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Avengers Academy #1-The Next Generation

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel. But the story is mine.

Manhattan [Friday, July 27 5:06 PM]-

In a park a Latino boy with black hair and blue eyes is sitting on a park bench. He is wearing casual cloths and a duffle bag laying on the ground next to him. He seems to be waiting patiently for something.

BOY'S WORDS ON PANEL: My name is Humberto Lopez. I'm 15 years old. When I was 12 I went with my parents on a archeology dig and ended up finding a crystalized bone. I used to wear it as a medallion but now it's imbedded in my chest. I don't want to get into how that happened. My parents disappeared two months ago and I've been looking for them since but failed at every attempt. As soon as I gave up hope I was contacted by the Avengers for an opportunity to attend their academy to be the "Earth's next Avengers". I jumped at the opportunity I mean I wanted to be an Avengers since I was seven.

Suddenly a gusts of wind start to blow things away and a jet with the Avengers "A" on it. The entrance to the jet opens up and a caucasian man wearing red, white, and blue combat gear, a helmet with an "A" on it and a small white wing on each side, and a red and white shield with a white star in the center of it on his back walks out towards Humberto.

HWOP: That's Captain America. Captain America!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Humberto Lopez?

HUMBERTO: Yeah that's me.

Captain America sticks out his hand for Humberto to shake.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Glad to have you on board.

A smile forms on Humberto's face and shakes his hand energetically.

HWOP: Wow! I can't believe I'm shaking Captain America's hand! Ok play it cool Humberto.

Humberto pulls his hand back but still excitedly smiles.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Well grab your bag and we'll head to the Infinite Mansion.

Humberto walks over, grabs his duffle bag, and walks to the jet with Captain America.

HUMBERTO: So is the Infinite Mansion basically the school.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Yes and its close to Stark Tower so we can easily get to the mansion.

HUMBERTO: So presides me. How many other kids are in the academy?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Nine including you.

Humberto and Captain America begin to walk in the jet.

CATAIN AMERICA: I actually picked three students before I got you.

They both walk in and see three teenagers already sitting in the jet. One is an African-Dominican boy with short black hair, brown eyes, and wearing casual cloths. Another is a Latino girl with black hair that goes to her mid-back, brown eyes, she is wearing a necklace with a jade tiger head and two jade paws, and she is wearing a short dark green dress with sandals. Finally a caucasian boy with black that's pushed up so his fore head is seen, brown eyes, and wearing casual cloths. All three turn around and look at Humberto. The Hispanic girl gets up and puts her hand out for Humberto to shake.

LATINO GIRL: Hello. I see you'll be one of my fellow classmates. I hope we get to know each other better in the near future. My names Ava Ayala.

Humberto takes her hand and shakes it then they both let go.

HUMBETO: Humberto Lopez. But you can call me 'Berto if you want.

AVA: Oh. Es usted hispano?

HUMBERTO: Sí, lo soy.

The African-Dominican boy gets up and stands next to Humberto and Ava.

AFRICAN -DOMINICAN BOY: Hey, The names Victor. So is this the coolest thing or what!? I mean we get to be trained by the Avengers!

HUMBERTO: Dude I was thinking the same thing!

Captain America walks over to them before they can get another word in.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: I'm glad you all are getting to know ear other but if you're gonna meet the other students we need to take off now.

Captain America then walks over to the pilots area and sits down. Ava and Victor sit next to each other and as Humberto goes to sit near them he notices the Caucasian boy still seated next to a window. He walks over to him sets his duffle bag next to the seat and sits down next to him.

HUMBERTO: Hey. I'm Humberto. What's your name?

The boy looks over slightly at Humberto then looks back out the window.

HUMBERTO: Okay…Still waiting for that name.


HUMBERTO: Cool. So out of all the Avengers who’s you’re favorite? I can’t decide between Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Iron-Man, or Spider-Man…Oh and Thor!

BILLY: Well I like the um….The Scarlet Witch.

Humberto sits the a little baffled.

HUMBERTO: You mean the crazy chick that altered reality and de-powered millions of mutants?

Billy covers his face with his hand a leans towards the window.

BILLY: Yeah I know its stupid—

HUMBERTO: No! I mean she was a great Avenger and stuff and she has really cool powers!

Billy uncovers his face and looks at Humberto.

BILLY: It’s ok. I guess I’m just really nervous about this. At my old school I was bullied a lot.

HUMBERTO: Why would they do that? You seem like a really nice person.

BILLY: Well I guess liking the Avengers and…

Billy looks out the window.

HUMBERTO: Hey amigo you can tell me. I mean we’re going to be working together for a while.

BILLY: Well I’m…gay.

HUMBERTO: Oh. Well, I didn’t even notice. I mean I don’t have a problem with it—

VOICE: Same here.

Humberto and Billy are both startled and look above Billy’s seat to see Ava leaning on the back looking over at the too.

HUMBERTO: Um Ava…How long we you listening.

AVA: For the last part.

Victor walks over and stands next to Humberto’s seat.

VICTOR: We found it impressive that you got him to talk. He was extremely quiet on the ride here and really didn’t talk to me or Ava.

BILLY: I’m sorry…

AVA: Don’t be. You didn’t know how we’d react to your sexuality.

VICTOR: I have the worst gay-dar by the way.

Ava elbows Victor’s arm and gives him an angry look.

VICTOR: Ow! What?

Humberto looks out the window watching the clouds. Then a rainbow streak passes by the window. Humberto looks closer out the window and a caucasian girl with blonde hair to her mid-back, she has blue eyes, she's wearing a blacktop with a red strip down the middle showing her mid-rift, there is a black triangle on her chest, the sleeves are to her elbows, black pants with a red strip down the middle, and grey boots. She looks at the teenagers inside the jet and gives them a friendly smile and waves. Captain America looks back and sees the teens looking out the window and waving back at her. He then looks forward.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Kids welcome to the Infinite Mansion!

Humberto, Victor, Ava, and Billy walk up to the pilots area and see and large floating mansion in the middle of the sky. Blow the mansion is a platform with a round bottom and panels on the corners glowing blue.


BILLY: Oh...

VICTOR: Cool...

AVA: Hermosa…

A section of the platform opens up showing a hanger. The blonde girl flies ahead and lands in the hanger. The jet lands in the hanger and the door shuts. The entrance to the jet opens and Captain America, Humberto, Billy, Ava, and Victor grab their bags and exit the jet. Waiting outside the jet is the blonde girl and a caucasian women with blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a black leotard with a yellow lightning bolt on it, a red sash tied around her waist, long black boots, long black gloves, and a black mask that shows her eyes.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Humberto, Victor, Billy, Ava this is, Ms. Marvel--

Captain America gestures to the blonde woman and she walks over.

MS. MARVEL: It'll be an honor working with you all.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: And this is Julie Power but you may already know her as Lightspeed she was in the Power Pack. She'll be acting as both a student and a teacher's assistant.

Julie walks up to Humberto, Victor, Ava, and Billy.

JULIE: Hey, I just want to say that this is going to be a great experience for both of us and that I'm going to acting more on the student side of the spectrum. I started being a superhero when I was 11 and never had any hands on training so I'm as new to this as you. But I hope we'll learn off each other.

VICTOR: This is so cool!

Ava leans in and whispers to Julie.

AVA: Sorry he's being a bit of a fan-girl.

JULIE: It's ok. He's not the only one.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Alright, Julie will you show them to their rooms and then we'll meet back in the auditorium in an hour. That will give you enough time to get into costume and meet some of the other students.

JULIE: Ok so rooms are this way--

Julie, Humberto, Billy, Ava, and Victor walk towards the exit. Ms. Marvel walks over to Captain America and they watch the teenagers walking out.

MS. MARVEL: That played out better than I thought it would.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Their good kids. And Humberto interests me. He's been throughout a lot but he doesn't seem to be broken in any way.

MS. MARVEL: He's a teenager. He's probably hiding his feelings.


Captain America and Ms. Marvel start walking out of the hanger.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Hey, wasn't Tony supposed to be greeting the kids with you?

MS. MARVEL: He, Black Widow, and Wolverine are investigating thefts from Stark warehouses.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: And are any other Avengers out?

MS. MARVEL: Thor and Hulk are battling the Wrecking Crew and will probably be back soon. Hawkeye, Spider-Man, and Quake are fighting Griffin they'll probably be back too. Storm is at Utopia doing something with the X-Men but she said she'd be back for the assembly. Doctor Strange is out of the dimension right now. Vision, Protector, and Nova are meeting with Abigail Brand to transfer alien prisoners to S.W.O.R.D.'s new station. The New Avengers are dealing with Dr. Doom. And the Secret Avengers got a lead on our Norman Osborn case.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: So right now it's just you, me, Hank, Spider-Woman , and Jocasta?

MS. MARVEL: Yeah, But the other kids weren't any trouble.

In a hallway Julie, Humberto, Ava, Billy, and Victor are walking down it walking down it passed several mechanical doors with keypads next to them.

JULIE: So some of these rooms are for classes we'll have. Others are either guest rooms, labs, bathrooms,…Oh and I almost forgot we have a student lounge all to our selves and it one of the only rooms without security so we have a little privacy.

VICTOR: Wait! No security? At all?

JULIE: Nope.

VICTOR: Isn't that kind of a bad idea?

AVA: I have to agree. A lot of bad things could happen.

JULIE: I guess they have a lot trust in us then.

They continue walking until they get to a hallway Where the doors have names on them. The names of the doors are "Humberto", "Victor", "Ken'" "William", and "Brandon".

JULIE: Ok these are the boys rooms. Ava our rooms are two hallways over. So whenever you guys settle in as Cap said you can walk around and mingle until the assembly. Or I'm gonna be in the training room if you'd like to join me.

Julie and Ava walk around the corner. Victor walks over to the door that has his name on it.

VICTOR: So I'll see you guys later then.

Victor's door automatically opens and then closes when he walks in. Billy walks over to the door that says "William" on it , then it automatically opens and he is about to walk in.

HUMBERTO: Hey, Billy!

Billy turns around to face Humberto.

HUMBERTO: Dude it's the first day you're going to be fine. You already made friends. What's the worst that could happen?

Billy gets a slight smile on his face.

BILLY: Thanks.

Billy turns back around and walks in his room then the door shuts behind him. Humberto walks over to the door with his name on it and it opens when he walks in front of it. He walks in and the door shuts behind him. The room is a grey color, a bed with white sheets and pillows, a window, a desk with a chair a mirror, and a closet.

HWOP: So this is home for awhile.

Humberto walks over to the bed and sees a costume laying on it. He picks it up the the shirt. It is a short sleeved shirt, that's dark teal, with three teal tiger stripes on each shoulder, and two large teal tiger stripes on both his sides. He looks down at the pants and they are blue cargo pants.

HWOP: Is see they picked out our costumes for us. But it doesn't look bad.

He puts on the costume and a pair of black shoes. Then turns over to the mirror to see how he looks in it.

HWOP: Wow I don't look bad in this.

He turns around to see how the back looks. After he's done he walks out of his room and into the hall.

HWOP: Well I have a lot of time to kill might as well walk around.

Humberto walks down several hallways and around some corners.

HWOP: Wow, this place is big. I think I'm going to get lost. Correction I am lost.

He walks up to a door and walks into a lab. A caucasian man with short blonde hair, brown eyes, wearing a white lab coat, and a red and black jumpsuit under it is over at a large computer. Over on the other side of the room is a caucasian woman with black hair to her mid-back, a red mask extending from the hairline to the cheekbones with white lenses over her eyes, red and yellow jumpsuit, and webs under her arm-pits. With her his an asian girl with bobbed black hair and yellow and black jumpsuit on. The woman is holding a black and yellow helmet with a transparent blue face shield and a gas mask rebreather in the front of it. Humberto walks over to the caucasian man and taps on his shoulder. The man turns around and faces Humberto.

CAUCASIAN MAN: Hello. Are you one of the new students.

HWOP: That's Giant-Man! Ok chill you'll have more than one of these moments.

HUMBERTO: Oh yeah..Humberto, Nice to met you.

GIANT-MAN: So you can call me Hank or Dr. Pym.

HWOP: I get to call Giant-Man by his first name! Cool!

HANK: Do you like it here so far?

HUMBERTO: Yeah, This place huge.

HANK: You'll get used to it. I can give you a map of the place if you want.

HUMBERTO: Uh, No thanks.

HANK: Alright, So are going to run for class leader?

HUMBERTO: Class leader?

HANK: You leading your class on missions. It'll be experience for when you're older.

HUMBERTO: Oh sounds…

HWOP: Awesome!

HUMBERTO: Cool. I'll do it.

HANK: Ok good. Cause no one wanted to do it. Oh and tomorrow I'll need to see you about your crystalized fossil.

HUMBERTO: Alright--

VOICE: *Sniff* *Sniff*

Humberto looks over his shoulder to see the Asian girl crying. The Caucasian woman hands her a tissue and she wipes off her tears. Humberto then turns back to Hank.

HUMBERTO: What's wrong with her?

HANK: That's Jennifer Takeda. Her code-name is Hazmat. She's one of the students who got kidnaped by Norman Osborn and tampered with her powers. Even before that she has been realizing deadly toxins. Poor girl has to wear that containment suit for the rest of her life or until I can find a way to fix her.

HUMBERTO: How many were there?

HANK: Five known to us. We only saved four.

The Caucasian woman puts on the helmet on the Asian girl and they start walking over to the door

HUMBERTO: Oh…I'm gonna try and talk to her.

Humberto walks over to Jennifer and the Caucasian woman.

HUMBERTO: Hey, Jennifer! I'm Humberto. Listen I heard about what happened to you and--

JENNIFER: @#$% you!

Jennifer storms out of the room. Then the Caucasian woman walks over to Humberto and so does Hank.

HWOP: Way to go 'Berto.

WOMAN: She just needs some time alone is all.

HANK: At least you tried.


HANK: Uh…Humberto if you don't already know this is Spider-Woman. She'll be one of the frequent faces you'll see around here.

SPIDER-WOMAN: Nice to meet you Humberto.

HUMBERTO: Oh yeah same. Oh um do one of you know know where the training room is?

SPIDER-WOMAN: Yeah I'll show you where it is.

Humberto and Spider-Woman start walk out of the room.


HANK: See you later Humberto.

Humberto and Spider-Woman exit the lab and start walking down the hall.

HUMBERTO: So when you were talking with Jen--Hazmat why weren't you affected by her toxins?

SPIDER-WOMAN: I'm immune to all toxins and radiation. It comes with the perks of my other spider-powers.

HUMBERTO: So is Norman Osborn still running around.

SPIDER-WOMAN: Yes. And you shouldn't worry about him. The Avengers are working on locating him. Nothing to worry about.

HUMBERTO: Just wondering.

SPIDER-WOMAN: It's alright. You had a similar situation and it's ok to be curious.

Humberto gets a sad look on his face and Spider-Woman looks over at him.

SPIDER-WOMAN: You know we are looking for him and your parents.


SPIDER-WOMAN: We're here.

Humberto and Spider-Woman enter a room with computers and monitors and a large glass window. Look out of the window is robotic woman her body is a silver color, glowing red eyes, and a robotic tentacle that is to her shoulder on both side of her head.

SPIDER-WOMAN: Hi, Jocasta.

Jocasta turns around to see Spider-Woman and Humberto.

JOCASTA: Greetings, Spider-Woman and Humberto Lopez.

HUMBERTO: How did you know my name?

JOCASTA: I read all the students files unlike others--

SPIDER-WOMAN: Hey! I read them! On my iPad this morning.

JOCASTA: I was referring to Spider-Man.


Humberto looks out the window to see Julie flying through floating hoops hovering all around the room. Also a Caucasian girl with short black hair, blue eyes,wearing a white and blue combat suit, holding two blue billy clubs, three blue disks attached to the right thigh of her costume, and blue mark that shows her eyes, and a blue pouch attached to the back of her waist fighting several robots. She looks over at the window to see Humberto looking at her. She gives him a slight smile and Humberto starts to scratch the back of his head and turns away. A robot sneaks up behind the girl to strike her but she quickly turns around, hits it's head with her billy club, and it's head flies off.

SPIDER-WOMAN: Her names Jeanne.

Humberto is startled. Then looks over to see Spider-Woman standing next to him with a smirk.


SPIDER-WOMAN: Her name. It's Jeanne. If you were wondering.


They stand there for a little in silence. Jeanne kicks a robot in the head taking it out. Leaving with two more left in a fighting stance.

JEANNE: Training session end. AT4.

The robots shut down. Jeanne attaches her billy clubs to her left thigh and walks over to the door.

SPIDER-WOMAN: You should talk to her.


SPIDER-WOMAN: Are deliberately not listening to me?

The door opens and Jeanne walks in.

JOCASTA: Spider-Woman we are needed in the hanger.

SPIDER-WOMAN: Oh, Ok. We'll see you later.

Spider-Woman and Jocasta start to walk out.

SPIDER-WOMAN: Nice cover.

JOCASTA: What was I covering for? We are needed in the hanger.

Spider-Woman and Jocasta exit the room leaving Humberto and Jeanne alone.

HUMBERTO: So um you're Jeanne right?

JEANNE: Finesse on the field Humberto.

HUMBERTO: Oh wow we've barely met and you already know my name.

JEANNE: That's because I read your file.

HWOP: Does everyone read each others files around here?

HUMBERTO: Geez I must have missed the memo on getting everyone's files.

JEANNE: No, Only me and Ligthspeed got files on you and the other students.

HUMBERTO: Well that's cool. Are you a teachers assistant too?

JEANNE: No, I'm just a student. I like learning things about who I'm working with. Like you.


JEANNE: I find you quite interesting.

Jeanne starts to slowly walk to Humberto.

JEANNE: We have a lot in common you know. Tell me, How bad was your toucher? Do you think it was as bad as mine?

HUMBERTO: What are you--Wait are you one of the kids who were kidnaped by Norman Osborn?

JEANNE: Yes I was. Where did you hear that?

HUMBERTO: Dr. Pym told me.

JEANNE: Interesting. So tell me have you ever wondered why the Avengers picked you to be?

HWOP: Where is she going with this…

HUMBERTO: Um not really.

JEANNE: Well I have. And if you do enough spying you'll find out why.

Jeanne gets face-to-face with Humberto.

JEANNE: It's because--

VOICE: Hey 'Berto nice to see you again.

Humberto and Jeanne quickly look over at the door to the training room to see Julie walk in. Humberto backs away from Jeanne a little.

HUMBERTO: Hey julie.

JULIE: Was I interrupting something?

Julie walks over to a table, grabs a white towel from it and dabs sweat from her forehead.

JEANNE: Actually--

HUMBERTO: Not really.

JULIE: Ok good. Because that'd just be awkward. Hey the assembly is starting soon so we should probably head down.

Julie grabs a pink water bottle off the table and walks out of the room with it. Humberto starts to walk out of the room but Jeanne walks past him and whispers in his ear.

JEANNE: We'll talk later.

Jeanne walks out of the room and Humberto follows her out. Humberto walks next to Jeanne as they follow Julie.

HUMBERTO: So um what's your power?

JEANNE: I'm a polymath. I learn things at a accelerated rate.

HUMBERTO: Oh cool. I can turn parts of my body into a dinosaurs. I can turn my whole body into a dinosaur but I have trou--

JEANNE: I know I--

HUMBERTO: Read my file.


VOICE: Hey, 'Berto!

Humberto, Jeanne, and Julie turn around to see Victor, Ava, and Billy are walking towards then now in costumes. Victor is wearing a yellow, grey, and black jumpsuit, yellow kneepads, black boots, grey fingerless gloves, goggles, metallic bands around his wrists, with a chain attached to the waist. Billy is wearing a black jumpsuit with short sleeves, a raggedy red cape, three metallic circles attached to his waist the one in the middle is larger, black fingerless gloves, metallic bands around his wrists with a red gem on it, and a black headband around his forehead with a metallic plate in front of it. Ava is wearing a white mask that covers her whole face with pointed ears at the top, the mask also let her hair down in the back and has eyelids for her to see out of, the rest of her costume covers her whole bodying white, she is wearing her jade tiger necklace from before, she seems to have sharp nails, she has three black stripes on her shoulders, three on both sides of her waist, and three on her calfs.

HUMBERTO: Hey guys! I like your costume Vict--

VICTOR: Power Man. The codename is Power Man.

HUMBERTO: Oh, well that's cool Vic.

HWOP: I still need to think of a codename.

Jeanne walks over to Ava.

JEANNE: Ava, I assume you'll be using White Tiger as your codename?

AVA: Yes, I'm doing it in honor of my brother.

Julie stands next to Billy.

JULIE: So what's yours?

BILLY: I'm not sure. I really didn't think of one.

JULIE: Well, aren't your power magic based or something right?

BILLY: Yeah or at least that's what Doctor Strange said.

JULIE: Ok, then how about something like Warlock or Wiccan or--

BILLY: I like Wiccan. It has a nice ring to it.

JULIE: Oh, and if you have any problems about you know…your sexuality you can talk to me about it.

WICCAN: Um thanks.

VOICE: Oh are we having some kind of codename exchange?

HUMBERTO: Yeah. I'm--

He turns around to see a boy with shiny red skin, with no hair or hair line, he has grey eyes, he also has no eyelids, three times the muscle mass, he has rigged lines around his mouth replacing his lips. He's wearing a black t-shirt fitted for him, with grey pants fitted for him, and black boots over them.


BOY: What? It's my appearance isn't it?

JULIE: Oh no!

Julie runs over with her rainbow trail behind her between the large boy and Humberto.

JULIE: Humberto this is Ken Mack but you can call him Mettle. He is one of the kids who was kidnapped by Norman Osborn.

HUMBERTO: Oh! Well it's nice to meet you Ken and this form looks really cool.

KEN: I'm not a big fan but Dr. Pym says he can make me normal again!

VOICE: Um, reality check. He's probably just saying that so you don't get majorly depressed for looking like a freak.

Everyone turns around to see Jennifer walking over with a Caucasian boy. He has blue eyes, black hair with a white streak, on his left eye is a scar shaped like a lightning bolt, he is wearing a jumpsuit with all black , and lightning looks to be surging through it.

JEANNE: Jennifer, I wouldn't say such unkind words.

BRANDON: But it's the truth.

JULIE: Seriously Brandon. I doubt they're not going to try and fix Jenny and Ken.

BRANDON: They said they are going to try and make us "comfortable" with who we are. Do you think being stuck in a hazmat suit or being a giant red thing comfortable?

JULIE: So? That doesn't mean that they're not going to try.

BRANDON: Does it?

JULIE: Oh you know what--

VOICE: Children--

Everyone stops talking a looks up at the intercom.

VOICE: This is Jocasta. Your presence is requested in the auditorium now.

Th intercom turns off. All the students continue to walk down the hall. Brandon walks next to Julie.

BRANDON: So if you want to finish our conversation maybe we could grab dinner or something?

JULIE: There is no need to finish our conversation because it is over!

Julie walks ahead of him and next to Humberto and Jeanne. Then Brandon turns to Billy.

BRANDON: Hey, I like your costume.

BILLY: Um, thanks. Yours is cool too.

BRANDON: You think so?

Jennifer walks next to Ken.

JENNIFER: Listen I'm not going to insult you again but I'm just saying you're going to need to face reality sooner or later.

KEN: I know. But it's nice to have hope. Isn't it?

JENNIFER: Sure. You keep on "hoping".

The students enter a large room with some chairs, a stage, podium, and a large monitor against the wall. Standing at the podium is Captain America. Ms. Marvel, Hank, Spider-Woman, Jocasta, and six others standing behind him. A large green man with large muscles, green hair, green eyes, and ripped purple pants. a Caucasian man with blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes, a metallic helmet with a wing on both sides, a muscular build, wearing a black sleeveless shirt, a red cape with a metal circle holding it on at shoulders, a metal circle on his right and left side of his stomach, a brown belt with a silver "T" buckle, dark blue pants, black boots on them, black fingerless gloves, a black bracelet with small spikes on both wrists, and holding a small metal hammer with it's hilt warped in leather with a thong at the end. A Caucasian woman with short black hair, brown eyes, wearing a black jumpsuit, orange gauntlets, a orange utility-belt, and black boots with a orange strip at the top. A African-American woman with white hair to her mid-back, crystal blue eyes, a black strapless leotard, a custom headband, a black cape with gold on the edges attached across her chest by a red circle with a "x" and the ends are attached to gold bands around her wrists, and long black boots. A man wearing a red and blue spandex,the red parts of the suit have black lines that look like webs, a black spider on his chest with the back two legs extended a little, and a read mask with the same lines and lenses so he can see. And finally a Caucasian man with short blonde hair that's spiked in the front, wearing black sunglasses, a black top with short black sleeves a purple stylized arrow tip facing downwards, black combat pants, black combat boots, with a pouch on his right leg, a black belt with several pouches, wearing black fingerless gloves, and a black bracer on his left arm.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Students if you could please take a seat.

All the students sit down in a seat.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Students I welcome you all here to the start of the semester. And I would like to apologize for the absence of some of our fellow Avengers but crime never stops.

On the monitor several faces pop up with the following names "Iron-Man", "Black Widow", "Wolverine", "Doctor Strange", "Protector", "Nova", "Vision", "Winter Solider", "Luke Cage", "Iron Fist", "Wasp", "Mockingbird", "Black Panther", "Captain Britain", "She-Hulk", "War Machine", "Tigra", "Falcon", "Shang-Chi", "Agent 13", "Cloak", "Dagger", "Quicksilver", "Valkyrie", and "Moon Knight".

CAPTAIN AMERICA: You all have great potential to be the next "Heroes of Tomorrow" and we all would like to point you all in the right direction. Myself and the rest of the Avengers are here to guide you along the way in anyway we can. We will be teaching you all special skill sets and techniques to help you through though situations. When not in classes some or all of you will be sent on field missions to help you get the feel of it in the future. Sometimes you might even be accompanied by an Avenger or several on a mission. And not only will you be working with us you will also work with the X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Future Foundation, S.HE.I.L.D., and even S.W.O.R.D. to further with your training. In addition to your training in field combat and tactics you will have also have regular classes that "normal" teenagers get in school. You will get schedules in about a week about your classes. In the next few days we would all like for you all to get a gusted to your surroundings seeing as you will be here for awhile. You are allowed to leave the campus just as long as you let an Avenger know and get their permission. Whenever classes start you will have a curfew setup. We have platforms setup here that will allow you to teleport from here to the Avengers Tower, The Avengers Mansion, and The Lighthouse for any of the Avengers teams to get here easy, for you to go there, or to get to ground easier. Except the Lighthouse because that is in space. We all are thrilled to have you here and to be working with you in the future. If you don't recognize any of these face this is Ms. Marvel, Giant-Man, Spider-Woman, Jocasta, Hulk, Thor, Quake, Storm, Spider-Man, and Hawkeye. And we all would like to welcome you all to the Avengers Academy!

The Avengers standing behind Captain America begin to clap and so does Humberto, Julie, Ava, Ken, Victor, and Billy. Jeanne, Jennifer, and Brandon start to clap soon after. The monitor's screen turns black then the face of a Caucasian man with short black hair and blue eyes and his face is glowing blue. Everyone looks at the screen with caution.

MAN: Avengers this is Iron-Man and we need backup! We got jumped! Black Widow is down, Wolverine is getting thrown around, and we can't see the--GAHH!

The screen turns black with red letters saying "Lost Transmission".

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Alright, Avengers Assemble!

The Avengers start to run out of the room. Victor gets out of his seat.

VICTOR: Is there anything we can do to help?

QUAKE: Stay here!

HANK: And don't touch anything!

The Avengers exit the room leaving the kids by themselves. Then Jennifer gets up.

JENNIFER: That whole thing about us having "great potential" is a bunch of bullshit!

The rest of the students stand up and stare at Jennifer.

AVA: What do you mean?

BRANDON: What she's saying is that they don't respect us.

JULIE: Then if they don't respect us why did they pick us to be here?

JEANNE: The first day I got here I saw something odd about they Avengers body-language around some of of us around here. So I did a little snooping--

Jeanne starts to walk up to the podium.

JEANNE: They didn't pick the "best and brightest" out of us who were brought to their attention.

Jeanne is at the podium and a holographic keyboard appears and she types in a few keys and several files come up on some of the students. some on some of their personal records or on test results.

JEANNE: They are afraid us. Each and everyone of us. And if any of us seem to turning evil they're hoping their Teacher's-Assistant will inform them.

Several students start to stare at Julie.

JULIE: What--I wasn't even in on this! I-I--

JEANNE: You never were. They just figured with since they think you're a "good girl" that you will

Jeanne walks back to some of the students some with questioning looks.

JEANNE: Does this change your view on our "heroes"?

HWOP: So is this what she was trying to tell me earlier?

Humberto looks around to see the disappointed looks on Victor, Ava, Ken, and Billy's faces.


All eyes turn to him.

HUMBERTO: We'll just have to prove them wrong. Won't we?

Unknown Location [Friday,June 27 7:37 PM]-

In a dark hallway a young Caucasian girl is walking towards a door at the end of the hallway. She is wearing a green strapless bra, long green gloves, blonde hair that goes to her thigh, it is pushed back by a green headband, and some strands are in braids, green eyes, and long green boots that have yellow circles running down the front of them. She has a mischievous look on her face. As she reaches the door it opens by itself, she casually walks in and stops in front of a shadowy figure sitting on a floating metallic chair.

SHADOWY FIGURE: Greetings Enchantress, I hope that you bring good news.

ENCHANTRESS: Ah indeed I do.

The Enchantress holds a small device in her hand that shows a holograph of a machine part.

ENCHANTRESS: We successfully stole the part from a Stark factory and managed to down some Avengers. But more intervened so we had to flee and didn't get the other parts we needed.

SHADOWY FIGURE: We still have time to execute out plan. We just have to plan everything out at the right time.

The shadowy figure comes into the light appearing to be a boy with green skin, green eyes, with a abnormally large cranium, with a orange and silver jacket with baggy sleeves, orange pants with a silver line at the bottom, and orange shoes.

SHADOWY FIGURE: And we will rewrite the world in our very vision.

To Be Continued….

PREVIEW: Day two at the Academy and some students aren't happy about what was kept from them. And a fight might just break loss……

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@punkpuppy3: Sorry I took so long to comment but it's rather long so I split it between two days. I love the fact that you've detailed exactly who is speaking like a script but still thrown in detail to keep readers in the know. Good work :)

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I like this. It's a little more than evident when a writer's commited to the story that they're writing and want to flesh-out the characters and plot-points as best they can, because, they wanna make sure that their readers are enjoying the story just as much as they are, which, is happening here.

There're some minor grammatical errors (that we all make) here and there but that doesn't detract from the quality of the story-telling. Keep it up!

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Thank you both!

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Thanks! And I'm working on 2 right now and it'll be ALOT shorter