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X-men Psylocke and Kitty Pryde plus her pet dragon Lockheed were sent to check out a fifth dimensional anomaly. They met up with Power Girl (Karen) where the anomaly was. They introduced themselves and suddenly a short man identifying himself as Mr. Mxyzptlk appeared and said he was from the fifth dimension. He also said he was far more powerful that they were. He proceeded to wiggle his ears and Psylocke (Betsy), Kitty Pryde and Lockheed disappeared. They rematerialized in what looked to them like a small cell. Betsy is a psychic and telepath and said that they were inside Power Girl. Soon Lockheed disappeared from the cell and PG took his place. Betsy told Karen and Kitty that Lockheed was controlling Karen's body. Karen told Betsy that the only way to defeat Mr. Mxyzptlk was to get him to say his name back words. Karen said that they needed to get her friend Atlee to take Lockheed home. Betsy used her mental telepathy to get Lockheed to call Atlee and ask her to meet her there. Karen's roommate Atlee showed up and Lockheed introduced himself and tried to explain what happened. She almost fainted. On the way home they stopped at a pizza place. Lockheed wanted a lot of anchovies. When they got home, Atlee showed Lockheed around the apartment. Lockheed slept in Karen's bed. Her cat Stinky sensed something was wrong and hid. The next morning Kitty and Lockheed switched places. Kitty woke up in Karen's body. She was awed by it as well as her strength, etc. Betsy suggested that Kitty practice flying and doing other things Karen was famous for. But first, Kitty and Atlee went to the local IHOP to fill up. Then Atlee acted as flying coach. The first few attempts Kitty fell on her face. Eventually she got off the ground and learned to maneuver and land, etc. She had fun. They got hungry and got burgers and fries. In the afternoon they practiced punching through solid brick walls at an abandoned building. To top it off Kitty took Atlee for a flight around town. For dinner they went to an Aussie place. They watched a movie at home. Then they went to bed. In the morning it was Betsy's turn. She woke up in Karen's body. Betsy wanted Chinese food but there wasn't any available at that hour. She ended up joining Atlee at the IHOP. After that Atlee and Betsy went back to Karen's place. Betsy figured Mr. Mxyzptlk was hanging around and she wanted to send him back to the 5th dimension by getting him to say his name backwords. She sat on the sofa with a pad of paper and made two columns one for a name and the other for its reverse spelling. She wrote Atlee in the first column and Eelta in the second. She said Atlee and Eelta. Then she wrote Karen and Nerak and said them. She did that with some other names. Then she wrote Mr. Mxyzptlk and .Rm Kltpzyxm. She said Mr. Mxyzptlk but garbled .Rm Kltpzyxm. She tried several times, mispronouncing the name. The imp appeared with his face very red and said "Can't you even say .Rm Kltpzyxm right?" He said oops and vanished. Immediately they were freed from their prison. They checked their 5th dimension detector and found nothing. Karen sent a message to Superman updating him about their adventure. He signaled back that he wanted to talk to them at four that afternoon. They went out to lunch at the local mall food court. They each got what they wanted. Kitty and Betsy needed and bought a couple of changes of clothes. They took their costumes to the same dry cleaner Karen and Atlee use for cleaning. They went to a local park. Betsy meditated. The others played. They went back to Karen's place to meet with Superman. Superman was on time as usual. He started out saying that he had heard of the X-Men and apologized for them being involved with Mr. Mxyzptlk He interviewed Karen, Atlee, Betsy, Kitty and Lockheed. He took notes. He pointed out that Mr. Mxyzptlk could be back 90 days after going back to his dimension and may target them. Betsy said she had taken note of when he left. Superman went back to his work. In the evening they went out to dinner. Karen wanted to go to a night club. Kitty and Atlee were too young to drink. Besides Kitty and Betsy didn't have clothes for a night on the town. They settled on bowling and a movie. That night a severe thunderstorm struck and frightened Atlee, Kitty and Lockheed. They joined Karen and Betsy in the bed they were sharing. It was a tight squeeze and Lockheed sought shelter under the bed. Karen was a little grouchy and told the new arrivals that everyone would have to sleep on her side. After a while they were all asleep. In the morning they got up and the visiting X-Men prepared to return to their home base. They retrieved their costumes from the cleaners. Superman arrived and took them all out for lunch. Then he presented bouquets to Betsy and Kitty. The farewells were heartfelt and tearful. After they were all gone Karen went to look for her cat Stinky. She found him hiding in the apartment. Stinky gave her a severe scolding for allowing that dragon in the place. Eventually Stinky forgave Karen and life got back to normal.