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Batman and The Outsiders:Else Worlds #4


Gotham Central Hospital,1 minute after Batman arrived...

Batman-"Slade,you don't have to do this."
Deathstroke-"Oh,but i do...Bruce..."
Deathstroke-"I have to finish what i started..."
Batman-"Please don't...I always had such high expectations for you.You were even better then Dick."
Deathstroke-"Oh,yes.The Golden boy Dick Grayson!My predecessor as Robin!Oh,how i lived in the shadow of the great Dick Grayson!I hated him so much!And i hated you for puting me in his shadow!"
Batman-"But you were the best!And i always knew it!"
Deathstroke-"I know i was better than him and that's why i hate you!Cuz you denied me the right of being better even though i was!And so that is why i have to do this!"

With that Deathstroke buried the blade deep into Black Lightning's chest peircing his Aorta...Batman lunged towards Deathstroke as he pulled out the sword,turned and ran away.Batman Flipped and landed on his feet quickly pursuing Deathstroke.He ran after him.Deathstroke ran through the doors to the parking lot and Batman burst through the doors after him...Deathstroke ran over and a stole one of the last cars.He quickly and easily hot-wired it,he squealed off quickly ripping into the middle of traffic.Batman also did the same and used his supereior diving skills to weave in and out of traffic to quickly catch Deathstroke.Batman wired the car to drive itself.As the car was on a kind of auto-pilot Batman jumped through the cars skylight onto the roof...As the two cars weaved in and out of traffic.As the cars got just close enough Batman leaped from his car through the back window of the car Deathstroke's car.Batman jumped into the front seat of the car hitting Deathstroke repeatably.This caused him to lose control and crash into a garter bringing the ride to a crashing halt.

The two combatants exited the car and began to fight in front of the crash site.Deathstroke swung his sword at Batman hitting him on the should just right of his neck.He swung again.This time he hit him in the head,knocking Batman unconscious on the ground...

The Batcave,10 minutes after batman was knocked unconscious...

Batman-"Where is Deathstroke?"
Meatmorpho-"We don't know.We just got a message that you went unconscious from your belt."
Batman-"I have to go after him!"
Tara-"No!You can't!You were very badly hurt!"
Batman-"I don't care!He killed Black Lightning!"
Katana-"What?Black Lightning is Dead?I must go after him with you!"
Metamorpho-"Me too!"
Halo-"We're all going!'
Together-"Yeah!Together he won't be a match for us!"

20 Minutes later,The Batmobile...

Batman-"You guys got the plan?"
Together-"Yeah!Let's go get him!"

With that the remaining 6 Outsiders were off after Deathstroke!

I do not own any characters related to the Outsiders all rights are owned by Dc Comics- 
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