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Avengers Academy #2-Sins of Our Past

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel. But the story is mine.

Avengers Tower [Friday, July 27 10:15 PM]

Monitor Room-

A dark room filled with a large computer and keyboard. Spider-Man is sitting on a chair in-front of the large monitor with his mask rolled up showing his mouth and he's eating popcorn.

SPIDER-MAN: Man I hate monitor duty.

The monitor shows several different kinds of security at the tower and the Infinite Mansion. On one panel of the screen it shows the kids all in costume talking with shocked and angered faces. He curiously leans, puts his popcorn down, presses a few keys on the keyboard and all the other footage disappears and the one enlarges and the sound turns on.

JEANNE: They didn't pick the "best and brightest" out of us who were brought to their attention. They are afraid us. Each and everyone of us.

Spider-Man pauses the footage.



A elegant like room with a view of New York with two couches, a glass coffee table, a TV, a bar, and a pool table. Hank, Spider-Woman, Jocasta, and Storm are sitting on the couches with several pieces of paper laid out on the coffee table. Storm and Spider-Woman both have glasses of wine and Hank is holding an iPad. Spider-Woman's mask is pulled down revealing her green eyes.

HANK: But if we put Literature then what'll well we have have from the rest of the day?

SPIDER-WOMAN: Tactics and strategy?

JOCASTA: That is already planned to be on Tuesdays and Fridays.

STORM: Give the children a free period.

SPIDER-WOMAN: So we're just gonna let them run around the rest of the day?

STORM: I suppose. Give them a little freedom if we don't send them on a mission.

JOCASTA: Which brings up the question what will we do if any of the children are sent on a late night mission and they have a homework assignment or report due the next day?

HANK: Well then that might screw with some parts of the schedule won't it?

The door opens and Spider-Man walks into the room.

SPIDER-MAN: Sorry to interrupt your little scheduling thingy but you guys are the only Avengers who aren't busy and…

SPIDER-MAN: They know.

There is a dead silence in the room.


Infinite Mansion [Saturday, July 28 2:26 AM]

Julie's Room-

Julie's room is practically the same as Humberto's except the color is purple. Julie is lying in her bed with the covers half on her and she's staring at her ceiling. She is wearing a white tank-top and pink shorts.

CPT: Julie Power. Lightspeed. Flight.

JWOP: So to think the first day would go well. I was totally wrong.

She sits up, brings her knees to her chin, and hugs her legs.

JWOP: I'm pretty sure everyone hates me now. And I'm the one who tries to to be friends with everyone. Wait. Scratch that. Not everyone. Brandon is a little pervert and Jennifer's just a @#$%&.

She looks over to her nightstand and picks up her phone. She dials a number and puts the phone to her ear.

PHONE: *ring* ring*

JWOP: Please pick up…

VOICE ON PHONE: Hey, it's Nate! You know what to do. *boop*

JWOP: Damn.

JULIE: Um, Hey it's me. I really need someone to talk to right now. Can we go for coffee soon? I have a few days before school starts. I miss you. Bye.

Julie hangs up the phone, drops it on the bed, and falls back hitting her head on her pillows.

JWOP: The one person who I think will talk to me won't even answer his phone.

Julie takes one of her pillows and puts it onto of her face.

JWOP: I can only hope today's a better day.

In the hallway Victor is walking down it. He's wearing a blue t-shirt with a white star and pants with red and white strips.

CPT: Victor Alverez. Power-Man. Super Strength Through Chi Absorbing.

VWOP: And to think I thought they actually respect me.

He turns at a corner.

VWOP: I looked up to them! I thought that they wanted me here to be a great hero like them! Guess I was wrong.

He turns into the kitchen and walks over to the refrigerator. He opens it and looks at it's contents. He closes the refrigerator, opens the freezer, and takes out a container of chocolate ice-cream.

VWOP: It's probably because I'm son to Shades.

He closes the freezer, opens one of the drawers and grabs a spoon.

VWOP: I am nothing like my Dad. Ok there was this one time I joined him on a protest.

He sits down on one of the counter chairs and begins eaten the ice-cream.

VWOP: But I was 13 and immature then. So who could blame me? But then again it was a year ago.

Jennifer's Room-

Jennifer's room is pink with the same style as the others but with a hanger for her hazmat suit and a quarantined door. Jennifer is sitting up in her bed, eating potato chips, with a device sitting on the edge of her bed projecting a a TV show. She is wearing a pink T-shirt with a yellow smiley face, black shorts, and her hair is in pigtails.

CPT:Jennifer Takeda. Hazmat. Walking Toxic Waste.

JEWOP: I hate this place. I hate my powers. I hate my life. I hate these people. But some are ok. Brandon's cool. Jeanne's ok I guess. And Ken is pretty…..cool. I can relate to him.

JEWOP: And these dumb-ass Avengers just walk around like everything is perfect. Everything is not perfect. If it was I wouldn't have superpowers.

Jennifer is getting a angry look on her face.

JEWOP: I would be on the beach soaking up the sun. I would be hanging out with my friends. I would still have a boyfriend.

She crushes the bag of chip and throws them across the room. She leans forward and presses a button on the device and to projection disappearing. She lays down in her bed with her body facing the facing the side of the room with her hazmat suit hanging up.

JEWOP: But what I hate most…is that @#$%ing hazmat suit!

She shuts her eyes.

JEWOP: Maybe I'll dream about unicorns.

[11:46 AM]

Weight Room-

The weight room is filled several different kinds of weights and gymnastics equipment. Ava is using a pommel horse. Her hands are gripped on the handles and periodically changing them whenever she is spinning her legs around. She is wearing a blue dry-fit tank-top with a white flower on it, black athletic shorts with two white strips on the sides, white and blue sneakers, and her hair is in a ponytail.

CPT: Ava Ayala. White Tiger. Powered Through Tiger Amulets.

AWOP: I'm not worried about what they think of me. I really don't want to even be an Avengers. But the experience will help out greatly.

She stops spinning her legs around and pulls her legs up with her feet facing the ceiling. She then does a flip off the pommel horse and land on a matt feet first.

AWOP: I very confident that I won't become a villain and that I'll lead myself in the right direction.

She then walks over to a bench with a green water bottle and a sports bag sitting on it. She picks up the water bottle and take a drink out of it. She looks inside her sports bag to see her tiger amulets are glowing brighter than usual. She then gets a little green glimmer in her eye but quickly snaps out of it.

AVA: No! I will not let you take control of me again. The last time you did you killed someone.

AVA: What? I did not! Just because you took control of my body doesn't mean I did a thing!

Ava walks over to the balance beam. She hops on it and does a handstand.

AWOP: Sometimes I wish there wasn't an evil entity in my amulets.

Ava flips back onto her feet and looks as if she is about to do a flip off the balance beam. In her bag her amulets are glowing brighter. She does a flip off the balance beam but when she lands she slips and falls onto her face.

AVA: Maldita sea!

She gets up, quickly walks over to the bench and grabs her water bottle and bag. She starts to walk out of the room but stops. She looks in her bag, takes out her amulets, and looks at them.

AWOP: Maybe they do have something to worry about.

TV Room-

A room with a wide screened TV, three large couches, a few bean bags, a mini refrigerator, a microwave on the counter, and different kinds of snacks on it. Billy is sitting on one of the couches watching a TV show. He's wearing a black and red jacket with a white t-shirt under it, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers.

CPT: Billy Kaplan. Wiccan. Spellcasing.

BIWOP: It's either people hate me or their scared of me. They hate me because of my sexuality and I liked the Avengers. Or they are are scared of me because of my powers.

He puts his hands out in front of him and blue energy starts to swirl around them.

BIWOP: I almost killed someone with my powers. Almost. But was for self-defense. He attacked me first and I was scared.

He clenches his fists and the energy grows brighter.

BIWOP: Am I really that dangerous?

He unclenches his fists and the energy disappears.

BIWOP: Well I guess I'll find out. I mean that's why I'm here.

Monitor Room-

A dark room with a large monitor, several small ones near it, and several key boards. Jeanne is sitting on a chair in front of the key board typing in keys. Brandon is sitting on a chair next to her with his hands behind his head and one leg crossed on-top of the other. They are both in costume but Jeanne isn't wearing her mask.

CPT: Jeanne Foucault. Finesse. Enhanced Learning.

CPT: Brandon Sharpe. Striker. Electricity Manipulation.

BRANDON: What exactly are we doing in here?

JEANNE: Research. And you didn't have to come with me.

BRANDON: I was bored and had nothing else to do. Plus everyone is in some kind of depression because of yesterday.

JEANNE: I wouldn't blame them. Some of them are fragile. We didn't handle the situation delicately.

BRANDON: So? They would have figured out anyways. Better they figure it out now then later.

JEANNE: I suppose so.

There is a moment silence and Jeanne is paying more attention to the computer.

BRANDON: So…..You wanna go out some time?

Jeanne stops typing and looks at Brandon.

JEANNE: Why would I want to go out with you?

BRANDON: Well considering how you act around most of the boys here and you seem like you've never gone on a date.

JEANNE: I have gone a date. Several. How else would I learn new things? But I already know your type.

BRANDON: And what would that be?

JEANNE: Rich. Attractive. Powerful. Cocky. All those traits would make you not an interesting partner. In addition with the way you act you seem to be hiding something.

Brandon quickly gets out of his chair.

BRANDON: I'm not hiding anything!

Jeanne turns back to the computer and smirks.


Brandon sits back down and slouches in his chair. Jeanne continues typing on the computer and on the large monitor a man wearing a skull mask with a white cape and hood appears on the screen with several articles, data, and records.

BRANDON: Who is that guy?

JEANNE: He is the Taskmaster. And he might be my real father.

BRANDON: So, Why Do you think a master criminal is your real dad?

JEANNE: Other than our abilities being similar. Other than that I have no proof. Yet.


On the top part of the mansion. Humberto and ken are dangling their feet off the ledge and are sitting on the artificial grass. Humberto is wearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Ken is wearing the same thing he wore before.

CPT: Humberto Lopez. Reptil. Prehistoric Shapeshifter.

CPT: Ken Mack. Mettle. Iridium Skinned Powerhouse.

KEN: Do you really think we scare them?

HUMBERTO: Well, I don't know for sure but I know they think we're good kids.

KEN: I mean almost all of us came from a bad background before The Avengers came to us. But we're not gonna be the next Doctor Doom or Magneto or Venom or---

HUMBERTO: Dude, I get it!

KEN: Sorry.

HUMBERTO: It's fine. You're worried. I get it. So am I. They're just taking the extra preciousion to make sure we don't become the next Doctor Doom or…Ya know?

KEN: Well what if I didn't want to be an Avenger? What if I wanted to be a teacher or something?

HUMBERTO: But no offense but…Looking like…That?

KEN: Sure.

HUMBERTO: Well um…There is no easy way to say this is there? You see…

KEN: I'd scare everyone. I know.

HUMBERTO: I'm sorry.

KEN: It's fine really. I get it.

HUMBERTO: Dude, You might seem sad or angry or whatever but it's ok to be sad or angry you're just getting used to your powers.

KEN: You sound like a 40 year-old man.

HUMBERTO: Hey! I just give really good advice for a 15 year-old.

Ken looks forwards at the clouds and sees something.

KEN: Hey look!

Humberto looks forward and sees a Quinjet flying towards the mansion.

HUMBERTO: What do you think the Avengers are doing here?

KEN: Dunno. Let's go see.

Just then Julie flies in front of them with her trail behind her and stops and hovers in front of them. She is wearing a red tank-top, white shorts, and sandals.

JULIE: Hey, Do you guys know why the Avengers want to see us?

KEN: Do you think they know about are talk yesterday?

They all exchange worried looks.


All the students are standing waiting in the Hangar. Jennifer is now in her hazmat suit, Ava is wearing her amulets, and Victor is wearing a yellow and white long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. The Quinjet lands and after the entrance opens Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman, Jocasta, Hawkeye, Storm, and Spider-Man walk out.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: We're sorry if we are interrupting anything but we need to have a talk.

KEN: Great…

MS. MARVEL: It's about yesterday and we just wanted to let you know that---

JENNIFER: That you don't trust any of us.

MS. MARVEL: That's not what I was going to say.

JENNIFER: But you were thinking it.

HAWKEYE: We do know that Jeanne hacked our main frame but we don't think of you like that.

Brandon crosses his arms.

BRANDON: Sure, you don't.

SPIDER-MAN: Because we don't.

JENNIFER: You all seriously think you can just come in here and deny what we saw? We clearly saw it and some of us aren't happy.

STORM: We aren't denying it but all we want to guide you in the right path.

BRANDON: Seriously you giving us the whole spiritual treatment!

Jennifer gets face-to-face with Ms. Marvel.

JENNIFER: Listen, Me and my "friends" here don't give a shit about what you think is best for us or what you want to do for us. But we just want to be clear that you should be scared. Because we can @#$% up your perfect little future if we wanted to. It's your decisions and I don't care if it's not acceptable.

MS. MARVEL: Jenny listen--


Ken comes up and punches Ms. Marvel and she slams into the wall.

JENNIFER: Now we're talking!

Jennifer's hands start glowing green and shots a stream of energy out at Spider-Woman. But Captain America blocks the attack with his shield. Brandon shots lightning out of his hand at Jocasta but Storms inter veins and shots lightning from her hand to collide with his.

BRANDON: You call that lightning, lady?

STORM: I do not wish to hurt you!

Jeanne attacks Spider-Man with her billy-clubs but he manages to dodge her attacks. Hawkeye takes out his bow and shots three arrows with special arrowheads but Jeanne manages to knock them all away and whenever the hit the ground a gas explodes from it.

JEANNE: Do you really think your trick-arrows can stop me?

As Ken is about to punch Ms. Marvel again Victor grabs the fist that is going to punch her and his other hand is formed in a fist and his glowing with a yellow energy.

VICTOR: Hey, Attacking Ms. Marvel is not cool Dude.

Ken looks slightly sad but he punches Victor and he flies hitting Ms. Marvel and they both hit into the wall.

Brandon and Storm are still shooting lightning at each other but Julie flies over to Brandon and tackles him to the ground. Julie ends up laying on top of him holding his arms down.

JULIE: Seriously Brandon, Stop it.

BRANDON: As much as I like us in this position..

Brandon's hands face Julie and lightning shots out knocking her off him.

BRANDON: Now just not the time.

Humberto form a Akylosaurus tail, raps it around Jennifer, and lifts her up.

HUMBERTO: Jen, Stop this! We can sort this out another way.

JENNIFER: Oh don't even!

Jennifer's entire suit glows a luminescent green and Humberto's tail starts to stem.


Humberto's tail grows back into him and Jennifer's suit stops glowing. Jennifer then drops to the floor and her hands start to stem with green energy.

HUMBERTO: Not cool!

Humberto's hands turn into those of a Velociraptor. Jeanne throws one of her billy-clubs at Hawkeye but before it can hit his face Ava catches it.

AVA: Please let's be more rational here.

JEANNE: There is nothing to be rational about!

Jeanne throws her other billy-club at Ava's stomach knocking the wind out of her.

AVA: Ugh!

Jeanne runs up to her kicks her head. Ava falls to the floor.


JEANNE: You are to inexperienced. I can can take you out with ease.

Ava gets up and wipes blood from her nose.

AVA: You haven't seen me fight.

Ava punches Jeanne cross the face. Billy stands speechless watching everyone fight each other. His hands start to glow blue and so do his eyes. Billy shuts his eyes tightly.


Just then a explosion of blue energy shots out from Billy knocking everyone to the floor.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Is everyone ok!?

JULIE: We're fine!

Everyone slowly gets up and everyone looks at Billy. Billy's body is stemming with blue energy.

BILLY: I-It happened again…

Billy falls to his knees are covers his face with his hands. Julie walks over to Billy comforts him. Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Jocasta, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, and Storm walk to the other end of the room with their backs facing the kids. Humberto, Ava, Jeanne, Brandon, Jennifer, Victor, and Ken walk over to each other.

HUMBERTO: Ken, Um..What the hell was that!?

KEN: I…I don't know why…I was angry and--

JENNIFER: You're fine. I don't blame you. I would have done the same thing.

VICTOR: Maybe it's because you did!

AVA: You had no reason to attack them. We could have talked this--Ow!

Ava covers her right check with her hand.

JEANNE: Sorry.

AVA: Whatever.

Brandon looks over at Billy and Julie and looks concerned.

BRANDON: You think he's gonna be ok?

The group of students gives him a strange look.

BRANDON: Ya know…just out of curiosity…

The group of Avengers turns back to the students and they walk over to them.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Listen, we all know you are in a great deal of pain but that is no reason to act that and attack us and each other. All we wanted to do was send you in the right direction and make sure you didn't turn out like Doctor Doom. We are trying to to help you with you're individual conditions but right now you'll have to learn to live with them. But if you don't like that…if you don't like the way we do things…if you don't like any of this you can leave.

Humberto, Victor, Ava, Jennifer, Ken, Brandon, and Jeanne all look at each other. Julie looks over at he group talking.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: None of us will blame you if you want to. The decision is yours just let us know when you're ready to make it.

JENNIFER: I hate you all.

Jennifer starts to walk towards an open doorway into a hallway but stops and turns around.

JENNIFER: But I'll stay.

Brandon crosses his arms and looks at the floor.

BRANDON: I'm only gonna stay for the fame that comes with being an Avenger.

Brandon then walks out of the room as well. Ken has a guilty look on his face and Ms. Marvel walks over to him.

KEN: I'm sorry for yelling at you…then hitting you.

MS. MARVEL: Ken, I don't blame you you've been through a lot and that's chard to handle all at once.

KEN: It's just hard to take in…

Tears start to run from Ken's eyes and Ms. Marvel puts a hand on Ken's shoulder.

MS. MARVEL: Shh it'll be ok.

Ms. Marvel walks Ken out of the hangar.

JEANNE: I will stay…for now.

Jeanne follows Ms. Marvel and Ken out of the room. Julie helps Billy up and helps him out of the room. Humberto, Victor, and Ava walk out of the room together without saying a thing to each other.

JOCASTA: What of the others. They did not give us a response.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: They're staying.

JOCASTA: How can you tell?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Call it my intuition.

[10:30 PM]

TV Room-

All the students are in there watching the TV. All of the are wearing some kind of pajamas except Ken and Jennifer. Humberto, Julie, and Ken are sitting on one couch. Brandon, Ava, and Jennifer on another couch. Victor, Billy, and Jeanne are sitting on beanbags.

HWOP: No one says anything.

JWOP: We just sit here in silence.

KWOP: We all know what we're thinking.

BRWOP: That's not going to leave us.

AWOP: But we learned from it.

JEWOP: We'll probably we talking by tomorrow.

VICTOR: If we're lucky.

BIWOP: But for now well just sit.

JEAWOP: And wait for the best.

Everyone exchanges a look with each other then they turn their heads back to the TV.

To Be Continued…..

PREVIEW: Victor, Humberto, Jeanne, and Ava go out for a night on the town but that soon changes whenever a new villain attacks New York. Julie and Captain America have a meeting. And while everyone is away romance blossoms at the school.