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Hey, this is me taking the premise of "Robin Rises" from Tomasi's Batman and Robin which is owned by DC and going about it in an entirely different way. I'm just doing this for fun and will accept any criticisms. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this.

He was tinkering around with a robot for the thirty seventh straight hour. Trying to make a robot life like enough that 'he' would come and see who was playing god, but not life like enough to actually fool anyone. He wanted to be caught, as a matter of fact he knew he needed to be caught. He was almost finished so he put back on his suit afterwards he set up a trap to contain 'him', he knew it needed to be done to bring Damian back and that was all that mattered for the moment.


A sound goes off and someone else is now in the Batcave. His eyebrow is raised and he laughs lightly. "Ha..ha..ha..hahahaha, dude you're supposed to be the second smartest person on this planet and this is the best you could do at creating life? Lame. Now why did you call me here?" His voice is dripping with a snarky and sarcastic tone.

And then the voice that makes anyone question their manhood comes into play, "Kid Eternity, you're going to help me bring back my son."

Kid Eternity's face breaks into a dopey grin "Heh, and why exactly would I ever want to do that? You do realize I have to help fifty universes right? There is one of me helping keep order, making sure the big plan is followed. And I should drop all of that to help some loser in a bat suit? Get a freaking grip, dude. You're not that important in the big scheme of things."

"You'll help me because at some time in the future you will need my help and if you do this I will help you." He remains stoic and confident in his words, as if he planned this conversation down to the letters.

His face breaks into a overly dramatic thinking pose as his hand starts to stroke his chin "Hmmm.. fine, what do you need me to do? Lets make this snappy, I have things to do you know?"


The watchtower's teleporters go off and the sole guard stands watch, knowing exactly who is going to come through and why he is here. As soon as his body fully materializes Clark starts to speak "Bruce for the last time, we can't go after Darkseid. We may not be able to get him off Earth if he comes after you."

Bruce sighs and responds with a snappy "I wasn't going to ask this time. I was just going to do it. I don't need your permission to get my son, boy scout." He raises his arm and snaps his fingers, while Clark raises his eyebrows and wonders what the plan is here.


Kid Eternity is at the Watchtower now, following Bruce's master plan. "Eternity. Eternity."


In that second Eternity is gone, doing whatever it is he does and two more males are inhabiting the room. Clark's voice breaks with astonishment when he notices who is here "PA-UH" He coughs "AHHEEEM, father? Pa? How are you here? What is this?" He flies over and hugs them, lifting them both into the air.

He puts them down and flies over to the HELLBAT container because he knows that is what Bruce needs for his plan. As soon as he sees Bruce opening the container he asks "How are they there?"

"Kid Eternity can bring back the dead for twenty four hours, Clark. Enjoy it and trust me, Darkseid will not be coming back after me."

"Bruce, did you see your parents?" Clark's voice is now softer.

"No, I didn't have the time." He keeps his voice steady before finishing putting on the HELLBAT suit.

"Bruce, I trust you but why didn't you just have Kid Eternity bring back Damian?"

"I know and it's because Darkseid brought his body to Apokolips and he has no jurisdiction there.Now" Clark nods while Bruce begins moving to the exit of the Watchtower. His next stop is Apokolips and his journey has just begun.

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