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Pyg stands at the window of a skyscraper, overlooking Gotham. He asks to someone unseen  
"Is everything ready?  
The voice replies "Yes, sir."  
Pyg turns around, and gazes menacingly at the unseen man. "Release the prisoners.  
Five Hours Later:  
Bruce Wayne has donned the mantle of the Batman. He is aware who Pyg is, but has never actually met him. Pygs dollotrons, circus of strange, and other people who seem to be part of another circus have been set loose on the streets.  
Batman slides left and right, dodging dollotron attacks. They are taken down easily.  
Meanhwile, a fat lady is on top of a roof with a bazooka talking on an intercom.  
"I'm in position. Fire?"  
" Fire!"  
The smoke clears away. The fat lady has come to inspect Batman. "He looks...dead." Says the lady. "I better check--"  
BAM! Batman kicks upward, knocking the lady back. she goes for her bazooka, but is unable to reach it in time. Batman has thrown knockout darts into her torso. After quite a bit of punching, he is able to get the needle to peirce her skin. She falls easily.  
A man on fire suddenly jumps out from the shadows. "Names Phosphorus Rex." Said the man. "I'm going to kill you now..." He lunges at Batman but he easily sidesteps his attack and he falls to the ground. He takes out a mini fire extinguisher from his utility belt and sprays Rex. He is down.  
The next one is three monks strapped together. They put up quite a fight. The blows are exchanged. He almost feels tired.  
the is finally able to get the three in the position he wants. I snap to the head, and one monk's head hits the other. In the confusion, Batman is able to get them on the ground and subdue them.  
"HIIIIIIIE!!!" A man lunges from a rooftop. He is Pierrot. "Remember me, Bats?" Says Pierrot. "I was the guy who almost killed you!"
"Almost isn't good enough!" Shouts Batman. The two go at it. A right cross to the face. An uppercut. A Savate kick. Batman makes a mental not to keep his distance since Pierrot seems fast. During mid kick, Batman is able to grab Pierrot's leg, and pushes down on his midsection. Pierrot is down for the counts. Batman says to nobody in paticular: "Strange, Pierrot worked for the Black Glove, why would he sink to Pyg's level?"  
Before he is able to reflect on the matter, a middle aged circus clown comes up, ready to fight. The two exchange blows. Batman thinks to himself. "Strange...this man seems...familiar" I think he was described to me by--" His thought is interrupted by a bowling pin to the head. He responds by kicking his kneecap, and breaking his leg.  
Before finishing his earlier thought, he hears a noise behind him. Instinctivley, he throws and electric Batarang. Killer Croc falls to the ground. No...not killer croc 
Pyg watches from above. "Batman, Batman, Batman, when will you learn?" My resources are endless.  
Six humanoid Crocadiles come out of the shadows. Surrounding Batman. He thinks to himself "Pyg is smart. Either he's gathered up people with the same condition as Waylon, or he's injected his blood into others. Either way they are innocents, locked in this game. 
This ends tonight.  
End of Chapter Two 
*********Please tell me what you think. Also if anyone wants to draw images or something for this you are free to do so you do not need my consent. If you do and could post it, that would be great, anyway Thank you for reading this*******

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Nice. Glad to see you went a bit longer with this chapter. You have a very Tim Burton style story going here, which, of course, comes with the territory of making a Batman story with psychotic circus freaks.

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Wait till you see the origin I have in mind for Pyg. There is one very small clue in the story, and it has to do with another member of the Batman family.  
Happy hunting. :)

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@primepower53: Wunderbar! Can't wait for part three.