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Batman and The Outsiders:Else Worlds #2


The Batcave,3 Days since the meeting

Back inside the dark,damp Batcave the Outsiders prepared for their first mission as a team.The past three days the seven members of the Outsiders had been training and preparing for a mission like this.Their first mission was to hunt down and capture Slade Wilson or as he's better known,Deathstroke.Batman thought that this was an ideal first mission to test what these young heroes could do.Even though Deathstroke is supposed to be the "World's Greatest Assassin"Batman still had great expectations for these young crime fighters.The six young superheroes were preparing in different ways.Black Lighting was  particpating in target practice with Tara,each of the two using their unique abilities to hit the targets.Katana and Red Hood were sparring as were Metamorpho and Halo.

Batman-"It's time to go!"
Outsiders(together)-"Okay,Let's go!"

The team of seven rolled out in formation each with their own mode of transportation.When they arrived at the area that Deathstroke had last been seen at his hideout in Downtown Gotham,they looked through his apartment searching for clues.Batman heard Deathstroke as he was about to attack,and warned the others.

Batman-"Look out!Battle formation 6!"

The young crime fighters jumped into position and got ready to fight off the assassin threat. Deathstroke jumped down from the ceiling beam toward Halo.Deathstroke took two shots at Halo but she quickly deflected them with her Orange aura.She quickly followed her orange aura shield with an orange aura beam but,Deatstroke was too fast avoiding it by jumping to the side in front of  Black Lightning.Before BL could react Slade thrust his sword into Black Lightning's midsection.As BL fell to the ground Batman lunged toward Deathstroke avoiding his sword and punching him in the jaw.

Tara-"Batman!We need your help!Black Lightning,i...i think he's gone into shock!"

Batman hit Deathstroke one more time before he ran over to kids and knelt by Black Lightning's side.As Batman got there Jason Todd or the Red Hood as he was otherwise known ran after Deathstroke as he went out the window.

Red Hood-"We can't just let him get away"

Batman tried to respond but before he could talk Red Hood was out the window.

Batman-"You guys watch Jefferson,I have to go after Jason"
Meatmorpho-"What are we supposed to if he di--"
Batman-"Tara you and Black Lightning get in the Batmobile.Drive him to the  hospital and leave him in the front.The rest of you go back to the Batcave.I'll meet you there when i find Jason."

As soon as he was done Batman was out the window and up the fire-escape after Jason...

To Be Continued in issue 3

I do not own any characters related to the Outsiders all rights are owned by Dc Comics-
Link to the first issue-http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/batman-and-the-outsiderselse-worlds-1/529832/#7
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I liked this part, even though in some place I don't think the dialogged does the characters justice.

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