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Captain America was staring at one of the many case exhibits held in the Avengers Mansion, however, unlike the otherexhibits, this one he visited annualy, every year on that day. Sharon Carter,his on-off girlfriend and ex-SHIELD Agent approaches him tentatively."It's not healthy to obsess over this like this, you have to let go"she says, trying to comfort him. Without taking his eyes off the case he replies,"I can't. I need to remember". "Why?" "Because, if I don't,no one else will..." he responds. She then stands beside him and puts herhand on his shoulder. "No" she replies, "Now, everyone will know whom he was". They then admire the case together. Inside the case, proppedup was a suit of armor, and below it was a bronze plaque reading Armor of the Porcupine – Honored Foeof the Avengers.

Inside a warehouse, Captain America waitedfor his contact, the Porcupine, to arrive with the Serpent Society. Wanting tobe free of a life of crime, yet also wanting a profit, the Porcupine decided tosell his armor. However, he was less than successful. Getting an insultinglylow price from Warlords, Criminal Organizations, Masterminds, and even peopleof science, he decided to call the Avengers, figuring they would pay to keep itoff the streets. His assumption was correct, as not only was it being kept fromenemy hands, but it ensured the retirement and eventual redemption of a knowncriminal. Handling the deal personally, Captain America was intrigued evenfurther when Porcupine off-handedly mentioned the Serpent Soceity as one of his failed bids. Having been hunting them for some time, he sweetened the deal, andoffered to buy the suit double the price offered if he helped him lure and capture the Serpent Society. The Porcupine accepted hesitantly. The Warehouse, and old and abandoned packaging plant, served as the perfect place to set up their ruse. Captain America decided to plan to be captured by the Porcupine, and he was to sell him to the Serpent Society, and when he freed himself from his bonds he would capture them, while Porcupine was to get to safety and wait for

him to return. Seeming simple enough, and him not having to do anything, the Porcupine agreed once more, visibly calmer. Soon, Captain America heard voices. "And how did you manage to capture Captain America?", the skeptical voice Captain America recognized belonging to the Rattler. "My armor is stronger than you think, you shouldn't have passed up on the oppurtunity to buy it" he heard the Porcupine respond. "In case you didn't realize, we have a theme going on here, your suit wouldn't fit. However, we will pay you for America, quite well I might add", this one belonging to Diamondback. "Excellent" the Porcupine responds, "And here he is" and points to him as they exit the hallway. Alongside Diamondback and Rattler are

Cottonmouth and Death Adder. They quickly form a circle around him. "Wow" Diamondback admires. "I have to admit, I doubted you but I was wrong" she admits. Cottonmouth approaches Captain, looking at him greedily. "I can't wait to find out how you taste, Captain" he says smiling. "Not yet" Death Adder interjects, his talons rubbing along America's neck, "I want his death to be...slow". "I'm afraid that you won't have to time to administer it" Captain says, and breaks free of his loose handcuffs. During their suprised reaction, Porcupine makes a run for it. Quickly recovering, Diamondback yells, "You....!!" and goes after him, while Captain tackles Rattler. "It seems you forgot my ability, Captain" Rattler says while pinned, and shakes his tail vigorously, emitting a shrieking vibration, making America lose his grip nauseously. "You will die, and so will the traitor, America" Rattler proclaims. However, Captain manages to grab his tail, "No, you won't" he asserts, and throws him into a neaby pillar.

The Porcupine flees with Diamondback quick on his tail. "I'm going to kill you traitor, and destroy you're precious suit" she proclaims. She then throws two exploding, diamond encrusted

knives. They hit him point-blank, however his suit protects him from the blast. However, his suit was badly damaged, and it's value was greatly diminished. "YOU BITCH!" he screams, "Do you realize what you've DONE!" and in a fury shoots his quills at her. Suprised, Diamondback tries to dodge, however takes two quills to the knee and grunts in pain. Seeing his chance to escape he turns around to run, however she throws another exploding knife, hitting near his feet. Porcupine then trips, and feels one of his own quills break, and pierce his lung.

"NOOOO!!!" Captain America screams, having seen the whole thing. He then feels something build up and threaten to consume him from the inside. He fights it, but upon seeing Cottonmouth open his mouth, he smashes his shield into it, and shatters Cottonmouth's teeth. He then screams in pain. "Mwu basberd!!!" he incoherently yells. Captain America silences him by smashing him in the top of the head, and feels the feeling die down. He continues to throw his shield at a charging Death Adder, hitting him square in the forehead, and dropping him with little trouble. Upon seeing Diamondback the feeling returns, yet weakened enough he can resist it. "It's over Diamondback, give up" he demands. "Hah" she laughs, "And what will happen? We'll escape and you'll try catching us again. You killed that loser for nothing" she says, gleefully pointing out the cycle that he follows. "Shut up" he retorts calmly, and knocks her out with a quick punch to the stomach. He then rushes to the Porcupine. The floor around him was stained with blood, and it was obvious the wound was fatal. "I'm so sorry" Captain apologizes, "Don't worry an ambulance is coming, you'll be ok" he assures, although he is not sure at this point whom he's assuring. "And I'll make sure you get triple the price, and pay the hospital bills, and..." he continues, acting as if it were a regular business deal. "Oh stop" the Porcupine interjects. "I'm going to die. I'm going to die the same loser I've been my whole life" he bemoans. Captain America manages to regain his composure and starts to assure Porcupine to the contrary. "You weren't a loser, you managed to build the best battle armor in the world, one that entire nations envy" he says, not caring if he was lying. "Oh yeah" Porcupine responds sarcastically, "That's why they were willing to spend so much for it". Captain America moves past this and reminds them of what they accomplished, "We managed to put the deadliest gangs behind bars, something no one else has accomplished". "I didn't want to die for that. Besides you heard her, they will escape, it's only an inconveniance" Porcupine says sadly. Captain America tries to think of something else when Porcupine interjects again, "See, I'm pathetic. I haven't done a damn thing, and no one will remember me" he says. Captain America pauses, then says, "You were one of the greatest villians I've ever faced...And I will not forget you". However it is unknown if the Porcupine hears him, and right then he starts breathing harder, his lung being filled with blood, some of which pours out of his mouth, and he dies. Captain America looks sadly at him as sirens surround the building, and he wonders if this was worth it, and if he was able to help Porcupine into comfort as he passed.

Carter looks at America as he remembers. "I'm afraid that I didn't come here to do this." Captain looks at her, "Then why are you here?". "The Snake Society are commiting a robbery. I'm going to get someone else, so you don't have to..." she said, trying to avoid the tension and awkwardness. "No, it's okay. What are they doing?" he assures her. "They're...robbing the facility..." she admits. Captain America is shocked. After the mission, Captain turned the warehouse where it happened into a facility for weapons for SHIELD, believing it to be the only appropriate thing to do. "Like I said, I'm getting someone else on it" Carter says. "No" Captain interjects. "It's okay. I'll go". He then starts for the door.