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Batman and the Outsiders:Else Worlds #8


Hotel room of one Brion Markov

Tara-Brother?Where were you?

Tara's words were ignored by her brother who continued to stare into the mirror in front of him and groom himself.Tara stepped toward her brother and reached her hand out to touch his shoulder but before she could her a piece of concrete shot throw the floor and hit Tara sending her flying through the roof of the hotel.Tara was falling towards the ground quickly.In mid-air Tara turned herself to an upright position and pulled a rock under her foot to keep her from hitting the ground at the last moment.Tara used the concrete piece ad flew back to the top story room of her brother to find him in his old Geo-Force costume floating above the building on a rock like she was.

Tara-Brion...What is this about?What are you going to do?

Again Tara's brother didn't respond and a battle began in the air.Brion took the first hit when his attack missed and Tara's counter hit him knocking him backwards and almost off of the rock keeping him in the air but he recovered at the last second.The two continued to trade punches and the fight moved away from the building to above the overcrowded streets below.

The pieces of concrete and other hard earthy material began to rain down towards the people below.Brion was beginning to get frustrated and rushed his sister.Knowing he could over power her Brion raced forward on his levitating rock and then jumped off of the rock hitting his sister causing them both to fall towards the ground rapidly.All the chunks of hard materials were floating in the air around the battling siblings attracted the attention of another costumed do gooder...

Across the street at the venerable Daily Planet oafish Clark Kent watched as the two people fell towards the crowd along with the pieces of rock and concrete.Clark ran into the storage room of the planet adn changed into a very recognizable blue and red costume.This superman rushed out of the room and and flew towards the two people saving them first and then caught all of the boulders and put them down.

As Superman flew back to his changing place Tara's brother again rose into the air and was surrounded by boulders once again but before he could throw them towards the building like he wanted he was his by a blur of blue and red hit him and knocked him through a building ,killing him...