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At the entrance to a marvelous estate two guards stood relaxed at their station. Rifles casually slung over their shoulder as their thick German accents spoke about last nights events. Chuckling about a remark to a girl they had persuaded for a few drinks. Just past the gold plated gates where the guards were standing, was a circle drive that rounded all the way up the hill and towards the mansion. In the center of the drive was a spectacular garden maze. Statues lining the entrance.

Two more guards were stationed at the estates front door. Which was elaborately decorated showing the owners tastes in retail. Both the guards were dressed in similar uniforms that the two guards wore at the front. One stretched and yawned at his boring job, and the other quickly jabbed him in the ribs jokingly. The two jokingly scuffled for a bit and then laughed it off and stood at attention as they saw the camera above turn towards them. With a salute they both became very serious and straightened up.

On the other side of that camera was a seemingly plain man with thick nerdy glasses. His thin greasy mustache and white coat indicated that he the mansions technician. He sat in a rolling chair staring at a dozen different monitors. Each covering some location on the grounds, except for one area. Crimson Death's office. As he scanned the area he took note on the two patrols. Both were three man groups with two hounds. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the paranoid man and he eased just a bit. Relaxing back into his chair as he went to prop his feet up on the desk.

But his eyes widened as he sat up in shock. A blur had just crossed one of his monitors, he swore it. Reaching for his headset he contacted Eagle's eye. A single guard who was on the rooftops of the mansion. "Birds nest, this is home base. Did you see anything in sector 3?" he asked. Up above on the mansion the lone guard just shook his head as he rolled his eyes. "Schmidt. Knock it off with those stupid terms. Nothing's going on. Nothing ever happens..".

He tried to retort back but knew it would not work. His 'friends' didn't share his enthusiasm for their job. Thinking he was just seeing things, again. He relaxed and settled back in his chair. He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly as one hand moved to slide up his glasses. The other rubbing his eyes as if he was tired. When he looked back up there it was again. The blur! "Adrian!" he cried out into the mic. "There it was again. I swear!" there was no answer this time. It wasn't the first time he was being ignored, but he knew something was up. He could feel the hairs on his back and arm standing.

Frantically he scanned the grounds for the other guards. No one was on camera.. "Front gate come in. Do you read me?". Nothing. "Patrol groups can you hear me? Please, someone come in". His voice was panicked as he fumbled about. Then a shadow overcame him from behind. He gasped to scream out but found he had no voice to volume. He was so overcome with fear he couldn't move. A silent death..

Unknowing to what was going on at his estate Crimson Death sat in his luxurious office puffing away at his long cigarette. His doors were closed and his newest secretary was in the stock room filing away papers for Umbrella's latest negotiations. She sighed at her newest accommodations. The blouse far too revealing, her skirt several inches too short. Why had she gotten into that much trouble she thought. How did she allow herself to get blackmailed into this.

All of a sudden the lights in the room shattered and it grew dark. The door eased shut and engulfed her in darkness. She dropped the files in her hand and cowered in fear. Just as she went to ask who was there, she was sent flying backwards. Slamming hard into the opposite wall. She toppled over onto the ground crying. She then felt something grip around her throat and squeeze. Kicking and clawing she tried to fight back, but it was to no avail. Just moment later her neck snapped and she was gone.

Crimson Death relaxed back in his chair as he hung up the phone. Casually he stood up, adjusted his suit and walked towards the windows overlooking his estate. With pride he looked over everything. Knowing that in a few short days now he would close a deal for Umbrella that would put them on the map like he never dreamed of. He heard the double doors click open and turned to belittle his secretary.. only it was not her standing there in the doorway.

"Who are you!" he demanded. Glaring at the intruder clad in solid black. A hood hiding his face. There was only silence as an answer. Crimson Death moved towards his desk "Who sent you?" he asked next. "Whatever they are paying you. I'll triple it. Just go and kill them and perhaps we can work out an even more lucrative deal". The suave cockiness had returned to Crimson Death. He knew money talked, and everyone had a price in their line of work. Slyly as he reached his desk Crimson Death's foot tripped the silent alarm located underneath.

Seemingly not phased by Crimson Death's offer the dark intruder stalked forward. Crimson Death seemed relaxed now arrogantly so. Going so far as to even take his seat in the comfy chair behind his desk and prop his feet up, leaning back heavily. Unknown to everyone but a few associates underneath the rug in front of his desk was a trapdoor. One that was controlled by the key functions hidden in his chair. Below in that trap was a sealed off room with tiny holes that filtered in poisonous gas.

As soon as he had seemed to relax and regain his arrogant composure he lost it. The stranger had stopped moving forward the moment he reached the edge of the rug. Crimson Death's fists tightened in anger, but he tried to keep his cool. "Why don't you have a seat" he extended his hand towards one of the other chairs. "We can talk about your future here with Umbrella". His smirk oozed with confidence as he put his feet down and leaned forward.

He knew one of the other two people who knew about that trap had to tell this mysterious stranger about it. Crimson Death knew his brother would never betray him in this manner. So that left only one other person. Mr Sinister.. "You overzealous b@$t@rd" he thought. "You'll pay for this tenfold"..

A loud voice from behind suddenly yelled out. "BOSS!". An enormous man in a mask known as Cutthroat was sprinting for the office. Almost foaming at the mouth and ready to get his hands dirty. The intruder briefly glanced over his shoulder at the interruption, but then turned his focus back towards his target. In the blink of an eye the man in black raised up his hand, the palm pointing straight out towards Crimson Death. A telekinetic wave rushed through the air and slammed into Crimson Death. Hurtling him and his chair backwards and into the air. Crimson Death's scream was covered by the shattering window as he fell out the three story mansion.

The entire spectacle had looked like slow motion to Cutthroat. No matter how much he had tried to get there sooner it hadn't happened. All he could do now was avenge his bosses death. "I'm going to break you in half!" he screamed in a venomous tone as he amped up on his serum. Easily doubling his mass and strength. Hastily the stranger turned on his heels and sent out another telekinetic slam, but this time at the rampaging brute headed his way. Burrowing his shoulder Cutthroat shrugged it off, slowly him just a bit.

Just as he reached the room he felt his feet lift off the ground. Cutthroat fought viciously to try and wrestle out of this unseen force holding him up. He felt a grip tighten around his throat in an attempt to suffocate him. Cutthroat tightened every muscle in his body in defiance, pumping more serum into his veins for a stronger resistance.

The grip felt as if it was a child's hand now. And he laughed, mocking the intruder at his weak attempts. Then suddenly he felt a pain overcome his left arm. He gasped for breath but found no air to fill his lungs. The beat of his heart began to slow. He could now feel something squeezing it. Next was the inaudible sounds of his heart collapsing. His body now hanging limply in the air by the unseen force. With a simple wave of his hand the dark intruder sent Cutthroat's dead corpse flying into the bookcase on the left.

Slowly he walked around the room and peered down at the carnage below. The chair laid scattered in broken pieces. Glass was littered everywhere and the still, broken body of Crimson Death rested in the center of it all. Almost effortlessly the quiet intruder dropped down from the three stories. Landing on his feet with the grace of a cat, as if the fall was nothing. Without so much as a second glance, he left the compound.

Russia. One hour before the Germany incident.

In the back room of the club Ghost pushed aside one of the three women who were piled next to him. All of them still passed out from the amount of coke an alcohol they consumed last night. Setting up at the edge of the bed he stretched and yawned. Turning his head he simply smiled at the girls sprawled out. It was good to be the kingpin of crime for Russia. Stepping into his slippers he wrapped his robe around him and headed for the restroom. He needed something for this splitting headache.

Meanwhile. Downstairs his men began to stir as well. Reeling from the vast party of the night before. They had been celebrating the merger of the crime syndicate here. No longer were they just another competing faction, but now they were the top dogs. The year long weapons and drug war had paid off, and big. Life was now on easy street for them. Even more so with the financial backing of Umbrella.

Suddenly all of the lights shattered and broke. Covering the entire club in darkness. Several of the guards sat up while several others stumbled around. Obviously still drunk from last night. " Hey. Who threw out the breaker" one of the screamed. A flash of red light appeared from out of nowhere and cut down one of the guards with a single slash. Then seemingly vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The club was now in uproar as they all cursed and scrambled about for their guns. " What they F#%$ was that!" screamed out another one as he sprayed an area with random gunfire. The crimson light flickered on again severing the limb of a different guard and disappeared once more. " $h!t" they all screamed in unison as they unloaded in fear and panic. More guards cried out as they were hit by friendly fire. Then another fell to the crimson blade, and another. Minutes later the place had fell to silence.

Upstairs Ghost and locked himself in the restroom. A customized M16 with grenade launcher held in his heads and pointed at the door. It was the only way in. He waited to hear the screams of the girls but there was only silence. Then all of a sudden the door splintered and broke by some unseen force. The Ghost squeezed the trigger and littered the entire area with bullets. The barrel smoking hot as the last one screamed out into the darkness. The light from the gunfire indicated nothing. Then he saw something move over towards the bed. With a cock and a squeeze he let loose a grenade. A loud explosion engulfed that area obliterating it.

Next the gun was ripped out of his hands and he stumbled backwards in shock. Right before his eyes it crumbled under the pressure of some unseen force. Just moments later he felt his throat tightening as he began to choke. His hands scratched and clawed trying to break hold of whatever grip held him. But there was nothing there for him to clamp down on. He was suspended there in the air now as he felt his last breaths leave his lips. The thud of his body crashing back down onto the floor was the last sound heard.

Savage Land, just over an hour after the incident in Germany.

The hidden fortress of Doctor Sinister rested in the heart of the Savage Land. A thick lush jungle surrounding every side of the mountain range where his laboratory was located. Deep beneath the base of that mountain Sin worked on his newest project. He was splicing dna samples from various supers his DOLL's had gathered and mixing them with a new formula. Something he had secretly acquired from the far reaches of space. The evil scientist was not exactly sure what it was he had discovered. But he would surely twist it to his own will. Manipulate it and form it into a weapon.

Then a large creaking sound echoed throughout the room. Sinister shot up surprised and spun around to see what was happening. To his amazement the thick steel door was crumbling in on itself. Moments later it was flung off to the side, and standing in the archway was a lone figure dressed in black. A hooded cowl over his head, his face draped in darkness. "Who are you!" Sinister demanded. "How did you manage to get passed my security without setting it off?"

The words had just barely left his tongue, and Sinister sent out a telepathic attack to rip the information out from the intruders mind. To his surprise he saw nothing but a cloud darkness. Hiding whatever was beneath it. Immediately the mad scientist new this was well disciplined, and most likely held some type of telepathic ability himself.

Raising his left arm up Sinister clicked on his com link within the device wrapped around his wrist. "DOLL's. Intercept target. Priority maximum". Again Sinister sent out a telepathic attack, but this time instead of trying to gather information. He just wanted to wrack pain on this insolent fool. The two stood there, opposed on the mental plane. Sinister could feel his opponent's mind getting weaker, Sin knew he was the stronger.

Suddenly he gained images, flashbacks of this intruder's memory. Sin saw him engaged in combat against his seven DOLL clones. The stranger moved with precision of a master. Easily deflecting and blocking one attack, and transitioning his movements to perform a counter. These moments flooded his mind as he saw each of them drop at the hands of this intruder. His precious babies gone, defeated by this creature.

His concentration was broken. The intruder maneuvered out from Sinister's mental attacks. He realized that the intruder had used those images to weaken his resolve. To split his concentration instead of solely focusing on the offensive. But he knew these flashbacks to be real. Whomever this person was, he was a real threat and very powerful.

Sinister screamed "NATE!". Calling for his most prized protector. His kyrptonian bodyguard. Everything that happened next was just in a flash. Nate came flying in through the hallway and saw the stranger standing there. With his continued speed to moved in to blitz attack. The intruder barely had enough time to even turn around as he was slammed into Nate's closed fist. The two flew passed Sinister towards the opposite wall. Crashing into it with a sickening thud. Debris and smoke gushed about filling the room.

As the cloud began to thin Sinister could make out a glowing crimson blade. In shock his eyes widened to see it protruding from Nate's back. Unknown to anyone but the intruder he had surrounded himself with a telekinetic shield to absorb the forceful blow. It had done its job, but the impact was far more powerful than he had expected. The shield faded out and he could feel several of his ribs broken and cracked. Fighting back the pain to topple over. Which only made his anger and hatred grow.

More importantly as he turned the intruder readied his weapon. Something he had kept hidden up until this point. The moment Nate had slammed into him his ignited this crimson energy blade. At first the blade just barely penetrated Nate's skin. But as they smashed into the far wall. The momentum from the impact drove the sword in even deeper. Piercing all the way through. In his arrogance Nate had believed himself to be invulnerable to any threat, to any attack. He believed himself to be a God.

Now he would pay the ultimate price for that blindness. In defiance he gripped the blade and moved to pull it out. His hands sizzling, burning, blistering up from holding the blade. Nate screamed out in a thunderous pain. As soon as he did the crimson energy disappeared and Nate fell to his knees. Coughing up blood from his mouth Nate looked up and saw his doom. He knew that he had no strength, no power to fight back. Something, or someone had sapped him of his power.

The dark assassin had come prepared. For Nate was not the first Kryptonian he had faced. Knowing what he would be up against the assassin had crafted a weapon specifically to slay Nate. The power crystal that energized his blade was forged from a red sun. Which is why Nate felt the loss of his power. Inside the Mandalorian steel hilt was a focus lens crafted from synthetic kryptonite. This weapon was made to kill the self proclaimed 'God'.

Instead he saw the hilt of the weapon was now turned around and held up into the air. The moment his eyes had raised up the stranger ignited the other end. A crimson blade of energy drove down straight into his mouth. Calling upon some unseen force the intruder bolstered his strength and prowess and shoved down even harder. Then with a quick flick he removed the sword and leveled his gaze back on Sinister.

Sinister was astonished at what had just unfolded in front of his eyes. This was no mere intruder. Whoever had sent this stranger had informed him well on what to expect. He was an assassin. His mind raced for answers. Who? Did Darkchild finally find a lackey who could finish what they had started so long ago? Or perhaps Gambler, that crafty Cajun had sent one of his prominent assassins to eliminate their business arrangement. Whoever it might be, Sinister swore would pay dearly for that slight.

Summing forth his own telekinetic powers Sinister began to fling anything and everything that was not bolted down at the intruder. With one swipe of his blade the intruder cut in half the table flung his way. Letting both halves harmlessly fall behind him. With a wave of his hand he pushed away a monitor heading straight for his head. On and on the two went until the room was almost barren, save the broken pile of mess that now laid on one corner. An almost impromptu grave for where the body of Nate now laid.

" Why won't you just die!" Sinister screamed. Sending three consecutive energy blasts out from his hands at the intruder. The first and second blasts were quickly deflected away with his sword. But the third came in too fast and scorched a burned mark against his shoulder. His body reeled backwards a few steps from the impact. Sinister smiled as he saw the attack land. But wasted no time in attacking once more.

Again he pumped out three attacks that were hurtled towards the stranger. This time the pattern had become predictable and the stranger had anticipated as much. Hastily he dodged the first one with a twisting spin as he deflected the second one on rotation. The third blast this time connected with the blade as well, but instead of being simply deflected away. Its trajectory was completely changed. The blast was sent flying back towards its thrower. Sinister tried to summon his telekinetic power to block or deflect it himself, but he was too slow. The swing from the intruders blade had made the attack faster than he could react.

The energy burned into his own body but Sinister only laughed. "Don't you see. Nothing you can do will stop me". The two began their deadly dance once more. An onslaught of attacks were sent out not only physical with energy blasts and telekinetic thrusts. But a mental war was waged as well.

Suddenly Sinister found himself backed into a corner. One last energy blast was hurled out and the intruder tumbled forwards to dodge. The moment he rose up his blade looked like an erupting volcano. Severing the arm of Sinister as he screamed in pain. Stumbling backwards Sinister clearly favored that side and spat onto the ground.

Spinning once more the assassin lunged forward and plunged the sword into Sinister's chest. The mad scientist grimaced in pain for just a moment and then began to laugh once more. His arm was already reforming thanks to his regenerative abilities. But that was not the real reason he was laughing. The two were so close now that he could see the intruder's face. A crimson mask. Sinister made his mental note that Crimson Death would die a very slow and painful death when they next met.

In defiance he rose up once the stranger pulled out his sword to ready for another strike. "Can't you see? I am eternal. You chose the wrong side assassin. Your death, as well as your masters will be slow".

All of a sudden Sinister could smell the faint scent of ozone in the air. Then the silent assassin reached forward with his hand and lightning erupted from it like a furious storm. The bolts leaped out and struck against Sinister forcefully. Flinging him backwards against the wall and keeping him pinned to it. His skin began to bubble and boil. He screamed in pain he hadn't felt since he faced the thunder God LstPaladin. The assassins second hand reached up and even more lightning sprung out. Intensifying the power, the pain Sinister was feeling.

Seconds seemed to draw out for hours. Sinister had lost all track of time. His cloths burned to ragged crisps. His skin melting away to reveal only bone. Minutes later there was almost nothing left of the scientist once known as Sinister. Nothing but a puddle of goo seeping into the cracks of his own laboratory.

Finished with his main objective the dark assassin turned and left. Moving along to the upper levels where he located the main computer. Resting down into the chair he began pulling up the files he could track down. Everything was being erased, wiped out. But not from just this compound. This intruder had sent out a virus to every program connected to Umbrella and its projects. Business arrangements disappeared, formula's erased, bank accounts vanished. Having gathered the information he needed the silent assassin called out to the object of his mission. Finding the connection between it and himself. Walking over to a closed box he opened it. Pulling out a strange red and black triangle shaped object. Tucking it away safely in his robes he disappeared into the darkness that brought him.

The moment he exited the compound his ship dropped its cloaking device as the ramp lowered. A strange droid scampered down to greet him. "Your darkness. It seems that you are injured. I will ready the med-bay immediately. Sadow is ready for take-off as soon as you are able". Nothing else was said as the two entered the ship.The engines roaring alive then taking off just minutes later, rocketing skywards for some uncharted territory.

Kneeling in a ritualistic fashion the silent assassin meditated. Honing his alignment to the dark side. The bacta infusions had healed most of his wounds but they were still sore, and felt very real. Suddenly his eyes shot open as his meditation was disturbed. Just as they left the Earth's orbit he felt it. A presence..

" We're not alone
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So your Sith account killed off Umbrella and Tank has realized a disturbance in the Force? Niiiioce. Cool story dude. Second part was tight.

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@Gambler: Thanks. There is more behind the scene stuff. But didn't feel it needed to be told in this part.
Like the reason why the assassin was after Umbrella. Sinister had found some alien power and tech from a galaxy far, far away. And stole something from them. Trying to unlock their secrets for his own gain. The Dark Council find out and that is why they sent their assassin to wipe out not just the thief. But everything connected to him.

But the disturbance Tiamat felt here on Earth was OB1.

Tank is currently not in canon continuity. May never be. idk yet
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I see. Great read either way. Sounds like big things are coming.

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@Gambler said:
" Sounds like big things are coming. "

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Sweet Sweet, will read up later

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@Sha: yay! =)
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DAMN! Tiamat took down Nate...now I'm kinda scared...looks like Obi's life is about to get a little harder with another Sith running around  >_<

really awesome job...

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@Obi Wan Kenobi!: Thanks. :)
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O_O HOLY CRAP! NAte's dead?

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o_O Nate is dead and there are a ton of Sith aimed at Earth? OB1 is in trouble (thank god he is on earth) if that is the disturbance you sensed, unless your looking at one of the other Jedi's floating around??

I loved it of course, but your freaking me out with all these revelations! 
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@Sha said:
" O_O HOLY CRAP! NAte's dead? "
Dead as a doornail. :)

@.Mistress Redhead. said:
"there are a ton of Sith aimed at Earth?  "
Possible. It's an rpg idea I have that I might pitch to you, and the other leaders of the teams.

@.Mistress Redhead. said:
"OB1 is in trouble (thank god he is on earth) if that is the disturbance you sensed"
OB1 would indeed be the one he felt as he reached orbit.

@.Mistress Redhead. said:
"I loved it of course, but your freaking me out with all these revelations!  "
Thanks. =)
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@Tiamat: You know the CoP are on board, its you, we automatically are on board ;p
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@.Mistress Redhead.: Glad to hear it. =)