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My name is Arthur Curry…call me Aquaman. A few weeks ago I had discovered a mysterious race of human-reptile hybrids. They popped up every now and then, with scales and fangs. After a while I grew suspicious…I decided to chase a lead and go to Gotham City…

I remember the night clearly; the rain pouring down my face, invigorating my body. Lightning flashed on the horizon as the docks stood still. It was then that the water began to stir. The stagnant pool now alive with splashes and ripples; from the water came three men. Of course I was shocked, the hybrids I had faced earlier looked more reptile than man…but these beings had been underwater for quite some time…the marks on their fingers from the water told me as much. It was then that I remembered how it all began…in New York City…an abandoned warehouse.

Since I resigned my crown, I had focused my attention toward heroics, so when I learned that there was drug peddling going on in the crime ridden areas of New York, so I decided to investigate.

The acrid scent of nicotine filled my lungs as a man smoked garette. I watched through a hidden vent as the drug peddlers turned out tobe something much more.

One man with blonde hair and blue eyes, slightly more built than I was (but obviously far weaker) had lifted a veil off of a shipment. Machines. Machines from the American government were being peddled into the hands of drug lords. From the looks of it, when agarbage truck pulled up, I knew a meeting would take place.

To my surprise, reptilian beasts filed out of the truck. Their emerald scales covered their bodies, and their yellow and black eyes were from the gates of hell itself…sharp pointed fangs covered their mouths, givingthem a truly menacing look.

“I take it you like what you see…” a drug lord had said, slightly slyly.

“Yesssss.” hissed the reptilian, his tongue swaying back and forth. “Very good.”

“Do you have the cash?” another drug lord had asked. He grinned rom ear to ear, as avarice filled his every word...he let out a small puff of smoke.

The reptiles looked at each other, apprehensively, then turned back to the drug lord, smiling wickedly. “Incidentally, we do not.” It was their turn to smile

their leader told the drug lords. They immediately went for their guns. “Son of a—.”

In one fluid motion, the reptiles attacked, forming combat positions. I knew trying to save the drug lords would be in vain, yet I didn’t want to risk it, trident in hand, I leapt down from the ventilation system, tossing my trident through the air. It gleamed like the sun, spinning arrogantly as if to challenge it's opponent as it impaled a reptile.Blood sprayed in all directions like saliva from the mouth. I was too late. The drug lords were dead on the spot, leaving me alone with the monsters. I never liked reptiles, anyway.

I faced them one by one, sparring back and forth with them. Their strength matched my, however my training gave me and advantage. I threw powerful blows with strength behind every punch. Each blow was a tactica advantage, giving me an advantage for each attack. Every defense was an offense as I took them down one by one. Finally, a trident through the abdomen took down the last one. I was sure not to strike any vital organs with my blow.

“Talk!” I shouted, “Who are you?”

“We shall inherit the Earth!” the reptile hissed, “The Gorgons are the rightful rulers of the Earth!” he babbled on, blood sprayingfrom his mouth. “Perfect mixture of land and sea!” he began to choke, and pulled a knife from out of his heart, as he slumped over, stone cold and dead.

After the incedent, I had to track down the world's greatest detective...even I can admit when I need help. And so, I saw these reptile hyrbids emerge from the water, and my pupils dilated in shock as I noticed the technology they were carrying with them.

Atlantean technology...they had invaded Atlantis...

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........aren't the Suicide Slums in Metropolis

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Pretty good, cant wait to see Batman Aquaman team up next issue.

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@ekrolo said:

Pretty good, cant wait to see Batman Aquaman team up next issue.

Glad you like it.

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@ekrolo said:

Pretty good, cant wait to see Batman Aquaman team up next issue.

oh and who says they're teaming up? :P

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@primepower53: Batman & Aquaman...if they go to Neptune....anyways nice intro

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Just letting everyone know, this is supposed to be a one shot

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That was good writing.

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@doomsilver: thanks!

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@primepower53: Found some ancient history of yours whilst trying to find my MG: Punisher 3

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@primepower53 A FAN FIC....WITH SUPERHEROES! Do my eyes decieve me! Huzzah! Sure it's Aquaman (who is now the cool one of the DCU)but huzzah! It is a bit short but I am impressed you wrote a super hero fan fic...3 months ago, nevermind you can do chapter 2 where it will seemingly lead to a Batman team-up. Good work sir, let us see some more...please

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@4donkeyjohnson: well, I'll try my best but I'm kind of swamped with taking creative writing classes, a lot of Summer reading for school and working on a novel (like, a REAL NOVEL, not just one of my short stories) as well as preparing for nanowrimo

I have a super hero-eque story which is an expansion on my Terror In the Night Story called The Mysterious Lady if you're interested, there are five chapters in the fan fic section






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@primepower53: You should really write the next chapter of this. I know you're off doing novels and kindles and e-books, but this you should put another chapter or three together :)