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Blam,Blam,Blam,Blam " Come on ,i got enough for all of you" Alex shouted at the shai-gen soldiers,they rushed in,Blam,Blam,they fell like bricks."Well that was great target practice,now let's end it" alex said as he walk to the hanger door. Then the sounds of gyros moving and an engine starting up came from the other side of the door,CRRASHHH!!!,alex fell to the ground,the smoke and deris cleared,alex looked up and said " Oh Great a giant robot,how original." Then voice came from the robot,a voice alex kenw well," Greetings my friend,what a pleasure it is to see you,i'am glad i caught you before you left." said the voice."Dr. Kane the pleasure is all meine,so are you going to let me go,or am i going to have to break your toy here." alex replied "Do you think i'am going ot let you go,after you broke into my factory,destory my projects and killed my soldiers!" Dr kane exclaimed." Your very possessive,arn't you kane ?" alex smerked "Your cocky attitude does you no good in your current situation","even if you beat my robot,you won't get out of here in time","i set the self destruct function to 30 miutes,then its the end!" Dr.kane said. "30 mintues huh? good that would give me ten minutes to rest" alex replied. " Good bye nad good luck." Dr.kane said,at that moment the robot lefted it's arms and slamed them down were alex was

to be continued.

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i like the story,but its a little generic if you ask me

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silli bill says:

"i like the story,but its a little generic if you ask me"

yeah i thought so to,but i 'am trying to work with i got lol

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i kinda like it,but what bill and you alex said before,i heard it before,i know how hard it is to come up with something new.
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