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Title: Atomic Structure

Rating: T

Link to: Chapter 2

I sat in the Superhuman Advanced Defense Executive’s office, otherwise known as SHADE. My thumbs rubbed against each other as I continued to wait. Today was my latest interview, and I knew this was an worthy opportunity. You see, I am not accepted; heck even offered too many interviews.

The others, who too applied, came and went. Some were looking angry; others were coming out in tears, and even some had shouted inside with the interviewer. It was nerve wracking, and I was thinking, “Why did I come here again?” Oh, that is right. My father forced me; something about needing to leave my other job; take a break. However, in my line of work, you can never take a break. Funny thing: this is supposed to be a secret organization. I looked side-ways, and of course, there was the picture of President LBJ. My Grandfather, an original founding member of this organization, whose hand President Johnson was shaking, wasn't happy about being cut out of the picture. Every time I mention it to him, he goes into a tangent. He is old, really old. It is amazing that he is still alive, but there are certain conditions that let him.

The room grew quiet; I was the last person. The nearby door opened, and a man poked his head out. “Miss Cray, come in.” he said. I got up, and I followed him inside. The room was your standard scientific lab, which I had no clue why was being used for interviews. Too much money, I guessed. The man held his hand out towards a seat, and I was happy to oblige.

Staring opposite of the man, his receding hairline became very noticeable. “Miss Cray, I have seen your record. In addition, I must ask, “Why do you have so many negative reports on you being late to work?”

“Um,” I paused. “You see, my family has this business which needs a lot of help ever since my Grandfather got ill.”

His eyes narrowed, just like every other boss or interviewer I had.

“That’s no excuse, Miss Cra-“

The phone started ringing beside him. His hand reached out for it, and the somewhat bald man picked it off the hook. Something happened though. I was only able to watch as a tiny man came from the phone. His body became larger, larger, and larger until he was taller than I was and standing on the ground.

“Sorry for being late.” The man said, his right hand scratching behind his head. “There was a little traffic.”

The man was wearing a white lab coat. His nameplate, “Professor Palmer” written on silver. As if he did not notice me earlier, he turned around. His eyes, alarmed, seemed to be searching his scientific mind for an excuse. Still, it was somewhat too late; I had seen the face of The Atom. All of a sudden, I saw his eyes light up. Unlike him, the other man looked livid.

“Are you serious, Ray? Good job revealing your identity!”

“Calm down, Winston.” he said.

I watched Ray Palmer, otherwise the Atom move closer. His brown eyes starred into my own, it was as if he was trying to make sure of something.

“Don’t you see, this is Dena, the granddaughter of Star Gate?”

“Um,” I spoke up. “How do you know me?”

“Trust me, Dena. There hasn’t been a Superhero or Villain’s phone I haven’t been in.”

I was surprised, and a tad bit, freaked out. This was a grade A stalker right here; no wonder his name was the Atom. However, before I could respond, some alarm started beeping; an emergency signal of sorts, I guess. Winston, or whatever the bald man’s name was, left, rushing out the door. When I looked back at Ray Palmer, he was dressed in his Atom costume, and he was closing a door to a closet. He smiled, and if he were not so old, I would say he was a charmer. But nah, I don’t like older men so it doesn't matter.

His mask was in his hands, and the Atom was still smiling. “So,” he said. “You ready to go, Dark Fly.”

With that, I smiled too; igniting my hands into a sort of pyrotechnic fireworks. I was ready to fly.


Disclaimer: I do not own Ray Palmer, otherwise the Atom, or do I own SHADE. Only the characters: Winston, Star Gate, Dena Cray (Dark Fly) are all owned by me (including this story).

A/N: I was rereading one of my Atom comics, and I always wanted to write a Fan Fic, and I had some free time so I thought why not. Since I hadn't used my character, Dena Cray in awhile, I decided to include her. I was unsure about SHADE since I am not to familiar with it's history. So, I apologize for any contradictions with the actual history. Thanks for reading!

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@xxYoungFatexx said:

Others, who too were being questioned, came and went.

This should maybe be "The others, who were also being questioned; came and went". Because as written it's a bit, not much, but a bit disjointed and not quite right (no big deal at all). I am intrigued by your creation Dark Fly. As for SHADE, it's your story and 'real world' continuity is irrelevant. If SHADE is a lap-dancing whore school in Nebraska, then that's what SHADE is in your world. Hmmmm whore school :) Good work, nice title and I do like Palmer's little in-joke of:

@xxYoungFatexx said:

“Trust me, Dena. There hasn’t been a Superhero or Villain’s phone I haven’t been in.”