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Rated Teen for some violence and language

Chapter Three : http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/awesummed-comics-johnny-blazer-3/683501/

Johnny Blazer - Chapter Four

"Ugh.. dad this mac' n' cheese sucks..." Timmy exclaimed. Timmy constantly poked his macaroni and stared at it for minutes.

"Just eat it Timmy. I got fired from work today, so we have to cut back on our expenses." Johnny replied.

"Why'd you get fired from work?" his son asked, his eyes widening and eyebrows raising.

"Just... an incident. Boring office stuff... you wouldn't understand." Johnny said.

Johnny knew he had to try and evade any type of information on anything remotely related to his vigilante work, or the incident yesterday. He couldn't risk anybody knowing his secret identity, and possibly tracking down his son, who was only 8. But what of that red and black crusader? He had known he had a deceased wife and a son. Johnny tried to block it out of his thoughts, like a goalie with a soccer ball.

"Well, I'm going to go to my friend's house now." Timmy said, and smiled.

He jumped off his chair and grabbed a jacket from the rack. He slipped it on and quickly put on his Nike shoes on. He grabbed his handheld game and rushed out the door, just like that.

"Kids." Johnny told himself. He heard the sound of his friend and his friend's mother outside the door leading him outside the building.

Johnny had let Timmy go to his friend, Charlie's house. He was relieved as today he would go out into the streets again, and he didn't have to worry about his son waking up and not finding his father anywhere. He could imagine the face of horror stamped on his son's face if he would wake up in that scenario. Johnny washed his plate and put it back in the cabinet. Johnny then went to his bed and, nearby, looked at his closet. Johnny sighed.

"Let's do this."

He swung the doors open as the cheap and old wood creaked. He threw away pairs of clothing and other apparel until his costume's logo was revealed until the heap of insignificant clothing. As fast as a cobra, Johnny grabbed the costume and pulled it out. His protection was in this suit. His weaponry, his armor, and his identity. Johnny walked up to his door and proceeded to exit his apartment. Routinely, he checked for anybody around, but as always, nobody was there. Everybody was in their rooms. Johnny left the lobby and opened the exit glass door, as the warm street air whooshed in his face. He took a breather and then ran into the shadows; into his haven.


Ace-Master had pinpointed where the man lived, but he couldn't find out his real name. Not even he could find out the names of people. That required access to FBI, SWAT, and other high-tech police technology, that unfortunately, he didn't have. But he did know his apartment that he lived in. Ace-Master always wondered how that was possible, to find out where someone lived, but not their name. Possibly the government, he reassured himself. Protecting names, although people themselves hand out their names easier than how they swooned at local whores, and blindly follow the politicians. It disgusted him, perhaps more than the quality of the apartment that the caper lived in. He chuckled at his clever joke. He was required to go into his home and find him, just in case he didn't go out in the streets... but he would make sure he did that job just right. He walked up to the apartment door and opened it, as the little bell on top chimed numerous times. It annoyed him. He pulled the bell off with little effort, threw it on the ground, and crushed it beneath his feet like ants..... and like the wannabe gangsters in the city. He looked at his computer tablet. It read ROOM 15. Ace-Master strolled to the stairs and quickly climbed them to the second floor, to the 10-20 row. Surprisingly, the entire building didn't smell like grime, piss, and illegal drugs. He walked to Room 15, paused, then kicked down the entire door in a single blow. Noisy chatter erupted from the nearby room. An angry yell emerged and the door to Room 16 opened.

"What the hell? What are you doin' asshole? You-you- what the? You kicked down the door. Imma kick your ass!"

He was a hispanic man with a bandanna across his forehead, and a backwards cap. His sagged pants and large shirt confirmed his alliance. The gangs. Ace Master wished that he was in costume because the man would have spewed more insults, and he would have laughed at how he was so untrue and fake. "Why?" He would say. "Because you cry and whine when you're about to die." And he would point his gun at him. It would have been a good laugh before ridding the city of one less ant. But no. He couldn't bring his costume into public structures because of the risk, Truth had said. Way to rid of the fun.


Ace-Master said, and drew his pistol. He hadn't waited for one second until he shot the man dead in the forehead. The red blood soaked his blue bandanna as his lifeless body thumped on the ground, damaging the weak, and obviously cheap, wood. Ace-Master redirected his attention the the room. He walked inside quietly and searched the entire room. The bed, under the bed, the closet, the kitchen, the cabinets, the window sheets, under the table, everything. He found nothing unusual and out of place other than clothes over the bed and on the floor sloppily. His costume was in the closet for sure, and he had searched it. It wasn't there. That meant the man was outside. Ace-Master shook his head in disgust. The man was dumb, but brave. But mostly dumb. Ace-Master strolled out of the room and to the exit door, paused, and thought about it. He couldn't leave any evidence of him being here. Ace-Master drew out his pouch of gasoline, opened it, and threw it in the middle of the room. He then took out his matchbox and lit a match. He smiled a bit at the ironic redemption that he had, and threw the match into the gasoline, as the blazing fire erupted.


Johnny had been roaming the streets for hours and he still had not found any sign of the red and black vigilante, or the scum that filled the city. He hadn't found anything remotely interesting either, other than some, rather odd trash in the garbage cans. This would be a boring day, Johnny told himself. Perhaps the red and black vigilante was spying on him right now, waiting to prey on him once again? Johnny doubt it, but he had to keep his guard up. Anything was a possibility. Johnny was walking across the alley until he heard a rustle. Johnny stopped, held his breath, and calmly listened to his surroundings and let his eyes wonder the environment for any sign of danger. He heard nothing for a dead minute.

"Looks like everything's fine.."

"Nah, don't count on it man." a voice came from behind him.

Johnny spun around and saw two men in costume-like clothing. One was about 5'7 ft. tall and was in a gray hoodie with the hood down, revealing his spandex mask with only openings for his eyes. He had jeans with a chain on it, and shiny, gold brass knuckles, almost identical to his.... to identical to his. Johnny felt his utility belt and found that he had been thieved of his knives and brass knuckles... by the hooded figure in the spandex mask. He, however, still had his phone. The other figure was 5'10 ft. and was in an a dark blue kevlar suit, and a cowboy hat. His entire face was covered a black ski mask. He had entire black pants and a black T-Shirt. He had two pockets on one side of his belt, with one having a pistol.

"I suggest you either come with us the easy way or the-"

Johnny didn't let him finish. He charged them and barraged them with punches and kicks. He first advance was a side kick, which the hooded figure with the spandex mask blocked with his arm and tried to punch Johnny. Johnny dodged the punch but was hit by the kevlar-armed man by a swift kick in his stomach, which caused him to fall down to his knee. Johnny flipped up, regained his balance, and let the anger seep into him. He tightened his fists and jumped, spun, and kicked the kevlar-armed man in the face, making him fly a good meter. The hooded figure ran up to Johnny and punched him in the stomach, then the nose. He then dodged Johnny's front kick and wild swing, and headbutted him in the face. Johnny stumbled, and almost fell. The kevlar-armed man was already up and fumbling with his pockets. Johnny swung his arm and felt the back of his arm connect with the hooded man's face. In pain, the man staggered back, but then regained his balance.

"A tough one this bastard is. Good thing we're not trying to kill him." The hooded vigilante said.

The kevlar-armed man had already pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Johnny. The hooded crusader slowly approached Johnny, but disappeared beyond his view when he went behind him.

"Alright. I guess you picked the hard way."

Johnny felt a hard thump on the back of his head, and fell out cold, as a different kind of darkness clouded up his vision, this one not as friendly as the darkness in the streets. Johnny felt his phone fall out of his utility belt and slide across the cold stone floors.

"Ugh. Job done. Let's take him back to the base." the hooded man said. He pulled from the shoulders of the knocked out Johnny, and struggled to lift him up.

"Alright. Truth better be happy. He kicked me right in the head. Bastard." the kevlar-armed man said. He came to help his ally and lifted the unconscious man from his legs.

"Hey, well he smacked me in the face. I'll be hard for me to eat tomorrow." the hooded vigilante spat. They were slowly starting to carry the man away.

"Whatever Mike. I think I went through more pain." the kevlar-armed man said. He stumbled a bit but regained his balance as they lifted the man onto the back of the truck.

"Sure sure, say whatever your ass wants Shadow." Mike chuckled and shook his head. There mission was complete. They shut the doors, locked them, and drove away.


"And a fire erupted from Goro Apartment this night. Five people died from the fire, and one was found dead from a head-shot wound. There are numerous missing people as firefighters are trying to ease down the huge fire and identify the source of this flame that caused the lives of many. The people who are known to be deceased are listed...."

Timmy's eyes widened.

"That's.... that's my apartment! My dad was there!"

"What? Whoa! We gotta call my mom!" Charlie exclaimed.

"Mrs. Benedict! Mrs.Benedict!" Timmy screamed.

"What is it? You kids want more soda? Chips? Or-"

Mrs.Benedict's question was interrupted by Timmy.

"My dad's apartment just burned down and people died!"

"Oh my god! We have to call your father!"

Mrs.Benedict hurriedly ran to the phone an dialed the number. She waited five minutes straight, but the sinister ring chimed and chimed and was met with only the monotone voice messaging system.

"I'm sorry Timmy. Your dad isn't picking up...."

Timmy couldn't believe it. He didn't want to cry in front of everyone, but he couldn't hold it in. Timmy welled up and cried for hours.


Ace-Master had saw what was on the television. He laughed. All those scumbags who were in the buildings had suffered. Better yet some of them died. He had accomplished another mission today. Killing two birds with one stone, or in this case, killing five scumbags in one mission. Ace-Master laughed and laughed, and let his echoing cackle pierce the night air around him for hours.

"It's great to be me."


So what do you guys think about this chapter? Did it reveal about the characters more? A more sinister side maybe? Drop a post on who's your favorite character below! Thanks for reading!

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Favorite characters?

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@AweSam said:

Is "hurriedly" a word? I would've gone with hastily. Good job.


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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Favorite characters?

Have to say Johnny.

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