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The tears silently fell onto the dustbin, she had given up hope, her make up was ruined and her voice cracked, her cries had been long ignored and now no one was there to listen, because in this city, this cruel city, at the dark ends of town, no one cared. The thrusting movements pushed her up onto the surface ever so slightly but she would only fall down, her name was Veracity Joaneson, a business women, she dressed provocatively to get ahead in life, but now she regretted it. Her rapist was a small old man, in his mid forties, he was a known offender and had been imprisoned twice, once for rape and once for petty thievery, he was put on the super villains list because he had a fetish for costumes, especially rat ones, hence the self proclaimed name, Ratman. Though there was nothing super about taking advantage of helpless women, though Ratman didn't believe his therapists. Veracity heard her attacker grunt with each push, she had struggled for the first five minutes, but this little rat was impressively stronger than he looked, and had banged her head several times on the hard metal surface, causing her nose to bleed, so all she could do was lie there in a puddle of blood and tears, hoping that when she was finished with he simply didn't kill her.

His name, his real name, was Marlon Coaxes, he grew up wanting to be a superhero but his parents died at a young age, there was a fire at the company the worked in, the very same company Veracity works for, Wayne Galaxy Enterprises. They were scientists, and Ratman inherited some of their brains, but after the fire there was no where for him to go, the orphanages were full, so they left him on the streets, hoping he would die, but he didn't, he found refuge in the sewers, amongst the rats, and he became one. He fashioned a suit of rat skin and made his way to the city world, above ground, he tried to fight crime, fight in with the heroes, but he was unwanted and had the shit kicked out of him on more than one occasion, so he went on a binge drink, ready to kill himself when he stumbled across a fine lady, one who he had tried to help, he followed her to an alley and his desperation and loneliness, found his first rape victim. He was never a big crook, he got his name in the papers now and then, and he faced off against some big names, even joined a team at one point. That was when he was young, and had a body that could keep up with his mind. But now, he was a nobody.

With one last grunt he finished, and pulled free from the crying woman who simply slumped to the floor in a teary mess, in one sense she was impressed out how long he kept up his part, but the thought would alone kill her. Before Marlon could even zip up his suit their was a suspicious sound above the alley, and blinding lights glared furiously down throughout the alley way. With one hand the rat held his trousers up and with the other he shielded his eyes, whilst muttering a complaint. There was a curious sound, a sweet but deadly melody slicing through the air, the sound of a singing blade as it cut it's way through bitterly cold night skies. Then the Rat bellowed out a scream of pain as his face and the floor was splattered with crimson, the blade was a fraction from taking out Ratman's eye, his eyes wide with shock, he momentarily was stunned and could do nothing but pant as he reveled in the luck of his life that stayed intact, the burning pain that protruded outwards of both sides of Marlon's hand made him realise the situation, so he did up his trousers and scurried from the scene, but he would not get away, not tonight.

In this city, this cruel cuty, at the dark ends of town, no one cared... none but one, a man, a Bat-man. Veracity, cried to herself in the darkness, pants at her ankles, skirt torn, but her head remained high, she looked towards the sky, nothing, there never was, he filled her back up with hope, when she had none, and she knew that justice would be served tonight. She cradled herself, willing not to think about what just happened, and cling to the fact that she was safe now... wait, not yet, there were more like him on the streets, heck even the cops were corrupt. She needed, to leave but could not will herself to do it, when from the sky fell a curious object, a button with a note attached, saying 'press me' and on the back his symbol, the symbol of hope, she didn't hesitate to press it and at that second police sirens could be heard in the background. She was safe. He wasn't. Ratman's little feet had carried him as far and as fast as he could, but that wasn't much these days. He had twisted and twirled passed so many corners. Decisions made from a near miss batarang here and there. Eventually he was at a gate with two turnings, out of breath and panting hard, he hadn't see a batarang for a while, nor heard any heavenly dark footsteps. He needed to rest.
Starting to feel his arm getting numb he looked to the hand with a batarang through it and with a hefty tug pulled it from his withering flesh, as a splash of blood spurted free of him. He threw the bloodied object to the ground and checked his options, he had been resting for a suitable amount now and was still in the clear of Batman. So he chuckled to himself at the thought of being free, a rat escaping the change, as always, one rodent outsmarting the other. He still had it, the ability to... WHACK! A fist, presented by the darkness itself, found it's way to Ratman's jaw, breaking it. Marlon collapsed and lay on the gritty ground, eyes brimful with tears and blood dripping from mouth and nose, predator becomes prey. Though Marlon was not ready to be caged once more and so reaching in, under his cape, he found his gun on his utility belt and with little scuffling pulled free and turned ready to face the Bat. Nothing, there never was. He scrambled to his feet, jaw clutched in one hand and gun in the other, he ran down the nearest alley without thinking. He ran, as fast as he could, wanting to get away, panic settled in, joining it was paranoia, he shot at any shadow that his unlatched mind thought was moving, wasting a bullet here and another there. Finally the barrel was empty, leaving Marlon to check his belt for an ratarangs. None. 
Both hands patted his round physique, checking for any weapons, it had been so long he didn't even carry a spare chamber for the gun, and it was then he realised his mistake, as he felt something cold at his throat and heard what could only be an ingenious contraption coming together. Titanium wiring was around his throat but it was too late, invisible almost to the naked eye, especially in this light, it had already been pulled tight, his mind always worked faster than body and he couldn't stop his scuttling in time. Simply he closed his eyes, and stood for what felt an eternity, as he heard the clinking of a trap being sprung, and felt the release of ground beneath his feet, via controlled explosion, into the sewers below. It was where he had lived and it would be where he died, Marlon liked the irony in that and sensed a sick humour in the Batman. The symbol was visible first, a blood red bat, displayed across his chest and mask, not only did he have bat in the heart but also the mind. Not much else was visible, but the rumours seemed true, tall, strong, sleek and slender, good to know criminals had one thing right. The noose was loose, it appeared the Batman wanted the rat to wriggle before death, and choke rather than be allowed the quick release of a broken neck, so Marlon tensed his neck, clinging onto the little life he had left, his arms were no good, it appears the batarang that entered his right hand released a toxin to facilitate his body as useless. Clever, the Ratman admired his foe who would think so little of him. Marlon was drifting now, but he must hold on, for the Batman drew a hand free of the shroud of darkness and put it to his face, unclasping mini latches he pulled it off to reveal a smooth familiar dark complexion, visible in moonlight, Batman stood forward, face stone cold emotionless, and stared into his preys eyes, who with the last whimper of life muttered, "...Wayne."
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Looks promising.

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Oooh, a proper scary Batman who kills rapists :D 
Awesome start!

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pretty nice man so are you gonna join shas challenge
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Nice! I like this, very dark and grim, in fact it's very Gotham. 

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 Not bad. Not bad at all.
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That was incredibly well written stuff!!! great job man :)

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@Constantine: Great work! I love Batman. Plus, I like the idea of your new villain, Ratman.
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great job!