure you receive these."

"You could have brought them to the room."

"I thought we agreed on knocking from here on out," Damian reminded. "You were asleep and did not wish to disturb you."

"I appreciate that."

With that he made his way over to the table, past Damian who was now heading for the door. He grabbed hold of the shoes, satisfied at what he came to find. The door bell rung at that moment, its tune traveling clear into the room.

"You guys expecting company this early?" Shinichi said catching him before he walked out.

"Not to my knowledge."

He followed him out of the room, curious as to who had come on an unexpected visit.

"Someone must have forgotten to lock the gate on their way out," Damian muttered. "Hopefully this isn't more riffraff from that Gazette stable."

He reached for the knob with a huff, wasting no time in pulling the door aside to reveal who was standing on the other side.

"Conner." Shinichi said surprised to find who it was.

"Hey Conan, long time no see."

"How'd you know it was me?"

"I spoke with Tim last night," Conner replied. "He told me everything."

"What are you doing here?" Damian asked with the cross of his arms.

"I've come to speak with your father," Conner replied. "Is he around?"

"No, he's not."

"Any idea when he'll be back?"

"No clue."

"Could you call him for me?"

"No, he's in a meeting right now." Damian informed.

"Great, what luck." Conner said with the slouch of his arms.

"If it's so important why don't you try asking Drake," Damian suggested. "I'm sure he'll be able to help with whatever it is that seems to be bothering you."

"That was originally the plan, but I haven't been able to get a hold of him since last night."

"Not my problem," Damian said reaching back for the door. "Don't know what to tell you."

He forced out his hand, denying him the close of the door.

"Well since his assistance is unavailable, that means I'll have to look to my third option." Conner said turning to face him.

"You don't mean me do you?" Shinichi questioned.

"Yes," Conner confirmed. "I need your help."

To Be Continued