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Black Mask's headdquarters:  
Black mask has just captured an inventor, and needs his help.
"P-p-please, let me go." said the man. "No." Black Mask responds. "I've kidnapped you because i need you're invention, the miracle drug." You will make it for me, or I will kill you." "B-but--" "ENOUGH!" shouted Black mask. You will Create this drug for my men. It will make them faster, stronger, smarter." "I suggest you do it." Black masks voice calms. he whispers into his victim's ear. "We know you have a family." the boy responds "Okay I'll do it." "Good." Said Black Mask.  " Then we will finally be able to beat.  
"the Batman"

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The sirens chase the car. Two of Black Masks thugs are in the getaway car. "We're in the clear!" said the driver. Just then Batman lands on the hood of the car. and the thug slams on the brakes. The passenger goes flying through the winshield and brakes his neck. He then snaps his neck back into place and gets up. The driver punches through the windshield and hits Batman, knocking him off the car. the driver gets out of the car and starts to beat Batman. The other thug comes up from behind with a lead pipe and is about to hit Batman when Damian comes and launches into the thug. He stabs him through the throat with a batarang, but the wound just heals, and the thug laughs. He hits Damian and gets up in a cat stance. Meanwhile, Batman was able to get the thug off of him. and kicks him in the midsection. The thug just stands there, unphased. the thug hits Batman, and follows up with a right cross and a roundhouse kick. He then delivers a chop to the neck. incapacitating Batman The other thug is beating damian when Damian flips into the air and hurricaine kicks the thug in the face, and hits the thug with an uppercut. The thug then grabs his arm and throws him across the street. "c'mon, lets go!" said the thug. and they both run away. At Black Masks hideout, the thugs report what happened.  "And I even fell through the windoOOOW!" the passenger thugs neck snaps and a hole in his throat appears. Black Mask looks at his captive. "What is the meaning of this?!" He demands. "I th-thought I told you about the side affects. If you don't take an extra dosage, your wounds reappear." Back with Batman, he thinks to himself. "There were needle marks on both their arms, plus they knew martial arts. They aren't the average petty thug." He then remebers seeign a broadcast on the news about a man who created a drug for the disabled, and he recently went missing. He goes over to inspect the car, the thugs left behind, and finds masks. "Black Mask" He whispered. "He captured him." "He's giving the thugs the drug." "There's enough for an entire city...  
"A city of drugs."