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"Finally it is mine the anti life equation"

at the center of wreckage and depris of what once was a galaxy of thriving planets stands Darksied the one and only ruler of apokolips his hand is cupped and holds i beautiful light emiting with an energy that can only be dscribed as non existence

"with this everything that has and will ever exist is mine"

a green flash barrels towards darksied smashing into him with a force that could collapse a planet

"fool dare you attack me when i hold the anti life equation"

Darksied eyes become red as he prepares the omega beams to erase the unknown beings existence when he notices the anti life equation no longer lies in his hands

the unknown being then fires a cone of mystical energy towards darksied blasing him away at a great speed darksied is vurtually unscathed but it is to late now the unknown creature has already dissapeared

eons away the planet of oa has been turned into rubble there appeares to be no survivors. in the middle of the wreckage shines a green light, the light is the Green lantern power battery floating in space on some of the wreckage of the oa, on the same floating wreckage lied green lantern Hal Jordan in his hands he hold the guardian Ganthet, Battered and beaten Hal cries into the cold emptiness of space though he know his tears wont revive his fallen allies, near death ganthet musters the strength to speak

"Hal now is not the time for tears or sorrow now is the time for action if we do not put an end to this then everything will be destroyed"

"Ganthet dont speak your to weak just rest"

"No Hal Jordan my life nears its end now is not the time to comfort me you must take action you must end this"

Ganthet hands him a blue ring

"and remember Hal Jordan have Hope"

Ganthet's body grows cold and his body goes limp, Hal knows hes dead He dries his tears then He puts on the blue rind on the opposite hand of his green ring faces the power battery and begins to chant

"in brightest in blackest night no evil shall escape my sight let thos who worship evils might beware my power green lanterns light"

then he proceeds to take all of the power battery's energy then flies of at light speed towards earth.

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impressive.... you love GL right?

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@clemj: yeo im a green lantern fanboy well not necessarily i love all lanterns whether they are green, red, yellow or what ever ive always thought they were cool