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(Ignore the post that I made before)

So I was thinking of making a story which introduced a underrated villain in the Batman franchise, yes that's right Anarky. I really enjoyed the stories he was in and I decided why not make a sequel to the book Anarky In Gotham. My story takes place a few years later ignoring the three other books, after the so called death of the Joker. Bruce discovers that he has broken his rule of killing and decided that he cannot be Batman anymore.But soon after Anarky comes back and kills a few people leaving the anarky sign. But this is only the beginning of his plans to create a war on Gotham city. Bruce who isn't in shape and hasn't trained, must fight again as this is a life or death situation.

Any thoughts on it ? Thinking of making a suprise ending.

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I like the idea of it, always a fan of Anarky. I for one, would definitely read this series.

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sounds like a good plot. you should go over the idea that is Batman important enough to Gotham, that even if he breaks his own code, he is still important enough that Gotham will forgive him, but how often will they forgive him until he becomes so dangerous that he is more dangerous than any of Gotham's criminals