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if you have not read before here is a link to Batman: Punishing Gotham - 1

 Hours later, Gotham City Police are in the sewers investigating the scene. Harvey Bullock is the lead detective on this one as well. Police Commissioner James Gordon climbs down into the sewer through a manhole and sloshes over to the detective.

"Whatcha got Harvey?" asks the commissioner.

"Kidney stones," says Bullock, "I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant."

 "Well, all we know for sure is someone did in Killer Croc with a really big gun."

"What kind?"

"Don't know yet," says Bullock, "But judging from the size of the wounds, I'd say some kinda rifle. Maybe for huntin' big game like grizzly or somethin'."

"Any ideas as to who the shooter is?"

"Ya mean aside from people who dress up as a bat? Suspect list starts with me and goes around the block . . . twice."

"Any theories?"

"I think someone was really pissed off at him."

"Any useful theories?"

"He might make a nice suitcase."

"Yeah okay," says Gordon, "You wrap things up here. I'm going topside for a cigarette."

Commissioner Gordon climbs back out of the manhole and heads over to a nearby alley where he can get out of the rain. He lights up a smoke, and almost on cue, Batman steps out of the shadows.

"This is just the beginning," says the caped crusader in his gravelly voice.

"Is that a confession?" asks the commissioner.

"An observation," replies Batman.

"Any suspects yet?"

"No," says Batman, "Whoever this is, it's someone new. I think you have a serial killer on your hands Jim. One who fancies himself some kind of vigilante."

"Any leads?"

"The weapon that killed Waylon Jones was likely an elephant gun. I found ropes tied to the pipes on the ceiling above the body. Judging from the way they were tied, it was likely to support a very long object. The bullet holes in Jones' chest and head were made from a very large caliber weapon. And since he was only shot twice, this indicates elephant gun."

"How do you figure that?"

"Elephant guns are two barreled weapons, like very large shotguns. This killer seems to have a taste for overkill. If he could have fired more bullets into his target, he would have."

"You sure about that?"

"It's a reasonable assumption," says Batman, "Victor Zsasz had lethal tally marks carved into his abdomen, when a simple stab through the heart would do. He could have carried the elephant gun into Killer Croc's hideout and gunned him down there. Instead he lured him here where he had stashed the gun beforehand. Although that could have been for tactical reasons, but the shot to the chest would have been fatal, even to someone like Waylon Jones. The shot to the head was unnecessary overkill."

"You know all this, yet you don't have any suspects."

"I know his modus operandi and his signature," replies The Dark Knight, "The rest will take more time."

"Let me know when you learn something I can use," says Gordon.

But there's no answer. As silently as he arrived, Batman had already left.

"I hate it when he does that."


War Journal: Entry #319

Tonight's mission was a success. As suspected, the hand grenade from the initial encounter with the enemy was less effective than I would have preferred. Reports of the enemy's ability to absorb unusual amounts of punishment were not exaggerated. The enemy was easily lured to my secondary position. The elephant gun was most effective. I will have to remember that in the future.


Once more, Bruce Wayne sits at the Bat Computer in the Bat Cave. On the main screen are the mug shots and police reports on both Victor Zsasz and "Killer Croc" Waylon Jones. On side screens are lists of names of family members of both criminals' known victims. Bruce slumps in his chair, his hands steepled together in front of his chin. Once more, the ever dutiful Alfred comes downstairs with coffee. This time the butler has brought along a bowl of soup and a sandwich to go along with it.

"Your lunch, Master Wayne," says the gentleman.

  "Thank you Alfred," replies Bruce, still staring at the screens in front of him.
 Alfred notices that Bruce does not eat the sandwich and gets a little irritated  

"You barely touched your breakfast this morning, sir," says the butler, pointedly.

Bruce Wayne sighs as he turns and looks at his oldest and dearest friend. In spite of himself, he can't help but grin at the old Englishman.

"Very well Alfred," he says, "You win."

"It isn't a contest, Master Wayne, sir," says Alfred, "I'm just doing my part in the fight against crime in Gotham City."

Bruce takes a healthy sized bite out of the sandwich Alfred had made for him. Ham and cheese, his childhood favorite. Well, after he had out grown peanut butter and jelly anyway. He sits and stares at the two victims a moment more.

"Are you sure that these two murders are related?" asks Alfred.

"There's no actual proof, In both cases, forensic countermeasures were taken. No usable fingerprints, DNA, nothing."

"One could theorize that that is proof enough," says the butler.

"It's an educated guess, Not much else."

He swallows a mouthful of soup, then looks to his butler.

"Thank you Alfred" he says

"Is there anything else I can help you with?" Alfred asks.

"The name and address of this killer would be nice," replies Bruce.

"In that case, I shall take my leave."

Alfred turns and leaves his employer staring at the screens, eating his soup and sandwich in silence.  


Sorry that this one is so long I just wanted to make sure that I could get this done so next chapter has some action. Also just like before please comment bellow.
Batman: Punishing Gotham - 6
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