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Author Note: This is a continuation of the above story. This part of it was as far as I got before I just lost the will to finish this. Writers block at its worst. Enjoy and comment if it pleases you.

- Time Phantom

An ordinary day

Wake up! It is six o'clock and you've got two whole hours to get to work. And now your ignoring me... saddening. You were making so much progress. Well you know what I'll just keep on talking and give our faceless narrator a break.

Jericho crawled off of his futon, ignoring the voice that plagued him this morning. Oh hurry up and get dressed and walk around observing the scenes around you, which sorta set up the setting and explain little pieces of this developing plot. Or at least that’s how the narrative is supposed to work; I dunno a story written by a teenager is bound to be a little confusing.

“Stop breaking the fourth wall!”

But you just did it just now! Do you think I need different colored text when I'm talking? I mean italics are fine and all, but to really differentiate between the both of us I might need a certain color. How about yellow?

“Taken... and it's a little hard to read.”

I guess you’re right. I start doing that, and then people will say I look like a certain character that is in something like ten different books at the same time.

“Shut up!”

Moore automotive:

Surrounded by skyscrapers, Moore automotive sticks out as the only four story building for miles. A garage that specializes in old prewar model cars. Perry Moore, the man who owns the shop has little patience for interruptions to his business. Whether it was an unsatisfied customer or an agent of The Watch, he never wanted to be disturbed from his work in his office. And whenever he was, his reaction was most fiery.

“The hell you call me out here for?” He shouted, at a much younger man, with an armed escort behind him.

The younger man wore a costume, he was a member of the Guild. There symbol an eye with the reflection of the earth in it, embroidered on his chest. “As you are no doubt aware sir, there was a fire fight not too far from here at the foundry.”

“Yeah, I heard som'tin like that!” He shouted.

“Then as you should know all businesses in a three miles radius will be closed, until further notice by your Guild representative.”

Morgan spat on the ground in disgust. “I bet my rep happens to be you, huh?”

The Guild member raised his index finger and pointed it at, Perry's chest. “Precisely.” A flash of light followed with Perry falling to the ground and gripping his chest, writhing in pain. “Next time the focus point will be more directed and you'll get more than just some burn, old man!”

“Let's go!” The Guild member left, his escort following behind.

Jericho had just arrived, watching the scene from afar. “Mr. Moore!” He ran to his employer, fearing the worst. “Mr. Moore are you all right?” He kneeled beside him, checking the wound.

“I ain't dead!” He yelled, pushing Jericho aside. “Takes a lot more than that.” He grunted as he got to his feet.

“Tough old bastard.” Jericho sighed. Jericho took Perry's arm, helping him to his office. “So what was that about?”

“Guild assholes. I guess it has something to do with that fire fit yesterday.” Perry said, his breathing heavy. “Musta gotta way, or else they wouldn't be looking. “

“Got away?” Jericho asked, his interest piqued.

“They wouldn't have formed a three mile radius if they wa'nt looking.” Jericho opened the door to his office and sat Perry down in a chair next to the door.

“I see.”

“Luckily for you until they find whoever their looking for, you ain't got to come to work.” Perry said, walking to his desk.

“And miss your good natured charm?” Jericho said in mock dismay. “Oh what will I do?”

“Laugh it up, wise ass.” Perry grabbed an already open bottle of whiskey and began to swallow it down.

“What happened with you and the Guild guy?” Jericho asked, looking for bandages in the closet of the cramped office.

Perry violently slammed the bottle on his desk. “If I was ten years younger, I'd have shown him the works!” He grunted, ignoring the question. “Things are different now though. You got The Watch spying on you, and the Guild breathing done everyone’s neck.”

“I know, Perry.” Jericho looked stared at the older man, he had thinning gray hair and always wore the same three piece suit with green suspenders. There was always something about him, like he knew more than he let on. Like there was something hidden in those old faded eyes of his, and he intended to keep it that way.

“I remember when the term `superhero` meant something. Now it's just a license to kill!” Perry raved, holding his fist to the sky.

“You know that's treason, right?” Jericho asked, taking a seat on the side of the desk. “Couldn't find any bandages for you.”

“Don't worry about it, I've taken worse.” Perry growled.

“I'm sure you have.”

Perry got real quiet and picked up a picture frame. “Take the day off, Jericho. Everything is closed down until they find whom ever their looking for.”

“Sure thing, Perry.” Jericho said as he walked out of the office.

“And it's Mr. Moore to you! And shave that damn hippie beard, your scaring costumers!”

Jericho laughed. “We haven't had business in months!”

Later That Night:

“So how bout given us whatever you got in yer pockets?”

“Or you could find a job and not have to mug people.” Jericho sheepishly responded.

Nice one!

“You did that on purpose.” Jericho whispered. Jericho was walking home from work, when he decided that having the entire day left, he'd take a walk uptown. As the sun slowly set he noticed he was being followed.

I honestly don't know what possessed you to walk into some dark alley, knowing you were being followed. I suppose some bad ass fight scene or character introduction happens any second now.

“Not now.”

“Hey, crazy I'm talking to you!” The man had a large group behind him, ten a least. The smaller man had a hood on and held a knife to Jericho.

“Well, honestly I'm done talking to you.” Jericho grabbed the man's wrist, slamming his hand into the wall next to him.

Yes! Now boot him in the chest, take his blade and plunge it right up his...

A loud noise erupted in the alley, automatic gun fire ratcheting off nearby. The group in front of him fell to the floor, screaming in pain. Blood splashed onto his cloths, he backed to a wall. He screamed, horrified by the carnage and death around him. Jericho dropped to his knees, and began to weep.

“Its all good now. Bad guys are dead.” The voice belonged to a woman and he was sure it wasn't in his head.

He looked up, a blonde woman stood before him, carrying an M16. She wore thigh high boots, a silver skirt and a red leather jacket. “That was some nice moving before.”

Jericho wiped his face and got back on his feet. “Thanks, Ms.?”

“Call me... guess I can't give you my name.” She pointed to a patch on her jacket. She was a member of the Watch.

“Guess that explains the evening walks with an M16.” Jericho looked her over she seemed nice enough, for a member of the Guild. But he was weary of her motives.

She giggled. “Undressing me with your eyes already? I haven't even asked you to my apartment yet.”


“I need you to come with me for just a couple of hours.” She took his hand and began to move out of the alley.

“Don't have much of a choice do I?” Jericho asked, hesitantly following her lead.

“Nope.” She answered simply. “And you can call me, Silver.”

Oooo, I wonder what could this vixen want with our, Jericho? Gonna be fun to see.

Silver's apartment:

“This is it?” Jericho asked as he stepped foot in the apartment. The apartment was huge, or bigger than his at least. The carpet was white and all the furniture was black, the curtains are red with pink roses stitched into them.

“Too fancy? Yeah I think so to.” She said cheerfully.

Jericho turned around as the door shut behind, Silver. She threw her rifle to the floor. “Why don't you take those blood stained cloths off and just leave'em in front of the door? Don't want my house mates whining about blood on the carpet.”

“House mates?” Jericho asked, frightened by the thought of running into more members of the Guild.

“Oh, yeah.” She looked at him and could see the unease in his face. “Don't worry their out of town. “

She walked past him into a back room. “When you take off those clothes, why don't you take a shower and it wouldn't hurt to shave either!”

“Sure.” The request sounded casual enough, but he had a suspicion that this request sounded more like an order. He did as he was asked.

Strange don't you think, Jeri? How she jumps in makes a few bad guys turn into dead guys and invite you of all people to her place of residency? I mean she's hot and all, but you've gotta wonder. You rock'en Zach Galifianakis beard and all.

Jericho walked towards the back. He past eight rooms trying to find the bathroom. Each room was as big as his cramped apartment; all the lights were off except one. He assumed that was Silver's room and stood in the door way. “What room is the bathroom?”

“Last one down the hall. I'll be there in a sec.”

Sounds promising. Our boy is getting lucky tonight!

20 minuets later:

“Ah, you look much better. All clean shaven and the like.” She stared at him for a moment, taking in, Jericho's physique. Along with being in good shape, his body was covered in scars. “You work out much?”

“I try to.” Jericho answered.

Silver was on the couch, wearing nothing but her underwear and laying in wait for, Jericho. “Had your stuff sent to the wash. Didn't see your I.D at all.”

“I must have forgot it.” Jericho lied, he's never owned one. He put on a pair of shorts that were out for him. “Thanks for having me, ma'am.”

Silver shot him a glare. “The name is, Silver. But I'll let that slide this once.” Silver sat up straight and beckoned Jericho to her side. “I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your boss... Perry Moore was his name?”

“Yes. Is he in some trouble?” Jericho asked, suspicion raising on the woman. He sat next to her, there was something about her that made him feel at ease, something warm and inviting. He didn't trust it.

“Not at all.” She got up and walked to a cabinet without saying a word. She produced a bottle of wine and walked over to her guest. “No glasses, so we'll just have to drink from the bottle.”

“I don't drink too much.”

Silver shrugged. “That’s okay, more for me.” She opened the bottle and began to chug it down. She slumped down next to him, she put the bottle down and stared at him as if scanning his person would reveal something that hadn't occurred to her before now. “Honesty is very important to me as, you'll come to find out.”

Her grew colder and her eyes narrowed in on him. “I'm going to ask a series of questions. How you answer will determine how the night goes for you.”

Jericho found it was hard to speak and his limbs felt like cinder blocks were tied to them. “Yes and no, will be simple enough.”

Jericho nodded, his head feeling heavy. Silver sat on his lap, holding his head up and looked intensely into his eye. “Do you know anything about the foundry not too far from Perry Moore's auto shop?”


“Were you at work at the time?”


“Did you have any involvement?”


Silver huffed and let Jericho's head drop. She grabbed the bottle, lifting Jericho's head and putting the bottle to his lips. “Drink up. You seemed a little tense.”Her tone returned to it's previous cheerfulness.

Jericho drank and slowly his body returned to normal. “What did you do to me?”

“The soap you used had a slow acting toxin in it. You just drank the antidote just now.” She said, standing over Jericho, smiling a sinister smile. “Thank you for your cooperation.”

Jericho fell over, his eyes growing heavy and his vision fading. “You also just drank a little something I cooked up. You'll be sleeping now and if your good...”

I hate to say I told you so.

“You'll never see me again.”

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@Time_Phantom said:

“Stop breaking the fourth wall!”

But you just did it just now! Do you think I need different colored text when I'm talking? I mean italics are fine and all, but to really differentiate between the both of us I might need a certain color. How about yellow?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

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@batkevin74: Oh you see what I did there! Glad you enjoyed this little story from my own imagination.

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@Time_Phantom: It's good, more people should ch-ch-ch-check it out

Hey and/or would you like to read this? It's good, I liked it, you might also.

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@batkevin74: Thanks for the link man, I will read after I come back from something :) thanks again.

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Well golly, now i gotta read the first one.

I liked this. Kinda silly, but with serious undertones. Nice even blend. Thumbs up.

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@Time_Phantom: Time_Phantom: Dude, The start was pure genius! Your dialogue is a thing to be desired between us writers!

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Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed.

The start was pretty fun wasn't it? Thank you for the comment.

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@batkevin74 said:

@Time_Phantom said:

“Stop breaking the fourth wall!”

But you just did it just now! Do you think I need different colored text when I'm talking? I mean italics are fine and all, but to really differentiate between the both of us I might need a certain color. How about yellow?

Ha ha ha ha ha.

deadpool was right

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@time_phantom: Excellent! This was really enjoyable

She giggled. “Undressing me with your eyes already? I haven't even asked you to my apartment yet.”

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thank you for the comment. Forgot I put this on here. Glad you enjoyed it.