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Hal Arrives where the watch tower once was only to witness that like oa it has been reduced to rubble

"oh my god"

he uses his ring to scan through the wreckage to find any signs of life, he also requests that the ring hack into what was left of the watch towers computer to pinpoint all the members locations, the ring informs him that all members were deployed and on duty

"Thank god" Hal says with a sigh of relief until he remembers if all units are deployed that only leaves one person left

"Jonn" he wispers softly, his voice trembling with fear

the ring continues to scan for life while hal prays his intuition is wrong, the ring in a computerized voice speaks

"life form detected"

Hal is nervous at first but he must know who it is

"no the only time ive ever wanted to be wrong but i just have to be right all the time, carol was always right about that"




"Jonn you're still alive"

"Im not so easily killed you know that my friend"

"Jonn what happened here"

Jonn grasped Hal's hand and used his telepoth to convey his memories of what happened Hal realises that same being that attacked the watch tower attcked oa

Back on Earth Batman has realised that the communications with the watch tower are down, He contacts Diana, Superman, Mr. Terrific, and Flash at the bat cave.

"wow the batcave feels like an honor to be here" - Mr. T

"really . . . Well i guess i can believe that bats is kind of a loner" - Flash

"Woa woa slow down would ya i can barely understand a thing your saying" - Mr. T

"So this is where you hide instead of joining your friends and allys at the watchtower" - WW

"This isnt the time for you to lecture me about my social misgivings diana, but speaking of the watch tower communications have been down for nearly 24 hours" - Batman

"Do you think its something serious maybe theres an interference and Jonn just hasn't noticed yet" - superman

"Thats unlikely" - Batman

"Yea Jonn wouldnt have left communications down for 14 hours interference or not" - Flash

"Then What do you suppose is the problem" - Superman

"I dont suppose I know" - Batman

"then what is it" - Superman

"I hacked into a small satelite near the watch tower and i was able to get some video of what happened" - Batman

the video on the screen showed the the tower being destroyed showed something small flying away after the Watch tower explodes then Batman freeze frames and then Zooms in

under his breath Superman mutters "the Spectre"