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Batman and The Outsiders:Else Worlds #5


Deathstrokes Hideout #2,10 minutes after The Outsiders left the Batcave

Batman and the Outsiders had easily found Deathstroke because of the tracer Batman had popped on him  during their first encounter...

Batman-"Katana check out the room on the left,Halo and Tara check out the bathroom."
Katana,Halo and Tara-"Got it!"
Batman-"Metamorpho and Red Hood you two come with me."
Metamorpho and Red Hood-"Okay!"
Batman-"Everyone move out!"

The six of them each moved at the same time to where they were supposed to go.Halo and Tara checked the bathroom for any clues to where he had gone and if he had found the tracker.They didn't find anything.Katana was supposed to look in the guest room for the same things but again nothing was found.But when Metamorpho,Red Hood and Batman got in the bedroom they found the tracker laying on the bed.

Batman-"He's not here!Everyone move out!"
Everyone together-"Okay!"

As the six moved out Batman heard something behind him but he was too slow to get around before he was struck by the side of Deathstroke's blade.He fell to the ground with a loud thump.Even as the others were quick enough they too were strcu down.All except one--Katana.Katana was left standing and was now sword locked with Deathstroke.She stpped back unlocking their swords.Swiftly she swung at him hitting him in the arm cutting it clean off.Even without an arm he was still a brilliant fighter.He swung at her and hit her once but not hard enough to take her arm off.She swung again taking off his other arm.He fell to the ground and Katana put her sword to his neck and asked him a question.

Katana-"Should i kill you?"
Deathstroke-"Yes..Do it now!"

With that she swung her blade sideways lopping off his head...

Gotham Central Hospital,20 minutes after the last confrontation with Deathstroke...

Room 225 in the ER,where the body of Jefferson Peirce lies.The six remaining members of the Outsiders enter the room where their fallen friend lies.

Batman-"I know what to do.Get the body!"
Batman-"Just get the body!"

The five other member grabbed the body and the six of them left the hospital with the body of Black Lightning with them.No-one knew what Batman's plans were but they went along with them anyways...
I do not own any characters related to the Outsiders all rights are owned by Dc Comics-
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I like it!

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