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Rated Teen for violence and some language.

Chapter One : http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/awesummed-comics-johnny-blazer-1/683138/

Johnny Blazer - Chapter Two

The old rusty gates attached to the white, mossy tiles swung open slowly with a ear-rattling, pitchy scream. The long hallway stretched out like an anaconda, and was met with a huge metal gate at the end. The tacky gate was well-polished, shiny, and seemed completely out of place compared to the dirty, unsanitary, and moss infested walls. There was a control panel next to the gate, and the man in the tuxedo suit quickly tapped in a code, jabbing his index finger relentlessly.


The metal gate quickly separated in a shifty motion. The man took a deep breath, letting the cold air drift in the chambers. The man turned his head right, and saw another control panel, but unlike its predecessor, had a hand icon instead of a number pad. The man gently settled his hand onto the icon and the machine beeped.


A small smile gently sneaked its way onto the man's face, but was quickly evaporated when he heard a distant voice.

"Hurry up.... you're already late by 3 minutes."

The man let his head, once again, face forward in a perfect and completely straight stare, almost as if he was in the military in his uniform.

"Umm... sorry for that.... inconvenience... sir..." The man nervously said.

"No problem, just hurry up and sit your ass down Darrius." The costumed man said.

"You know I don't like being called that Harold." Darrius said.

"Do I look like I give a crap Ace-Master? I mean no offense, but that's an awful name. And why the hell aren't you in your costume? Your technically only Ace-Master if you're in your costume...." Harold smirked at his smart remark.

"Ugh.... I was late from work and I hurried here when you called me. I didn't have time to put my f*cking costume on. Goddamn Harold. Cut to the chase. Why did you bring me here?" Anger was creeping up on Darrius' face and tone. His eyes burned with anger as his eye twitched one or twice.

"Well If I were you I'd cool that temper. Anyways, I was scanning the city and I.... I found something interesting...." Harold's cheerful mood quickly morphed to a serious tone. He picked up a remote controller and quickly pointed it to a 1998 television set. "Watch this..... Ace Master...." Harold chuckled a bit after his last comment, but once again, quickly resumed his facial expressions to a serious tone.

"Hey, Truth isn't such a good name either you jackass..." Darrius spit out. Truth looked at him menacingly at the corner of his eye but regained his attention the the television set. "Watch Darrius..."

The Television flickered a couple times, but eventually turned on and showed a view of an entire block of a city. Numerous other views separated by boxes showed other corners of the block. Everything was calm until one of the boxes showed a chubby man in a jacket and a T-Shirt chasing a woman with a purse. He eventually cornered her, and the woman was screaming, horror slapped on her face.

"So? This is just your typical rob n' run. We have other things to worry about, not some simple, petty thief crimes."

"I said watch Darrius...." Truth exclaimed.

A shadow. clearly visible, crept behind the chubby man, and soon a figure appeared on the screen, with a black outfit, with yellow spots and a blue and fiery logo. The man had a good physical build, and was obviously waiting for this moment. The man punched and took out the chubby man quickly. He, without a doubt, knew martial arts and wasn't a typical street fighter.

"Hmmm.... looks like we have another vigilante on our hands....." Darrius said

"Exactly. Now I want you to stay outside the city today and get him. I don't think he understands our city's rules...." Truth stared at Darrius. He was completely serious, not a single little twitch in his lips indicating even the slightest humor. "I need you to become Ace-Master today. Use your super-computer.... find out all the information about him..."

"Understood Truth. I'll do it."

"Good." Truth rolled his chair so the back was facing Darrius now. Darrius, brushing off his suit, then left the room.


Johnny kissed his son goodnight and quickly turned his night-lamp off, smiled, and gently closed the door with a swift motion. The curtains to his windows still covered it, like the night covered that thug the other night. He wanted to do it again;the adrenaline pumping, the cleansing of the vile and evil in the city. He opened his closet, and took out his costume. He felt the fabric, checking for any holes or rips of any sort. He found none. Johnny smiled the type of smile where relief has caught you. Johnny slipped on the costume and stormed out of the apartment room, and almost routinely checked so nobody was nearby to set their eyes on him.

"Coast is clear..." Johnny said.

Johnny didn't want to use his binoculars today, because he wanted to feel the adrenaline of randomly setting his attention upon one unlucky thug. He now understood the ways of that chubby man. He fell back to the shadows and used it as his cloak and cape. He felt oddly relaxed by the dark... kind of like that supervillain Batman... or was he a superhero? Johnny didn't know nor care. He just knew he had another friend in his quest for vigilante justice : the dark. He quickly let his sight roam the nearby buildings, but found no suspicious activity. Johnny almost fell asleep, in the soothing and calm darkness, but snapped back to attention when he saw a group of teenagers wielding street-like weapons. Plastic baggies with weird alienlike substances were set upon inside them. "Marijauana...." Johnny whispered to himself. Anger filled his body and replaced his blood with boiling rage. He now used anger as his bulletproof vest.... as his protection, for he had to temporarily leave his friend darkness. He ran to the thugs and, without hesitation, quickly slugged the first teenager, a teen with a purple mohawk and multiple piercings, leather jacket and spiky boots, and took out his knife swiftly and stabbed his knee, incapacitating him instantly. "GAHHH!!" The teenager cried. His other "buddies" swung around in a unison and changed their relaxed facial expression to a more sinister look, as if they were imitating the spirit of the city. Johnny roundhouse kicked a teenager in his jaw in a swift spin and sent him flying faster than a bird. His jaw was obviously dislocated.


Johnny jumped and jabbed another teenager with a chain and ducked down from a weak and insignificant punch and tripped him with one single kick. He then elbowed the teenager in the face, knocking him out colder than the cruel business owners in the city. A flashback replayed in Johnny's mind.

(Timmy, Johnny's son screaming after his mother is shot)

Johnny blinked twice and shook his head to get rid of the memory.... but he also needed to get rid of these vermin before his son was effected by these sick scum. These trash would have been a bad influence on him. He didn't want his son to become..... these....


Johnny had let his guard down from the flashback. A steel pipe smacked him in the back, possibly in his spine. A pain shot up his back and he felt that his wife must have suffered through unimaginable pain if a simple steel pipe hurt so much.

(Wife rolls her eyes and takes her last breath before dying)

Hurt with this unfamiliar experience and sensation, Johnny fell to the ground, and found out that he underestimated the numbers of the street thugs. There were asily 10 or 12 or them, and he needed to get up now. Johnny flipped back up and remembered his training. He did a spiral kick to keep the thugs back, and once happy with the outcome, charged at the stunned thugs. He punched one in the face, and twirled back and kicked another. He then uppercutted another thug and finished him off with a headbutt. A muscular thug with a beanie hat and a scar on his cheek charged and pushed away another, slimmer and more feeble thug, and smacked Johnny right in the face with his baseball bat. Johnny once again fell and met his other enemy once agian : pain. He felt his warm blood seep around his teeth.


He heard the roars of laughter from the street thugs. He wanted it to stop. All of it to stop. But he knew they wouldn't. Driven by his adrenaline, Johnny's eyes filled with complete hate, and was reminded of his friend : the darkness. Johnny flipped back up once again, and spit at the nearby thug. A mixture of blood and saliva landed on his Nike T-Shirt. "What the hell dude? Imma get you f*cker!" But Johnny quickly ran into the dark before the thug could do that, and just like reeling fish with bait, the stupid thugs followed him into the dark. He had the plan sorted out and felt happy with himself for being so smart, until he found out a big fault in his plan : he had leaded himself to a dead end. The thugs stomps and heavy steps filled the night air as they slowly approached Johnny at the dead end.

"Well well well. Looks like stupid costume freak is cornered. Easy prey this one is eh?" The muscular thug guffawed.

"Why don't you shut the f*ck up and fight me one to one you jackass..." Johnny spit out, this time without the saliva and blood, but with cruel and harsh words.

"You think I'm dumb? I'm just going to kill you right here and right now... and hang you when we're all done... then I'm going to chop your head and -"

The thug never finished his sentence when a red and black costumed figure, with some sort of gunlike weapon jumped from the top. He rolled behind the small group of thugs and quickly shot five of the thugs right in the skull, easily killing them in under a second. His entire costume was blocked out by the dark, but his smile with his white teeth was the only thing that illuminated his face.

"It's time to party b*tches!!!"

The vigilante slapped in a clip and spun around to his left, shot 2 in the heart, and 1 in the head. Blood poured and flew up in the air and made it look like the Fourth of July fireworks, only without the patriotism.

"8 down, 4 to go."

The man reached into his belt and pulled out two knives and threw them at the two thugs. They landed in each of their foot, pinning them down onto the stone tiled floors. Their shrieks were loud and clear. The vigilante quickly rolled and pulled the knives out of their feet, only to re-attach them to their necks, letting them choke on their own filth. The other thug rushed to the man with a battle cry with his knife and tried to stab him... to no avail. The masked crusader quickly grabbed his arm and spit in his face, blinding him, and then stabbed the knife through his mouth


The last thug, the muscular one that broke Johnny's tooth, was shivering and in shock. He grabbed his baseball bat, which barely covered up his cowardness with the tears rolled down his cheek.

"Crying? You were oh so tough just a second ago."

The man chuckled and quickly grabbed a pistol, and dropped the thug faster than he could scream.

"T-thanks man. I appreci-"

But Johnny didn't finish either. The man ran up to Johnny and, using his rifle's butt, smacked him in the stomach and whapped him the the head. Johnny tried hit him, and blindly swung his arm, but felt the man's hard grip grab his hand, and squeezed it so hard it pained him. He then pushed Johnny to the ground and the moon lit up his figure clearly : The man had a red mask with slots to reveal his mouth, but goggles to cover his eyes. His top helmet part was off so it revealed his blonde hair, in a blowout hair technique. His entire rest of the suit was black except for red boots and red gloves. He had a strap that was used to hold gun weapons easily.

"Don't run around like a half - assed costumed freak again. I know your history. Wife died.... and you decide to become some stupid hero huh? Ooooh, saving the day! Well that ain't happening in my book. We have rules. You don't just go off like a dumbass and start fighting crooks and shit okay? Now clean yourself up and get home before your son wakes up alone in his room and I don't want to see you outside here again got it?"

Johnny was shocked at the aggressiveness in the man's tone.


Johnny snapped to the man's attention.

"Who.. who are you?" Johnny asked.

"Nevermind who I am. Do you get it or not?"

'Y-yes." Johnny feebly replied.

"Good." The man turned his back so that his back was facing Johnny now. Johnny, brushing off his blood on his cheek, then left the alley to his apartment room.


Well from the advice I took from the first chapter, I added more details and formatted it so it didn't look like a wall. How did you guys like it? Any improvements from the last one? Any further improvements needed? Thanks for reading!

Chapter Three : http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/awesummed-comics-johnny-blazer-3/683501/

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: still cranking out impressive work!

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@primepower53 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: still cranking out impressive work!

Thanks! Did I improve from the last one? Any other improvements I still need?

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Nice work again, great followup from the last story!

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: This was great. I liked this one more than the first chapter (definite improvement from the first to the second). Formatting is good and I didn't see any errors to mention...

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@The Poet said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: This was great. I liked this one more than the first chapter (definite improvement from the first to the second). Formatting is good and I didn't see any errors to mention...

Thanks! I really tried to improve from the last!

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@primepower53 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: still cranking out impressive work!

Thanks! Did I improve from the last one? Any other improvements I still need?

I think there was a clear improvement from the last chapter. Have you written anything before this?

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@primepower53 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@primepower53 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: still cranking out impressive work!

Thanks! Did I improve from the last one? Any other improvements I still need?

I think there was a clear improvement from the last chapter. Have you written anything before this?

No, I haven't. This is my second Fan-Fic.

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good cant wait 4 the next one

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: I must say, it's miles better than my first fan fic.

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good cant wait 4 the next one

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@GR2Blackout said:

@joewell said:

good cant wait 4 the next one


@primepower53: @joewell: @The Poet: @ChaosBlazer:

Chapter 3 should be done at the end of today or early tomorrow.

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It's so weird reading this because your writing is so similar to mine. Very good job. Give us more.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Much better! Well done. Formatted well, good pacing, interesting journey, very well done indeed.

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I see how you've improved, I like it.